November 2016 Newsletter

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Tony’s long distance flirtation with Alpha Sentinel Steve McGarrett comes to a head when a procedural violation puts his life in danger.


 Harry comes online as a Sentinel after the war and is forced to face some very difficult realizations about the people around him.


Generations after the assumed extinction of Sentinels and Guides, Spock comes online as a Sentinel.

The Yellow Brick Road

You're not in Kansas anymore, darlings, and the rules for Oz are a bit different

The Other Evans Girl (Harry Potter)

Albus Dumbledore gets a bit of a surprise when he comes to check on Harry Potter.

Unchained (NCIS)

The cost of pity can be high.

Stay (The Hobbit)

Bella tries to leave, and Thorin thinks that’s just hateful.

The Bridge (Stargate: Atlantis)

A personal situation on Earth changes John’s life for pretty much ever.

You Can’t Play a Player (NCIS)

Losing isn’t an option for Anthony DiNozzo, Jr. You can probably blame his father for that.
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