Yesterday, I made my fan fiction members only. That means you’ll have to log in to read. This change is permanent. I blogged about it on Tumblr.

I’ve also disabled copy/paste on my site. Yes, I know there are probably some work arounds. I hope it’s really fucking difficult.

Reminder: My site and Rough Trade are 2 separate sites so you’ll need accounts for BOTH in order to use both. You can register with the same user name and email to make things easier.

I’m going to be moving my Evil Author Day posts (again) and you’ll get a notification as to where they will be later. I’m thinking it’ll be a private community on Live Journal just for my EAD stuff. Membership will be moderated.



Keira Marcos

In my spare time I write fan fiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on Facebook. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a "domestic engineer" in her 30's but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. It’s sad that some people are such asshats and make it necessary to take steps against them. I often wonder at the the ever-increasing collection of losers who seem to think the world and everyone else owes them something. These are probably the same over-indulged spawn of helicopter parents who have been told all their lives about how special and wonderful they are. I’m glad you at least have a mechanism to banish these precious prats when they start with the attitude. It’s just a shame you have to do so.

  2. Read your Tumbler. Thanks for not leaving, I love your stories and seeing what you come up with. I don’t write (other than reviews) and I really appreciate the work and love a writer puts into their baby (aka their story) Thank you again for sharing with us, for keeping on sharing and so very sorry that someone has not done the right thing. Never understood posting someone else’s work.

  3. Hugs you.

    People are dicks. Not you.
    Other people.

    And yes, I just spent a good ten minutes running through passwords before realising that my username here and on rough trade are different. I feel a bit like an idiot now rofl

    Hugs you. Unless you aren’t a hugs person in which case alcohols you or chocolate. Or all the above.

  4. This is why we can’t have nice things. Good on you for taking back what is yours to start with (IMHO).

    The other day i had to delete a FB comment on my own page as some people (ok two. but they were mean) were offended. Then i remembered that it was MY friggin page so i unfriended them and reminded everyone else that being my friend was OPTIONAL. I would not be offended if they want to unfriend me….none of MY friends are nasty people.

    Bitch and Sass is encouraged though πŸ™‚

    • Ain’t it a bitch when you do that then go, hey wait, fuck you, this is MY page, I can say what I want! I did this one long ranty mcrantypants post on my LJ and realized I didn’t have to be nice. God, it felt good.

  5. How horrid for you M’Lady that it’s come to this when all you are doing is sharing your awesome talent. I truly hope the mindless morons who have driven you to this are blessed by the Fates to suffer a variety of never-ending mishaps. Never forget you are amazing and a blessing to us minions. Hugs, Hxx

  6. I’m sorry That douchcanoe is such a common state of being. I’m glad you’re doing what you need to for yourself. It’s not like you haven’t been warning people forever.

  7. I am sorry you had to deal with any of this. Thank you for choosing the option you chose!

  8. Shame it had to come to this. I ain’t gonna lie, I c/p some stuff early on that hasn’t left my computer. It was the Ginny Is A Bad Wheezy cause the title cracked me up. Seriously though, I haven’t shared it and I won’t. Just wanted you to know. (Real minions are honest minions) The thought that anyone was spreading stuff around though…why? You join a site, you read the fics, life is good. You rec it to people, they come read it, then you can say, ‘told you it was good!’ But no, people have to fuck it up for the rest of us.

  9. Just happy you are still with us. I dont post many comments, I know. But seriously: You rock and I would hate to see you leave due to a bunch of douckes with zero talent themselves.

  10. As an Australian my personal opinion of the Aussie who abused you is simple. He can A) buggar of to the other side of the black stump and have a nice time meeting a western tiger snake B) go swimming off the South Australian coast ( or possibly any part of the ocean surrounding this country) and enjoy any of the dangerous sharks or venomous creatures that infest our waters or C) if he lives in Sydney go gardening without gloves and deal with funnel web spider or D) in the proverbial words of a rather famous song meet the redback on the toilet seat. Then again I’ll just find an aboriginal elder and get a death stick pointed at him after finding if the moron can have all the previous things happen first.

  11. It is very sad that it has come to this, but fully understandable. Are you going to have a system in place for new readers? Have to be referred by other members? Under a mediation period?

  12. I’m so sorry that some people were such jerks that it had to come to this. Thank you for still allowing your site members the privilege of reading your writings.

  13. People are horrible at times and you don’t deserve this at all. On a happy note…..I’m all ready for EAD because my livejournal account still works! Don’t let the bastards get you down. Thank you for not leaving and thank you for your glorious writing.

  14. So sorry about the asshats but I am glad you are not leaving. I love your work and spend half my time rereading everything as I can’t get enough.

  15. Your site, your rules. I’m glad you did what makes you feel good.

  16. I’m sorry it has come down to this. It’s always the few who spoil it for everyone, but I would much rather have this option than to see you take your stuff down. I really don’t understand the mindset of assholes who pass off other author’s work as their own. On the bright side, I discovered that I have a tumblr account, so that’s a win for me.

    hugs to you and curses to the asshats –

  17. I just wanted to say thank you for deciding to continue. I love your writing, you’ve introduced me to fandoms I would never have even thought of reading – Harry Potter, Criminal Minds.

    It’s a shame you’ve had to do this. I hope it hasn’t taken the shine off your good news regarding your contract.

    Thank you for continuing to share all your wonderful writing.

  18. I’m sorry people are such PITA’s with their privileged expectations that you have no rights to your creative ideas. I love reading your works and really enjoy listening to your blog talk show. You and Ladyholder sound a lot like my sister and I. We who follow you will do what you want us to do with no complaints.

  19. I am so sorry the entitled assholes drove you to this decision! But those of us who are huge, long-time fans don’t mind having an account (and most of us probably have for a while now) so don’t worry about us! I send you lots of hugs, cookies and alcohol! And I can’t wait for your original stuff, since I would love to be able to buy your work and support you, after all the pleasure you have brought over the years!

    (And I am sorry for the over-abundance of exclamation points. I usually try to use them a bit more judiciously, but I just couldn’t bring myself to soften any of my sentences this one time…)

  20. I am sorry that you had to go through all that hassle and annoyance for ignorant idiots. I just feel blessed that I found your stories. The community of support that you have for writers is so very special and the jerks of the cyber-space need to get a clue or two that we live in a world of different people and that is what makes it a more interesting place. I wish I could witch-slap them for you, but I will instead send them lots of karma.

  21. This is enough to piss off the pope cause it sure pisses me off! I hate it when some MORON ruins it for everybody else.

  22. So sorry you have to deal with this overinflated sense of entitlement… but glad you’re still here! (I’m currently once again reading TTB…)

  23. It’s such a shame that it came to this. It blows (and not in a good way) that people are such vicious assholes. I’m so very grateful that you didn’t choose to leave fandom – this is one site that I visit again and again to reread everything. Fanfiction is such a lovely, creative gift to the reader, and I am thankful that you share with all of us. ♥

  24. As someone who reads and loves to read stories by a wide variety of people – and who does a moderate amount of writing herself – I’m a little horrified that you were confronted with this kind of disrespect. It’s actually the first time I’ve been ashamed to be a fan.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful visions and I hope that you find enough measures to be comfortable with us again.

  25. I can’t believe that someone distributed your work that’s just horrid!
    Thank you for not leaving. I love your work and am very happy that you are staying.
    (and I hope my english is not to bad to read)

  26. What the hell is wrong with people?!!! Your stories are yours and that you share them with us is a magnificent and generous gift… that some asshat think they can distribut them without yours consent or (even worst) your knowlege is absolutly disgusting!!! At first I wasn’t very sure about registring in your site as my hotmail account had been stolen (I had to change my mail and all my accounts) but now I’m goddam happy I did!
    I hpe that your “members only” new politic will afford you some peace from those jerks!!!
    Please, don’t let those…. (I’m running out of strong enough to qualifie those poor exemples of human kind) put you off writting: fanfiction would become very poor without your art.

  27. I’m so sorry you’ve had to deal with such disrespect and general asshattery. I know I’m just repeating what so many others are saying, but I’m very thankful that you have chosen to take these security measures over leaving fandom altogether. It’s your site, it’s your work, it’s your right, and anyone that has a problem with any of it should keep their opinions to themselves!

  28. Just wanted to say that I am so very glad you decided not to quit completely! I just spent the past week rereading both “What Might Have Been” and “Ties that bind”. It would be quite heartbreaking to never see the next part of these stories! So, really, thank you!!

    Oh, I also meant to ask: Do you have a date yet for when “Fall for you” will be available for purchase?

    • Nothing official. Trust me, you won’t miss the announcement πŸ˜‰

      • Awesome, I can hardly wait! πŸ˜€

        By the way, I have tried to find other good original gay romance/erotica stories (or het stories, as well, as long as the author is good) to read, but it seems that it is an endless market and only a few are well written AND they are hard to discover… I have finished everything by Leta Blake, Xanthe Walther, Keira Andrews, Lexi Bane and “The Captive Prince”, and now I am a bit at my wits end… Do you maybe have favourite novels or authors that you would recommend?

        (And I apologize in case you have answered that question negatively before and I have simply missed it!)

  29. sorry people are idiotic (fill in the blank at your leisure and choice of swear or insult).

  30. More Than a Pint

    I hope it wasn’t a too difficult choice. But I am very happy you didn’t take down your work. Entitled people should be executed for plain stupidity.

  31. So Sorry to hear this, I really don’t understand how some people can do this.
    I am also glad you took this way, instead of leaving.
    Thank you for taking this way and making it possible for us to keep reading and enjoying your work.

  32. I’m sorry you had such a horrible time of it. I disappear to deal with family illness emergencies and you get to deal with people being idiots. Though the family illness evolved from someone being an idiot, so.

    Hey, would you like a link to a Kingsman fic where Eggsy is a kniiter and knitting is really fucking awesome (and dangerous)? It cheered me up when my life devolved into utter chaos.

    Oh, for those who might have web page saving Google apps, if you use Incognito you can skip the error messages they’ll send because you can keep them active for your other sites, but turn them off for Incognito so they won’t bother Keira’s site.

  33. It’s a shame you had to take this step because of rude and useless vermin but you absolutely not only may but must do what is needed to take care of your own state of mind. Keep your head up and take care of yourself.

  34. Hi I just wanted to say that I love your work. I’ve been reading it for about four years and I’ve read everything you’ve posted here about half a dozen times. Your stories have gotten me through some really tough times. I’ve been considering making an account for a while, but I hadn’t gotten one because I didn’t feel like I had the words to properly express how much I enjoy your writing. But now I have one so I just wanted to say that you are amazing.

    I’m glad you found a way to protect your mental health and still keep the stories up. You bring happiness to so many (myself included) that you deserve all the joy you can get. Thank you for continuing to share your amazing stories with us, and do what you have to do to take care of yourself!

  35. I am so sorry you had to deal with humanity at it’s worst. Is it just me, or are there really more asshats these days? I truly do no understand some people. Thank you for making the choice you did… I have enjoyed so many stories and recs on your site, and I hope to see more of the work you so generously share with your readers.

  36. Thanks for keeping your site available. Love all the stories you share and re-read them often.

  37. Your site, your fanfiction, your rules. My absolute respect to you for holding to that simple idea.

    I’ll miss the EAD stuff if you move it but I don’t grudge you the right to do so in light of all the nonsense you’ve had to put up with lately. Personally, I don’t use Facebook or LJ but I know many loyal minions do. I have every confidence they’ll continue to shower you with deserved compliments for whatever EAD magic you grace them with.

    As always, thank you for the wonderful stories. I will continue to read all the stuff you make avaialbe to your members (no doubt with a large grin on my face when McKay is being McKay or certain Weasley family members are getting their just desserts).

    And to finish with a thought from another of your fandoms, may you Live Long and Prosper.

  38. Thank you for continuing to post and allowing us to keep reading. I love all the stories you’ve chosen to share and post. It’s a shame that some people don’t understand that privilege.

  39. I think that the no copy/paste thing is working fine. I can’t even select text outside this posting box. And even inside the box I can’t paste text (I tried to copy and paste the word “test” a few times).

    So I think you are pretty safe for people who are lazy. I haven’t tried to get around it (like screen capture or printing to a pdf or that sort of thing), but people who just want to select text, copy and paste are not going to be able to do it.

    I didn’t even know it was possible to block selection on a website. Cool.

  40. greywolfthewanderer

    fwahh, some motherfuckers are just a plain old waste of someone else’s valuable oxygen, forrealz.

    long as I can reread your stuff on here I’m good. full disclosure, I’ve a few older things saved — otoh, I’m the only guy that reads ’em and they will *never* turn up anywhere, as they are not mine!!

    nice to be back. booyah!!!

  41. I am forever grateful that the asshats and douchcanoes haven’t made you quit!! You are my one of my top 3 favorite fanfic authors ever!! Seeing an update from you pretty much makes my whole week :). I probably reread all your stories every other month or so, I can never get enough πŸ™‚ .

    (also, i saw your comment about screencapping and had to try it. Way to freak me out!! lol)

  42. So I just read your Tumblr post, and I wanted to say – I’ve loved every single thing you’ve written for this site, but I usually don’t post a comment after reading. And I’m sorry about that. I guess I always see so many other comments and figure you wouldn’t care about one more random person saying “omg this was so great!” And to be honest, I’m always super self-conscious and afraid of embarrassing myself with some idiotic comment. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are an incredibly generous person to be sharing your work here for free for fan girls like me to enjoy, and you deserve a tremendous Thank You after each one.
    I’m sorry you’ve had such a shitty experience with your fans, and I sincerely hope that it gets better now that the site is private. I think that was an excellent choice, by the way. As always, I’ll be eagerly anticipating the next thing you post, but even if you chose to never write again, I’d be grateful to keep rereading the books you’ve already shared (as I’ve already done many times because they’re awesome). So yeah – thanks.

  43. LOL!!! I also had to try screen capture, just to see what happened. Very freaky!!! Good job πŸ™‚

  44. Sucks large that you have had to resort to this, morons should be disposed of as your brilliant and wicked mind decides !!!
    I recently read some cool vampire slayer slash and posted that if I take the time to read your story I can take 5 minutes to leave a comment , I think most writers appreciate a thank you for having the bravery to post their stories.

  45. I Love YOUR work and talent. I’m glad that you are still allowing us access to your stories. Thank you for that.

  46. I just tried print screen to see what would happen, and that message would defo make anyone think twice! Very nerve wracking. πŸ™‚

  47. you do what you have to do to protect your work. its sad it has to happen but its yours we can adjust or take a leap.
    just means I can’t print out a hard copy to take with me. I’ll live.
    just please never give up writing, I find I’m a junky for good fanfics and yours are prime stuff.

  48. I know you’ve put your EAD stuff on a separate LJ but what about the story excerpts and stuff that you’ve put up on Facebook during the rest of the year? Like the excerpts for that story, Trinity, that you posted after EAD? Will those still be on FB? Or will you put them somewhere else?

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