Title: Distraction
Author: Keira Marcos
Pairing: Holmes/Watson
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC ‘Verse)
Genre: PWP
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Explicit language & sex. No Beta.
Author’s Note: For The Man in the UK

Summary: Sherlock is bored and John is just the distraction he needs.

– – – –


Watson lowered his journal a fraction and peered at Sherlock over the top of it. “Yes?”

Sherlock casually untied his dressing gown and let the blue silk fall away from his lap. He spread his legs and stretched leisurely. “I’m very bored.”

John exhaled sharply and set aside the journal. His gaze intent on Sherlock’s erect cock. “Bored.”

“Very.” Sherlock slid one hand down his chest, over his stomach, and palmed his dick with a sigh. “My condition could be terminal. I think I need a doctor.”

John laughed ruefully. “You’re… horrible.”

“Take off all your clothes,” Sherlock ordered with a little frown gracing his elegant mouth. “And come sit in my lap.”

“That wouldn’t be very professional of me.” John stood and shrugged off his own robe. They’d had breakfast only two hours before and he hadn’t bothered to get out of his pajamas. He pulled the string of his pants and let them pool at his feet.

“It would be in extremely poor taste for you to let me die of boredom.”

Sherlock spread his arms over the back of the couch and focused intently on John. He wet his bottom lip and smiled as John walked to stand in front of him. He let his right hand drop to the couch and he slid his fingers deftly behind the cushion. He plucked the lube out and flicked it open.

John slid astride Sherlock’s lap and settled back on his thighs with a sigh. “You’re a lazy git in this position.”

Sherlock trailed his free hand over John’s thigh and then let one finger glide down the length of John’s semi-erect cock. “I assure you, John, I intend to do a great deal of work in the next few minutes.”

John sucked in a breath and exhaled sharply as Sherlock prodded him close by cupping his ass one handed. “Really?”

“Really,” Sherlock promised silkily. He leaned forward and pressed a kiss against John’s mouth. “I’m going to slick up my fingers and then…” He kissed him again. “I’m going to slide them into your hole and get you ready for my cock.”

John shivered against Sherlock as he leaned forward and tucked his face against Holmes’ neck. “I never would’ve expected you to have such a filthy mouth.”

Sherlock smirked and slicked up his fingers. “You love it when I finger your hole. You’re greedy for it.” He rubbed two lubed fingers down the crack of John’s ass and then started to play lightly with his hole. “I never would have deduced this about you, you know. At least…” He pushed into John with one finger. “Until that first time—when you rolled over on your knees and presented your ass to me like a little slut.”

John shuddered. “Sherlock.”

“I love sliding into your tight ass, John. I really fucking love it.” Sherlock turned his head and mouthed against the side of John’s neck as he slid another finger into his hole. He twisted the fingers and bit roughly into John’s shoulder as he started to finger fuck him. “You’re perfect, John.”

“I’m ready,” John whispered fiercely and rocked back against Sherlock’s fingers. “Give me your cock.”

“I believe,” Sherlock began as he pulled his fingers free and set about slicking up his cock. “That you are entirely too bossy to be such a bottom. It’s… confounding.”

John laughed softly and then hissed in pleasure as Sherlock maneuvered him carefully then thrust fully into his hole. “Fuck.”

“I adore knowing this about you,” Sherlock said as his hands clenched on John’s hips. “No one sees it when they look at you. Absolutely no one can tell that you’re like this. You’re such a perfect little fuck, John.”

John shifted and worked himself brazenly on Sherlock’s cock. “You talk too much.” He leaned in and kissed his mouth firmly.

Sherlock shifted his hands around and cupped John’s ass so he could control his lover’s movements. “Shut up and ride my cock.”

John laughed breathlessly. “What happened to you doing a great deal of work?”

“You want me to work?” Sherlock asked, his voice rough with arousal.

He pulled John closer and abruptly turned them so he could spill his doctor onto the couch. Sherlock was pushing his cock back into John before Watson even caught his breath. He caught one leg and hooked his arm under it before he began to move. The first thrust had John shouting and clutching at his shoulders.

“God yes,” John groaned. “Fuck. Fuck yes.”

“Touch yourself,” Sherlock demanded through clenched teeth. “Come on, John, fuck your hand.”

“I’ll come,” John warned, breathless. “It’s too much.”

“I’m not going to stop,” Sherlock promised. “I’m going to keep fucking your hole until I’m done.”

Watson shuddered and shivered as he stripped his cock roughly. “Christ, Sherlock. I love it when you get bored. This is so much better than you shooting the bloody wall.” He tucked his free leg up against the couch and the finally pushed it up along the back—spreading himself completely open. “Use me, Sherlock.”

Holmes’ eyes darkened. “Yes, yes, of course… that’s what you want.”

“Yes,” John groaned.

Sherlock slid John’s leg up on his shoulder and powered into him repeatedly until John was coming all over his fingers.

The sight of John letting go, his head tossing back against the leather of the sofa, and cum clinging to his fingers as he continued to stroke himself sent Sherlock over the edge far before he intended. He came with a hard jerk of his long, lean body and released John’s leg with a little groan.

John huffed as Sherlock collapsed gracelessly on him. “You great liar.”

“You’re so… interesting when you come,” Sherlock muttered against John’s breast bone. He turned his head slightly and pressed his ear against the thud of John’s heart beat. “I could hardly help myself.”

Watson trailed the fingers of his clean hand through Sherlock’s damp curls and sighed. “Well, if we don’t get a case…we can try that again.”

“You’re the best distraction, Dr. Watson. The very best,” Sherlock muttered sincerely and sighed.

The End

Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.

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