December 2016 Newsletter

I really don't have much to say since I'm all blah and shit.

Let Them Try (Aliens)

She has a family now.

Unlucky Girl (MCU)

Darcy + SHIELD was just an accident waiting to happen.

Sparky (MCU)

Darcy’s first day at SHIELD goes just about how you’d expect.

Ties That Bind: The North Star

John and Rodney appear for House Trial.

November 2016 Newsletter

Dudes, Sometimes I hate my brain because it never stops. Just about half way through my NANO story, I came to realize that my structure...


Tony’s long distance flirtation with Alpha Sentinel Steve McGarrett comes to a head when a procedural violation puts his life in danger.


 Harry comes online as a Sentinel after the war and is forced to face some very difficult realizations about the people around him.


Generations after the assumed extinction of Sentinels and Guides, Spock comes online as a Sentinel.

The Yellow Brick Road

You're not in Kansas anymore, darlings, and the rules for Oz are a bit different

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