The Invisible Repercussions

Title: The Invisible Repercussions
Author: Keira Marcos
Fandom: SGA
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Word Count: 1318
Warnings: No beta, dark, non-graphic discussion of rape, homicide, sociopathological behavior

Author’s Note: There was a posting on SGA Genrefinders about a documentary called The Invisible War and that all lead me to this short little fic.

Summary: John receives an email from the SGC and is disappointed.

– – – –

John was so furious he could barely catch his breath. He stared at the emailed response from Hank Landry for nearly five minutes before he closed it with a shaking hand. There was an enlisted man in the wraith cage; he’d been there for nearly two weeks following an investigation into a rape accusation. There had been no doubt in John’s mind that the man was guilty as hell. The physical evidence was overwhelming. His victim was still in the infirmary. Now he was going to have to tell her that the SGC had… sealed the report on the crime and that nothing would be done to her attacker and that neither she nor the man responsible for raping her would be allowed to transfer off the city for more than a year.


John looked up and met Evan Lorne’s gaze. “You got the email as well, I assume?”

“Yes.” Evan averted his gaze. “I can’t say I didn’t expect it. Landry is more politician than anything else and he doesn’t like to admit shit like this happens under his command so he hides it. There have been a few incidents at the SGC since he took over for O’Neill. It’s an ugly situation.”

“Right,” John said dully. He stood and walked to the gun safe in his office. He opened it silently and pulled out his berretta. Sliding it into his thigh holster, he cleared his throat. “Take the guards off the Wraith cage.” He paused. “In about twenty minutes, the security feeds for the detainment center and the surrounding corridors will be disrupted. Have one of McKay’s geeks investigate it from the gateroom. You can send a team to investigate if the feed isn’t restored within thirty minutes.”

Evan met his gaze, his eyes dark and just as furious as John’s own. “Sounds like a reasonable plan of action, sir.”

– – – –

Sergeant Anthony Pearce didn’t say a word as he entered a transporter in front of John. He frowned at the destination that John pressed and frowned as he was lead out into an isolated part of the city that was unoccupied due some structural damage.


“I thought we could talk,” John said quietly. “I’ve had news from the SGC regarding your place on the city and the charges Captain Cadman filed against you.”

“Sir, I swear… look, I realize she could get in trouble for violating fraternization rules but she… it was all consensual.”

“Including her three broken ribs and fractured jaw?” John asked lowly. “Did she ask you to beat the shit out of her as foreplay or did that come afterward?”

“She must have done it to herself when she realized we’d gotten caught,” Pearce said as they walked out of the smaller tower. It was late evening but the double moons of their new planet gave them plenty of light. “Or she got a friend to hurt her to make the charges more viable. Sir, she’s just trying to save her career. I mean you get that, right?”

His face was so earnest that it was startling. The fury pooling in John’s gut intensified. “The SGC has sealed her complaint and you won’t face court martial.”

The kid actually smiled at him and relaxed. “That’s great news, sir.”

John hit him. The younger man stumbled back in shock, clutching his stomach. “You twisted little mother fucker,” he hissed. “You think you can rape a woman on my city and get away with it?” He pushed the kid up against the wall, face first and punched him in the side.

“Don’t,” the kid said in a panicked tone. “Don’t, sir, I’m not… I’m not gay.”

John laughed, low and mean. “You can’t possibly think I’d have a single interest in fucking you—willing or not.” He punched him again. “You think I’m like you? You think I’m the kind of man that laughs a rape jokes? Do you think all men are like you, Pearce? You got a problem with female officers, Pearce? Couldn’t stand to have a woman giving you orders, could you?” He hit him again and slammed his hand into the younger man’s back to keep him from falling.

“Sir! I’m begging you!”

John wrapped an arm around the man’s neck and pulled out his k-bar. “Did she beg you?”

“She wanted it!” Pearce defended. “The cunt wanted it and now she’s lying to save her own ass.”

John jerked him back from the wall and hauled him out onto the short pier. Pearce struggled the whole way and when they stopped, John shoved his knife into the soldier’s side. Pearce made a choked sound—a mixture of pain and shock.

“No one on Earth is ever going to know what happened to you,” John whispered. “In a day or two, I’ll officially notice you’re missing and report you AWOL. A few weeks from now, someone will show up on your daddy’s front porch and tell him that his son is a coward who ran from his duty.”

He pulled out the knife and plunged it into Pearce’s stomach. “But there will be rumors, I’m not kidding myself on that front and your story will turn into one of those nasty urban legends about what will happen to rapists on Atlantis.”

Pearce heaved against John but the struggle was going out of him. “Sir,” he slurred.

“Don’t worry, Pearce, you won’t have time to drown,” John said lowly. “The biologists have been chumming the water for two weeks around this end of the city so they can research the native shark population. I’ve been complaining about that batshit behavior for the past three days but come to find out—they’ve done me a big favor.”

John pulled out his knife and shoved him off the pier. His body hit the water with a muted splash. He watched in silence as Pearce managed to struggle to the surface of the water twice then, either drawn by the blood or the splashing, a shark the size of a compact car surfaced and plunged down into the dark water with the body.

John tossed the k-bar out into the water about ten feet and shoved his hands into his pockets. He waited for the guilt to set in but it didn’t. It rarely did. In the background, he heard the transporter activate and after just two minutes McKay came to stand beside him.

“A little heads up would’ve been nice,” Rodney said conversationally. “Faking sensor data isn’t a walk in the park, you know.”

John shrugged. “Didn’t ask you to.”

“Well, one must do his part,” Rodney said. “So, currently the city sensor data is reporting a missing life sign and the two of us are in my quarters.”

John sent him a sly look. “Does it say what we’re doing in your quarters?”

“Nope. We could be watching TV.”

“Or fucking,” John supplied.

“Or fucking,” Rodney agreed. “Why don’t we go back to my quarters and do that then. We have ten minutes before Zelenka has to send out a team to fix the non-error you created. It’s a little ugly how you just show off your super gene.” He leaned forward just a little and frowned down at the water as the shark surfaced and rolled over in the water. “The biologists have this theory that when they do that they are asking for more. They started doing it about four days into the study.”

“You know they’re batshit.”

“We’re all a bit crazy out here,” Rodney defended.

John couldn’t argue with that. He snagged McKay’s hand and tugged him away from the dark water.

The End

Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.

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