Ties That Bind: Under Pressure

Under Pressure
Keira Marcos
Series: Ties That Bind
Series Order: 7
Pairing: McShep, Lorne/OC (many other secondary pairings)
Genre: Romance, BDSM
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 30,900
Warnings: Graphic male/male sex, anal play, BDSM, violence, treat of rape, and exhibitionism (does any of that really make you not want to read it?). Evil!Carter, Marine!John
Extra Special Warning: This story in the Ties That Bind series has a scene of severe discipline in it for a major character. No permanent damage is done but it is graphic and may upset some of my more sensitive readers.

Summary: General Jordan comes to Atlantis and the pressure breaks the one person John couldn’t have predicted and someone has to pay the price.

Author’s Notes
This story was inspired by the works Coming Home and General & Dr. Sheppard by Xanthe. While this is not a story in the world she created, I did use her BDSM/Dynamic theme with her permission. I want to thank her sincerely for her generiosity and her contributions to this fandom and several others that I read. I highly recommend that you read EVERYTHING she’s ever written. SEE THE SERIES PAGE FOR FULL AUTHOR NOTES. I RECOMMEND YOU READ THEM!

– – – –

“I have to admit to being surprised by your change of heart, Mason.” Henry Hayes quirked an eyebrow as he poured scotch in two tumblers. “You’ve never been interested in a political posting before and the Director of Homeworld Security is a very high profile political posting.”

General Mason Blake accepted the tumbler and stared at the honey gold liquid for a few seconds. “It’s been recently impressed upon me the importance of the position. The security of our country and our planet should be in the hands of someone I trust—and I trust myself the most.”

Henry grinned. “Can’t say I disagree with that. You were always my first choice but you turned it down the last time I offered it and I went with George Hammond.”

“Hammond is a very good man,” Mason murmured. “There are very few places in the universe I wouldn’t follow where he led but he’s tired and ready to retire. The SGC is well in hand under Jack O’Neill and while I haven’t always agreed with his choices—I have read a few things lately that make me understand the man’s issues. I won’t protest his continued leadership of the SGC unless he finds himself suffering the loss of his submissive again. I’m afraid I’d have to insist he retire if Daniel Jackson were to… die or Ascend or whatever it is he does when everyone else just dies.”

Henry sighed. “We’re in agreement on that. Jack has always been intensely invested in Dr. Jackson. I can’t foresee a circumstance where he’d even want to continue at the SGC without his sub. I’d make it an executive order that Jackson can’t get killed if I thought it would help.”

Mason nodded. “I agree.” He downed the contents of his glass and set it aside. “I can’t stand Kevin Jordan. Jack O’Neill hates Kevin Jordan. Randolph Rampart would like to kill Kevin Jordan. Why in the hell is he still even being considered for the position?”

Henry shrugged. “He’s an utter bastard but I don’t doubt his loyalty to me or his patriotism. He has his problems personally but professionally—he can do the job.” He shot Mason a sly look. “Is this about McKay? Kevin has been really interested in him lately. He even talked the IOA into letting him do a site visit to Atlantis.”

“Gerard is very displeased by his Courtesan’s treatment during his tenure at the SGC,” Mason responded, his expression shuttering. His eyes darkened with fury. “I’m very unhappy with how Rodney was treated at the SGC by his ex-wife—during and after their marriage. Randolph foams at the mouth when he talks about Samantha Carter. The woman is lucky to be breathing.”

“She’s a brilliant scientist and a valuable part of the work being done at the SGC.”

“We’re aware—it’s the only reason Gerard hasn’t levied formal charges against her through the de Sade Institute. Randolph and I both impressed upon him her value to national security. He’ll probably kill her if they ever cross paths and I can’t imagine what the international fallout for that situation would be. If there is an off-planet research station she could go to—it would be advisable. And if she ever puts her hands on McKay again—the Disciples will get in line behind John Sheppard to make her regret it.”

“Gerard is pleased with Dr. McKay’s new pairing?”

Mason chuckled. “He finds John terribly interesting. If I were still a Dom in training at de Sade I’d probably find myself a little jealous over it actually. All of us wonder, with no small bit of insecurity, which one of us he would’ve cut loose if Sheppard hadn’t declined the invitation to train at de Sade.” He sobered. “That being said—I can’t allow Kevin Jordan to go to Atlantis without me. I won’t have him interfere in Rodney’s happiness. None of us will. You can’t imagine what Gerard will have done to him if he upsets his Courtesan.”

“Dr. Jamison from the IOA is already going,” Henry explained.

“I’m aware of Sydney’s plans. He asked me to come along but before I go I want you to announce that I’m Hammond’s replacement.” Mason lifted an eyebrow. “Unless you’ve changed your mind?”

“All of this to protect McKay?” Henry questioned.

“When the Marquis de Sade demands something from his Disciples—it is in our best interests to see to his wishes,” Mason admitted. “And I find myself personally interested in the position.”

Henry snorted. “Gerard has refused to take the formal title of Marquis.”

“Just as every Dom in his family has since Donatien Alphonse François died. Their decision to retire the title and change their last name was done in his honor. It doesn’t take away from the fact that Gerard is the de facto Marquis de Sade.”

“Granted,” Henry agreed. “I’ll announce your appointment this afternoon and let George know to expect you in his office in the morning. You’ll have a few days with him before you have to leave on the Daedalus for the trip to Atlantis.”

– – – –

Gerard settled back in his chair trailed his fingers through Andre’s hair when his sub settled between his legs on a pillow and laid his head on his thigh. “President Hayes wasn’t unduly pressured to offer you this?”

Mason Blake shook his head, his gaze lingering briefly on Andre before settling intently on Gerard. “No, sir. He’s offered me the posting in the past but I declined. I think he’s pleased that I want it no matter the reason. He doesn’t consider Kevin Jordan the problem that everyone else does because Jordan kisses his ass.”

Gerard nodded. “Very well. Keep Jordan in check as much as you can.”

“The President has offered to read you in on the entire matter if you’re interested.” Mason motioned towards a thick envelope he’d put on the low table that sat between them. “It’s a confidentiality agreement. You’ll have to sign it and agree to not demand Rodney’s removal from his current assignment.”

Gerard glanced at it briefly. “I’d never seek Rodney’s removal from his work. It’s the reason I didn’t collar him. He’s too… curious and brilliant to stay at my side indefinitely. It would have broken us both in the end.” His fingers drifted down to Andre’s collar briefly and then back up into his hair. “I wasn’t in a position to offer him what his mind needed.”

“You think John Sheppard is?”

“I think John Sheppard is a position to offer Rodney things I can’t even think of,” Gerard admitted roughly. “And they are a much better dynamic match than Rodney and I ever were. I have needs you know Rodney could’ve never met.”

Mason’s eyes darkened briefly and his gaze dropped to Andre. “Where is your dragon this evening?”

Gerard grinned. “Raiden is in bed. I’m afraid Andre and I wore him quite thin in the night.”

Mason chuckled and shook his head. “Should I ever be so lucky, sir.”

Gerard lifted one eyebrow in question. “What happened with that young woman you and Sydney brought over from France? Elise?”

“She is back in France,” Mason admitted roughly. “We found her interesting for all of a minute.”

Gerard chuckled. “It is a damning thing I did to the world, Andre, setting such picky bastards like Mason and Sydney loose on it.”

Andre smiled shyly. “Picky but beautiful.”
“Indeed,” Gerard murmured. “Andre, do you think Raiden would be roused enough to play if we bring Mason to bed with us?”

“I think he’d pout for weeks if we allowed him to sleep through it,” Andre returned, his dark eyes intent on Mason.

Mason shivered a little but nodded his agreement. It would be a cold day in hell before he’d deny himself the pleasure of being in Gerard’s private domain.

– – – –

“You look exhausted,” Dr. Sydney Jamison admonished as he got settled on the Air Force plane that would take him to Colorado Springs.

Mason stared intently at his orange juice for a few seconds and then looked up from it to stare at his best friend instead. “I went to see Gerard after I met with the President. We need to stage intervention. Andre and Raiden are going to be the death of him. They’re both twenty years younger than him, insatiable, and utterly shameless. I think I slept for an hour.”

Sydney chuckled. “Christ, I warned you. You know how exhausted I was after visiting with him last month.”

Mason laughed and picked up a bagel from the tray between them. “They’re worse than the twin Consorts he had when he lived in New York.” He sighed. “He spoke at length about Rodney—several times. John Sheppard has certainly piqued his interest, again.”

Sydney smirked. “I think he’d like to crawl all over Sheppard.”

“Have you seen him?” Mason asked. “I wouldn’t mind taking a ride on that Marine myself.”

Sydney chuckled. “You’d best keep that to yourself. I don’t know how he’d take it but McKay would probably blow a gasket. From what Gerard said to me—his Courtesan is very invested in this new Dom of his.”

“So invested that he’d suffer again? Like he did with Carter?” Mason questioned.

“Gerard seems to trust Sheppard but he made it clear to me if that I thought there was something wrong in their relationship that we could respond as if we were him.”

Mason nodded. “I know. He said as much to me. I’d probably have to tear Sheppard to pieces if I thought he was abusing Rodney. Gerard would expect no less.”

“Sheppard was trained by Dato’ Raja and Philippe Dubois. I don’t worry that he’d abuse his own sub or a submissive in his command. Neither one of those men would’ve wasted their time on him if he’d had that in him. Hell, he probably wouldn’t have survived training with Dato’ Raja if he’d had that kind of behavior in him.” Sydney frowned as he said it. “So, have you read all of the mission reports from Atlantis?”

“Yeah, Jesus, we didn’t send them enough weapons.” Mason pulled a report out of his brief case. “I’m stocking the Daedalus with some stuff that the Senate Arms Committee didn’t approve before they left last time.”

Sydney picked up the report and thumbed through it. “Sheppard will be pleased.”

“Hope so,” Mason quirked an eyebrow. “I tasked the guys at Area 51 with designing and building a tank that’s gate compatible. Complete with DHD. It’ll be in development for a year or more but it’s better than the nothing they have now on the armored vehicle front.

“The Jumpers?”

“Nothing quite satisfies like a shoving a tank up someone’s ass,” Mason assured. “Trust me on this, Syd.”

Sydney laughed. “Always, my friend, always.” He sighed. “Richard Woolsey and Jordan are meeting us in Colorado Springs for the debrief with O’Neill before we all leave.”

“Great—a government accountant and a desk jockey,” Mason said while barely refraining from rolling his eyes.

“Jordan has most of the committee convinced that they shouldn’t have agreed to McKay being placed on Atlantis—that it’s too dangerous.” Sydney shrugged when Mason snorted. “You and I both know it’s dangerous but what most of those men seem to forget that Earth is just as dangerous. Granted, he isn’t likely to get the life sucked out of him on Earth but that’s just semantics. He’s just as likely to die in a lab explosion at the SGC as Atlantis. How did Jordan take the news that you’re the new Director of Homeworld Security?”

“I really don’t know and could hardly care,” Mason returned evenly. “If he fucks with me—I’ll strap his ass to a cross and beat him unconscious.”

– – – –

John stopped just outside Elizabeth’s office and watched her reviewing her email from the databurst with a small smile on his face. No one could look so calm when so thoroughly displeased as Elizabeth Weir. “Final word?”

Elizabeth sighed. “General Kevin Jordan, Richard Woolsey, Dr. Sydney Jamison, and General Mason Blake.”

“Blake is Air Force—four stars.” John moved into the office and sat down. “What did we do to warrant a visit from him?”

“General Blake is the new Director of Homeworld Security.” Elizabeth rocked back in her chair. “Jamison is the Canadian rep for the IOA and Woolsey is the liaison between the IOA and the SGC. He normally works directly with O’Neill and the US representative for the IOA, Joe Faxon.”

“I never met Faxon,” John admitted.

“A switch with great people skills. He’s young for his job but he’s very good and ambitious. His public and vehement disagreement with the Ownership Act has gotten him some flak from conservatives in Washington but the President dotes on him.” Elizabeth closed her laptop. “When the President and I spoke before we left Earth—he made it clear to me that he wouldn’t sign the Ownership Act and would, if it came down to it, veto it.”

“That’s political suicide for him—even if most of the US agrees with it. The conservative party will eat him alive.”

“He knows but he’s at the point in his career where he could give a rat’s ass.” Elizabeth glanced out into the gateroom, her gaze flicking through her staff as if she were keeping some inventory. “It’s strange to see so many people on duty at the same time. I don’t know that I’ll get used to it any time soon.”

“I know,” John rubbed the back of his neck. “I hardly know what to do with all of them. Thankfully, I have plenty of officers who get some perverse thrill out of scheduling grueling PT sessions and war games. So, when can we expect the Daedalus to return?”

“Three weeks.”

John grimaced and checked his watch. “Right. I’ll get myself in order by then.”

Elizabeth lifted an eyebrow. “Got an appointment?”

“Just a check in with Matthew. He’s playing.” John left his chair and went to stand by the big window that looked out into the gateroom. “It’s sort of disconcerting to be responsible for him that way. If I’m going to be at all honest—I’m a little pissed that he’s probably getting laid right now.”

“Why?” Elizabeth asked with a soft laugh. “He’s a grown man.”

“Sometimes when I look at him—I see a ten year old in Spiderman PJs angling for more syrup on his pancakes.” John leaned against the window frame and then shrugged. “He’s the baby of the family. I protested him going to Lotus so young but Dad told me to suck it up.”

“I would’ve loved to have been there for that conversation,” Elizabeth smirked when John offered her a mild glare. “You’re pretty even when you’re irritated.”

John laughed softly. “You’re really lucky I like you, Elizabeth.”

She sobered and offered him a serious look. “Don’t I know it? I understand how much your and Marshall’s support did for me from the very start. We’d have shattered under the pressure of fighting for control of the expedition if we hadn’t made it work.”

John shoved his hands into his BDUs and nodded his head. “It could’ve gone wrong a couple hundred different ways. If I hadn’t reached Marshall in time, if we hadn’t destroyed the Wraith hive that captured him—the news of our existence would’ve spread to the hives faster and we would’ve all paid for it.”

Elizabeth nodded. “When you’re ready, we need to discuss what you want to do with all of the military resources the SGC has sent you. I know you have some plan.”

“I’m working on something,” John admitted. “We need to develop a better plan for dealing with the Wraith and I thought—I might start hunting them instead of running across them by accident.”

Elizabeth stared at him for a few seconds and exhaled sharply. “Well, okay, then. Let me know when you have something to discuss with me. I look forward to every blood thirsty minute of it.”

John just grinned and shrugged. “You know me.”

– – – –

“I’ve never topped a Geisha.”

Matthew raised an eyebrow and glanced at his wine glass as he settled into the double lounger on Evan Lorne’s balcony. “Good, I’d hate to be one of many.”

Evan laughed softly and slid into the lounger with him. “Don’t be glib—tell me about your dynamic. You’re not a dragon Geisha so I assume you don’t have any heavy pain kinks.”

“No, none at all. No Lotus House Geisha does.” Matthew relaxed against the lounger and turned slightly so he could look at Evan without an awkward angle. “Restraint and though it may be difficult to believe I like to be completely dominated. I require a safe word for play but I won’t mind if you gag me if you give me an alternate method of communication.”

Evan hummed a little under his breath. “Full body bondage?”

“At your leisure, sir,” Matthew whispered. “I get the most pleasure in the satisfaction of my Dom. Had Lotus sequestered me from the influence of my family sooner I’d probably be the perfect pet.” He grinned when Evan laughed softly. “But the men in my family influenced me in a thousand good ways. I’ve always wanted to fly, wanted to serve and protect. I won’t give up my career for a Dom—I need to be clear on that.”

Evan nodded. “You’ve had problems with that before?”

“I came close to a collar about three years ago. He was a Vice Admiral and was of the opinion that I should resign my commission and stay at home with the female sub he already had. I enjoyed playing with him but I had no intention of ever giving my career. I stopped seeing him privately because he didn’t take my career seriously. When he finally realized that it really was over—he transferred me off his ship so he wouldn’t have to see me every day.”

“Bastard,” Evan muttered.

“It was actually a relief to get a new assignment. I got a lot of grief from other officers for dumping our CO,” Matthew admitted. “You should know that you’ll get a lot of pressure from superior officers because of me, Evan. Obviously not here because your CO is my brother but in other circumstances you might be compelled to share or exhibit me.”

“I have a non-exhibition clause in my officer commission with the Air Force,” Evan admitted. “I’m not a sadist and I’m uncomfortable with sex acts in public. I like to watch,” he offered with a grin. “But I’m not so keen on being watched. I had serious reservations with it even when I was in training.”

“Good. I’ve never been exhibited outside of training while it was comfortable in my house but I’ve never relished the idea of public sex display.” Matthew glanced over Evan’s face. “Geisha are pleasure slaves, you know. We’re trained to fuck and be fucked for hours. I’m open to most safe sex practices as long as it doesn’t involve serious pain play.” He reached out and touched his cheek gently and rubbed his thumb over Evan’s bottom lip. “I haven’t let myself be anally penetrated in a year,” Matthew admitted softly.

Evan’s eyes widened. “Why?”

Matthew took a drink from his wine glass and sighed. “There have been a lot of men and women in my life. I haven’t spent a night alone unless I wanted to since I was marked by Lotus.”

“I have no doubts,” Evan leaned in and kissed his mouth. “How long has it been since you were topped?”

“I had a lover for a few weeks before I came to the mountain but he was difficult and put off by the fact that I said no to anal sex.” Matthew tilted his head back as Evan’s mouth drifted over his jaw and down the side of his neck.

“You don’t like it?” Evan questioned softly.

“I love it,” Matthew answered and moved closer. He sighed when Evan took his wine glass and he shifted into the top’s arms without a single hesitation. “I can come just from being fucked.”

Evan took a deep breath and took his mouth in a probing kiss. He lifted away reluctantly. “Then why give it up?”

“I decided to reserve that level of intimacy for my Dom and not just someone I played with.” Matthew hummed under his breath as Evan maneuvered him onto his back. He spread his legs immediately and just smiled when the Major settled between them.

“I’m willing to wait for it, to earn it,” Evan whispered as they settled together. “I want whatever you’ll give me, Matt.”

Matthew shuddered and clenched his fingers against Evan’s neck. “Your will is mine, sir.”

Evan groaned and brushed his mouth against his again and then again. Matt stretched out under him languidly, and then shifted his legs so that he could cradle Evan between them. He sucked in a deep breath as he felt the hot press of Lorne’s cock against him. He wiggled a little and sighed when Evan caught one of his hands and lifted it above his head. He followed suit with the other, curling his fingers against the top of the lounger for purchase.

Evan lifted his mouth. “Tell me what you like.”

Matt stilled. “You. I like you so much, Evan.”

“You know the perfect thing to say,” Evan whispered and nuzzled against the Lotus blossom on Matt’s neck. “Your Geisha Master took a risk when he chose to take a white man down the Geisha path.”

“Yes,” Matt admitted. “I was one of the first non-Japanese male students at Lotus and the very first male to accept the path to Geisha. It’s not an easy trip to take and there have been those that have refused it.”

“Because you’re trained not to self-pleasure,” Evan guessed. “I can see how many subs might find such conditioning shocking and even too extreme.”

Matt grinned and wiggled under him just enough to stir the fire between them. “What those who decline the path fail to understand is that a Geisha never sleeps alone unless he or she wishes to. I understand better than most submissives how desirable I am—how much my submission means to a Dom and I’ve never forgotten that.”

“You’ve been alone since you came to the SGC.”

“And a full month before that,” Matt admitted. “I won’t say I could have my pick of any Dom on this city but I certainly wouldn’t have a problem putting three or four in my bed—maybe even at the same time. But I don’t want any of them—I want you. I’ve wanted you since I set eyes on you. I’m under the impression that I shouldn’t have to settle for less than exactly what I want.”

Evan lifted off of Matt just a little and slid one hand down between them. He curled his hand down between Matt’s legs, cupping his balls and hard cock. “Do you want to spend the night with me?”


Lorne quirked an eyebrow at the quick response. “Your safe word?”


“That’s your Geisha Master’s name.”

Matt grinned. “You can be assured that if I’m saying his name when I’m having sex with someone that I’m not in the right place to be having sex at all. He never allowed me the privilege of saying his name during training.”

“Okay,” Evan murmured. “Nori is your safe word.” He pulled back and then shifted to his knees. “I think this balcony is entirely too public for what I have in mind.”

Matt shivered and obligingly rolled to his feet when Lorne left the lounger and offered his hand. Their fingers curled together easily as they closed the balcony doors. Evan brought him close and kissed his mouth gently. He released him with a sigh and took a deep breath. “Strip for me.”

Matt averted his gaze as he pushed off his sandals, pulled off his t-shirt, and unbuckled his belt. Lorne moved away from him and walked to a footlocker he had in a corner of his room. The delicious clink of chains made his pulse jump a little as he shed his pants and boxers. He folded all of his clothes carefully and put them on a chair.

“You’re so fucking pretty,” Lorne murmured. “I don’t understand how every Dom you’ve ever had didn’t end up at your feet begging you to stay with them.”

Matt blushed and laughed softly. He wasn’t going to admit that more than one Dom had all but begged him to take a collar. “I’ve always been of the opinion that despite my looks that love was something I’m entitled to.”

“I couldn’t agree more.” Evan laid out chains and two sets of cuffs. “No anal penetration. Is there anything else that isn’t on the agenda for the night?”

Matt wet his bottom lip, his gaze drifting over the cuffs and chains. “No, sir. I think we’re on the same page.”

Evan nodded and motioned towards the restraint system. “Put on the wrist and ankle cuffs. I’m going to secure you to the bed on your back. If at any point the situation feels uncomfortable for you—use your safe word. We’ll stop and discuss your concerns thoroughly before we continue with anything. Understood?”

“Yes, sir.” Matt took a deep breath as he picked up one of the wrist cuffs. The leather work was nice and the cuffs were lined with suede. “These are nice.”

“They’re my favorite set—I won’t lie and say that I’ve never used them on a sub before.” Evan pulled his t-shirt over his head and dropped it on the floor as he watched Matthew secure both wrist cuffs. He’d always loved watching a sub put their own restraints—a symbol of their willingness to submit to him.

Matt chuckled. “I think you would be unsurprised by how many Doms have lied to me about such things. It’s silly really.”

“I have no doubts,” Evan answered. “If this thing between us goes the way I’d like it to—I’ll consider ordering a set of restraints customized for you.”

“Have you contracted with a sub before?” Matt asked softly.

“Yes, it was a mistake,” Evan unbuckled his belt and pulled it through the loops of his jeans roughly. He took a deep breath to calm down. “We were both too young for it and our dynamic mesh wasn’t great. She didn’t have the experience or the training to make her needs clear and I didn’t have the experience to realize I wasn’t giving her what she needed. We were both lucky to escape the pairing without permanent emotional damage.”

Matt winced as he put on the final cuff. “At least you did finally realize the problem.”

“My training Master at La Petite Mort realized our problem. He spent one afternoon with us and told me that if I was going to wear the mark of his pleasure house—I had to let her go. Then he very bluntly explained our problems and I had to admit he was right. It hurt because I’d already bought a collar for her. I figured she was it for me.”

“You loved her?”

“I adored her but I wasn’t right for her and Mina didn’t want to admit it to herself or to me. She was a masochist. It’s why I don’t top many at all.”

“Except for Chase Harris?”

“He’s hard to resist,” Evan admitted. “And he doesn’t require a lot of pain to find his subspace. He goes down pretty easily in the right circumstances.”

“And he has a big crush on you,” Matt muttered and then flushed when Evan raised an eyebrow at him. “Not something that will damage him for life if he never has you again but you were kind and thoughtful to him when he first came to the SGC. Your care made him feel very comfortable.”

“I didn’t…” Evan sighed. “I didn’t know that. Did he…”

“I’ve spoken at length with all of the military submissives on Atlantis,” Matt admitted. “I felt like it was my job to get a temperature reading on the power exchange on the city, especially since it’s top heavy. John is a god as far as they are concerned.”

Evan laughed softly. “Hell, he’s a god as far as I’m concerned.” He picked up the four lengths of chain. “He has to never punish anyone naked again.”

Matt chuckled. “I keep wondering if there is black market security footage of that particular event being passed around. I know that exhibitions aren’t to be recorded but I figured formal public punishments were recorded for the purpose of record keeping.”

Evan grinned. “I can’t imagine anyone would offer you that footage but I’ll keep an eye out for it just to see what’s being done with it.” He motioned towards the bed. “Lay down on your back.”

Matt crawled onto the bed and sprawled out on his back without a single word. He spread his legs as Evan put one knee on the end of the bed and just smiled when Lorne snagged one of his ankles and attached a chain.

Evan secured his other ankle and pulled on the chain to check the give. “Good?”

“Yes, sir.”

Lorne crawled over Matt’s body slowly, stopping along the way to place soft kisses on the soft skin of his inner thighs. He slid astride Matt’s hips confidently and let his hard cock drag against the sub’s muscled stomach as he secured his wrists to the bed frame.

“God,” Matt muttered and wiggled under him as much as his bonds would allow.

Evan sat back and reviewed his handiwork critically. “You look pretty like this—all spread out for me to play with.”

“Thank you, sir.” Matt relaxed on the bed beneath Evan and closed his eyes as the Dom ran his hands over his pecs. He sucked in a deep breath as Lorne gently tweaked his already hard nipples.

His eyes snapped open when Evan lifted away and left the bed. Matt frowned after him, barely pausing to admire the Major’s very nice ass. He relaxed when Lorne plucked something black and made of silk from his toy kit. He tried to push his facial expression towards neutral when Evan turned to face him.

Evan chuckled. “Ah, God, Sheppard—I think you’ll be the death of me.”

Matt flushed and watched Lorne return to the bed with half-closed eyes. “Not my intention at all, sir.”

Evan crawled back onto the bed and lay down on his side beside Matt. He put the material on his chest and then propped his head up on his hand.

“That’s a blindfold.”

“Yeah,” Evan admitted. “You close your eyes when you’re really enjoying something. I hope you don’t do it when you fly,” he admitted with a grin.

Matt laughed softly and blushed. “I had to train myself not to do it actually.”

“It’s how you find your subspace? Sensory deprivation?”

“Yes. I was often blindfolded during training. Sometimes he took away my hearing as well but I didn’t like that at all. It was off putting not to have the ability to orient myself in the room. It made staying in my subspace impossible.” Matt glanced down at the blindfold, aware that he was being given a choice. “I love the idea of it and would enjoy it in future sessions but I’d really like the opportunity to see you this time.”

Evan lifted an eyebrow in surprise. “Are you sure?”

Matt blushed. “I’ve waited a long time for this, Evan.”

Lorne exhaled sharply. “My ego might precede me into the mess hall tomorrow at breakfast.” He plucked the blindfold off Matt’s chest and dropped it on the bedside table.

Confidently, Evan ran one hand down Matt’s chest and then trailed his fingers lightly over his erect cock. He loved the silky feel of the skin and its blood dark tone. “You’re not circumcised.”

“My father didn’t circumcise any of his sons.”

Lorne frowned. “I’ve seen your brother naked, Matt. He’s definitely cut.”

“John and David both were cut by Dato’ Raja when they were in Singapore. Kesakitan Pembawa circumcises all of their Doms and the body hair is taken—except for the small amount of pubic hair. That’s house standard, too.” Matt sucked in a breath as Lorne wrapped a hand around his cock. “Lotus doesn’t believe in body modification for submissives, beyond the house mark. I removed my body hair on my own after I was marked. The first time I went back for inspection my Master was quite furious with me. He said I should’ve remained as exactly as he marked me until I was collared.”

Evan chuckled. “Did he spank you?”

Matt blushed. “Yeah, but his disappointment in me was more painful than his bare hand on my ass.”

“Why did you do it?”

“I felt unattractive with all the hair and I hated shaving.” Matt hissed in a breath as Evan leaned down and flicked his tongue over the head of his cock. “Jesus.”

“Shh,” Lorne murmured as he moved lower and sucked the length of Matt’s cock into his mouth. He lifted off with a soft sigh. “I should’ve asked as this in advance—how do you feel about doing the penetrating?”

Matt shifted under Evan’s hands as the Major slid astride his thighs and started to play with his balls. “It’s been… years since I’ve had a male top want that from me.”

“That’s not an answer to my question,” Evan said pointedly and shifted forward to rub his cock against Matt’s. “It’s something I really enjoy so if this is a problem we need to figure it out now.”

“It’s really not a problem,” Matt assured. “I just haven’t… it’s just been a long time that’s all.” He exhaled sharply when Lorne continued to rub their cocks together. “I think you’re teasing me.”

“I’m not teasing you at all.” Evan grinned and then shifted so he could pull a tube of lube off a recessed shelf above his bed. He snagged a condom, too and dropped it on Matt’s stomach. “You said you were trained to fuck and be fucked for hours.”

Matt glanced down at the condom and nodded—his movement jerky and uncoordinated. “Yeah, hours. Whatever you want.”

“What I will want if we take this relationship to the level we both seem to want is to be fucked, often. As often, probably, as I will fuck you.” Evan flipped open the tube of lube. “You said you wanted to save anal intercourse for the Dom who collars you.”

“Yes.” Matt wet his bottom lip and shuddered as Evan coated three of his fingers with lube. “I sure did.”

“Does that include you penetrating me?”

Matt blushed. “No. If you want to take a ride on my cock, sir, it’s there for your use.”

Evan chuckled at Matt’s choice of words. “Yeah, exactly that. That’s exactly what I want to do. I’m a demanding and possessive bastard, Matthew. Are you sure you can handle this? I’m nothing like the tops you’ve had in the past.”

“How can you be so sure?” Matt demanded softly, his eyes dark with emotion.

“Because you’re here—in my bed, uncollared. If a single one of those stupid sons of bitches was like me—you wouldn’t even be on Atlantis.”

Matt pulled briefly at his bonds, thrilled by the security and knowledge that he couldn’t move unless Lorne wanted him to. His breath caught in his throat as he watched Evan work his fingers into his own ass. He really wished he’d been given the opportunity to do that for him. His gaze travelled down over the muscles of the Major’s lithe and strong body. “You’re so gorgeous.”

Evan offered him a little smile. “Yeah, I know.”

Matt laughed softly and lifted his hips just a little, his cock thumped against his stomach with a lewd little smack. “I like that about you.”

“That I’m as vain as you are?” Evan asked with a smirk.

“Yeah.” Matt nodded.

Lorne wiped his fingers on the sheet beneath them and picked up the condom. Matt groaned softly as Evan palmed his cock and rubbed his thumb over his damp slit and shuddered as precum gathered on the head of his dick.


“Are you going to stay hard for me?” Evan questioned. “You said it had been a long time since you’d done this. I can get you a cock ring.”

“I’ll maintain as long as you want,” Matt shuddered as Evan rolled the condom onto his cock and picked up the lube. “I like cock rings though.”

“I bet you’d look good in one,” Evan murmured. He slicked up the condom and watched with dark eyes as Matt moved under him, against the restraints the bound him. “Another form of restraint, bondage?”

“Yes, sir.”

Evan nodded and shifted forward. “I’m really going to enjoy exploring your dynamic.” He kissed Matt’s mouth gently and sighed when he immediately opened to it. After a few minutes, he lifted up just a little and focused intently on Matt’s face as he shifted back and took Matt inside him.

Matt’s eyes widened and he gasped softly. “Ah, fuck, Evan.”

“You feel great inside me,” Evan whispered as he settled back and took Matt’s cock in deep. He wrapped one slick hand around his own cock and started to jack himself as he rocked up and down slowly. “So good.”

Matt curled his hands around the chains attached to his wrist cuffs and dug his heels into the mattress to give himself enough leverage to move. The bed frame strained against his strength and the movements of their bodies. A groan fell from his mouth and he rocked minutely under Lorne—so turned on he couldn’t stay still. Sweat quickly slicked up their skin and Matt watched with stunned pleasure as Evan got a little lost in the pleasure of fucking himself on his cock.

Evan slowed down, released his own cock, and settled down in Matt’s lap—taking him as deep as he could. He watched Matt shudder and then still under him. “That’s it—just relax.” He ran his hands down Matt’s chest and tweaked his nipples gently. They grew harder under his attention.

“Ah, God, Evan.” Matt shuddered and curled his hands around the chains holding him tighter. “So good.”

“You’re perfect,” Evan whispered. “So perfect—I love having you in me.” He shifted forward and started to rock gently. “Don’t come.”

“Not until you say,” Matt promised softly, his eyes dark and intent. “I want to suck you. Will you let me?”

“Oh yes, later.” Evan trailed his fingers down his stomach and dipped into his belly button. He took a deep breath and started to rock his hips. “I’ve been thinking about doing this since you took off all of your clothes on the pier.”

Matt grinned. “Good.”

“I ought to spank you for teasing me like that,” Evan whispered as he reached back with one hand cupped Matt’s balls. “Half the guys I had out there on the pier couldn’t even run because they were so hard from watching you.”

Matt groaned softly. “It was all just for you. It’s all been for you since I set eyes on you.”

Evan increased his pace and wrapped his hand around his cock again. He jerked himself mercilessly—until he was coming with a soft groan. Lorne striped semen over Matt’s belly and chest. He took a deep breath and then released his softening cock.

Matt watched through half closed eyes as Evan ran his fingers through his own come—rubbing it into his skin. Then he started to rock onto Matt’s cock—taking him deep and hard with each downward plunge.

“Yeah.” Matt lifted his hips, his breath coming out in heavy gasps. “Fuck yes. Evan!”

“Come for me,” Evan ordered. “Now, Matt.”

Matt arched under him and shuddered through his orgasm. The chains clanged against the bed frame hard as he relaxed on the bed, trembling with pleasure. He exhaled sharply. “I really needed that.”

Evan made a soft pleased sound as he lifted off Matt’s cock and rolled to his side. “Me, too. Don’t think I’m done with you.” He sat up as Matt laughed and unhooked the ankle cuffs, then the wrists. “You game for a shower?”

“Yeah,” Matt murmured as he eased the condom off and tied it off. He dropped it in a small trash can near the head of the bed and relaxed back on the mattress. “After that I’m game for pretty much anything you want.”

Evan laughed softly. “A shower and then you are sucking my cock.”

“As you will, sir.” Matt shivered gently as Evan turned to him and took his mouth in a kiss. He groaned softly and moved away from Evan when his radio dinged. “John.”

Evan lifted an eyebrow. “Excuse me?”

Matt rolled from the bed and put his radio in. “This is Sheppard.” He paused. “Yeah, John, I’m five by five.” He laughed softly and glanced at Lorne. “Nah, man, he’s breathing and more than able to do your paperwork. Sheppard out.” He blushed and then pulled his radio from his ear. “My entire family has a vicious streak. You should know that up front.”

Evan laughed and rolled from the bed. “Let’s get that shower. Do you have another check in?”

“No, I was supposed to set up another on that call if necessary.” Matt shivered when Evan ran a hand down his back as they entered the bathroom. His cock jerked and started to harden. “Geez.”

“Already?” Evan questioned softly as he went into the large shower stall and turned on the water.

Matt blushed. “It’s been… a while.”

“I’m not complaining,” Evan assured. “Far from it, actually.”

Evan washed himself first—making Matt stand under the water to watch and then took care of him—spreading the unscented soap over his skin until he was slick with it. His fingers dipping between his cheeks and over his tight little asshole.

Matt sighed and leaned into him as he accepted the caress. A part of him wished he’d never told Lorne he wanted to wait for anal sex. He’d dearly love for the Major to fuck him unconscious. Fifteen minutes into the shower they were both hard and Matt was clinging—his fingers clutching at the muscles of Evan’s back as he was pressed against the wall.

Evan nuzzled against his neck and grazed his teeth over Matt’s Lotus mark. Matt shuddered and slid his thigh against Lorne’s with a sigh. “God, Evan.”

Evan turned him gently and leaned against the wall himself. “Kneel.”

Matt offered him a quick smile and slid to his knees. He braced his hands on his thighs and waited for instructions. He moaned softly as Evan ran his fingers through his wet hair and cupped the back of his head.

“Lick the head of my cock,” Evan ordered.

Matt did as ordered and shuddered at the first taste of Lorne’s cock. He’d wanted this for months and could barely hold back from just sucking him in completely. He blushed and suppressed the urge to do more than what had been ordered. He didn’t want to chance that Evan would construe it as disobedience and stop him completely. Lorne ran his thumb over his cheek bone and sighed.

“That’s it,” Evan murmured. “Suck me—take my cock in as deep as you can.”

Matt moaned, so pleased with the order. He sucked in Evan’s all the way in—until he could swallow around the head.  He worked the Dom’s cock in and out of his throat—sucking as strongly as he could with each inward stroke.

“So good, Mattie,” Evan whispered and slid his thumb into the mouth beside his cock. “God, you’re going to make me come.”

Matt shivered and groaned around his cock. He wanted that so desperately. Evan increased the pressure and sucked him deeply again and again. Precum slid over his tongue and Matt shifted closer—trailing his hands over the major’s thighs. He brushed his thumbs over Evan’s balls and did it again when Lorne moaned. He ignored his own throbbing cock as he worked his lips and tongue over Lorne’s dick and his reward came as he pulled back slightly to suck on the head. Semen burst across his tongue and Evan’s fingers clenched into a fist against the back of his head.

Matt swallowed again and again—using his tongue to clean his Dom’s cock.

“Enough,” Evan whispered with a deep breath. “Get up.”

“Thank you, sir,” Matthew leaned into him and nuzzled against Evan’s neck.

Evan shifted them both out of the shower and plucked up towels. “Don’t move.”

Matt curled his toes against the soft, fluffy rug on the floor as Evan took care of drying him off. Evan dropped the towel on the counter and ran his fingers through Matt’s hair. “How do you get away with this?”

“My last CO thought I was pretty,” Matt grinned and leaned into Evan when he ran one hand down his side. “And John hasn’t mentioned it, yet. I figure I’ll get an email from him telling me to report to a barber soon enough. He’s never liked my indulgence of the family hair curse. You should see his when he lets it grow.”

“I just bet,” Evan let his hand drift over Matt’s still hard cock. “You’ve got a really pretty cock.”

“Thank you, sir,” Matt whispered and then said nothing else as Evan stepped back and took care of drying himself off. He wondered when Lorne would him let take care of his needs. So far, the Dom hadn’t allowed Matthew a single moment of attendance outside of the blow job.

Evan dropped the towel on the counter. “Go put on the wrist cuffs and lay down on the bed.”

“Yes, sir.”

– – – –

Rodney looked up from his computer as John entered their quarters and then set the tablet aside when he took note of John’s frown. “Jordan is confirmed?”

“Yes, but that isn’t my main concern at this point.” John dropped down in a chair across from McKay and slouched down. “Gerard’s Disciples. Tell me about them.”

Rodney paused and then cleared his throat. “Well, let’s start with the ones that would have the potential to wreck havoc with our lives directly… there is Dr. Sydney Jamison. He is the IOA representative for Canada. He has a PhD in political science.” Rodney sat back in his chair and fiddled with his collar briefly. “There is General Mason Blake. He is the Air Force Chief of Staff, or was the last time I looked. A four star general with a war record that would probably make you hard.”

John laughed softly. “Okay.”

“And Randolph Rampart, as you know.” Rodney sighed. “Dr. Darius Moore, US Senator. Pretty heavy hitter in Washington circles. Most think he’ll eventually run for President but not any time soon. He’s put a lot of support behind Cordell and might end up being his VP.”

“That would certainly solidify Cordell’s run for the White House,” John admitted and crossed his arms. “Go on—I have a feeling I’m going to regret asking this question as it is.”

“Dr. Benjamin Maddock—the current Prime Minister of Canada. Dr. Michael Jeffers—the current Prime Minister of Great Britain.” He winced when John sat up abruptly and then shrugged. “Lord Dylan Lancaster, Great Britain, he’s with Interpol. I don’t know what he does exactly. Prince Franco Carlos, Crown Prince of Spain—he does as little as possible unless it involves sex. Master Kyle Napier—Master of the de Sade Institute. Master Neal Peyton—Master of La Petite Mort. Clark Stone, head of the CIA and Special Agent in Charge Aaron Hotchner, he’s with the FBI. Gerard fully expects to see him sitting in the director’s chair within the next fifteen years.”

John rubbed his face with both hands. “I know that you’ve never attended Rampart—what about any of the others?”

Rodney shook his head. “Gerard’s Doms would never presume to ask me for attendance. They are all much too invested in him and his wants for that. I haven’t approached them because it would frankly feel a little incesteous to me. Can I ask why this is important now?”

“Because Blake is on the Daedalus on his way here and so is Jamison. Jamison is IOA—so I figured he has a reason but Blake is a four star general and I wasn’t aware that he had any political ambitions beyond what he already had with his career. Yet, he’s managed to get himself named the Director of Homeworld Security.”

Rodney relaxed. “Oh, that’s… good actually.”

John exhaled sharply. “Is Gerard manipulating circumstances around us to protect you or to protect you from me?”

“If he had a single concern about me wearing your collar, John, he would’ve never let me leave that hotel room without making it perfectly clear to both of us. The fact is that I was half afraid he would invite you into his bed that night.”

John blinked in surprise. “Excuse me?”

“Gerard likes to sleep with Doms…” Rodney flushed. “He’s a sadomasochist but I’d never say he was a switch.”

“So all of his Doms have been trained to pleasure him?” John asked amused.

“Yes, of course.” Rodney played with the infinity rings on his collar. “And while they might express their interest in our relationship they won’t interfere unless they are concerned that you can’t be trusted.”

John tilted his head slightly and considered his sub. “You have to know I would’ve told him no.”

“Really?” Rodney questioned softly. “Because you didn’t protest him being in your space at all.”

“He’s a very attractive man and I respect him that doesn’t mean I would’ve gone to bed with him—even if you weren’t part of the equation. Marshall is the only Dom I’ve taken to bed since training. Come here and kneel.”

Rodney stood up and slid to his knees between John’s legs. “Sir?”

“I told you when we stopped using condoms that we were going to be exclusive. I’d never risk exposing you to a disease by going back on that promise.” John touched his face gently. “I might flirt with other Doms—play little power games in public with them because in some ways it is expected of me but that’s as far as it will go while you wear my collar. I take my promises to you very seriously, Rodney.”

Rodney nodded but averted his gaze. “Yes, sir.”

“You don’t seem all that convinced,” John returned dryly.

“You’re beautiful,” Rodney whispered his tone intent, wistful. “I’m attractive to Doms because of my dynamic and the training I can’t really hide no matter how close I keep my Courtesan mark to myself. It’s obvious in every move I make—de Sade made sure of that. But—you—John.” He sighed. “Doms and subs both find you attractive despite your dynamic.”

“And I have to tell you that I want nothing to do with most of them,” John admitted roughly. “It’s really off putting sometimes what people will say and do if they think… I’m even remotely interested. I can’t tell you how many submissives in my past have pretended to enjoy pain to get next to me. Fortunately, I’m fairly good at picking up on lies.”

“That really hadn’t occurred to me.”

“It’s rare that I top a submissive that can really meet my dynamic needs.” John leaned forward and pressed a kiss against his forehead. “It’s why you’re such a gift to me.” He tilted Rodney’s head and kissed his mouth. “Needed back in the lab?”

Rodney glanced at his watch. “Yes, sir, my break is nearly finished and I promised Radek he could take the evening. We have a big simulation running. He and Dr. Weir have an anniversary of sorts and he’s preparing something special.”

“Their collar day?”

Rodney laughed softly. “I asked the same thing and he said no—it’s the day she was awarded her PhD. His eyes got all misty and I decided not to press for details. I can’t imagine anything worse than a Czech crying like a 12 year old girl in my lab.” Rodney lifted up slightly, offering his mouth for another kiss and smiled briefly before John obliged. “I’m sorry I can’t stay.”

“It’s okay—I promised Elizabeth a few ideas on a blood thirsty rampage through most of Pegasus.”

Rodney chuckled. “I’ll make sure to set up a team to start building you weapons then.”

“Yeah, you do that.” John kissed him again and sighed. “Go before you make me want things we don’t have time for and then I’ll have to spank you later for leaving my cock hard.”

– – – –

Three Weeks Later

The Daedalus had been in orbit for nearly two hours when Elizabeth called him to the main conference room. He wasn’t ready to go but he wouldn’t disrespect her by ignoring her. He rubbed his damp hands on his BDUs as he walked towards the transporter. The Marine escort that had been on his ass since John had left the city three days before fell into step beside him. “Your orders from the Colonel?”

“Regular meals, eight hours of real sleep every day, no citrus, no peanuts, and no touching unless you’re in a medical emergency,” Dennison repeated. “Commander Sheppard will meet you in the conference room for this meeting, sir.”

Rodney nodded and crossed his arms as they entered the transporter. “Stay outside the conference room. I want you…” He sighed. “Close. I’d like your whole unit in the gateroom.”

Dennison lifted an eyebrow but nodded. “If that is your wish, sir.”

Rodney swallowed hard but said nothing else as he picked their destination and then walked purposefully out of the transporter. The gateroom was like a tomb—civilians and military alike looked tired, irritated, and worried. It was an example of how the entire city felt in the wake of one of the biggest off-world incidents since John Sheppard had been fed to a Wraith.

It had been four days since they’d brought back the remains of what they’d thought was Major Lorne’s team only to find out that the bodies they had weren’t who they thought. Rodney’s stomach tightened in misery as he remembered how devastated Matthew had been and still was. The Geisha had shaken with grief and had seemed to just fall in on himself when his brother had pressed Lorne’s dog tags into his hand.

Then Carson had told them that he had no idea who the bodies were in his morgue but they weren’t from Earth and none of them had ATA genes. Matt had gone from ravaged to absolutely furious in a matter of seconds. And then John Sheppard had pulled together three big teams full of truly vicious sons of bitches—Rangers, SEALS, and Marines Oh My—and gone through the gate without another word. Matthew was in command of the city in the absence of his brother and Major Lorne. Rodney and Miko had done all they could to shore him up and support him—the military left behind jumped to Matt’s orders before he barely had them out of his mouth.

Matt was outside the conference room dressed in his service khaki uniform. It was a good look for him but as with all of his uniforms, the Navy man was clearly using it to separate himself a little from his private nature. Rodney didn’t blame him at all for that not with what was waiting on them both in the conference room. He stopped in front of him and cleared his throat. “Have you been inside, yet?”

Matt shook his head. “No. I was going through gate team schedules and rearranging a few trading missions we couldn’t cancel.” He rubbed the back of his neck. “I also need to send a team to Dolor with a scientist. Do you have any options?”

“No.” Rodney’s mouth tightened. “Probably, let me think about it. If Teldy was on the city, I’d suggest Porter but I can’t send her out… so not her. I’m not comfortable, at all, sending Miko into the field without John. Maybe Casey Morgan. He’s uncollared but has a social contract with Sergeant Bates who is here. You’ll want to get with him on the mission and all of that jazz.”

“Thanks,” Matt murmured and waved his hand over the control panel for the doors of the conference room—they glided open gently and Matthew curled his fingers together with Rodney’s as they entered the room. “We apologize for the delay, sirs; we have a few mission essential details to take care of due to the Colonel’s extended absence from the city. As John is not here, Dr. McKay is unable to greet any of you formally.” Matt’s gaze drifted from Jamison and then to Blake. “I hope you understand.”

Both Doms nodded abruptly but Jamison cleared his throat. “We understand from Dr. Weir that you’ve both had a trying few days. Thank you both for making yourselves available to us for a brief meeting.” He shot a glance at Jordan and then at a man that Matthew didn’t know. “You may both remember General Jordan and this is Richard Woolsey from the IOA.”

Matthew nodded and prodded Rodney into a chair then he followed suit. The doors shut behind them with a little swish, startling most of the occupants of the room. “At last report, thanks to Dr. McKay’s work on the Pegasus gate system we have marked off ten of the planets our people could’ve been taken to and we’re making progress in retrieval.”

“This rescue operation appears to be quite an investment of time and resources,” Woolsey offered as he adjusted his glasses. “Is this affecting the security of the city?”

“Of course not, Mr. Woolsey,” Matthew answered coolly. “I have everything well in hand and everyone is working by the numbers. Mission schedules have been rearranged, but that is a daily occurrence.”

Blake poured himself a cup of coffee. “You aren’t rated for discipline, Commander; do you have any issues you need taken care of? I’d be willing to discipline on your behalf.”

“No, sir, but thank you.” Matt accepted a bound report from Elizabeth Weir but didn’t open it. He shifted forward and plucked two cups from the tray. He poured for himself and Rodney. “Congratulations on your posting to the directorship of Homeworld Security, General Blake. I can’t imagine how the President could’ve made a better choice.” He offered the General a truly beguiling smile and Blake flushed under the Geisha’s gaze. “John had made plans for a few war games while you’re here but unfortunately the situation has changed and we won’t be able to provide you with much in the way of a challenge.”

“I was looking forward to it,” Blake admitted. “But I understand how tenuous the circumstances out here are.” He focused on McKay. “Rodney.”

Rodney looked up from his coffee. “General Blake.”

“Gerard sends his greetings and a few gifts for you and your John.” Mason pushed aside his empty cup and sat back in his chair. “Are you worried?”

“I’m confident that Colonel Sheppard is out making war and enemies as it was his intention when he left the city,” Rodney murmured. “We are getting reports every four hours on their progress.”

“Colonel Caldwell is in orbit—prepared to go where ever Colonel Sheppard needs him.” Blake admitted. “I understand he’s due to report in again within the hour.”

Rodney nodded. “Yes, sir.”

“At that point,” Jordan said leaning forward. “Colonel Sheppard will be ordered to return to the city and report in person.”

Elizabeth lifted an eyebrow. “I’m sorry, General Jordan, but did I miss the part where the IOA put you in charge of the military on this base?”

Jordan flushed with anger. “I outrank him, Dr. Weir.”

“That may very well be but this his command and the last time I checked you held no position in command at the SGC. You might’ve used your politics to get out here but you’re sort of like a lame duck President. Quite shiny on the exterior but essentially impotent.”

Rodney choked on his coffee and barely swallowed it down. He shared a glance with Matthew and set aside the cup slowly. “Dr. Weir, if you don’t need me further—I have a few experiments to oversee and I’m still working on refining the search program for the DHDs. John may need it again if things don’t go well on the next world he searches.”

“Agreed, you may return to your lab.” Elizabeth held up a hand when Jordan started to stand with him. “General Jordan, you will remain here.”

Jordan flushed his gaze intent on Rodney. “You don’t have the authority to give me orders, Dr. Weir.”

“This is my city, General Jordan. I’m essentially the Governor of Atlantis—so appointed by the IOA.” Elizabeth glanced briefly at Rodney. “You can do what I can say or you can be beamed back up to the Daedalus. Rodney, return to your lab and make sure that your escort is with you as Colonel Sheppard ordered.”

“They’re in the gateroom,” Rodney admitted. “I’ll be taking my evening meal in private with Dr. Kusanagi and Commander Sheppard barring any issues or problems during the dial in this evening.” He cleared his throat and focused on Jamison and Blake. “Sydney, Mason—you’re both welcome to join us at Miko’s request.”

Mason smiled then, his eyes went soft. “We’d be honored to be so well attended for a meal, Rodney. Tell the Princess that we look forward to meeting her. Will there be tea before the meal?”

“Yes, of course, sir,” Matthew murmured. “It’s been arranged in advance and I believe it would be relaxing to all three of us to continue with the plans we made. Miko has been planning the meal for more than a week and did several trades off world for the food so you may know the intricacies of the food this galaxy has to offer.”

– – – –

The gate started to dial and his body started to relax by degrees. Everything was fine—John was coming home and he was going to bring all of their people back with them. Rodney walked to stand next to Chuck as Elizabeth and her guests came out of the conference room. She was standing on the opposite side of Chuck by the time the wormhole was established.

“This is Sheppard. I need a medical team to meet me in the gateroom. We have two men down—both in critical condition and we’re coming in very hot. Clear the decks.” Gun fire sounded over the open radio connection like a frenzied percussion band.

“IDC confirmed,” Chuck murmured and hit the button that would lower the gate shield. “We receive you, Colonel! I have medical on the way.”

Anne Teldy came through first, a man over her shoulder. Allison Porter who had been pacing with Rodney was immediately at her Domme’s side helping her lower the injured man to the ground a safe distance from the gate. Anne stripped off her gear quickly and started to perform mouth to mouth on the soldier. Rodney could see blood blossoming across in his chest and he nearly went lax with relief when Carson’s team started to arrive.

Six came through at once—two dragging a man between them and the gun fire on the other side never stopped. Then Lorne and Sheppard came through at the same time—both sliding across the gateroom floor on their backs—guns pointed towards the open wormhole. “Shield!” They shouted at the same time. It flicked gold across the open wormhole and they both relaxed then shared a grin at the thuds that hammered on the shield—fifteen total Rodney thought, a little freaked out.

Chuck shut down the gate and the gateroom burst into controlled chaos. The medical staff were like a little army all on their own—sorting everyone except John for transfer to the infirmary.

John passed his weapons to a Marine hovering near his side and shrugged out of his TAC vest as he came up the stairs and entered the control area. “Genii.”

Elizabeth visibly flinched and paled. “Cowan?”

“Most certainly, but it gets worse.” John pulled a piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to her. “They are searching for our people. I found this in a tavern just off the place where Lorne and his team were ambushed. We have a big problem.”

Rodney peeked at the sheet and frowned. “Those are all natural gene carriers.”

“Yeah,” John nodded. “And since Lorne has only been here a few months and is on the list…”

“A spy,” Elizabeth murmured. “Among our allies? Lorne has only been on a handful of missions since coming here and he hasn’t flown a Jumper on any of them.”

“He’s been to Dolor twice,” Rodney offered neutrally. “Last time he took a Jumper.” Elizabeth and John both frowned at him. “Don’t look at me like that—you know I’m right.”

John sighed. “Yeah. Jesus. I can be ready to go see Koral within the hour.”

“Make it two,” Elizabeth murmured and held up a hand when John started to protest. “Colonel, are you aware that you are covered in blood?”

John blinked and looked down. His t-shirt and BDUs were pretty much saturated with it. The skin of his hands and arms was pink with blood stains. He winced. “None of it’s mine, honest.”

Mason Blake snorted. “Must have been some party, Sheppard.”

John inclined his head at the Air Force General. “I know how to rock a planet, sir.”

“I just bet,” Mason grinned.

Elizabeth crossed her arms. “Get a medical scan, a nice long shower, and a meal. I’ll dial up Dolor and request Koral come to us. You have two hours.”

John glanced around the gateroom, taking in his teams and the medical personnel working through them all. He found Evan Lorne and Matthew near the gate. They were clutching at each other, Lorne’s hands digging into the sleeves of Matthew’s uniform shirt. The two men were exchanging deceptively soft kisses. He stared for another minute and then shifted his gaze around the room.

“Hughes, you’re on top for the next twenty-four hours. Lorne—infirmary ASAP and then on stand-down for twenty-four. Matthew, clear your desk and you’re off duty. Teldy, you’ve got twelve and then I need you back on the deck to support Hughes. Everyone is infirmary bound until which time you can escape Dr. Beckett’s care officially. See Hughes for orders and duty assignments thereafter. Clear?”

“Sir, yes, sir!”

Mason Blake cleared his throat. “Colonel, if you need more than two hours…”

“No, sir.” John shook his head. “When I finally go down it will be for a while. I’ll debrief first.”

– – – –

John shoved his blood stained clothes into the Ancient washing unit in the wall in the bathroom before stepping under the shower that Rodney had turned on for him. He shook his head when Rodney made to take off his clothes. “No. I don’t want to see their blood on you.”

Rodney nodded and stepped back from the shower. He leaned against the bathroom counter and took a deep breath. “What can I do?”

“Get me a sandwich from the mess,” John ran his fingers through his hair and winced when blood stained water trailed down the side of his face. “Some soda. Chips if they have any from Earth out. If not, some fries.”


“Yeah,” John murmured with a nod and then braced his hands on the shower wall. “The blood will be gone when you get back.”

Rodney nodded and quickly left. He’d never handled John when he was coming down from a fire fight before and he wasn’t really sure what to do. In the mess hall, he quickly gathered food for them both – aware that his Dom would just send him back if he didn’t grab food for himself as well. He was checking out the cake options when Sydney Jamison found him.


“Sir.” Rodney glanced towards him briefly and then picked up two pieces of chocolate cake. “No lemon?”

“No, sir, we mark stuff with lemon and peanuts it so you won’t get it by accident.” The Corporal behind the counter held up some wrapped items all with yellow labels on them. “The Colonel briefed us first thing on your allergies. Yellow for lemon and red for peanuts.”

“Thank you,” Rodney blushed and pushed the tray down the line towards the chip selection. He was pretty sure he’d gotten an email about that but had barely bothered to read it. “Did you see Gerard before you came out?”

“No, just Mason.” Sydney watched shrewdly as Rodney handed one of the trays off to a Marine who hovered near his side. “Rodney, do you always have a military escort?”

“No, not always. It depends on what is going on in the city. I’m not allowed to explore by myself and of course, I only go on missions with John. If I’m working with dangerous materials or artifacts there is usually a pair of Marines in my lab. John takes my safety seriously—no matter if I’m in the city or in the field.” Rodney blushed and then offered the soldier behind the counter a bright smile when he offered him a carafe full of coffee. “Thank you, Corporal Mayes.”

“It’s fresh, sir. We have some jauna juice as well. The Colonel likes it. I could prepare container for your cooling unit?”

“That would be great,” Rodney passed the carafe to another Marine who had appeared to help with the burden. “And oatmeal cookies? The ones from last night? Those are John’s favorite.”

“I saved him a dozen, sir.” The soldier pulled a bowl from underneath the counter and Rodney added it to his growing pile. He turned to Sydney. “Did Gerard bully the US President into giving Mason the job Jordan wanted?”

“Nope, Mason did all of that on his own. The President offered him the job when it was first created but Mason said no.” Sydney leaned on the counter and watched Rodney intently. “Kevin Jordan has managed to convince a great many of my counterparts including Joe Faxon that letting you come to Atlantis was a mistake.”

“Kevin Jordan is a coward,” Rodney muttered. “How Hayes could’ve thought for a single minute that a man like him could lead Earth’s fight against the Wraith or the Ori blows my stunning mind.”

Sydney laughed. “Yes, I imagine it did.”

Rodney turned to him. “Rampart called him a Nancy-assed Prima Donna to his face.” He sighed. “And I didn’t even get to see it. I had to hear about it later. There is no justice in that.”

“He wants you,” Sydney said bluntly. “Does he know about Gerard?”

“He didn’t in the past but I’ve stopped keeping it a secret. Gerard made it pretty clear he wasn’t going to hold his tongue on my circumstances current or future so it’s not exactly unknown that I’m a Courtesan or that specifically I’m Gerard de Sade’s Courtesan.” He blushed when Sydney laughed. “Why are you here, Sydney?”

“Because I insisted on coming out with Woolsey to investigate the problems that Jordan insinuated were here and since I rarely travel without Mason—he came along to belittle Jordan and rub his new job in his face.”

Rodney shook his head. “I don’t consider Kevin Jordan a threat.”

“No, I don’t imagine you do but he’s dangerous to some and certainly in a position to make your Dom’s life difficult if he wants to and he certainly wants to.” Sydney glanced around the mess hall and gamely took the carafe of juice when Rodney handed it his way. “If Jordan doesn’t acknowledge your complete lack of interest in him soon—Gerard’s going to shove his foot in his ass.”

Rodney sighed. “John can fight his own battles, Sydney. He doesn’t need Gerard or you or Rampart to do it for him.”

“Well, he’ll just have to put up with us,” Sydney returned evenly. “It’s the price he pays for putting his collar on Gerard’s Courtesan. So, General Jordan has some members of the IOA worried about you being out here instead of on Earth.”

“The mortality rate for the expedition is actually lower here than for the SGC on Earth,” Rodney offered. “I stand a better chance of getting killed in an auto accident on Earth than dying out here. John doesn’t take risks with my life.”

“Just be prepared, they are talking about bringing Sheppard home to Earth and putting Cameron Mitchell in charge out here. There are those that would feel better if you were back at the SGC.”

“I’ll let John know what’s up.”

– – – –

John was sitting out on their balcony bare ass naked when he returned. Rodney arranged their food on the table without comment and said nothing while John polished off everything he was given. McKay ate most of his sandwich, all of his cake, and gave his chips to John. His top’s silence was unnerving to say the least, John wasn’t a man that talked a lot but he wasn’t prone to absolute silence either.


“What?” Rodney questioned softly.

“I think I killed twenty-two people. I don’t know how many we took out total. Anne Teldy is… completely bad ass, by the way. She easily took as many as I did. It took us five hours to catch up with them from the first planet. That program you rigged for the DHD so we could figure out where they went was great. It worked like a charm. Having thirteen planets to search instead of fifty was a life saver.” He rubbed his face. “At any rate, you’re going to hear some things in the briefing that’s going to make you question just how human I am. I need to know you’ll push through and be okay.”

“I know what you are, John.” Rodney shifted out of his chair and then slid to his knees between John’s legs. “I know.” He hesitantly ran his palms over John’s thighs and sighed when his Dom spread his legs further. “You did what you did to bring our people home—to keep your brother’s heart safe because I have to tell you—he’s gone on Lorne. I don’t even know how that happened so fast. Whatever you did, no matter who you killed—it wasn’t because you enjoyed it or because it was unnecessary. You’ll always be that guy—the guy that does what has to be done.”

John sucked in a breath as Rodney rubbed his cheek against his thigh. It was probably more to comfort himself than anything else but it never ceased to kick him right in the gut. “Suck me.”

“Hmm, my pleasure.” Rodney scooted forward and licked his already half hard cock from the base to the tip.

By the time he sucked the head in, John was completely hard and curling his hand against the back of his head. John let his head rest against the chair and he looked out over the ocean with half-closed eyes as Rodney worked his cock like the expert he was. A part of him hated the Master that had taught him this—and all the other things that John enjoyed but that part was small when he compared how grateful he was for the gift of him. He’d never know how Gerard de Sade parted with McKay. He’d never understand it.

His gaze drifted over the railing of the balcony. “I want to tie you to the balcony one day and whip you for the whole city to hear. They won’t be able to see us but they’ll hear you and the whip. It’ll echo through the towers like crazy. The water will carry your sounds—your screams and you will be screaming before I’m done.”

Rodney moaned around his cock and started to bob up and down on him carefully. Letting his teeth just scrap the skin slightly on the upward motion in way that bordered on painful but was just insanely perfect instead.

John hissed out a breath. “Enough.”

Rodney pulled off with a small frown but sat back on his heels and waited for instructions.

John laughed at his obvious disappointment. “Strip for me. I want to get off with you.”

McKay eagerly stood up and stripped off his clothes without a single thought. Then John offered him his hand and he took in a deep breath as he was pulled into his Dom’s lap. “I’m not prepared. I could…”

John pulled him forward so they were snug together; their cocks nestled side by side. “Just like this. Rub off on me.”

A shudder of surprise and want snaked down Rodney’s back and he groaned. “John.”

John pulled him down and kissed his mouth. “I had horrible things on my skin the past two days,” he whispered against McKay’s pliant mouth. “I want you to come on me. Just me and you, Rodney.”

“Yeah, okay.” Rodney let his head rest against John’s as he started to move. They both groaned at the friction, the burn of their dry skin rubbing together. It was a little painful and a lot good.

John’s fingers dug into his ass as he picked up the pace. Then trailed upward only to drag down his back, nails biting into his skin perfectly. They were both breathing heavy as Rodney wrapped one hand around their cocks and started to jerk them off together. Their mouths melded together in another kiss and then everything turned languid and sensual.

When John came it was with a needy moan and Rodney followed him in a second—striping his Dom’s chest with pearly white cum.

– – – –

Koral had come through the gate on his own. It wasn’t really a surprise how much the alien trusted the Lanteans—they’d worked hard to build the relationship. John was still and silent as Elizabeth laid out the situation with the Genii and then showed him the list of their personnel complete with pictures.

Koral’s face was a picture of shock and horror. His fingers lingered on the pictures briefly and then cleared his throat.”This picture of Colonel Sheppard was taken in my court yard.”

John blinked in surprise and leaned forward. “How do you…”

“The decoration on the wall behind you was created by mother. She has been dead many years.” Koral sat the list aside and looked away from them both. “As you know, we do not show ourselves to anyone anymore—not since our shield was repaired. We don’t have the space to take in any refugees as much as it pains us and many of the peoples that come through the ring of the Ancestors are drastically different from us. They do not understand our ways and have been violent with us in the past because of it. We do send traders off world occasionally but never our submissives.”

“Do you know who is responsible for giving the Genii information on us?” John asked neutrally.

“Doren has spoken of little in the past few weeks but of you and Dr. McKay. He is profoundly occupied with your pairing and jealous. It has caused some heated arguments in our council as he believes that he should have the right to challenge you for your collared submissive. We’ve explained more than once that the Lanteans do not have such a ritual and that our agreement with you excluded the right to challenge.”

“I would hate to deprive your world of a scientist, Koral, but you know I would kill him.”

“He does not understand, of course. We have no formal military on Dolor and our security forces do little more than deal with petty thefts. I handle matters of justice personally. He is a fool.”

“Does he travel off world?” Elizabeth questioned.

“He has travelled off world a great deal in the past few weeks. I will admit to sending him myself several times just to get rid of him because I tire of his arguments and his complaining.”

Rodney glanced up from his lap top. “You should tell him that even if by some miracle he killed my top and took me—I’d kill him myself the first chance I got. He’d never know another moment’s peace in his life.”

Koral blinked in surprise but nodded. “I will certainly tell him exactly that, Dr. McKay. But if he has done this—if he has traded information to the Genii then he is a traitor to my people and he will be executed. It is our highest crime and we cannot afford to simply banish him from our world. He knows too much about our shield to allow that.”

“You’ll want to change the access codes,” John responded. “Especially if he’s had access to them and even if he hasn’t just to be sure. You can’t be sure he didn’t pass that information along to the Genii as well.”

“I will return home and question Doren personally. I assure you that I will gain the truth and if he is guilty—he will not survive the night.”

“If he’s not?” Elizabeth asked neutrally.

“I will find the traitor. My rule on Dolor is absolute—a divine right set down by Gods most of my people live in terror of. I will not be denied and the traitor will be revealed. He or she will be punished to the full extent of our law no matter who they are.”

Elizabeth nodded. “We lost one of our own, an uncollared submissive, due to this Koral and another soldier is in critical condition.”

Koral flushed with new horror. “Whatever reparations you demand will be met, Dr. Weir. Causing the death of submissive is a great crime among my people.”

“We seek nothing more than your honest and true friendship, Koral.” Elizabeth cleared her throat. “It’s all we’ve ever desired of your people and we value our relationship greatly.”

– – – –

“Colonel Sheppard, I trust you have recovered from your mission?”

John would acknowledge how tired he was over his dead body. He relaxed in his chair and nodded. “Dr. Weir has assured me that today’s discussions are almost done, General Jordan.”

“John, you’ve been off world for three days. You can’t have slept much in that time.” Blake frowned at Jordan. “I believe we would all understand if you chose to get some sleep.”

“I can maintain a few hours, sir.” John curled his fingers around Rodney’s wrist under the table.

“What exactly were you doing off world for the last thirty-six hours, Colonel?” Woolsey asked as he adjusted his glasses.

John looked at him for a few seconds incredulous and cleared his throat. “I was killing people, sir.”

“Nice, Colonel.” Blake snorted.

“Killing people?” Woolsey cleared his throat, his face distinctly pale. “I see. Well, then perhaps it’s time we discuss one of our major concerns.”

Rodney tensed beside him and John rubbed his thumb over the top of his hand.  “You have concerns about my job performance?”

Blake sighed. “Of course not, Sheppard, you know you’ve done a superior job out here and I’m sure you did excellent killing all of those people the last three days.”

Woolsey flushed red and looked away from both military men. “It’s obvious that we should have thought long and hard about allowing Dr. McKay to come to Atlantis. In the past two months, three scientists have died on the city and two were severely disabled. It’s been impressed upon us the importance of his role in the Stargate program and our desire to keep him safe has made us reconsider his placement here in Pegasus.”

“I do not take risks with my submissive’s life,” John responded, his tone hard. “If you are implying otherwise…”

“No!” Woolsey shook his head. “No, of course not, Colonel. We are, however, concerned about his safety in the course of his job on the city itself.”

“I trust him to take care of himself and take no unnecessary risks,” John responded. “He could just as easily be injured or killed in an accident on Earth as he could in the city.”

“All the same, the Pentagon has all but made the decision to transfer you back to the SGC, Colonel Sheppard,” Jordan announced. “It’s best for Dr. McKay that he be on Earth.”

“As I explained to you already, General Jordan, you don’t have the right to determine what is right and wrong for my submissive.” John shrugged. “However, if that is your decision you will have our resignations within the hour.”

“Excuse me?” Jordan hissed. “You can’t just…”

“Oh, but I can and I will,” John snapped in return. “You seemed to be under the impression that you have the ability to control me and my relationship, General Jordan. So, let’s be perfectly clear—I don’t have to work. I joined the Marines because I wanted to serve. I’m the son of a goddamned billionaire and I don’t even keep the money the US government pays me. I filter every penny of it into a scholarship fund for La Petite Mort—a cause my sister-in-law holds dear to her cold vicious little heart.” He paused when Rodney laughed a little.

“McKay has a contract with the IOA,” Jordan protested.

“He does,” John acknowledged. “One he had no intention of renewing at the end of next year anyway and having reviewed it I understand my rights as his Dom. I can exercise the out clause at any time without reason. I assure you that I won’t let my submissive work for the IOA or the Stargate program if I leave the Marines. My father has already made it clear that he’d put Rodney in charge of all of the R&D at Sheppard Industries. At least there he wouldn’t have to worry about anyone stealing his work and I can be assured he’ll be treated with the respect he deserves.”

Jordan turned to glare at McKay. “You’d let this man dictate your career? What can this arrogant son of a bitch possibly give a man like you?”

Rodney jerked as if he’d been struck and he flushed with anger. “You overstep yourself, General Jordan. It would be wise for you to be quiet before you find yourself in a position of being publically punished for insulting him.”

Jordan smirked. “You think your Colonel has it in him to punish me?”

“Yes, and you’re an idiot if you think otherwise,” Rodney murmured and shifted away from the table. “He is a Master from the Kesakitan Pembawa House and La Petite Mort. He could have attended and attained Master status from both de Sade and the Lotus House—he was offered both before he was even twenty-five.” Rodney lifted his chin when Jordan’s gaze widened in shock. “For the life of me, I can’t even begin to understand what you think a man like you could offer me. I’ve attended some of the most powerful, well-trained, and wealthy men on Earth. You don’t have the depth or the training to hold my private interest for five minutes.” He stood abruptly. “Colonel, I’d like to return to our quarters.”

John stood and clicked his radio. He quickly called for a security escort and prodded McKay to the door. The room was dead silent until the doors closed and John turned to look at Jordan. “You’re going to keep pushing me, General Jordan, until you leave me no choice but to demand the right to punish you regardless of whether or not it ruins my career. And since it would mark the end of my career, one I’ve put a lot of effort and time into, you can be assured that you’d never be the same afterward.”

“I’m not afraid of you, Sheppard.”

“You should be—I watched the man who trained me whip a man mute for insulting him. I was his most diligent student. As far as I know, the man who did the insulting hasn’t spoken a word since.” John slouched down in his chair and glared. “I could make you swallow your tongue.”

Mason laughed softly when Jordan paled and scooted back from the table. “Mr. Woolsey, I believe that this conversation is over. You know that I’m satisfied with John’s leadership on Atlantis and I do not doubt for a minute he will resign if we try to reassign him. I’m sure the IOA understands what a loss it would be to the program and to Atlantis to lose Dr. McKay and our strongest gene carrier at the same time.”

Woolsey nodded. “Of course, General Blake. I believe I understand things a little better now and will inform the committee of the full details of this situation. We, of course, had no idea that General Jordan was so personally invested in this situation. Dr. McKay’s safety is as important as his happiness and job satisfaction. It’s obvious he enjoys his work on Atlantis and does not wish to return to Earth.”

– – – –

Mason tapped his fingers on the table as the large, weird doors shut on the conference room on Richard Woolsey and Elizabeth Weir. Weir had been very quick to realize that he needed some privacy and had invited Richard on a tour. “I’ve been told by Rodney’s Courtesan Master to warn you off, Kevin. I wanted to review the situation personally before I spoke with you on the matter. I am disturbed on several levels by your interest in him but most importantly for the fact that you don’t seem to give a fuck that he wants nothing to do with you.”

“His Courtesan Master?” Jordan demanded. “You mean you know who trained him?”

“Of course,” Mason said—his eyes darkening. “I was there the day that Rodney was marked as a Courtesan. I witnessed it—along with the eleven other Doms that Gerard de Sade trained during his time at the de Sade Institute. Rodney is a rare prize in our house, Jordan, and there is no way in hell you will ever have him. This isn’t even up for discussion. Gerard will kill you if you hurt him and Rodney has been very clear in his lack of interest in you.”

Kevin Jordan glared. “And he’s content to let his Courtesan stay in the hands of a violent sadistic bastard like John Sheppard? The man has killed hundreds of people and maimed a superior officer for life. McKay isn’t safe with him and never will be. If he ever crosses Sheppard—he’ll probably end up dead. He’s already lost one submissive in the field. You have to wonder what that poor young man did to deserve it.”

“If you think we weren’t fully informed of that incident by General O’Neill you’re an idiot,” Sydney said dryly as he refilled his coffee cup. “Truth is that I’m stunned at the amount of patience Sheppard has demonstrated concerning you and your unwholesome interest in his collared submissive. Higher ranking officer or not—I think he’s well within his rights to beat you.”

“No matter the spin Sheppard puts on it—he’s already put one submissive in a grave and now he has a highly valued government asset in a very dangerous situation out here,” Jordan insisted. “The United States government has a lot of time and money invested in Rodney McKay.”

“Dr. McKay is a Canadian citizen—his education was paid for with private funds and scholarships most of which were funded by Gerard and his Disciples,” Sydney explained coolly. “He owes you and your government exactly nothing. Rodney isn’t a government asset. He is John Sheppard’s collared submissive and a paid government contractor. A contract that is overseen by the IOA.”

Blake stood and stared pointedly at Jordan until he stood, too. “Stay away from him, General Jordan. Rodney McKay is off-limits to you for the rest of his natural life. If you ever lay hands on him, even at his invitation—you’re career and your life as you know it are over. I’ll run you to the ground and skin you alive”

– – – –

Matthew all but stumbled out of his quarters pulling on his jacket. He’d agreed to shower separately from Evan only because he could tell that the Air Force man had wanted a little space to collect himself emotionally while he set himself to rights physically. The medical scan in the infirmary had been long and tedious but he wouldn’t complain—just days ago he’d stared at a body burned beyond all recognition and thought it was Evan’s.

A hand reached out a grabbed him, before he even had time to register what was going on—he was pressed against the wall. “Well, if it isn’t the little Sheppard Geisha. Going somewhere important?”
Matthew blinked in surprise and frowned. “General Jordan.”

“I was just heading to my room. Join me.” His grip tightened. “I’m in the mood for something a little exotic and I’ve never fucked a Geisha.”

“Thank you for the invitation, sir, but I’m otherwise engaged.” Matt tried to slide down the wall to escape. “I actually have a date with Major Evan Lorne.”

“I think you can do better than a Major, Geisha boy.” Jordan clamped one hand on Matthew’s hip.

“Really? I thought I was doing pretty good to snag the only grandson of Senator Nathan Cordell. You know him, right? I think he’s going to run for President.”

Jordan’s gaze narrowed. “Don’t play games with me, little boy. I have friends in very powerful places—the kind of friends that can ruin your career. Now, shut the fuck up and come along to my quarters like a good little sub or I’ll fuck you right here in the hall for everyone to watch.”

Matthew’s gaze darkened. “I said no, General Jordan. Let me go. The days when a submissive couldn’t say no are long gone and if you don’t let me go I will file formal charges against you. I’m not some weak willed submissive with low self-esteem that will give into you because it’s easier.”

Jordan let him go with a sound of disgust and then smiled coldly. “No matter. I’ll just go find your little Geisha princess instead. She isn’t exactly what I’m in the mood for but I’ll bet she’ll scream and cry really pretty while I fuck her.”

Matt actually got a little dizzy he was so instantly furious; his vision darkened and got blurry seconds before he launched himself at Jordan. He slammed Jordan against the wall and barely registered the fist hitting his own mouth before he punched the General twice. “Don’t you ever go near my sister. I’ll fucking kill you.” He swung again and grunted in surprise when he was jerked off the General. “Let me go, right goddamned now!”

“Easy, Commander,” Declan Frost snapped and pulled Matthew back further from the General. “Calm down, sir.”

Matt looked around and found the hall swarming with a lot of stunned soldiers. “Fuck. Fuck.”

Jordan smirked and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. “Thanks, Geisha boy. Let’s see how your big brother feels about watching me spank your ass in public.”
Matthew sagged against Frost. “Goddamnit!”

Declan sighed. “Come on, Commander. Let’s get your face looked at.”

“John’s gonna kill me, Declan.” Matthew rubbed at his busted lip. “Will you call the Major?”

“Oh, he’s already on the way. He’ll meet us in the infirmary.” Dean Bates glared pointedly at Jordan as he started to motion their audience away. “Dr. Weir would like to see you in her office immediately, sir.”

– – – –

John watched in silence as Carson carefully healed his brother’s split lip with an Ancient healing wand. They weren’t good for major healings but for skin injuries—they were excellent, especially for facial stuff. He figured that the Ancients were a fairly vain group of people.

Evan Lorne was standing beside him, practically vibrating with fury. Matthew looked guilty and miserable and hurt and angry—not a combination either man liked seeing on his all too expressive and attractive face.

He sighed and turned to Declan Frost. “What happened, Chief?”

“I was watching the security footage up in Bates’ office—we were just talking about patrols and working on some numbers when we caught sight of General Jordan grabbing the Commander and holding him seemingly against his will. By the time we got there to investigate—just under a minute—your brother was hitting Jordan and threatening to kill him.”

“He’s going to demand the right to strap him,” Evan snapped through clenched teeth. “Twenty lashes for hitting a superior officer.”

“Jordan will use on a strap on my baby brother over my dead body,” John returned evenly.

“You know he wants you to take Matt’s place. It’s the whole reason this happened to begin with,” Evan ground out. “Fucking Christ.”

“I’m aware,” John murmured. “I can take it. There are laws governing what kind of punishment he can give out and trust me twenty lashes from a barely trained twit like him won’t even phase me. I’ve suffered under some of the most deviant bastards on Earth in training.”

Carson stepped back and surveyed his work. “There you are, lad, good as new.”

“John.” Matthew clenched his fingers on his legs and closed his eyes. “I’d rather take it myself.”

“Absolutely not,” John returned evenly. “He went at you to get me so he’s got me. End of story.”

“John.” Matthew slid off the bed. “Please. Fuck. I…”

Evan caught his arm and pulled him close. “Matt, let John handle this. It has nothing to do with you, not really.”

Matthew closed his eyes and nodded. “He threatened Miko and I just lost it. I’ve never… it’s not in me to respond like that but he said…I’m so fucking sorry that I let him bait me into responding.”

“What did he say about Miko?”

Matt closed his eyes. “First he ordered me to his quarters—he said he’d never fucked a Geisha and he was interested in something exotic.” Matt jerked and glanced at Carson Beckett who had started swearing under his breath. “And when I threatened to file a formal complaint against him if he didn’t let me go—he said he’d go find the little Geisha princess and fuck her instead. He said he thought she would scream and cry really pretty while he fucked her.”

“That son of a bitch,” Carson Beckett snapped. “He needs to be taken out and shot.”

John didn’t disagree with Beckett’s assessment at all. He rubbed his face with one hand and swallowed hard. “Declan, go retrieve Dr. Kusanagi and take her to my private quarters. Tell her that I’ve requested that she remain there until I can speak with her. She’ll do as you ask.”

“Understood, sir.”

– – – –

“Our security footage shows you grabbing him and demanding sex from him. You ignored him when he asked to be released and told you no. Then you threatened to fuck him against the wall right there in the hallway if he didn’t go to your quarters with him. Whereupon he had to threaten you with formal charges to be released from you.”

Jordan shrugged. “Some subs like to play those games.”

“Matthew Sheppard is a Geisha – I assure you, General Jordan, that he has no problem what so ever in telling anyone exactly what he wants.” Elizabeth clenched her fist on the desk. “Then to top it all off you threatened to rape his adopted sister.”

“I did no such thing. If he took it that way—that’s hardly my fault.” Jordan used his thumb to rub across the bruise on his cheek bone. “You can’t interfere here, Dr. Weir. This is a military base and he struck a superior officer.”

“No, it isn’t.” Elizabeth corrected him coolly and raised one eyebrow in Blake’s direction. “Right, General?”

“Atlantis is a civilian operation and Dr. Weir has absolute authority over every man and woman who lives and works in the city—military or civilian unless it is a combat situation. We are clearly not in a combat situation.” Mason shifted in his chair, obviously furious with the entire situation.

Elizabeth smiled. “Ten lashes with the strap. Back only and it takes place in my office. General Blake will handle the punishment.”

“It’s my right to punish him and I demand a public setting!” Jordan ground out through clenched teeth. “Fifteen lashes, bullwhip.”

“Fifteen lashes, the strap, back only, and we’ll do it in the gym.” Elizabeth stood abruptly. “If you think for a second I’m going to let you take a bullwhip to a Geisha—you’re out of your mind. The Japanese government would go ballistic. They won’t react favorably to this situation anyway and since they are represented within the IOA—they will be informed. Both of your attempt to order a Geisha to service you and the fact you threatened to rape a red petal Geisha. I can’t even imagine how the Lotus House will respond will be to that.”

“I don’t care what Lotus has to say,” Jordan muttered.

Blake stood abruptly and walked to stand at the window in Weir’s office. “The last Dom to treat a Geisha so badly was put on the equivalent of a ‘no-go’ list. There isn’t a Geisha on the entire planet that will touch him as a result. Once the other pleasure houses got word that Lotus had forbidden their submissives from attending the man—they issued warnings to their own students. He hasn’t had a trained submissive under him in twenty years.”

“I didn’t hurt either one of them.”

“Regardless of how Lotus might respond, I’d be more worried about Patrick Sheppard if I were you. I can’t imagine he’s going to like you one damn bit after he finds out you strapped his baby boy and threatened to rape his adopted daughter.” Blake shook his head.

Jordan laughed. “We all know that John Sheppard isn’t going to let his little whore brother take this punishment.”

“Punishments are at 0600 hours every morning,” Elizabeth ground out. “Present yourself at 0600 in the gym, General Jordan, and this matter will be taken care of with any other punishments that need to be administered. I will let Colonel Sheppard know that one of his protected submissives is to be punished and he will make the choice as to who will stand for it. You are confined to your quarters. Sergeant Bates will escort you.”

“Confined to quarters?” Jordan demanded in shock. “Who are you…”

“As I made clear earlier, I am the governor of this city and since I watched on video threaten a submissive with sexual assault—I consider you a threat to my people.” Elizabeth lifted her chin when he started to speak. “You don’t have a choice in the matter, General. Feel free to lodge a complaint with the IOA when you get back to Earth. Dismissed.”

– – – –

Rodney glanced from Matthew’s clearly miserable form curled up on their couch half in Evan Lorne’s lap and then to John who was pacing. “John, you need to sleep. You haven’t slept in days.”

“I’m too pissed off to sleep,” John muttered. “I should have expected something from him like this.”

“I wish you’d let me take it,” Evan murmured against Matthew’s hair.

“I pissed Jordan off and I won’t let either one of you take punishment from him. I told you before—you don’t get punished in public.”

“Then neither should you!” Evan snapped and then exhaled sharply. “Fuck.”

The chimes on the door rang and John glared briefly at the door. He didn’t want to answer it but since he wasn’t a coward he walked to it and opened the door with a thought. Elizabeth was standing there, her body tense with fury. Blake was standing just to the left of her.

“Can we come in?” Elizabeth asked softly.

John nodded and stepped back. “So, verdict?”

“Fifteen lashes, public setting, back only. The gym at 0600.” Elizabeth took a breath. “I put Matthew’s name on the schedule for last. You have one Marine to discipline first and I have one civilian.”

“Only fifteen. The standard is twenty.” John questioned.

“I don’t care.” Elizabeth took a deep breath. “Jordan wanted to use the bullwhip but I refused. Fifteen with the strap and you’ll only have to take off your shirt. I’m not letting him strip my military commander naked for this.”

“He’ll argue it.”

“He can take up his petty little grievances with the IOA then,” Elizabeth snapped and then took a deep breath. “I tried to get it private with Blake but he insisted on it being public.”

“It’s not a problem, Elizabeth. I know what to expect from my men in the morning. Trust me when I tell you that Jordan could strip me bareass and turn me over his knee and still not get the reaction he wants from me or the rest of the city.”

“If he’s going to persist with this… I want to file a formal complaint against him.” Matthew shifted away from Lorne.

Blake nodded. “I was hoping you might. I have the paper work already prepared. You can sign off on it in the morning and I’ll inform him of the formal challenges. Since we have video of the incident—it isn’t like he can even deny what happened.”

“Sexual harassment, attempted sexual assault, and conduct unbecoming should about cover it,” Elizabeth offered with a tight smile. “Don’t you think, General?”

“I can probably push through everything but the conduct unbecoming—that’s a court martial in the works. They’ll sanction him heavily but they won’t want to put a General on trial. You know this.” Blake looked away from her when she just glared. “If I want the charges to stick—I can’t give them any wiggle room, Elizabeth. That asshat has a lot of friends in Washington, the President among them. If I give them a single excuse to say that the charges are excessive… he’ll skate entirely.” Mason focused on John. “I’d like to speak with you in private, Colonel.”

John nodded and motioned towards the balcony. “After you, sir.”

Mason was leaning against the railing when John pulled the doors shut. “I could stop this.”

“I know.”

“I could haul everyone back to Earth for a hearing and put this in front of the JAG. Jordan wouldn’t stand a chance of touching Matthew if I do that.” Mason sighed. “And you or your father would have the right to stand in his place for discipline with the Secretary of Defense.”

“But you don’t want to,” John summed up. He looked out over the ocean. “You have an agenda?”

“I’d like to have the leverage to burn Jordan in a way that he’s no longer a problem for any of us,” Mason admitted. “The President thinks you hung the moon and stars, Sheppard. Your father is a billionaire industrialist who plays golf with some of the most powerful men on the planet and you’ve collared Gerard de Sade’s Courtesan. If Jordan takes a strap to you in these circumstances—in a situation where your position is completely and without exception honorable—and he does the kind of damage you and I both know he’ll do—it’ll mark the end of his career. He’s too stupid to even realize it.”

John nodded. “And that’s your goal? To ruin his career?”

“I’d like to hunt and kill him for sport,” Mason returned evenly. “In another time and place, I would’ve been free to do so. Now, we’re supposedly civilized and Jordan is a monster who twists our rules and regulations so he can prey on submissives.”

“Why haven’t you collared, sir?”

Mason smiled then, soft and knowing. “Because I fell in love with a man who’d no more take a collar than I would. So, we orbit around each other—sharing submissives, a bed, and a life as much as we can. It’s the life I have, John, and I don’t regret it. Maybe one day we’ll find a submissive we both want to keep—we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”

– – – –

By morning the entire city was aware of the incident and the gym was full. Normally the crowd had to be told to shut up before punishment started—regular punishments weren’t really a big deal for anyone but the person getting tied to the cross. Elizabeth made quick work of punishing Chuck for spilling his coffee in the DHD when he’d been told repeatedly not to have drinks on the command console. He took his five lashes without a single word of complaint.

The Marine John had to discipline had become something of a regular in the punishment detail—it was to the point where John was losing his patience with the man. It all stemmed from the fact that his team leader was a submissive—his collared submissive and he had a hard time taking orders from his sub in the field. It wasn’t an uncommon problem when a Dom collared someone of higher rank.

“Jacobs, I’m real tired of seeing you up here.”

Jacobs nodded. “I know, sir.”

“You’re going to make me do something that I just don’t normally do to pairs.” John leaned against the cross. “Obviously this punishment thing isn’t working so I’m going to have to start thinking outside the box.”

“Sir, you wouldn’t…” Jacobs’ eyes widened.

“Oh, but I would. I’m going to do one worse to you—Jacobs—I’m going to set you up for couple’s therapy with Dr. Heightmeyer.”

“Sir, I could stand to be grounded from off world travel for a month instead.”

“Nah, we’re going to go with therapy. Lots of therapy. Couples therapy, aversion therapy, aroma therapy, behavioral modification, hell maybe even yoga. Kate Heightmeyer pretty much owns your ass for the next six months.” He took up his position on the line behind Jacobs. “Did you want a bite guard?”

Jacobs hung his head a little. “Yeah, I think so.”

“Carlyle, get your husband something to bite on.”

A young petite woman stood up immediately and picked a thick plastic bite guard out of the medical kit on the table nearby. She pulled off the protective plastic and shoved it in his mouth with a little shrug. “Sorry, sweetie.” She patted his cheek and got out of the way.

John just shook his head at the laughter that earned from the crowd. They were actually a pretty popular couple on the city and had been part of the first expedition. It was too bad their command styles were polar opposites and she outranked him. She also took her job and her responsibility as a team leader very seriously.

John flicked the single tail that Jacobs had requested twice to get a good feel for the movement of the leather. Confident that it was in good shape—he mapped out the ten blows and cracked the whip once in the air above the man’s head. “Ten, Jacobs.”

The man nodded and curled his hands around the bar across the top of the cross. Doms were never actually tied to the punishment cross. They were expected to remain still and take whatever was dealt to them without the security and support of physical restraints.

By the fifth strike, Julia Carlyle was crying. She always cried. It infuriated John that this was the fourth time in six months they were going through this bullshit. The last three blows were so sharp that Jacobs arched against the cross and screamed around his bite guard. John rolled the whip up and handed it to Elizabeth.

He’d noticed that she was taking special care with all of the punishment equipment this morning but he wasn’t going to call her on it. He figured it had something to do with Jordan and what was coming for him.

John walked around the cross and stared at Jacobs for a long minute. “Fix this, Brian, and don’t ever let it happen again. The next time I have you on this cross—things are going to get bloody. I’m really fucking tired of us both making your wife cry.”

The Marine stiffened and spit out the bite guard. “Yes, sir.”

Elizabeth cleared her throat as one of the medical staff escorted Jacobs from the cross. “Lt. Commander Matthew Sheppard.”

Matthew stood and walked to stand in front of Elizabeth. “Ma’am.”

“During the course of a physical altercation last night, you were so provoked that you struck General Kevin Jordan twice before the two of you could be separated.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Matthew jaw tightened, his gaze flicking towards Jordan just once.

“For physically striking a superior officer—I have determined that you will receive fifteen lashes with a strap across your back.” Elizabeth inclined her head. “Do you understand the ramifications of your actions and the punishment to be administered?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“General Jordan, do you persist in administering physical punishment for the incident between you and Lt. Commander Matthew Sheppard?”


“Very well.” Elizabeth turned to John. “Colonel Sheppard, is it my understanding that you will be taking your brother’s place on the cross. Is this correct?”

“Yes, ma’am.” John pulled off his shirt and passed it to Rodney who had appeared at his side as Elizabeth had started talking.

“All of it, Colonel,” Jordan snapped.

“No.” Elizabeth glared at him. “Fifteen lashes, back only. That doesn’t require him to take off all of his clothes. Colonel Sheppard, take your place at the cross.”

“Dr. Weir…”

“Shut up,” Elizabeth snapped and everyone in the entire room stopped moving. “This is what you get, General Jordan. As I’ve already said, if you’d like to complain you can contact the IOA when you get back to Earth. This is my goddamned city and these are my people.”

Evan Lorne cleared his throat as John wrapped his hands around the bar on the cross. “Company! Attention!”

Jordan turned and glared at Lorne—his gaze shifting around the room to take in the fact that every military asset in the room was saluting. “At ease.”

Blake laughed. “They aren’t saluting you, Jordan.”

Jordan flushed with anger and stepped up to the line he was to stand on. “I’m going to make you scream, Sheppard.”

“Good luck with that,” John muttered and closed his eyes briefly. Then he opened and stared right at Rodney who had moved so they were face to face. It wasn’t standard procedure but the look on McKay’s face had pretty much made everyone give the scientist a wide berth since breakfast.

The first blow opened skin. He expected it—it wasn’t like Jordan had ever had any kind of real training when it came to discipline. It was one reason why John would have never allowed his brother to take this punishment. Matthew’s pain threshold was so low it was ridiculous.

The next four blows were in the same place—opening up an inch groove on his back that had civilians in the room gasping and he was pretty sure Miko was outright sobbing. He hated that—she didn’t deserve to be so upset.

Rodney shifted away, towards Elizabeth on the seventh strike. John figured he was checking the damage, the cold fury on his sub’s face told him it was pretty bad. He closed his eyes on the fourteenth and took the fifteenth with a muttered, “hoorah” that every single Marine in the room echoed after him.

He heard the strap whistle in the air again and then the thud of it smacking against skin but it never connected with him. Dazed he shifted away from the cross and turned to find Sydney Jamison standing between him and Jordan.

Sydney flipped the strap in his hand and then used it to slap Jordan across the face. “She said fifteen, you vicious son of a bitch.”

“You had no right to interfere!” Jordan shouted and wiped at the blood on his mouth. He moved towards Jamison and Mason cleared his throat. “What?”

“If you touch Dr. Jamison—I’ll gut you,” Mason pushed back from the wall and then carefully took the strap from Sydney’s hand. “Besides, you had it coming.” He looked at John. “Rodney, your Dom is ready to return to your quarters.”

“Of course, sir,” Rodney murmured and then he went to John. “Carson is waiting in our quarters.”

“He’s not so perfect now, is he McKay?” Jordan taunted.

Rodney turned and looked at him—the room stilled around them. “He’s beautiful and you’re a monster.”

John clenched his hand on Rodney’s shoulder and pulled him away from Jordan. “McKay, you don’t ever speak to Jordan again as long as you live, understood?”

“Yes, sir.”

John looked to Evan Lorne. “At ease.” The entire company fell into parade rest in one seamless maneuver. “Give me six hours, Major.”

“Take the day, sir. We’re all still on stand down.” Evan glanced around the room. “I thought I’d set up the teams for target practice. I’ve got some great pictures to use for targets.” He glanced towards Jordan and smiled meanly. “I might even let the civilians get some time in.”

“Sounds good.”

Elizabeth stepped in front of Jordan when he made a move towards John and Rodney. “You’re done here, General. I’ve had your things taken to the gateroom and I have a security team outside to escort you to the gate.”

“We have a week left before we are due to gate back to Earth,” Jordan protested.

“Mr. Woolsey decided to return early so he could process the criminal complaint Matthew Sheppard filed against you. Attempted sexual assault and menacing.” Elizabeth stared at him passively. “I was lobbying for a court martial but Blake thinks it’ll work better if we low ball the charges and just embarrass the hell out of you with all of your friends. He did promise to record your punishment—I understand the Secretary of Defense favors a bullwhip these days.”

“You cannot be serious!”

“Oh, she is,” Blake assured. “She even made copies of the security footage. You should have thought of this before you persisted with the punishment. You don’t stand a chance in hell of convincing Matthew Sheppard to drop the charges after what you just did to his brother.”

– – – –

Rodney was shaking as he watched Carson carefully clean the nearly two inch wide and six inch long wound on John’s back. “He hit the same place every single time.”

“He wanted to scar me,” John murmured.

“Too bad for him that Ancient equipment turns over, throws open its legs and begs for you, Colonel.” Carson picked up his healing wand from the kit as John laughed. “The skin won’t even be pink in the morning.”

John reached out and took one of Rodney’s hands. “Calm down, this was expected.”

“Expecting it and seeing it are two different things,” Rodney whispered and walked away from the bed where Carson was perched. “Did you want a bottle of water?”

“Yeah,” John nodded. “And I think you’ll probably find a few of my men lingering in the hallway. They’ll probably self assign guard duty for the rest of the day. One of them would probably get us some food if you ask nice.” He grinned. “Or, you know just demand like you always do.”

Rodney shot him a bird but gamely went in search of a soldier to get them some food. He found two of Sheppard’s baby officers leaning on the wall on either side of their door. “Chase.”

“Sir.” Lt. Harris straightened. “Did you need something?”

“The Colonel needs a meal. Something light please—nothing fried. I know it’s not time for lunch but grilled chicken is preferred. Steamed vegetables. Inform the staff you are getting food for him—he has to mind what he eats because of my food allergies.”

“Anything for you?”

Rodney shook his head and grimaced. John wouldn’t eat if he didn’t. “A thermos of coffee, some toast, and have the guards in the gateroom report to you personally when that son of a bitch is off the city.”

– – – –

Mason Blake had never seen a group of Marines outside of a full combat situation so fucking furious in his life. It was making him itch and he had his own anger to deal with as it was. Jordan had certainly stirred a hornets’ nest—threatening Matthew Sheppard had been ill advised but strapping a Marine of John Sheppard’s standing in front of his own company for a trumped up cause was asking for more trouble than any reasonable man could want in a life time.

Even the civilians were giving Jordan the stink-eye. If he had any doubts about Sheppard’s leadership on Atlantis this incident had certainly laid it to rest. Woolsey was on edge and speaking nervously with one of the scientists on the command deck as two teams were sorted out of the gate ahead of them for missions.  Blake had actually heard several P-90s primed when Jordan had entered the room. Safeties had switched off with the kind of speed and unity he hadn’t heard outside of a field situation ever.

“What the fuck are you looking at?”

Mason turned and found Jordan openly glaring at a civilian scientist on the command deck. “I don’t know what he’s looking at but you’re speaking very disrespectfully to a collared civilian, Kevin. Why don’t you shut the fuck up and let these good people finish sorting out the details to dial Earth?”

Jordan turned to glare at him. “This bullshit will never fly. You know that.”

“I know it doesn’t have to get far to make your life a fucking misery.” Blake moved closer. “Also, I’m sending footage of what you did to John Sheppard to his father. I assure you that he’ll take the mistreatment of two his children so badly that you might want to find a job on another planet.”

The Stargate started to dial. “This isn’t over,” Jordan muttered. “Not by a long shot.”

“I really hope not because I plan to offer myself up to the Secretary of Defense as his Disciplinarian in this matter.” Mason smiled pleasantly. “What you just did to John Sheppard is going to look like a Sunday afternoon stroll in the park compared.”

– – – –

Elizabeth was tapping a foot impatiently when Carson finally emerged from the suite of rooms that Sheppard and McKay shared. “Well?”

“Despite the General’s intentions, the damage was minimal.” Carson shouldered his bag. “I’ve healed the injury completely but he’s worn thin with temper and coming down off the adrenalin rush. We’ve pushed a meal into him but I think the best medicine is alone time with his sub. Rodney has instructions to monitor him but you did well to keep the implement out of Jordan’s hands until it was time for the punishment.”

Elizabeth pursed her lips. “I couldn’t trust him not to treat the leather with a poison. I’ve seen men like him do things like that before. Not enough to kill but enough to damage for life—organ degeneration, debilitating muscle injuries.”

“Aye, lass, I wouldn’t have put it past him.” Carson glanced around the hall. “He’s gone?”

“Chuck just verified that he sent Woolsey and Jordan back to Earth,” Elizabeth admitted. “I’m glad I didn’t let him stay the rest of the week. I think half the Marines want to kill him.”

Dean Bates snorted from his place by Sheppard’s door. “Don’t kid yourself, ma’am, we all want to kill him.”

Elizabeth blew out a breath. “I think that’s the most you’ve ever said to me Dean.”

Bates shrugged and glared at Stackhouse who had snorted. “I talk when I have something important to say.”

“Noted,” Elizabeth murmured with a small smile. “I’ll do my best to make sure he never steps foot on the city again.”

Dean cut his eyes in her direction. “Getting us footage of him getting his ass spanked by the Secretary of Defense would go a long way toward soothing our little Marine feelings, ma’am.”

“I’ll even get popcorn,” Elizabeth promised.

They all paused when Miko Kusanagi, in a blue silk kimono, left her quarters from down the hall and approached with a large wooden box in her hands. It was a bit startling; she’d never seen the woman in a full Japanese kimono before outside of pictures. Her face was carefully painted in the traditional make-up that women of her pleasure house wore for performances and exhibitions.

“How are you, Miko?” Elizabeth questioned softly, the younger woman had cried openly during the discipline. Her distress had been heart breaking.

The woman averted her gaze; Weir figured more out of a need for privacy than shyness. “I am well, Madame. I have permission from Dr. McKay and Colonel Sheppard to enter their quarters at this time.”

Elizabeth moved out of her way and noted that Miko’s knuckles were white as she gripped the box. “Can we help you with your box?”

“No, Madame, it is special and should not be handled by…” Miko paused. “It’s a gift from my Geisha Mistress and is not be shared without care.”


They said nothing as Miko approached the door and it opened for her with a whisper. The door closed quickly behind her.

After it closed, Carson let out a deep breath. “Lucky man, our Colonel.”

“Do you know what’s in the box?” Elizabeth asked, aware that everyone around them was curious as she was.

“Geisha are taught many skills, as you know. The box holds a full ceremonial tea set, silk massage oils, and acupuncture needles to name just a few things. It’s the ultimate sensual indulgence in the hands of a Geisha of Miko’s rank. I imagine it’s her way of thanking him for taking Matthew’s punishment.”

“You’ve…” Bates trailed off. “You’ve topped a Geisha?”

“Yes, when I was in my medical residence—she was, unfortunately, recalled to Japan to fulfill a marriage contract.”

Stackhouse cleared his throat. “So that’s not a sex thing?”

Carson laughed. “I doubt so, Sergeant. Colonel Sheppard would never top a submissive so delicate as Miko. The Geisha from Lotus House are marked with a flower for a reason.” His eyes darkened. “They have absolutely no penchant for pain and often react very poorly to it. I would not say that they are fragile but they are delicate, soft submissives who should be treasured and cared for as if they were made of glass. I would have stood in Matthew Sheppard’s place myself before I’d seen him punished by General Jordan. If it had been him in his brother’s place—he would probably be in my infirmary in shock.”

“And Jordan knew this, you think?” Elizabeth questioned.

“He certainly knew that the Colonel would take his brother’s place,” Bates muttered. “He counted on it.”

– – – –

John carefully settled himself on the pillow in front of Miko as she finished preparing the tea. “My second father is a Geisha, as you know, when I received my first Master mark—we shared a tea ceremony.”

“There are many ceremonies—most for celebration or in remembrance of those lost. This is a sincere expression of my thanks,” Miko murmured as she poured the tea into delicate cups. “For your guardianship, your sacrifice, and for your strength. Though you do not wear the mark of Master from my house—I acknowledge without reservation that you are worthy of my trust and my faith.”

John swallowed hard and nodded carefully as he accepted the tea cup she offered. “It is my honor to accept your trust and faith.”

She inclined her head, a sweet smile slipped over beautifully painted red lips. The gold combs in her hair tinkled gently—the white silk lotus blossoms trailed down the right side of her head. He found the traditional look very alluring.

He glanced towards Rodney and found him sitting on the edge of their bed in the robe that Miko had suggested he don when she had requested the privilege of attending to him. John knew she hadn’t been offering sex but something far more substantial and meaningful.

Rodney had stripped the bed to the mattress and then covered it in black silk. The lights had been dimmed and candles that McKay had brought from Earth had been lit. John had found it all too easy to surrender himself to the event.

Miko had set out several trays of oil that McKay had been instructed on how to heat. She rose from her knees and he followed after a few seconds. Miko directed him with one hand motion to Rodney and John did as instructed with a small smile. It was all too easy to let her lead when she was like this—remote, unattainable, and so beautiful.

Rodney helped him out of his robe with careful hands with fingers that trembled slightly. John caught one hand and pressed a kiss to his palm and then leaned forward to brush a soft kiss against his mouth.

John considered the soft kiss and thought to himself that there wasn’t a lot of gentleness in his relationship with his submissive. They always held each other tightly, fingers biting into skin and muscle as they fought to pleasure each other.

He let himself be laid out on the bed on his stomach. His cock was already half-hard, a byproduct of being on display for two attractive submissives. The silk nestled around his cock and he shuddered a little which made Rodney laugh softly. Warm oil trailed down his back the center of his back and flowed gently down between the cheeks of his ass. He groaned. “Fuck.”

Miko made a soft humming sound. “May I touch you, sir?”

“Yes,” John answered and let his head rest on his folded arms.

The bed shifted and he saw that Miko was kneeling opposite Rodney beside him.  She looked so prim and proper next to the fact that they are both naked that it was kind of thrilling and arousing in a different way.

Two sets of hands slid over his skin, spreading the scented oil evenly over his skin—one set small and soft and the other large and firm. Rodney’s touch wasn’t hesitant—he conquered every single inch of skin his fingers glided over while Miko’s touch was knowledgeable without the confidence.

Miko stayed above the waist, her small hands gliding all over his shoulders and down the center of his back. Rodney’s hands, however, drifted confidently over his ass and down his legs without hesitation. Long minutes passed and John relaxed under their hands after sternly reminding himself that it was okay to take what they offered.

“We’d like you to turn over, sir,” Rodney murmured.

John sighed. “I’m… huh…”

“I am aware, sir,” Miko murmured softly. “I believe we would be insulted if you were not.”

John laughed softly and turned over. He moaned a little under his breath as the silk underneath slid over his erect cock.

He settled on his back and sighed softly when Miko settled at the end of the bed and started rub oil into his feet. Hands that had been soft before were firm now as she expertly worked the muscles and tendons.

Rodney drizzled a small amount of oil down his sternum and then started to rub it in circles. His fingers danced over his nipples without lingering. John really wanted demand that Rodney wrap one of his oil covered hand around his cock but he refrained.

Miko’s hands drifted over his left calf and John shifted on the bed—his cock jerked hard against his stomach. Rodney made a soft little humming sound as he watched his Master’s body move under their hands.

“I’ve done you a disservice,” Rodney finally said.

John wanted to protest that but he figured if he tried to talk his voice would break on him and that was a vulnerability he wasn’t prepared to allow himself in front of gentle little Miko.

“You touch me so much,” Rodney continued. “Constantly with your hands and mouth—yet your starve yourself.”

John shuddered as small hands drifted over his thighs. Miko moved no further up his leg than mid-thigh, careful to keep her touch sensual without intruding on personal areas. He could never say that it wasn’t sexual because it was—but on some level it was something entirely different.

Miko drifted away before he even realized it and was leaving their bedroom—her box packed away without a word. John choked softly on nothing but air as McKay’s lips slid down the length of his cock.

“God, Rodney.”

“I want to pleasure you,” Rodney murmured as he moved downward and nuzzled against Sheppard’s balls. “Will you let me?”

John braced his feet on the bed and spread his legs wide. “Yes, exactly that.”

“You’re so beautiful,” Rodney whispered and then sucked gently on the soft, silky skin that covered John’s balls. “You can’t imagine how amazed and proud I am to belong to you.”

“You do belong to me,” John said his voice hoarse with pleasure. “Lick my balls.”

Rodney chuckled and bent to the task. He settled on his belly between his Dom’s spread legs and licked over the soft skin—catching the round orbs on the flat of his tongue.

“So fucking good.” John’s hand clenched on the back of Rodney’s head. “Suck them.” He arched and rocked against the attention. “Fuck yes, use your tongue. Ah, God, Rodney.” John lifted his hips helpless against the pleasure. “Get the lube.”

Rodney moved away and returned quickly. He knelt between John’s thighs and waited for instructions. John lifted one foot and rubbed it over Rodney’s thigh. “Are you comfortable penetrating me, baby?”

McKay took a deep breath. “I’ll do whatever you want.”

John glanced at McKay’s cock and took a breath. “I want you to fuck me.”

Rodney exhaled loudly. “I think I could probably handle that.”

John grinned and quirked an eyebrow. “Yeah?”

“Oh, yeah.” Rodney flipped open the tube of lube. “How do you want it?”

“Stretch me first,” John spread his legs further and braced his feet on the bed.

Rodney shuddered and closed his eyes before slicking up his fingers. His fingers glided over John’s tight little hole over and over again until his Dom’s body relaxed against his fingers and he was able to slide inside.

“Suck my cock,” John ordered as he rocked on his sub’s fingers.

Rodney latched onto the head of John’s cock without a single word and started to suck as he worked his fingers in and out of his ass. He pressed a second and then quickly a third finger in—lubing and stretching the muscle as carefully and as thoroughly as he could.

“Fuck, yes, Rodney. Fuck.” John clutched at the sheets. “You’re so perfect.” He sucked in a deep breath. “Enough.”

Rodney let his Dom’s cock slipped from his mouth and then pulled his fingers free. “Yes, sir.”

John stretched on the sheets. “I want it just like this—you between my legs with your cock in my ass.”

Rodney lubed up his cock with shaking hands. “And you say I’m like live porn.”

John grinned, his eyes dark with want. “You’re going to give me a long hard ride, Rodney, just like I want.”

“Exactly how you want it,” Rodney agreed. “For as long as you want it—as hard as you want it.”

“Yeah.” John sucked in a breath and shuddered when Rodney crawled over him.

Rodney shifted and with one hand guided his cock to press it against John’s asshole. He slid in slowly in one long confident stroke that made his Dom groan and clench around him.

“Mine,” John murmured. “You’re all mine, Rodney.”

“Yes,” he whispered against John’s mouth. “I’m all yours.”

Their breath mingled as he started to move—his thrusts measured and skillful. He tagged John’s prostate with every inward motion until Sheppard was moaning and demanding more over and over again.

“Harder,” John ordered roughly. “I’m not a woman—pound my ass.”

Rodney shifted to his knees at those words and said nothing as he pressed John’s legs back against his chest. Bracing himself, he started to thrust hard and deep as ordered. Their skin smacked smartly together, his pubic bone thumped almost cruelly against John’s perineum every time he bottomed out.

“Make me come,” John whispered. “Make me come with just your cock in my ass.”

Rodney’s hips stuttered briefly and then he slammed in hard. “Yeah, fuck, yeah.”

“You want to see me come all over myself?” John questioned. “Want to see my big cock jerk as I come?”

“Yes, sir.” Rodney bit down on his lip. “Yes.”

“Then earn it.” John fisted his hands into the silk beneath him. “Show me how much you deserve to see it.”

Rodney groaned softly and deepened his strokes. His pace was brutal, rougher than his Dom had ever given him. Probably rougher than he’d ever want considering the size of John’s cock. Sweat slicked down on his chest and back—the air around them chilling it immediately on his skin. The sensation was almost more than he could take when piled on top of everything.

He thrust in deep and ground against John hard. His Dom shouted in surprise, arched against the penetration and came. “Fuck.”

Rodney shuddered as John’s ass tightened on his cock. Then trailed his fingers through the semen on Sheppard’s chest. “Thank you.”

John laughed weakly. “God, Rodney, thank you.” He stretched out his legs on either side of his sub and set his feet against the mattress. “Come down here and kiss me.”

Rodney shifted forward and moaned softly against John’s mouth as he was wrapped in his Dom’s arms. John dragged his nails down McKay’s back and the smacked his ass so hard that his cock jerked. John clenched down on him in that moment. Then he smacked Rodney’s ass again.

“I’m going to give you ten,” John murmured against Rodney’s jaw. “And when I get to ten you’re going to come in my ass, Rodney.” He trailed his lips down his sub’s throat, over the collar that clinked between them like music, and then clenched his teeth on the top of Rodney’s shoulder.

Rodney held himself as still as possible, his body priming against the sharp bite of his Dom’s teeth and the relentless stinging slaps John was gifting his ass with. On the ninth one, a shiver ran down the length of his back and then there was a long almost unbearable pause before he got the tenth. He cried out—his voice hoarse, “John!”

– – – –

John frowned as he carefully tended to the bite on Rodney’s shoulder. He’d drawn blood with his teeth. He hadn’t made anyone bleed by accident in more years than he could even remember. He was a bit horrified and a lot shaken.

“It’s fine,” Rodney murmured.

John shook his head. “No, it isn’t.”

“I won’t even have a scar,” Rodney murmured. “The Tollan crème will take care of it.”

It didn’t really matter, not to John. He’d done it – and it hadn’t been on purpose. He huffed out a breath. “I want Carson to give you an antibiotic shot.”


“Don’t argue with me,” John snapped and then paused in his efforts to get dressed. “I’m angry with myself—not you.”

“I’m a masochist, John. You aren’t the first person to draw my blood during play.”

John actually flinched. “Do not fucking compare me to your goddamned ex-wife!”

Rodney blinked in surprise. “Actually, I was thinking of Gerard de Sade. He favors blood play.”


“Yes, and sometimes a razor blade. Never enough to bleed a lot—but he always found the display of it pretty.” Rodney shrugged on his robe. “Do you want me to get dressed and go to the infirmary?”

“Yes.” John rubbed one hand down his face. “I need some time alone to collect myself. Return in one hour.”

– – – –

“It’s not bad at all,” Carson murmured. “Just three places where the skin was broken.”

Rodney nodded, his lips pressed tightly together. “I want you to heal it completely and then use the Tollan crème to even out the skin tone so it looks like it never happened.”

Carson frowned but nodded. “I’ll need to give you an antibiotic as well.”

“Yes, but I don’t want a needle mark either. I want my skin to be perfect when I go back to him.”

Carson paused in gathering his equipment. “Rodney, what is going on? John didn’t say much of anything when he radioed in his permission for me to touch you during treatment but he seemed out of sorts.”

“Carson, how long have you taken care of subs that John has topped?”

“Since he was stationed at McMurdo,” Carson answered. “I was the base doctor down there. None of us were allowed to sleep in the Ancient outpost as you might remember.”

“Have you ever known him to draw blood in a pleasure act?” Rodney demanded roughly.

“No.” Carson sighed. “It was accident?”

“Yes,” Rodney’s jaw tightened. “He’s furious with himself and with Jordan. Miko helped him get settled and the massage was just what he needed but now he’s about to bounce off the walls. I want to return to him completely unmarred. He doesn’t need to be slapped in the face with this mistake for the next week if we let it heal with just the Tollan crème.”

“Understood.” Carson paused. “Do I need to request Miko visit me for a scan?”

Rodney blinked in surprise. “No, of course not. John and I are exclusive.”


Rodney inclined his head. “Just some tea and a massage. Did you see her in the hall?”

“Yes, she was beautiful like that. It’s been years since I’ve seen a Geisha in full regalia. It was stunning.” Carson flushed and picked up a needle. “Let’s get the shot done first then we’ll heal it with the wee wounds.”

“Do you want her, Carson?”

Carson paused and huffed. “That’s an inappropriate question, lad.”

“I’m the ranking submissive on this city, Carson.” Rodney frowned at him. “It’s not inappropriate at all.”

“I’ve considered approaching Colonel Sheppard for permission to see her socially,” Carson admitted. “I’ve had more temporary arrangements than I’d care to remember and I’m ready to collar. I don’t know if she wants that—if she’ll ever want that after losing her first Master.”

“Geisha aren’t meant to be alone,” Rodney murmured as he watched the needle pierce his shoulder curiously. “I’m going to ask John to pierce my nipples.”

“I’ll send you home with a piercing kit,” Carson murmured. “Do you have the jewelry?”

Rodney blushed. “Yes, John’s sister-in-law gave me several sets as a gift before we left Earth. I haven’t shown John, yet.” He touched his collar. “I was hoping to surprise him with it on his birthday.”

Carson grinned. “Excellent birthday present.”

Rodney nodded. Giving a Dom permission to modify his body was the ultimate gift. He had other things on his mind, however. He sighed. “Carson—I could ask Miko if she’d like to see you socially, if you want.”

Carson leaned one hand on the bed. “I need to think about it—a Geisha is a heavy responsibility and I wouldn’t want to approach her and not be certain of what I can offer her.”

“I don’t know that she’d ever want another collar. It would be something for the two of you to discuss.” Rodney shifted and sighed. “But she’s lonely and would probably like to play.”

– – – –

John was sitting on the balcony when he heard the outside doors to their quarters open. Several long minutes passed and when Rodney came out onto the balcony he was wearing nothing but his collar and the leather ankle/wrist cuffs that John favored.

Sheppard’s gaze flicked to his shoulder and then lifted an eyebrow in surprise. “Carson doesn’t usually dig out the Ancient equipment for minor healings because charging the devices take weeks and we only get a few uses out of it each charge.”

“We agreed that it was necessary,” Rodney murmured. He dropped gracefully onto the kneeling pillow between John’s feet and let his head rest on his Dom’s thigh. “What do you need?”

“Just you like this,” John murmured. “I’m sorry I was hostile with you—you didn’t deserve it.” His thumb rubbed over McKay’s shoulder—lingering on the perfect skin that had been broken and bloody only an hour before. “What burns between us is intense and sometimes it makes my blood rush so hot and fast. Don’t ever let me get away with hurting you more than you can take or want. I don’t think—I don’t ever want to cross that line.”

John.” Rodney lifted his head. “You have to know that you’ll never cross that line. You are nothing like Sam Carter and you couldn’t be—not even on your worst day. Please don’t think that way about yourself.”

John touched his shoulder and sighed. “I drew your blood.”

“You bit me during sex,” Rodney returned evenly. “Trust me—even people who aren’t even remotely sadistic have done that to their lovers and you did it by accident. Sam hurt me on purpose—she bruised me, made me bleed, and broke bones because she wanted to. Sure, there were times when she hurt me accidentally because she had no training but there is no comparison.”

“I hear what you’re saying,” John whispered. “I do. What we’re building together is important to me and I don’t want to mess it up. Out here—everything is so damned dangerous and fucked.” He ran his fingers through Rodney’s hair and sighed.

– – – –

“I didn’t expect to see you back at work so soon.”

John glanced up and straightened in his chair. “General Blake.” He was half out of his chair when Blake waved him off and dropped down in a chair in front of his desk in a careless, casual sprawl.

“How is your back?”

John stood up, pulled his t-shirt over his head, and turned around. “Dr. Beckett used an Ancient healing device on me.”

Blake grunted. “Good. I wouldn’t have wanted you to bear a scar from that bullshit.” He said nothing else until John put his shirt back on and sat down in the chair. “Colonel Caldwell is working with Major Hughes on off loading the supplies I brought out with me. I think your men will be pleased. I’ve managed to fill your entire list, including the supplemental one that Chief Frost offered up.”

“That’s great news, sir.” John closed his laptop. “But you aren’t here to discuss something I’ve already read a report on, are you?”

Blake chuckled. “There were plans for a meal got waylaid because of your arrival home and then the punishment yesterday. I didn’t want disappoint your little sister but I have a few offers on the table and wanted to make sure I didn’t interfere with any plans she might have.”

John grinned. “A few offers? I just bet. No, I asked Miko to make arrangements for the meal tomorrow night instead. I was going to inform you and Dr. Jamison this afternoon after she had all the details settled for the private dining room. She is meticulous in her planning and she’ll have plan her menu again.”

“Sounds good. I’ll let Sydney know that we can go ahead and accept the offer that was made.”

“Together?” John questioned.

Mason grinned slyly. “Sydney and I have played together most of our adult lives—we met at de Sade and found that not only do we share the same tastes in submissives but we have complimentary kinks. He likes to watch. I like to be watched.” He inclined his head. “We like to fuck other Doms as much as we like to fuck submissives but that is probably a by-product of our training with Gerard. I have masochistic needs that Sydney indulges beautifully.”

“So he’s the Dom you fell in love with?” John questioned.

“Yeah.” Mason smiled fondly. “It’s been an adventure.”

“We have a few play rooms if you’re interested in an audience. Including a large one with an observation deck—lots of equipment and toys,” John explained. “It’s usually reserved weeks in advance but I can push the schedule forward a day and give you the space for the night if you want it.”

Blake shook his head and then stopped with a sly grin. “Well, only if you and Rodney would like to join us.”

John laughed softly and blushed. “You’re a temptation, sir, but our pairing is exclusive. I won’t share him and I won’t make him watch me fuck or be fucked by someone else.”

“It’s a disappointment,” Mason admitted with a grin. “But I believe Gerard would be pleased to know that. He did say I had a chance in hell of touching Rodney but then that was always true. None of Gerard’s Doms have ever felt we had the right to approach him. If he ever wanted one of us—he would’ve had to come to us.”

“You wouldn’t have told him no?”

Mason raised an eyebrow. “Honestly, John, refusing Rodney would be almost as bad as pressuring him into attendance. Gerard would beat me unconscious for refusing the privilege of having his Courtesan if it were sincerely offered. He’d be so insulted personally.”

John grinned. “God, I can see that. He’s pretty intense.”

“Yes, but then you trained to Dato’ Raja. That must have been a life altering experience.”

“He made me the Dom I am,” John admitted. “The Marine Corps evened out the rough edges and made me the soldier I am. My father can take the blame for the rest.” He rubbed the back of his head. “He’s going to be pissed about this thing with Matthew. Matt has never once in his career been so provoked that he attacked anyone.”

“Jordan knew where to dig at him. I imagine sweet little Miko is a weakness for all of you. She’s beautiful, delicate, and inspires your protective instincts on a level you didn’t even know you had.” Mason shrugged. “Hell, I think I would’ve kicked his ass if I’d been there and I hadn’t even met Dr. Kusanagi at the time. As it stands, it won’t hurt Matthew’s career and we have Jordan on video trying to force a submissive into sex through threats. Lotus House will have a fucking cow. A full grown one with a mad cow disease.”

John laughed reluctantly. “No doubt. I just hope they don’t have a problem with the way I handled it. I would hate for them to recall either Miko or Matthew. It would be a nightmare logistically and I’d have to appear before the head of the Lotus House personally.”

“You took a vicious strapping for a Geisha in your care, John. Lotus could in no way find fault with your protection of Matthew in this situation. It’s beyond what was legally expected of you. Lotus doesn’t expect any Dom to accept discipline for their submissives—not even a Dom that collars a Lotus submissive. That you did it at all will please them. In the end, if Jordan had strapped Matthew—he would have borne the brunt of Lotus’ anger. Not you. As it is—they won’t make a distinction between you and him. Since you took the punishment on his behalf, they will view the injury you suffered as if it were his and sanction Jordan accordingly.”

“Jesus,” John muttered. “Opening skin like that on a Geisha is a high crime in Japan.”

“Yes, it is. He crossed the line. I haven’t seen anyone injured like that during discipline outside of the Federal Disciplinary Committee and the man being disciplined was a rapist. I was actually stunned Jordan accomplished it without a steel tipped tool.”

“The strap is the only tool he is rated to use,” John murmured. “He wanted to use a bullwhip. I looked up his records—the Air Force refused to rate him to discipline with the bullwhip and the cane. I wish Elizabeth had let him use a bullwhip because then I could’ve filed charges against him, too.”

Mason exhaled. “Hell, I don’t think he would’ve gotten off the city alive if he’d used a bullwhip on you. Your entire company looked half a klick from homicide as it was.”

“I’ll make sure they put their anger in a proper place and don’t harbor any resentment towards the Air Force in general. The SGC has worked too hard to build a relationship between the men and women that work this command and at Cheyenne to let Jordan take a heavy handed swipe at it like he did.”

– – – –

Ten hours after Blake and Jamison finally stepped through the gate to Earth, John was still on edge and furious.  Nothing seemed to help and he knew he was putting Rodney on edge too. Before he’d collared Rodney if needed to unwind he would’ve taken on a couple of Marines—fight or fuck them until he wasn’t raw and mean anymore. But he couldn’t treat Rodney like that—couldn’t use him. He wouldn’t understand because he wasn’t a soldier.

“I need a fight.” John leaned on the doorway and glanced over the twenty odd men in the room. He connected briefly with Evan Lorne who had dropped his cards on the table. “You kick box.”

“Yes, sir.” Evan shifted in his chair and glanced briefly at Matthew who was a few feet away lounging with a book.

“You think you can hit me, Major?” John asked with a raised eyebrow.

“I can give you the fight you need, sir.”

John nodded. “Get your gear.”

– – – –

Sparring was, without exception, the most popular public activity on Atlantis. The city was ‘top’ heavy due to the heavy military presence and hammering out their aggression on each other in the gym and sometimes on a mattress kept stress levels to an acceptable level.

Elizabeth Weir paused in the doorway of the main gym and watched her military commander and his 2IC effectively kick the shit out of each other. She made it a point to never stick her nose in military matters unless it directly conflicted with her goals or crossed over into a civilian matter.

She knew that Evan Lorne’s presence in the sparring ring had two purposes. It was letting John vent in a reasonably safe way and it was giving the Marines a good look at the new second in command on the base. So far there hadn’t been any problems in the chain of command but it never hurt to make a point when time allowed.

She watched the two men dance around each other and engage in the kind of physical violence she supposed should shock her. But, she’d spent too many years around military operations to be surprised by a little recreational fighting.

“How long have they been going?”

“An hour and a half,” Dean Bates muttered. “We’re probably going to end up carrying both of their asses to the infirmary.”

Elizabeth chuckled. “Yeah, okay. Keep me in the loop, Sergeant, and let Carson know he might have them both in his care.”

“At least they listened when Captain Teldy insisted on full safety equipment—otherwise they’d be out their barefisted without headgear.”

Elizabeth grimaced. “I trust General Jordan has been put on the list.”

Dean raised an eyebrow at her. “What list, ma’am?”

Elizabeth just smirked and walked away. She didn’t doubt for a single second that the enlisted men on the base kept a ‘shit list’ of officers who they didn’t trust in the field. What they did with that information she didn’t know—but she’d seen non-verbal communications increase three-fold after Sumner punished Aidan Ford in front of the entire company.

He’d required that every military on the city attend the punishment and she still didn’t know what the young officer had done exactly. All she did know was that the enlisted men hadn’t trusted Ford after that and John Sheppard hadn’t touched a submissive for nearly three months afterward. Then he’d been captured by the Genii and fed to a Wraith. Everything about the military men and women on the base changed after that.

– – – –

John was pulling a t-shirt and listening with a half ear as the men around him half-ass whispered about the bets they’d won and lost during his session with Lorne. They hadn’t bet on the outcome. Instead they had bet on the number of hits, combinations and whether not the two of them would have to be carried out of the damn gym.

He glanced towards the showers. Evan Lorne was braced under two shower heads. Steam drifted around his body—dual streams of hot water slid over an amazingly fit body.

“Are you checking him out?” Matthew asked amused.

“He’s pretty,” John acknowledged. “I bet he fucks like it’s his job.”

Evan Lorne let out a sharp laugh. “At least a hobby I take very seriously.”

– – – –

Evan took a deep breath and sighed as Matt’s hands trailed over his back and over his ass. He hadn’t allowed the submissive to touch him like this in their previous encounters—not because he hadn’t wanted it but because he couldn’t fathom having the Geisha’s knowing touch gifted to him only to have it taken away. He considered the collar he’d had Colonel Caldwell pick up for him. It was in a box in his dresser—Elizabeth had brought it to him after Sheppard had been punished and put it in his hands with trembling fingers. It was then when he realized that people had genuinely believed him dead.

“I wish you’d told him no,” Matthew whispered and pressed a kiss between his shoulder blades. “I know why you did it but I hated watching the two of you hit each other.” He picked up the Tollan crème and squeezed some more into his palm.

“I would’ve preferred to have taken what Jordan dished out instead,” Lorne admitted.

Matt groaned. “I don’t know how to make that right with John. Our father would’ve never expected him to take discipline for me like that.”

Evan snorted. “Jesus, Sheppard, of course he did. Why do you think he made John your social guardian with Lotus?” Evan turned over on his back and stared at Matt for a few seconds. “I have to tell you—there is no way in hell I would’ve let Jordan do that to you. The moment he opened your skin I would’ve killed him. I’m honestly unsure how I managed to keep from hitting him myself.”

Matt paused and then smiled. “When Dr. Jamison slapped him across the face with the strap for trying to hit John again—I had to bite the inside of my cheek to keep from laughing.”

Evan chuckled. “It was pretty nice to watch.” He paused and then sighed when Matt moved to kneel between his thighs to continue rubbing in the crème. “I’m good you know–you don’t have to do this.”

Matt blushed as he kneaded the muscles. “I—I’d really like to finish this, sir.”

Evan nodded and watched with half-closed eyes as Matt spread the crème over the over worked muscles of his thighs. “We need to talk.”

Matt nodded abruptly and bit down on his bottom lip. “Yeah, I figured you might have something to say.”

Evan frowned. “Matt?”

“Its okay, Evan.” Matt took a deep breath and cleared his throat. “It’s a first, grant you, but I think I’ve known for a few weeks that we aren’t on the same page. I’m not… what you want long term and…” He jerked when Evan sat up abruptly and grabbed him. “It’s okay. You have to know I’m not going to be an asshole about it.”

“Matt,” Evan pulled him close. “Christ, how can you think that?”

“You don’t… I don’t need an explanation,” Matt whispered and turned his face. He rubbed his cheek against Evan’s shoulder. “I’d like to stay the night—but I think I’ve taken enough from you already.”

“Hey, look at me,” Evan demanded roughly. “Is this because you thought I was dead? You knew what we do out here is dangerous, Matt. It’s the first thing we discussed. Either one of us could be killed in the field.”

Matt nodded his eyes clear and serious. “I know it’s dangerous and you certainly deserve to be with someone you really want instead of being pressured into this half-relationship with your CO’s baby brother.” He blushed and averted his gaze. “I should’ve realized it sooner—I feel like I’ve abused some trust between us and I…”

“Shut the fuck up,” Evan snapped. “Christ, you’re going to make me spank you after all. Is that what you really think?” Evan pushed him away roughly and rolled from the bed. “That I’ve had you in my bed because… I went to him, Matthew. I asked John for his permission to pursue you, to fucking collar you.”

Matt exhaled sharply and watched Lorne jerk on a pair of jeans in an angry silence. He’d never seen the Air Force man so angry before—not even when he’d watched Jordan discipline John. “Evan.”

“I said shut up.” Evan glared at him. “You can follow instructions, correct?”

Matt blushed furiously and settled on his knees in the middle of Evan’s bed. He nodded abruptly and lowered his gaze.

“This is my fault,” Evan acknowledged. “I’ve obviously not been meeting your needs and I don’t have a defense for it. I’ve been holding myself back from you to keep from… being hurt when you moved on.”

Matt flinched.

“That wasn’t fair to either one of us—you made it clear to me you wanted something serious with me and you’ve been very open about how much you want me and what we can have together,” Evan continued roughly. “I knew it intellectually but I’ve been keeping my distance from you emotionally.”

“And physically,” Matt said and then flushed when Evan glared at him again. “I’m sorry—Jesus—I can’t sit here and let you tear yourself down for my failings.” Matt left the bed and started to dress with shaking hands. “If I were what you really needed then you wouldn’t have had any of these issues to begin with.” He barely got his jeans buttoned before Lorne was on him—prodding him against the wall. “Stop.”

“You don’t mean that so be quiet,” Evan muttered. He pushed Matt’s hands above his head and hooked the cuffs he still wore to chains before he said anything else. “Now, I was speaking and you interrupted me after I told you to shut up.” Matt started to speak but Evan pressed his fingers to his lips. “Are you going to use your safe word?”

Matt shook his head and closed his eyes. He wasn’t a coward and to use his safe word to avoid a conversation was weak as far as he was concerned.

“I’m going to ask you a series of questions and you’re going to answer them truthfully, understood?”

Matt blushed. “Yes, sir.”

“Have I done something to you or with you in the last few weeks that made you uncomfortable?”

“No, sir.”

“Have I failed to give you something that you need but you didn’t feel you could express it to me?”

Matt blushed and averted his gaze. “Yes, sir.”

Evan trailed his hands down Matt’s sides and then hooked his fingers into the waistband of his jeans. Casually, he unbuttoned and unzipped them. “Tell me.”

“You don’t…” Matt sucked in a breath as Evan prodded his loosened jeans down his hips. “You don’t let me touch you. You haven’t let me bathe you once—and though you’ve taken me inside you several times a week since that first night you’ve never let…prepare you for it.”

Evan sucked in a breath. “I’ve never let a sub handle any of those… chores for me… not even in training. Frankly, they are intimacies I don’t intend to share with anyone until I’ve collared a submissive.”

“You didn’t like it when I touched you earlier?” Matt questioned and bit down on his lip when Evan raised an eyebrow at him.

“Of course I liked it—you know very well how good you are. Your Geisha Master trained you well in that respect but I think he might have dropped the ball a little because you’re seriously mouthy.” Evan reached out and touched his cheek gently—to knock the edge of the criticism. “But perhaps that is just part of your charm—the reason he chose to mark you as a Geisha to begin with. Miko is kind of a smart ass, too.”

“Miko is a princess. She can pretty much talk shit to anyone she likes—except the Dom she allows to collar her.” Matt relaxed in his restraints and gamely lifted his feet when Evan pulled his jeans completely from his body. “I made some assumptions.”

“You did,” Evan acknowledged. “But I should’ve been up front with you about what I would allow during this part of our relationship—you certainly were with me. That’s my fault entirely.”

Matt said nothing else as Evan casually reached up and unhooked his cuffs from the short chains that had been on the wall since the first time he’d come to the Major’s quarters. He’d never been attached to them before. “Those are for punishment, right?”

“Right,” Evan admitted. “And don’t think for a second you don’t deserve a spanking for the last ten minutes of bullshit you’ve put me through.” He waved a hand in disgust and walked away. “Lie on the bed or get dressed and leave. Your choice.” He paused and offered the Geisha a cool glare.

Matt took deep breath. “And if I leave? Do I get to come back or is that it?”

Evan walked to his dressed and jerked open the drawer roughly. He pulled out a carved wooden box and set it up on top of the dresser. “Come here.”

Matt walked across the room and stood beside him. He sucked in a breath when Evan opened the box without another word. A collar set – three in total sparkled up at him. A dress collar—gold and diamonds. The everyday collar was a heavy gold wheat chain with a suspended gold bar with Evan’s named engraved in it. The third was a hand-tooled leather field collar with a suede lining.

He reached out and almost touched the box but his fingers were trembling so he dropped his hand and took a deep breath. “I’m sorry.”

“Sorry because you won’t accept my offer or sorry because you misjudged my intentions and tried to break up with me?” Evan asked roughly.

“Well, we clearly have communication problems,” Matt admitted softly and blushed when Lorne snorted his agreement. “They’re beautiful, Evan and there is no circumstance where I can imagine telling you no. I’m…in love with you and I tried to break up with you because I don’t feel safe.”

“Because I’ve been withholding intimacies you think you’re entitled to?” Evan questioned. “Or because you don’t think I love you back?”

“When you’re touching me…” Matt took a deep breath. “I don’t doubt how you feel for me. It’s obvious in everything you do but when we’re apart and I have time to think—I doubt myself more than I doubt you.” He reached out and touched the box. “I’ve been offered collars before—more than I care to admit actually but not a single one of those people ever offered me love.”

“I do love you,” Evan whispered. “I don’t even know how it happened so fast. I feel a fool for it but at least I know I’m not alone.”

Matt cleared his throat. “Offer me your hand, please.”

Evan held out his hand without hesitation and blinked in surprise when Matthew curled his fingers against his palm and lowered himself to the floor on both knees. Matt released his hand and pressed both hands to the floor at Evan’s feet and completed the formal bow of a Geisha—the kind he’d only seen in movies. A gesture of faith, respect, and in this heady overwhelming circumstance—complete submission.

Matt rose to a kneeling position and lowered his head in an age old posture indicating his willingness to be collared and Evan’s mouth went dry. His hands were shaking as he reached into the box for the collar that Matt would wear every day. His fingers slipped as he picked up the collar key and took a deep breath to steady himself.

Matt’s breath hitched as Evan’s fingers drifted over his bare neck and then the collar slid into place. He blinked rapidly because he was not going to be one of those subs who cried at being collared and then closed his eyes as the lock snicked into place. Evan’s fingers trailed through his hair and he leaned in to rest against his Dom. This was not the place he’d thought he would be because he’d convinced himself that Evan was going to dismiss him from their private relationship.

They were both silent for several minutes before Evan took a deep breath and prodded Matt to his feet. “There are probably some protocols with Lotus that I know nothing about.”

Matt smiled. “Yeah, just a few things. I am required to submit the name of the Dom who collars me—they’ll contact both of your pleasure houses and speak with the Masters who trained you if they are still alive. Your records from de Sade and La Petite Mort will be sent to Lotus—where they’ll be linked to me for Master Nori’s inspection. If he has questions or concerns, he might request that we present to him as soon as we can. He’ll be reasonable because we’re both military. He’s worked around my leave schedules in the past.”

Evan nodded. “Does he have the right to say no to our… can he remove my collar from you?”

“Not without my permission,” Matt clarified. “Lotus is no different than any other pleasure house in that respect—however—if he ever believes for a minute I’m being abused in our pairing he’ll file for social ownership within our house. Since neither one of us are Japanese citizens it would be largely symbolic but…” Matt took a deep breath. “If I refused his claim—he could legally seek the removal of my petals. The US government would turn me over for the procedure. They wouldn’t have a choice.”

Evan nodded. “I don’t worry we’ll ever reach that point and it’s sort of relief to know they take your safety that seriously and I’m more than willing to present myself to him for questions or whatever. That being said—I wouldn’t allow you attend him. I’m not built to share.”

Matt sighed. “That might hurt your career, you know.”

“Would you honestly want me to share you with a superior officer to further my career?” Evan demanded roughly.

“No, of course not. I’d never agree at any rate—I’m a Geisha—not some fifty dollar street whore.” Matt blushed when Evan laughed softly. “But it would go easier on your career if that situation arises for you to say that I retained the right to refuse outside partners when we collared.”

“I’m not going to hide behind you,” Evan slapped his ass as he walked away—more playful than hard but it stung. “I owe you ten of those, by the way. That was one.”

“Ten?” Matt questioned. “For what?”

“For not shutting up when you were told and for the ten minutes I spent being irritated at you,” Evan explained with a small smile as he shucked his jeans. “Want to get them all over at once or live in suspense of when the next one will fall?”

Matt flushed and cleared his throat. “All at once if it’s alright with you, sir.”

Evan sat down on the edge of the bed and patted his thigh. “Come on then.”

Matt pouted all the way across the room and sighed dramatically as he draped himself over Evan’s lap. “This is going to kill my erection.”

“It’ll come back,” Evan assured. He used one hand to rub Matt’s back. “No squirming—you’ll just piss me off.”

Matt grinned and relaxed. “My Geisha Master wouldn’t be surprised at all know to that my first act of submission as a collared submissive is going to involve a spanking.”

“Did he spank you often?”

“No, but he said once that the Dom that finally collared me would challenge every bit of the training he’d given me—and make me a little crazy.” He hissed at the first strike. “It’s times like this that make me wish I was a little bit of a masochist.”

“Hush,” Evan said with a small laugh. “I can’t take this seriously if you’re going to be all mouthy and cute about it.”

Matt relaxed even further and kept his grin through the rest of his spanking. It had cost him his erection. He didn’t move when Evan was done—just stayed and sighed when his Dom started to rub his reddened cheeks. “Does that do anything for you at all?”

Evan chuckled. “No, I don’t even glance at sadism when it comes to my dynamic. When I’ve topped masochists in the past—I enjoyed their pleasure. I never enjoyed inflicting the pain, but I’m certainly trained to do it. I only trained at de Sade because they offered first and my father paid for it.” He prodded Matt onto the mattress. “My maternal grandparents raised me—they were both trained exclusively at La Petite Mort.  My grandfather is a marked Consort. I attended his pleasure house out of respect for his inheritance.” Evan paused and sighed. “I don’t think my father expected me to accept the offer so it was mostly out of spite. That being said, I took my training with them seriously and I have a great deal of respect for both of my houses.”

“Your father is a sadist?”

“Yes, one trained during a time when safety wasn’t a high concern. I couldn’t even begin to compare him and my brothers to yours. John has so much discipline and self-control that I can see why sadists are attractive. In the past, I sort of thought they were all monsters.”

“Because… you think your mother died in a power exchange.”

“Yes,” Evan admitted. “He should’ve known something was wrong with her. I’ve watched John exhibit—and I see the care he gives Rodney. He knows McKay’s body better than he knows his own. I’ve also watched him discipline and even then he was very careful.”

“Dato’ Raja would end one of his students if he found out they’d killed a submissive in a power exchange—even John.” Matt wiggled a little and sighed. “Can we put some crème on my ass?”

“Hell no,” Evan prodded him onto his back and settled on top of him. “It’s not a punishment if you don’t feel it.”

Matt bit down on his lip. “I was just hoping you’d fuck me and that’s not going to be all that much fun with my ass stinging like this.”

Evan sucked in a deep breath. “You make an excellent point, Commander.”

“I do my best, Major.” Matt slid one leg up Evan’s thigh. “Love you so much.”

Evan settled down on top of him and kissed his mouth gently. “You’re all I’ve ever wanted. I want to love you the rest of my life.” He kissed him again and then lifted up. “Turn over.”

Matt scrambled eagerly into position and presented his ass without a single word.

Evan laughed and picked up the Tollan crème. “You’re lucky, Mattie, that I’ve spent the last few months dreaming about being inside you—otherwise I’d make you sleep with your ass like this.”

“I’m extremely lucky,” Matt whispered as Evan spread the cream over his heated skin, quickly and efficiently. Immediately his skin started to cool—the stinging eased completely. He sucked in a deep breath when Lorne tossed the crème aside and reached for the lube they kept on the bedside table. “Really very lucky.”

Evan hummed his agreement. “Put your hands on the headboard.”

Matt curled his fingers around the top of the headboard and said nothing else as Evan attached chains to his cuffs.

“If you want—I can arrange leave for us both next year so we can go to Japan for a session. I know Lotus offers special sessions to couples.”

Matt shivered as Evan ran his fingers down his back and slid them confidently between the cheeks of his ass. “I… that would be… Jesus… Evan!” He sucked in a breath as Lorne rubbed his ass, separated his cheeks and lashed his tongue across his exposed asshole. “Fuck.”

“Too much?” Evan questioned gently as he nudged his legs further apart with one knee. He bent back to his task without waiting for an answer. After a few minutes, he lifted his head with regret—he didn’t have the patience to play like he really wanted. He flipped open the lube and slicked up his fingers. “I’d like to stop using condoms… is that a problem?”

“No,” Matt whispered and then trembled when Evan slid one lubed finger into his ass with one single push. “It’s… I’d love to have you that way inside me. I’ve never allowed that before—not even during training.”

“God, Matt.” Evan leaned down and kissed the small of his back as he added a second finger. “Are you sure? I know we’re both clean… Carson Beckett is too much of a vampire for us not to know if we had a problem.”

Matt rocked back against his fingers. “Yeah, so sure. Please.”

Evan added a third finger and started to twist them—stretching the muscle gently. Satisfied that he’d done the job as thoroughly as possible he pulled his fingers free and unlatched Matt’s cuffs. “On your back.”

Evan left the bed as Matt did as he was told and came back with a pair of thigh cuffs. He nudged Matt’s legs wide open as he got settled on the mattress again and attached the cuffs right above the knee on both legs. He ran his finger along the inside of them to make sure the fit was good but not constricting and then pressed Matt’s leg up and slightly out so he could attach a length of chain that ran from the headboard. He did the same with the other leg and then reattached Matt’s wrists as well.

“I’ve always wanted to learn rope bondage,” Evan murmured. “I did a few lessons on it at La Petite Mort but nothing in depth. They are much more focused on leather restraint systems and sub benches.” He glanced up when Matt moaned a little. He laughed. “I see.” He rubbed Matt’s thighs gently. “I’ll think about ordering us one. It’s a pretty big purchase to bring out here—it would take up both of our allotments for a single supply run.”

“Totally worth it,” Matt assured.

“Yeah,” Evan agreed. He picked up the lube and slicked up his cock. “Let me know if this is too much. It’s been a long time for you and I don’t want to hurt you.”

Matt nodded and wiggled as much as restraints would allow which wasn’t much at all. He relaxed into the bondage with a sigh of relief and only closed his eyes briefly when Evan pressed the head of his cock against his asshole.

Matt flexed and bore down just a little so that his body could easily accept his Dom’s cock and then groaned with relief when Evan pushed inside him with one steady thrust. “Oh.”

“It’s different,” Evan whispered his voice hoarse and full of shock. “I’ve never gone raw with anyone before.” He shuddered as he shifted and started to thrust. “It’s…”

“Hotter,” Matt finished breathless. “You feel so good, Evan.” He shuddered and his cock jerked against his belly—the already wet tip smacking gently against the indentation of his belly button.

“Don’t you dare come,” Evan warned gently.

“Not until you say, sir,” Matt promised and started to tremble with emotional and physical pleasure.

Evan braced himself against the headboard and started to work his cock deep and true into his sub’s ass. Matt’s body flexed and shuddered against him with each thrust, small helpless moans falling from his lips in a continuous stream of sound that really tripped Evan’s trigger hard. He suddenly wished he’d gotten his leather cock ring out of his kit and put it on.

He palmed Matt’s cock and started to jack him off despite the fact that he figured the sub didn’t need any extra simulation to come. Matt groaned loudly and his chains clanged against the bed as Evan increased his pace. Their skin smacked loudly—almost drowning out Matt’s breathless little moans.

“So good,” Evan whispered. “Come for me—now.”

Matt gave it up immediately and came with a full bodied tremble. His body went lax under Evan and shook with pleasure as his Dom powered into him again and again. Evan let his head fall back as he pressed in one more time and came so hard his vision darkened briefly.

“Fuck.” Evan exhaled deeply and then with a soft sigh, pulled free of Matt’s body. “We could kill each other with that I think.”

Matt grinned and said nothing as Evan unlatched the chains from his thigh and wrist cuffs. He stretched his body out and reached out for his Dom. “C’mere.”

Evan settled down on top of him with a smile of his own and kissed him gently. “I’d say we should take tomorrow off and just spend the day in bed but…”

“John is probably still in a pretty bad place,” Matt finished softly.

“Yeah.” Evan moved to the side and pulled Matt into his arms. “I want to discuss a new safe word for you—one we can use for every circumstance not just sex.”

Matt nodded. “Sounds good—we should think about it awhile and pick a word that neither of us use daily for anything.”

– – – –

Rodney was asleep in their bed when John finally let himself come home. He shed his clothes and slid into the bed. McKay shifted around under the sheet and moved snugly into John’s arms without waking up. The anger that had burned in him for days slowly bled away as he lay there.

John pressed a kiss against Rodney’s shoulder and closed his eyes.

In the dark silence, he let himself say something he didn’t think McKay was ready to hear. “I love you.”

The End

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Special Note: My thanks to Ladyholder & Chris King for reading in advance and the awesome feedback. They both caught typos but anything that remains is completely my fault.

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