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It’s true that I have a “positive” feedback policy and that I do screen the comments on this site. I do this because of the abuse I receive for writing slash not because I’m “over sensitive” or can’t handle critism. I don’t approve “critism” comments (though I’ve only gotten like 5 in the past year beyond people pointing out my grammar problems) because I don’t want the discussion that would result.

I want this site to be FUN because I have fun with it. Having big discussions about politics (or whatever angsty thing my fic might inspire) doesn’t appeal to me AT ALL.

I don’t require that anyone love my work. I just don’t want to hear about it on my own site if you hate it OR if you think I write badfic!, fluff, crack — whatever. I post my work for people to enjoy and if you don’t enjoy it– just don’t come back over here and read it anymore.

Here’s the thing– at one point I didn’t even have comments enabled on my site. I opened them up because of email feedback. And the only reason I allow them now is because I feel like my readers have created a community for themselves AND I’m open to answering questions about my fic and future projects.

I make jokes about feeding my ego with comments but let’s be real honest– you have to have a pretty damn healthy ego to create a site dedicated to your hobby, buy a domain name, and generally brag about the fics you post by placing notifications on LJ and yahoo groups.

I have a very healthy ego that hardly needs any help getting any bigger. Normally, my husband handles the ego maintenance. He’s excellent at it because he realized the pure power of my badassness from minute one!

I do write a lot of porn and no– I wouldn’t consider it “great literature”. Quite frankly, great literature bores the shit out of me and I sure as hell wouldn’t attempt to write it for FUN.

Additionally, and this is to address a few (cough) emails I’ve gotten recently. I don’t write “feminized” characters in a gay relationship because I think it’s STUPID to believe that when two men fuck that one of them has to be a “woman”. It’s backward, ridiculous, and quite frankly disgusting to see a male character acting like a weak-willed, whiny-ass girl in a story.

GAH! The “girl with a dick” syndrome drives me up the fucking wall but that is my opinion and I’m entitled to it. You don’t have to agree with it but I’d really rather not get another email from you (and you know who you are) trying to explain why I shouldn’t feel this way about it. I realize, truly, that my position upsets you and I’m genuinely sorry that I haven’t responded to your 15 emails that you’ve sent in the last 3 days but frankly you’re communication with me is starting to freak me the fuck out. Just sayin’.

Keira Marcos

In my spare time I write fan fiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on Facebook. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a "domestic engineer" in her 30's but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. Oh, for pete’s sake. Look, mister, have you ever heard the following phrase: “Don’t like? Don’t read!”

    Seriously, while I might make an utter nuisance out of myself trying to get further into the nitpicky details of your universe, I do NOT approve of that kind of criticism, especially of free fiction. And most especially of your fiction, which is so well written I actually started watching the Sentinel, with SGA next up!

  2. Keira: I love this site. Just saying. And I especially love the attitude, the “Oh, if you don’t like it, go somewhere else, this is my place and I pay for it so scram!”. It’s refreshing. And totally spot on.

    Please keep the comments open, I like to see what others like, and often they point out stuff that I didn’t think of at first.

  3. I confess I am one of these lurkers who almost never comment but your work is one of the rare cases I do have something to say about:

    Since I first stumbled upon your site last December I have read every single story multiple times (currently finishing What Might Have Been – again!). Yes, there are grammatical errors and other small mistakes but I have to say that I can’t but admire anyone who can write not just one but several long stories of quality (which yours certainly have) simultaniously without mixing everything up. Myself, I am happy if I get the occassional poem done 🙂

    My favorite of your stories is Ties That Bind and I am really looking forward to reading more about Gerard de Sade and Dato’ Raja especially. Hopefully, John and Rodney do get to have a joint session with one (or both?) of them 🙂 And I can’t wait to see the asshat get his just dessert – picturing him meeting Gerard and/or Dato’ Raja has given me some wonderfull dreams. *evilchuckle*

    Could you be persuaded to write an What Might Have Been interlude about Ian’s time at OTS, his coming out to his comrades and so? I like the guy, can’t help the impression that he is of quite some importance in your story line.

    And I wonder what Jim and Blair would say if they were to visit Atlantis? *laugh*

    Anyway, as long as you keep writing and have fun doing it – others should either keep their tongues leashed or not read what they don’t like. And if they can’t do so tell them to try and write better stories before their open their mouths!

    Cheers, Shira

  4. Okay, time for the good stuff…

    ::hands you bourbon and cheesecake::

    Unfortunately, what you are seeing is exactly why I don’t share my writing with the people I know and work with. There are a hand-selected few, but generally? I write “romance” and “fan fiction” and let them assume it’s gen or het instead of slash. I have a professional job I love in a fairly conservative community and while I hope I have earned a certain level of credibility, I’m not going to strain that.

    So you, and my flist, are my audience. I understand the utter frustration of having a stupid person like that trying to rationalize their own demons by taking it out on you.

    Know that we are here for you, rant at us all you like…. we will keep each other sane!

    ::smishes you::

  5. “Your stupid female fantasy of two strong, heroic men wanting to fuck each other is so wrong on so many levels I can’t even begin to explain why”

    Wow. He actually said that?! What a monumental asshat. What the frilly heck was he doing on your site then, if that’s the way he thinks? If he was looking for limp-wristed nancy boys, your work is the very antithesis of where to find them! Which, incidentally, is why the rest of us all think you’re brilliant. 😀

    But you, know, that’s cool – not everyone likes the same thing. Here’s a radical new theory I’ve been working on, though: If you don’t like the way the author presents the characters, then go read something else.

    Crazy, right?

  6. The gay guys I know, well, you wouldn’t know they were gay unless they told you or talked about their boyfriends. They don’t fit the ‘stereotypical’ gay man. They don’t ‘swish’, have limp wrists, talk with a lisp and aren’t remotely feminine.

    P.S. 20 emails and you haven’t responded to any? That’s getting into creepy, stalker territory.

  7. I’ve deleted a few really screwball comments fro my site too, I just don’t need the vitriol spewed in my direction, so I know where you’re coming from. I don’t mind genuine concrit, or suggestions as to how they would like to have seen something done differently, but the well and true flamers can just piss off. Who needs the grief?

    lol I do have a special scrapbook of particularly special flames I’ve received. I take it out when I need a chuckle. I mean really – one of them is a half page rant about how I didn’t label a particular slash fic as bestiality when I had one of the characters adopt a puppy. Real wingnuts! hehehe

  8. Hmm, I wonder if the moron will read any of these comments? Actually, scratch that, I couldn’t care less! I agree with everything written above – you rock, your characters rock, ignore the idiots! Thank you very much for creating your little corner of the internet – it’s one of my favorite places to go 🙂

  9. Damn, this guy sounds like he needs serious mental adjustment.

    I’ve just spent a nice afternoon in a cafe, with two of the most buffed, manly gay guys you could imagine. I’m still giggling at the sight of both of them trying to be ‘femme’ all over the mall after reading this post. And, yes, they do read the site. I won’t repeat the ‘loud, and public’ comment that made me spit vanilla mochachino all over the table; but it involved insufficient lube and large phallic objects inserted in places your stalker would probably disapprove of.

  10. so I don’t normally comment although I am OBSESSED with your work. As a fan who wants your work to continue I thought I should speak up. I come from a family of cops and just want to throw out there this advice: trust your instincts! This guy puts you on edge even via email so save the emails as proof and take action if you think it’s necessary. Sometimes people write it off as no big deal and that could be dangerous. Say stay don’t change cause I for one love your writing and characterizations!

    • that last line was suppose to be stay safe not say stay 🙂

    • I completely agree, Brynn. A friend of mine had a stalker problem. It started out small and she laughed it off, but thankfully it was handled before anything got out of hand. Having the evidence (letters and emails) made dealing with law enforcement easier.

      Trust your instincts and keep the emails/other evidence of his overly obsessive behavior.

  11. (sigh)

    I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been getting enough negative feedback that you needed to post something like this.
    I love reading your work and I like your characterisations, I really dislike hearing ANY character traits labeled as exclusively feminine or masculine. Something I like in your writing is that you write people as people, regardless of gender.

    Unlike some others who have commented above, I do know some gay guys who ‘swish’ (actually, I know straight guys who people think are ‘girly’ too), and I fail to see how this makes them less masculine. I’m pretty sure that they’re still men (you can tell by the way that they have dicks).
    Nothing says more about someones strength of character than their ability to be unashamed of who they are.

    I’m glad that you are unashamed of your writing and not put off by people should clearly be spending a little more time examining their own motives.

  12. Keira,

    Great stories with wonderful fully developed characters. The fact that these characters are this way is part of what makes your stories so good.
    If I don’t like an author’s stories I just don’t go to that web site again or don’t read anything more by that particular author.
    Looking forward to further updates.

  13. Keira, I don’t comment often but I love your work. You give us hours of enjoyment — for free — and all you ask is some praise. It’s a bargain!

    Your email stalker sounds like he has a few unresolved issues….maybe he should shut the F** up about what other people do and how they should be and work on accepting himself.

    Stay safe and healthy and thank you again for your wonderful stories.


  14. I was afraid from your title you were going to write in moderation – glad that’s not the cause. Sorry people have to be ugly. Hope this doesn’t slow down the updating!

  15. I’m a serious lurker but just had to reply. You are a fantastic writer and I am always left wanting more! New updates are always greatly appreciated and eagerly read.
    I’ve heard of a lot of author’s who have given up writing because of people like this.
    No one should ever give up something they love just because of idiots!
    PLease just keep on writing your fabulous characters and I’ll keep reading. Thanks love Freedom

  16. But if they were feminized, they wouldn’t be the guys we love (and love to picture having Really Hot Gay Sex)! For the record, I love your stuff, and without series like The Awakening, I wouldn’t be writing the NCIS fic that I am over on LJ. So. Thank you. Keep up the wonderful work. And thank you for sending me to my ‘happy place’ so many many times! 😀

  17. Seriously? If he thinks gay guys are just weak, weepy women with a dick why is he even reading your stories?

    Sounds to me like he’s so far in the closet he can see Narnia.

  18. First off – you are a brilliant author and I admire you for the universe you have created and have made your own. I do happen to disagree with you on some things though… Great literature CAN contain porn, but its the other way that makes trouble (pure porn is rarely interesting in the long run)… but your stories aren’t pure porn either – its more like a story with the benefit of sex descriptions. I do admit that there’s some things about your stories that bother me – but in the end that is my opinion and not yours. The whole ‘no criticism’ issue is understandable given the way things often blows completely out of bounds as more and more people gets involved in a discussion(wince). If a comment are neither positive nor constructive… I do agree with the blockage 100%… Even though I do be sorry that you have to read through everything… is probably a lot of comments you’d rather not read…
    When that is said I do be a big fan of constructive criticism but prefer it being under ‘author only’… Well – you mentioned some people posting criticism on the page… – if I was one of those few – Sorry (just in case – better to say it once too many than one too few).

    Now that that is over with – well – your site happen to be one of the author pages that I check regularly – and if that doesn’t say a lot about you as an author I don’t know what does.(I love the Ties that bind Images btw – can’t wait for the next story – any story actually:P)

  19. *Grinning at Azure’s comment* and wondering if he needs a door handle to open it or a crow bar to pry it open.
    Said individual should probably be awarded the “The Kavanagh Award” award (that’s the one where any individual has failed to even reach moron).
    Keira this is your world we just get to reap the benefits of it and thank you for letting us.

  20. Well first off – your site, your stories, your rules. If they don’t like what your write or how you write they should exercise their right to leave. The rest of us will not miss them. For those who are upset by some error or other, I suggest you download that story, make what you think are necessary corrections and read them that way. I have discovered that when you read stories repeatedly your mind makes automatic corrections (I know it’s scary but also kinda neat).
    I don’t know if they have really gotten laws in place for cyber bullying or stalking – it runs rampant out there partiuclarly in schools. So I don’t know what the legal definition of cyber stalking would be. That being said, 20 emails when the first one wasn’t answered sounds like a reasonable definition to me. This guy has some issues that he needs to address somewhere other than your site. I know that Ian was deep in the closet with the door closed but this poor guy is apparently in a closed bank vault and the combination has been lost or thrown away. Sad but you need to do whatever you can to protect yourself – we love you and want you to be healthy and productive for many more decades. Barb

    • 26 and counting. I’ve never replied to one– beyond posting on my site to tell him to stop. I have tracked his IP address and know where he is mostly — like the fact that he’s living in Seattle, Washington and that he sends a lot his emails from his place of work which I know the name of because I’m not exactly the idiot this guy thinks I am. And also because my Google-Fu is fierce I know the name of his boss cause they have a kickin’ website (nice public domain) with emails and lots and lots of phone numbers.

      Additionally he finds you guys infuriating and it pisses him off that there are no emails posted with your comments.

  21. I’ve always had the philosophy that the world is filled with idiots and if you let their opinions color your actions you run the risk of joining their ranks

  22. I didn’t know that girls have dicks…hmm… I learned something new today! 😉

    Whatever – a feminized Rodney, John, Lorne, Ronon, Zelenka, Carson, etc. – makes no sense – and is not needed. There are plenty of women that can be feminine – or not – whatever.

  23. A long time ago someone gave me a piece of advice about creative writing: ‘If you aren’t pissing someone off, you aren’t doing it right. Keeping everyone happy simply means your are too cautious, and untrue to yourself.’

    You, dear Keira, are definitely doing something right. Your writing is delicious, provocative and obviously satisfying to your legion of fans. Please please please keep enjoying your writing – and sharing with those of us who love your work!!

    Oh, and your husband should definitely get online and ruin the credit ratings of those pathetic whinging emailers. 😉

    All the best

  24. i agree with freya,cant please everybody,but judging from this response your writing pleases a hell of a lot of people

    this guy…freaking loon…needs dont pick a fanfic writer to have your homophobic freak out to,complete nut job.

    report him get him censored or restraining order,need jerks like this to go the hell away.or just shoot him like ronon would.

    keira as stated by me previously,your stories cheer me up every time i reread them.

    and my gay friend alan,totally normal guy,wonder if the stalker thinks all gay men have to raving queens,is he repressed or just too stupid to live?

    be a roman….nil carborundum illegitimis[dont let the bastards grind you down]

  25. Chicks with dicks is a totally different genre and I don’t enjoy it so I don’t read it. Go figure.

    You are wonderful. Your characters are amazing and true to life and your scenarios are loving and mature and sometimes twisted and sick in the very best way.

    Thank you for creating and sharing and continuing even though creepy stalkers persist in peeing in your pool.

  26. Wow – he has way too much time on his hands. I love your stories and am just thankful you share them. I know several gay men and none of them would fall under the “feminized” banner, this guy needs to get out more and meet people. Again, thanks for sharing your wonderful words 🙂

  27. Keira,

    I love your work, and like others have said, I would pay for it. I’m glad you’re here.


  28. As with all the comments above, just wanted to let you know I love your work. As you say on your home page – you pay for the site so you get to do whatever the hell you want with it! He really does need to get a life.
    I really hope we are pissing him off with our comments about people who are gay not being feminised — he’s probably looking around his workplace wondering who could be gay……beware – they are out to get you!!!
    LOL, Booffra

  29. Keira

    At risk of saying what everyone else has I love your stories. I have spent most of the last three years in bed after multiple operations and even at my lowest point they have had the ability to brighten my day.

    Your site is one of the first I visit every day to see if you have added something new. I am truely sorry that you have had narrow minded people try to make you feel like what you are doing is wrong. I love writing startrek myself and while I dont think im anywhere near the league of your writing .. I love the ability it gives to lift someone out of how that feel at that moment in time.


  30. I have a comment meant for the troll that’s e-mailing you. I know he’s reading this (and probably foaming at the mouth about now).

    Dear Troll, The true definition of a man is someone that is kind, faithful, upstanding. One who stands up for whats right no matter the cost. A true heart, protector, and shoulder to lean on in times of need. One who always has a kind word and never hurts another through actions or speech. His sexual orientation has nothing to do with this. He loves who he loves. He is who he is and makes no excuses for it.

    A person that hurts through any means is not a man. He (or she) is a small minded person that tears down others to make themselves feel better about their own faults. All your doing is showing everyone just how pathetic you are.

    Bless your heart, I’ll pray for you.

  31. A comment to you dear Keira,

    Your stories are lovely. They show so much love and caring. I’ve read every John and Rodney story available at Wraithbait and I enjoy your stories better then almost all of them. Few authors entice me into a story as well as you do. As others, my only complaint is that life takes you away from writing as much as I would want, lol. Please do not ever stop writing. Our world would sorely miss you.

  32. Dear Keira,

    As Radek Zelenka would say “Do not bother yourself with people who are so full of themselves that have to inform everybody of their negative opinions.”
    I’ve started to read stories on to better understand language and because I just love Stargate. Then I moved to Wraithbait and Area52 and through them I found your page. Your rules are simple and as so many nice people said before me – we read your stories because we love them. Ignore these who just jealous that you have so many fans and readers. Don’t you dare to stop writing! 😉

  33. Oy-I read all through the comments and he reminds me of the California politician that was adamantly (and negatively) against gays-then just recently came out.

    Anyway-I ~adore~ your work.

    Write what you love,sweetie. Ignore the ignorant.

  34. You’re Badassness is AWESOME!

    Ignore anything that says otherwise 🙂

    Seriously though, I am addicted to reading and will read anything and everythign that I can get my hands on. But fanfic in general and your in particular, I would happily say that I am obessesed over. Your work is truly that awesome – so much so that when I went out of country and internet was iffy more often then not – with your permission – I copied and saved everything of yours to a thumbdrive. As for any complaints and comments that you might get – ignore them or tell them to write thier own fic, post it on the web and then read all the reviews that they get both good and bad, just to have them see how it feels.

    As for the character complaint – your story=your rulese. If had wanted to write John or Rodney as a whiny sissyboy then you would write it like that but you didn’t.What I like about yourJohn Sheppard is that I can connect him with the SGA John Sheppard and to a point I can connect with him as a person. It is this connection that I like to grab onto as a reader.

    I’ll repeat – You’re Badassness is AWESOME!

  35. I like your guys. I like that you don’t feminize them. And I am eagerly looking forward to the day when you allow your version of Tony to adorn our screens as we read the adventures he has. Well, and the porn. The porn’s just fun. Though the non-porn is fun to. Can he just come out to play? Pretty please? I can post him pics of the Camaro that showed up in the first transformers movie. I parked next to one once. I think I still have them. 😀

    ROFL, oh my goodness! That comment made me laugh so hard my family asked what’s up. I completely agree with the sentiment. I went and did the whole Masters in English and read all that great literature. The modern fiction, the flash fiction, the poetry and so on and so forth. The plots were idiotically simple. I say that with a straight face because I read at most 20 or so pages of each of the assigned texts and yet I was said to have a clear grasp of the various interpretations of the plot and that my analysis was well done. The fact I could do that repeatedly really, really bugged me.

    I’d get in trouble for fantasy and sci-fi elements in my own writings at times because they weren’t considered valid aspects of writing. And I read my classmates pieces that were supposedly valid literature. At times I could honestly say I’d read teenage fic writers doing their first story who had a better grasp of writing than my supposedly older and more learned classmates whose work I was paying to read. Now some of my classmates were stunning writers. I loved their works and the ability to read them in process.

    The only aspect of the whole degree in which the Great Literature was fun was when we read the Orlando Chronicles like Orlando Furioso and its sequels. As well as The Faerie Queene. I quite literally fell in love with The Faerie Queene. Besides this love for that one grouping of books, the only thing this degree left me with is a decided unwillingness to write any of these Great Literatures because I did them for four years and they bored me. Unless my writing entertains me, I see no reason to come up with a plot for it, much less write it. Though this does mean I can come up with the kookiest things, like a Star Trek/Smurfs crossover. True, I was on cold meds at the time, but just contemplating the idea is still utterly hilarious. Don’t you agree?

    • The last three paras were supposed to be in response to this section from you. The Blockquote thing defeated me.

      I do write a lot of porn and no– I wouldn’t consider it “great literature”. Quite frankly, great literature bores the shit out of me and I sure as hell wouldn’t attempt to write it for FUN.

  36. Just keep doing what u do (and after reading your post I have no doubt that you will!!)

    And I really, REALLY love what u write (I have alredy lost the count on how many times I read all your fics – last time I remember it was 5 but there were sooooo many more tines since!!)

    There will always be jerks everywhere (empirical evidence gathered during my brief 18 years of existence) but u r just to awesome to bother (yes I know that I am feeding your already overly healthy ego but I like praising people that deserve, so please indulge me).

    Keep the badassness – it just makes your stories way much fun to read!!

    One last thing – please, do not EVER stop wrinting^^

  37. In all honesty, Ties that Bind and Sentinels of Atlantis has become personal cannon. As much as I loved SGA, I find your tales to be far more entertaining. Why can’t your work be real!!!????* wails at the unfairness of life and fiction*

  38. Your site, your stories, your choice on how you want to handle comments. Let the naysayers be banished elsewhere. Go you! 🙂

  39. I do hope after seeing how we all don’t agree, not care what he think, that you stalker has finally left you alone. In the hopes of cheering you up, I finished a bit of art for you. I hope it makes you feel better. 🙂

  40. I can`t believe what I`m reading here. The only thing to say about it is don`t like don`t read!!! I really like your storys and feeling like a child beneath the christmas tree when something new is up. 😉

  41. People can be real idiots. I admit that I won’t read your Ties series because BDSM is squicky to me, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to bitch and moan and yell at you for writing something I don’t like. I don’t know about you, but when I write fic, I write it for me, not for anyone else. I write to put the scenes and fantasies in my head into words. If others like what I write, that’s great. If not, well they’re entitled to that opinion, but it doesn’t give them the right to denigrate me because my writing doesn’t appeal to them. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a moron. It’s your site, your creations, so do what you want with them and ignore the naysayers and weirdos.

  42. hey HEY, uhh this isn’t really about what you posted, but I really had to poke you with the thought.

    have you seen the 2009 Star Trek movie? …and maybe… you might have gotten a bug to make John and Rodney in Star Trek world??? …..and John does have pointy ears… and… hey! Vulcans didn’t do hot a job raising half humans…. maybe it would be logical that John being illogical would put a wall between him and family? And the whole mind meld thing… totally would be like having your mind go explody if you did it with Rodney…. so, ummm… *plops plot bunny on you* …bye! *runs away*

    • Dude. I’ve already got that plot bunny and it’s HUGE. It goes like this:

      John is a half-Vulcan (mother– father is human). He was raised on Earth by his human father and it’s been ten years since the Nero incident. Captain John Sheppard is granted his first command– the Captaincy of the USS Pegasus for a scientific and exploration mission. Lorne is First Officer and McKay is the Chief Scientist. Rodney is PISSED because up until the last minute the entire crew was thinking they were going to get SPOCK who had apparently had big ass arugment with Kirk. But Kirk, being Kirk, made up with Spock and so the Pegasus gets John and McKay is UBER pissed to have gotten the wrong Vulcan. John’s Vulcan name is Seban but he’s always used the name his human father gave him. His mother died when Vulcan was destroyed but his grandfather was on Earth so he was spared. Grandpa Vulcan is always crawling up John’s ass about his humanity so John figured a deep space mission would be an excellent way to escape him. Except Grandpa is WILY and JOhn got a lot more from him than he thinks cause Gramps got himself signed to a permanent diplomatic post on John’s ship.

      I got it all plotted out. It’s great. Rodney is horrible and horrified to learn to that he’s more Vulcan than his half-Vulcan captain who slinks around the ship leaning on things and quirking his slanty (sexy) eyebrows at everyone.

      • :: Pants :: You do know that this is a horrible thing to wave at us? Because I can soooo see this. And having a very logical and pissy Rodney McKay and a slinky and (left field) logical John is just cool.

        Plus the supporting cast have to be an absolute riot. This is gonna be *fun*!


      • *squeels internally* well then… be that way! lol! now then…. *pounces* why haven’t we SEEN this yet!?? *shakes you* why? WHY!? damn you! lol. *goes into corner and mutters and she twitches and foams at the mouth for her next fic-fix* =D

      • O.K 1. You’re a meam, mean, mean woman. Why wasn’t this in the WIP section so we can fantasise(sp?) about it?!

        2. Is the vulcan culture on earth going to turn in to a blending of earth & vulcan? it will probably be safer for them becouse then they will not be tiking(sp?) time bombs untill something make them lose their inhabicens(sp? ,I mean when something in our mind doesn’t let us do what we want.) & go nuts. if they blend with earth culture they will probably have more of a conection with their feelings, so, a better balance.

        • If I put all of my plot bunnies in my WIP section– you guys would probably stage a coup and take me hostage. 😉

          • Would we do something like that?

            *gives you my very best sweet lil ole lady smile*

            I still like the idea of shoving a bunch of your clones in the Tardis.

            *throws fangirl-modified high-test bunny food around*

          • *hides the rope behind back* ….nooooo we wouldn’t do that…. *looks at other people hiding cuffs, tape, glue* …really! ^____^

  43. just read your star trek bunny and made me laugh,again i say i am awed at your imagination,how you could weave together sga with star trek reboot is just phenomenal.
    maybe after ties and sentinel done could do sga/startrek for all us nerds[with lots of added porn of course!!]
    just a thought,still love all your other stuff,not read anything from you i have not liked.

  44. Totally agree with you. Guys should stay guys. I love the way you describe the guys. The pictures and song playlist are awesome too. A whole package. Keep it up.

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