The Matter of Female Sentinels

Sentinels of Atlantis: Anne Teldy & Allison Porter ~ Art by FanArts Series

Title: The Matter of Female Sentinels
Author: Keira Marcos
Fandom: SGA
Series: Sentinels of Atlantis (pre-series event)
Pairing: Teldy/Porter
A/N: I originally posted this in with an art post but a reader emailed me asking about it and I realized it should have it’s own page and be on the series page as a short of some kind.

The Matter of Female Sentinels by Keira Marcos

“The Sentinel is in her fifth Guide search since she came online. She is a Major in the United States Marines and is a level five across the board. She has been online for nearly ten years. We are hoping to make a match for her today so she will be taking her time with each of you. I expect you all to be respectful, touch only when she offers, and keep your disappointments to yourself when you’re dismissed from consideration.”

Allison Porter had heard variations same speech a lot. She’d participated in sixteen Guide searches since she’d come online but this was the first time she’d encountered a female Sentinel. She didn’t have any illusions about being picked. Female Sentinels just didn’t choose female Guides. The only reason she was even in the room was that she already in the Center participating in a different Guide search when the female Sentinel had arrived.

Her thoughts drifted back to the other Sentinel, the one that had rejected with her some obvious reluctance. She’d been the only woman presented and he’d spent nearly thirty minutes with her—long after she’d known they wouldn’t ever be a good match. Allison had been relieved when he’d finally admitted because she hadn’t wanted to be in the position of having to reject him for his own good.

There were fifteen Guides in the room, all of them a good match, level wise, for the female Sentinel. Allison wondered if she’d pick one of the men—it would be interesting to see as she’d never seen the look on a Sentinel’s face when they found the other half of their soul. She flushed at the thought but forced herself to settle as the door opened and the team of doctors entered with the Sentinel.

All of the male Guides around her tensed with pleasure and anticipation. Allison didn’t blame them at all, the woman was beautiful and she radiated strength and confidence. The perfect example of her kind. Allison pushed disappointment that she shouldn’t even be feeling down. Then the Sentinel fixed light blue eyes right on her and her knees went a little weak.

Shock and a small amount of anger filtered through her from the men surrounding her. It was quickly replaced by curiosity and even a little excitement about what was happening. Allison was just really confused and maybe even a little hurt. Why would a female Sentinel even focus on her first? They always chose men.

Then the woman was moving, brushing past the medical staff that might have been trying to redirect her to the front of the receiving line. Allison had been purposely at the end because absolute no one thought for a minute she’d be chosen.


Allison swallowed. “Sentinel.” She jerked her head towards the line. “You’re supposed to start down there and you know, pick one of the men.”

The Sentinel inclined her head. “And if I want to start right here and pick you?”

“Female Sentinels pick male Guides.”

“There have been six female/female pairs on record with the Center since we started keeping records.” One of the medical techs offered from behind her clipboard.

“See,” the Sentinel murmured. “We won’t even be the first.”

Allison flushed with pleasure and want. She couldn’t deny the call of this woman, wouldn’t if she was going to be at all honest with herself. “The mundanes you serve with might not understand.”

“Fuck them.” Her eyes hardened. “I’m not above correcting poor behavior.”

“I just want you to under—.” Allison gasped as the Sentinel reached out, grabbed her, and hauled her in without another word. A soft, knowing mouth covered hers and the world faded away as she all but melted around her Sentinel.

“Mine, Guide.”

“Yours,” Allison agreed softly and choked back a sob of relief at being chosen.

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