Cafe Sitting

Anyone knows me– knows I like to sit cafes to write. I don’t know if people think I look “nice” or “approachable” but strangers talk to me ALL the time. Since I’m a social creature– I don’t mind this (much).

Though on one occassion this proved way too interesting when a friend called me and asked me to define “snowballing” and I did– in front of a group of old ladies. I thought they’d be all shocked and horrified– instead– one asked– “But, dear, if that’s snowballing what is felching?”  o/ — I love pervy old ladies.

Anyways– today I’m sitting in my favorite cafe with my large diet coke, grande mocha coffee, one muffin and my netbook. I’m all set for an afternoon of gay porn writing. Then this man who has to be 70 sits down beside me and starts arranging the table “just so”. It was kind of charming and he turns me.. and says– “Sweetheart, could you tuck your computer cord under the table so the General doesn’t trip over it?” I do so immediately because the last thing I want to do is trip up a some 70 year old guy who still gets called “General”.

The other guy comes along with their food and they sit beside me and fuss about politics and the price of milk at Wal-Mart and every once in a while when they think I’m not looking– the General would reach out and put his hand on the other man’s in a gesture so affectionate and sweet that I almost cried.

I find out that the General served in World War II in the Army and the guy with him is his best friend and worked as a reporter his whole life because I’m brazenly eavesdropping and they notice. Well, they invite me right into their conversation and I spent an hour of my life falling for two 70+ year old men with ten tons of charm and snark.

There are no kids, neither of them ever married, and they share a house in a classy part of town and I don’t know if they’re lovers or what– but I was so charmed by them that I had to get on here and tell you guys all about it.


Keira Marcos

In my spare time I write fan fiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on Facebook. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a "domestic engineer" in her 30's but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. Oh, we have snow too, and I love it except when I’m on a bike.
    Lovely story! And I completely understand that you don’t want them to get dirty in one of your stories, but I have to admit my first thought was of John and Rodney, regardless of if they were lovers or just long time friends. Actually, a long loving relationship should always be about friendship as much as, or even more, than sex. I think. I hope I get to get old like that with someone!

  2. What a really beautiful story. Thank you for sharing.

  3. How sweet! I’d love to hear their story.

    They’re probably well into their 80s, though, since it’s been almost 65 years since the end of WWII (my dad is a WWII vet.)

    • “They’re probably well into their 80s, though, since it’s been almost 65 years since the end of WWII (my dad is a WWII vet.)”

      I was about to say the same thing, for the same reason; my dad was in the Navy late in the war (age about 19 when he finished his enlistment; he was serving on troop-ships shuttling back and forth to occupied Japan at the end) and is now nearly 86.

      A career-military guy who’d kept in shape would probably look closer to 70 than late 80-something, though… and he might’ve been a high-school kid who lied about his age to enlist. Still, 15 + 65 gets even an underage-enlister up to age 80 now…

      Hope you see ’em again. They sound like wonderful characters (as do the little old ladies who know about “snowballing” ).

  4. Lovely – thanks.


  5. *warm fuzzies* and yeah, *cough* it took me this long to check on your site because Star Trek retook over my brain. And I thought that I was over that!

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