In the Silence – Chapters 8-10

Title: In the Silence
Author: Keira Marcos
Betas: Ladyholder, Chris King, & Jilly James
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Series: Lantean Legacy
Series Order: 2
Pairings: McKay/Sheppard (many secondary pairings)
Genre: Alternate Universe, Romance, Action Adventure
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 58,118
Warnings: Graphic sex, explicit language, off-screen death of people you don’t know
Summary: Earth makes contact and the SGC is forced to reap the consequences of Landry’s decisions regarding the Atlantis expedition.

book 2 vignette chapter 8

Chapter 8


“She gets that bad ass stuff from you,” Rodney muttered as he moved around their quarters on Atlas. “I’m surprised she didn’t show up in full dress military uniform.”

John chuckled. “You can be a hardass with your scientists, Rodney.” He sat down on their bed and then fell back with a sigh. “They think she has influenced us since the beginning. They believe that we are loyal to her because the gene therapy altered our perceptions.”

“They think the city brainwashed us?”

John nodded and then sat up. “Yeah, even my father thinks that to some degree even if he never says it aloud.”

“I think we influence her far more than she’s ever influenced us,” Rodney admitted. “The amount of biofeedback she receives from the population is extreme and it never lets up. When we leave her or don’t interact directly with the shipswe get a break from it.”

“Right,” John murmured. “It hardly matters anyway—even if she does influence us I don’t feel that it’s malicious or even altogether self-serving. Even when she has goals of her own it’s never about her personally. She is selfless and her only real obsession is the Wraith. She hates them intensely—mostly I think because of what they’ve already cost her and what they could continue to cost her in the future.”

Rodney crawled into his lap and grinned when John huffed in surprise. He prodded him onto his back. “We have a few hours before the next meeting.”

John lifted his hips obligingly as McKay worked his pants open easily. “Atlas.”

“Yes, General?”

“Dr. McKay and I will need an hour of privacy. Emergency calls only.” John unbuttoned the jacket for his dress uniform and sighed when Rodney wrapped one hand confidently around his cock. “Starting right now.”

“Understood, General.”

The lights in their quarters dimmed slowly and a star lit night sky filled the room above them. John laughed softly as they both wiggled out of the rest of their clothes. “He’s such a romantic.”

Rodney hummed softly and tossed the last of John’s clothes away. “You’re so beautiful like this, John.” He ran his hands down John’s chest, his fingers catching in the light sprinkling of hair that narrowed as it trailed down his stomach. “I want to fuck you.”

“God yes,” John spread his legs as McKay went in search of their slick. “That’s exactly what I need.”

Rodney returned to the bed with a tube of lubrication and slicked up two fingers. He pushed both into John’s hole and Sheppard responded by spreading his legs further. Their bond, which they kept down as much as possible to improve their own ability to function in the field, thrummed between them as they John relaxed his rigid mental control.


“I’m here,” McKay murmured. “I’m going to give you exactly what you want.”

John hummed under his breath and rocked down on McKay’s fingers. “You always do.” He pressed downward with a shuddery breath. “Slick up your cock. I want to be on top.”

Rodney groaned but pulled his fingers free and slicked himself up. He settled down at the head of the bed and relaxed on the pillows. John slipped into his lap and brushed their mouths together. McKay wrapped a hand around his cock and held himself in place as John shifted up his knees then sank down on him with a groan. “Fuck.”

“I love your thick cock,” John admitted in words slurred with lust. He curled his hands around he headboard and started to work himself on his husband’s dick. “You’re just…fuck… that’s perfect.”

Rodney wrapped a hand firmly around John’s erection and held him as John rode him. “I love you and I love it when you’re all greedy and demanding like this.”

“I…” John shuddered and started to move faster. “I’ll never get enough of you.”

McKay used his free hand to cup John’s hip and he started jerk him off with long, slow pulls. “Come for me.”

“I…” John shuddered. “I’m not done.”

“I want to fuck you after you come. You love that.”

John had rarely loved anything more than the thick thrust of Rodney’s cock in his ass after he’d already come. He shuddered and came all over McKay’s hand. Orgasm made him limp and pliable so Rodney just rolled him over, pushed both of John’s legs over his arms and fucked him as hard as he could. He loved the way their skin smacked together, the heat of Rodney’s body against his and the way the muscles in his legs burned because of the position.

John relaxed on the bed, threw his arms over his head and practically melted into the mattress. Rodney pumped into his body with strong, sure strokes—seeking his own pleasure single-mindedly. John loved that, too. A little stutter of Rodney’s hips told John that his husband was almost at this own breaking point so he clinched down on McKay’s cock as hard he could and the man groaned and came with a startled shout.

– – – –

“You’re saying that you don’t consider yourself Canadian anymore,” Adrien Bristow questioned.

“Of course not.” Rodney fussed with his coffee for a few seconds, intent on enjoying the experience regardless of his circumstances. “I don’t even consider myself a Tau’ri. I’m Lantean. The Second Citizen of a new generation of Lanteans to be exact.” He pushed aside a plate of cookies with a frown. “If it’s your intention to kill me Prime Minister Bristow, I would appreciate a more direct approach.”

John pulled the plate of offending cookies further away from his spouse and Elizabeth took them when they were within her reach. “Dr. McKay is allergic to citrus.” He cleared his throat when one of Bristow’s security people moved close to the table. “You’re too close.”

“I was just going to take the plate away,” the man stepped back to the wall and blinked in surprise when the plate elevated off the table and flew to him. He plucked it hesitantly out of the air and passed it to someone to get it out of the room. “Thank you, sir.”

John inclined his head and then returned his focus to Rodney. “Tell him your concerns, McKay.”

“The IOA has already maneuvered themselves in an effort to control General Sheppard and myself through our families. I have a sister in Vancouver.” McKay paused and frowned. “It’s important for you to know that the safety of my sister and her children is important to me. I would be intensely upset if I felt I couldn’t trust the Canadian government to keep her safe.”

Bristow sat back in his chair and looked briefly at each of them. “I won’t be bullied by the IOA or the US government and you can trust that your sister and her children are as safe as they can be. I would never sanction action to take them into custody and would consider such treatment of my citizens as an act of war. I’ll make that clear to my counterpart in the US and those abroad.” He looked at John. “It’s my understanding that your father and brothers are no longer on Earth, General Sheppard.”

“They are safe if that is your concern. The Admiral is interested in knowing more about Atlantis and threat we face in Pegasus.” John refilled Rodney’s coffee cup. “One of my brothers is actually still on Earth but his location is ‘need to know’ and while I do believe you’ve spoken with us honestly—you don’t need to know. The youngest is on Atlantis falling in love with science and stuff.”

Bristow scrunched up his nose in irritation but nodded abruptly. “I have a feeling I know exactly where your brother is and I’m not opposed to it at this point. Though I’m sure the US government might have a problem or two with one of their military assets playing bodyguard for a house wife in Vancouver.”

“You can’t imagine that we care,” Elizabeth returned and then smiled. “Now, President Hayes has made several overtures in our direction concerning the building of ships and future trade agreements with Lantea.”

“Henry and I have had several conversations and we’re very much on the same page. Currently the three ships the SGC has built are manned entirely by military assets from Canada and the US. We have some civilian scientists in the program from different countries but we’ve found over the years they are far more dedicated to science than to lines on a map,” Bristow explained. “We want to protect our world from the Ori and we’ll do what is necessary to do that—even if we have to fight our own people to do it.”

Elizabeth nodded. “All right, we do not wish to concern ourselves with your internal conflicts but we do insist that our existence be revealed to the people of this world and we want full disclosure on the Atlantis Expedition including the details of how we were abandoned in another galaxy.”

– – – –

“They’ll never admit they left us in Pegasus to die,” Rodney murmured as he moved around the small meeting room that Elizabeth was ensconced in. “They can’t even explain it to themselves. There is just this huge swell of apathy in them when it comes to the Atlantis Expedition. You feel it?”

“Yes,” John admitted. “I feel it. They fear the Wraith on a visceral level—far more than they ever feared the Goa’uld or even the Ori. They left us in Pegasus to fight a war they all feared so much it made them sick to even think about it but they didn’t want it to touch them. They didn’t want to hear about our suffering or our eventual failure so they never came to check on us.”

“What happened in the Ori galaxy changed them,” Elizabeth admitted. “And the people at the SGC. I guess we can be lucky that Dr. Jackson left when he did.”

“Maybe Jackson is the reason,” John said and shifted in his chair. “He was their heart and he left them—disillusioned and furious by Landry’s bullshit. Now they’re floundering under the weight of the threat of the Ori and Landry spent so much time ignoring it in favor of his own power games that they are utterly unprepared for what the galaxy is throwing at them. I think Earth would’ve already fallen if it were not for the Asgard.”

“And the Asgard are only able to help because Theseus saved them,” Rodney said. “At what point do we tell the people on Earth that the Asgard had more in common with us genetically than they do?”

John snorted. “They’ll probably lose their minds when they figure out that Theseus made them new bodies and what that really means.”

“At least he gave them their penis’ back,” Elizabeth said cheerfully. “At least the ones that wanted a male body.”

Rodney sighed and John laughed a little. He could laugh about it—he wasn’t the one who’d had to explain gender roles and physical reproduction to the Asgard.

“Just wait until they find out that all three genders can have babies,” Rodney said with a smirk and Elizabeth started to giggle.

book 2 vignette chapter 9

Chapter 9


“What are you thinking about?”

“I’m thinking that my entire life has been stolen from me because people are corrupt and my brother is more loyal to a city in another galaxy than he is to the planet he was born on,” Matt Sheppard said baldly.

Ally swung her feet and they knocked against the pier they were both sitting on. “Do you resent me? Us?”

“No,” Matt said with a sigh. “But you can feel that, right?”

“Theseus can feel that you’re conflicted,” Ally explained. “Was there someone on Earth that you had romantic feelings for? I’ll have Atlas kidnap them.”

Matt laughed abruptly. “No, in fact, my personal life was a dead loss but I’d just accepted a coveted position in a hospital for women and children in Boston. I was getting ready for the move. I guess I can be thankful that I’m not leaving any patients behind at this point. I’d already transferred the ones in my New York practice to other doctors. But…” He looked out over the city. “Do I have a place here?”

“There are no doctors on the city from Earth who specialized in the care of women and children,” Ally said. “There are several midwives on the mainland but all they have are the skills that have been passed down to them. We lost a woman and her child last year due to complications during the birth. She was on the mainland and I didn’t know…” Ally sighed. “Now, I have monitors on all the pregnant women so I can keep track of them and their babies. It was so terrible, Matt, to lose two citizens in such a way.”

“Yes, I can imagine that it was.” Matt nodded and took a deep breath. “I’m mad at John.”

“He knows.”

“Yes, I assume he did since he gave me so much space on the ship and delegated the question of coming here to our father,” Matt huffed and rubbed his head in frustration. “When he left—he pretty much left our family on a path to self-destruction. I’ve barely spoken to David in years either—just emails here and there. I was really upset with him when he had contact with John then they had an argument and I was pretty petty about how much that pleased me. It wasn’t fair, really.”

“You were young.”

“And stupid,” Matt said grimly. “John could’ve died out here and all four of us were just a bunch of stubborn assholes.”

“Fortunately for you all, I’m a total boss at wrangling assholes,” Ally boasted proudly.

Matt laughed. “I just bet you are.” He stretched and took a deep breath. “Did Atlas finish cleaning out my apartment?”

“Yes, your belongings are all crated and they’ll be transferred here before Atlas starts the trip home. I’ve done the same with the Admiral—the FBI was at his house. Atlas found it quite amusing to take everything—some of it right out of their hands.”

Matt laughed. “Well, as long as he had a good time. How is my brother David?”

“He is at Jeannie McKay’s house,” Ally explained. “John seems to think that the situation is amusing but Atlas can’t figure out why.”

“David has a hero complex,” Matt murmured. “I’m sure a pretty little scientist with two kids has flipped all of his protective switches.”

“Human relationships are difficult for me to understand sometimes but I understand the desire to protect those who can’t protect themselves. There are many vulnerable people on Lantea. The children are especially important to me. The Ancients stopped having children long before they abandoned us in Pegasus but now there are many children. I hope Jeannie McKay comes here—she has two children.” She turned to Matt. “Are you heterosexual or homosexual?”

Matt gaped at her for a second then sighed. “I’m bisexual actually. Do you know what that means?”

“You like both genders. That’s good. I’ll make a list of people on the city that you have interests in common with and…” She trailed off when he shook his head. “Do you not wish to find someone to share sexual pleasure with? I find that most of the city’s population is quite dedicated to it.”

He grinned at her. “I think you’ll find that I won’t have to work hard to get laid, Ally.”

“No, I’ve already heard from several people on the city that you’re extremely attractive but still I could make sure you meet someone very compatible.” She offered him a smile and winked at him.

“Absolutely not,” he told her. “I’ve never had to resort to dating sites so I’m not going to let you match make for me either. Besides, I know what you’re about—you’re trying to get me attached to someone on the city so I won’t leave.”

She laughed. “Don’t play hard to get, Dr. Sheppard.”

“My Dad is here and I imagine David will come, too, so there is nowhere else I’d rather be. Let’s talk about gene therapy. I had a conversation with Dr. Beckett but he said I’d have to ask you most of my questions.”

“All right.” Ally folded her legs together as she turned to face him. “Lay it on me, Doctor.”

– – – –

Jeannie’s fingers were shaking as she unfolded the letter she’d received by messenger. “It’sthat son of a bitch!”

“What?” David questioned.

“He’s been offered a job in the US and he’s suing me for custody of Madison and Max.” Jeannie bit down on her lip. “This isare they going to try to use my babies against Mer?”

David grimaced and pulled the letter from her fingers. “If they get them into the US, your government can’t protect them and the deal that your brother made with the PM will mean nothing.” He read it over and then tossed it aside. “So, it looks like there are some people maneuvering in the US that is beyond what the President has agreed to. He agreed to leave you and your kids alone.”

“But there are organizations that won’t honor that agreement,” Jeannie whispered and then brushed tears from her face. “Right? I mean there are even government agencies that the President can’t control and then there are other countries we to have to worry about. What about the North Koreans or the Russians? Russia is pissed about the US withdrawal from the IOA.”

“Hey, it’s okay. I’m here and nothing is going to happen to you on my watch.”

“But you want to go to Pegasus with your brother,” Jeannie whispered. “And I don’t blame you—if I didn’t have Madison and Max it wouldn’t even be a choice at this point.”

“I think because of them you have to seriously consider it. No matter what assurances the politicians offer McKay and my brother—there are those who would seek to use you against them, against him. I don’t know what they would do if that happened but I don’t imagine it would be pretty. Their technology is pretty fucking scary and your kids could get caught in the cross fire.”

Jeannie nodded and scrubbed her face with both hands. “I want to resent him for this but it’s not his fault. He didn’t ask to be abandoned in another galaxy.”

“No, but they did choose to stay there. They did choose to make alliances that make returning to Earth damned near impossible,” David murmured. “You can’t think that I don’t feel the same way. My brother chose to never come home. The only reason they are here now is because the SGC contacted them first and they are really pretty pissed about being here at all.”

She nodded. “Yeah, I got that. Mer has never been able to keep his emotions off his face but I don’t resent him. That’s the problem.” She looked at the letter on the table. “Kaleb has never even held Max. I was eight months pregnant when I found out he was sleeping with his TA.” Jeannie rubbed her mouth in frustration. “I’ve been doing some consulting work for the SGC, that’s how I’m making ends meet. Colonel Carter has done a lot for me—to keep my work on a need to know basis and provide me with some income to take care of my kids.”

“He’s never held his son?” David demanded in a harsh whisper and then straightened away from the counter. “We have little feet heading this way.”

Madison Miller appeared in the doorway of the kitchen a few seconds later. “Mama, Max is awake but he’s not crying yet.”

“I’ll get him.” David moved towards the door.

“He’ll need to be changed,” Jeannie protested.

He laughed. “I think I can swing it. I believe you promised us French toast last night. Isn’t that right, Maddie?”

“Yep.” Madison nodded resolutely. “She sure did.”

David found Max Miller on his feet clutching the bars on his crib. The six month old grinned and lifted one arm to wave which made him lose his balance. He fell on his butt with an impatient huff. David pulled out the radio John had given him. “John?”

“Yeah?” the sleepy voice on the other end amused him.

“Sorry to wake you up big brother but I could use a conversation. Can you beam to the room I’m in?”

“Not a problem,” John murmured.

David shoved the radio into his jeans, plucked Max out of his prison, and carried him to the changing able. He had the kid naked when John appeared a few feet from him. “Her ex-husband is a problem.”

John glanced from his brother to the wiggling infant. “You’re changing diapers?”

“Not the first time,” David responded. He plucked out a few wipes from a box and washed the kid down efficiently. “I’ve dated a few women with children.” He pulled out a diaper and some clothes from the side table and started to dress Max. “Kaleb Miller. He showed up yesterday morning claiming that a neighbor reported I was staying here to him. He copped an attitude but I’m bigger than he is and he backed off without causing a big scene.”

“Okay.” John leaned against the wall. “And then?”

“This morning she gets a letter from a lawyer. The English professor has been offered a job in the US and he’s suing for custody of the kids including this guy who apparently he’s never even met.” David tied little sneakers onto the kid’s kicking feet and then picked him up. The baby sighed and rubbed his face against David’s neck contentedly. “So, what organizations does she need to worry about that the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Canada can’t protect her from?”

“I don’t know but I’ll have Ally do some data mining and find out.” John reached out and touched Max. “Hey, kiddo.” He smiled when Max offered him a shy smile. “He likes you. You’re safe for him.”

David blinked in surprise. “You’re getting that from him?”

“Yeah, babies are pretty easy to keep happy and their emotions are simple at this stage. You make him feel safe, content. It’s all pretty instinctual and kids have great instincts.” John shrugged when he realized David was blushing. “You’re doing a pretty good job of making everyone in this house feel that way. Jeannie is worried but not so much about her physical safety.”

“She’s an interesting person,” David admitted.

“Intensely smart, arrogant, confident, and so vulnerable it makes your gut ache just looking at her,” John murmured. “I think that runs in the family actually.”

David rubbed Max’s back and exhaled sharply. “Send me down a laptop and get me something to look at concerning this mess. I’d also like a very thorough background on Kaleb Miller, including his financials and the name of the woman he’s screwing.”

“Atlas will get you up to speed.” John clicked his radio and disappeared in a flash of light.

book 2 vignette chapter 10

Chapter 10


Elizabeth stepped through the gate and into the gate room of Atlantis without a break in stride. Patrick Sheppard was standing at the top of the stairs that led to the second level where her office was. “Admiral.”

“Just Patrick at this point, I think.” He rubbed the back of his neck in a manner reminiscent of his son and shrugged. “I’ve been trying to get one of these kids you have roaming around here to give me a tour of the mainland but they just keep smiling at me and thanking me for coming out.”

Elizabeth laughed softly. “They are pleased because it will make the General happy.” She motioned towards her office. “Carson tells me you’re refusing a physical. Be fortunate you’re who you are because anyone else would have already gotten carried bodily to the medlab.” She glanced around the men in uniform around the room. “John’s soldiers don’t want to get on your bad side.”

Once in her office, she settled behind her desk and stretched her back. “Ally.”

Ally appeared by the large window in Elizabeth’s office. “Dr. Weir, welcome back. Your schedule is clear for the day.”

She frowned and reached out for a datapad on her otherwise bare desk. “I thought I had a meeting with Teyla and the trader’s union on the mainland.”

Ally glanced briefly at Patrick and then shook her head. “You’ve worked thirty-seven straight days, Dr. Weir. I spoke with Administrator Emmagan and rearranged the meeting. Well, I did give them the option of having me mediate the issue. They chose to wait for you.”

Elizabeth grinned. “I bet they did.” She turned to Patrick. “The last time Ally mediated a meeting in the Trade Union—they were grounded from off world travel for three months for being assholes.”

Patrick chuckled. “Well, since you’re not allowed to work—how about lunch?”

Elizabeth quirked an eyebrow. “Not until you’ve completed a full physical exam.” She inclined her head. “You don’t honestly think you’ve kept your heart condition from John?”

Patrick sighed. “It’s not that big of a deal.”

“It’s a big enough deal that you’ve been put on a desk at the Pentagon. They don’t take a man of your experience off his ship against his will if he’s healthy. My people already have copies of your medical records from Earth and while Dr. Beckett has demonstrated a great deal of patience, you can’t even think we’re going to let you to continue to dodge him.”

“I’m on medication for it. I don’t…”

“If you die on our watch because you’re being a stubborn jerk John would never forgive me,” Elizabeth said and stood up. “So, let’s go get a health scan for you and then we can endure Carson working up a healing plan for you. He’s very serious about such things.”

“Healing plan?” Patrick repeated. “Wait, you mean like when John healed my burned hand? You can heal my heart?”

“We can try,” Elizabeth clarified. “There have been times when we’ve run across conditions that we can’t get a handle on. The Ancients were an essentially perfect people genetically. They weren’t prone to problems like we have. We can heal physical damage but genetic issues are a different matter altogether.”

– – – –

David rolled off the couch, his weapon firmly in hand. Jeannie had given him a guest room but being on the bottom floor of the house gave him an advantage – an advantage that was about to come in pretty damned handy. It took him seconds to pin Kaleb Miller to the floor in the front of the house, keys he shouldn’t even have had clattering on the floor.

He pressed a gun to the man’s forehead after he flipped him over. “How much did they pay you to sell out your own kids?”

Miller jerked his head in an effort to get away from the gun. “I don’t know…”

“Don’t even bother,” David hissed. “You haven’t even tried to see them since your divorce. Your son doesn’t even know what your face looks like.” He lifted off of him. “And now you break into your ex-wife’s house. For what purpose? You couldn’t have gotten Maddie out of the house without her making noise. So, the baby? You were going to take a six month old and turn him over to strangers? Your own son?”

Miller scooted back on his ass until he hit the wall near the still open front door. “Who are you and what are you doing with my family?”

“I already told you my name,” David returned evenly. “As for the wife and kids you threw away—I’m protecting them. Something you should be doing. Whatever they promised youit isn’t going to happen because you aren’t getting anywhere near Jeannie or her kids. Understood?”

“I’m their father and I’m entitled…”

“To make money off of them?” Jeannie asked from the stairs. “God, Kaleb, really? Do you even know what you’re doing?” She sat down on the top stair and shook her head. “Did they tell you what they wanted?”

“Something about your brother,” Kaleb snapped. “It isn’t like I give a fuck about that arrogant prick. They just want leverage against him. They aren’t going to hurt you or the kids.”

“I can’t believe you’re so fucking stupid,” Jeannie hissed and jumped up from the stairs. “Get out and don’t ever come back!”

“You don’t have a job and your trust fund is almost depleted,” Kaleb shouted. “The courts will side with me. I’ll get them, Jeannie. What has your brother ever done for you? The money they are offering could put both of our kids through college.”

“Leave,” David pushed him towards the door.

“Are you fucking my wife?” Miller demanded as he jerked his arm free of David.

“What I do with your ex-wife is none of your business.” David shoved him out on the porch and slammed the door. He took a deep breath and locked all of the doors. He felt the heat of her before she actually touched him, her small hand pressing hesitantly against the small of his back. “Did the kids wake up?”

“Max did but he went back to sleep,” Jeannie murmured and leaned against him, pressing her face against his shoulder blade. “I can’tI can’t stay here, can I? If the father of my children would sell them to use against my brother…” her breath hitched. “We won’t ever be safe anywhere.”

“You’ll be safe with me,” David whispered and let his head rest against the door. It had been six months since he’d had a woman as close to him as Jeannie McKay was. It was both a pleasure and a torture. Her sweet smell and the soft heat of her body were another reminder of how he’d deprived himself of just by doing his job. “It won’t take much for us to find a place on Lantea with John and Rodney. I won’t let anyone or anything hurt you or those kids.”

“You don’t even know me.”

“I know enough,” David returned shortly. “We need to pack for the kids. Essentials for now. Pack things that might be difficult to replace on Atlantis short term. Pack things that will be familiar to them to help them settle in. Favorite toys—clothes. Things that mean Earth. We can go through the gate on board Atlas right to Atlantis so they won’t be on the ship for the trip back to Pegasus.”

– – – –

Madison Miller leaned into David Sheppard as they materialized in the gate room of Atlas. She looked around with wide blue eyes and curled her fingers into the leg of his jeans. David picked her up and shared a glance with Jeannie. “Where is the General?”

“He’s on his way down, sir.” The soldier standing near the large console stood up. “Some little kids freak out a little at the gate activation.” He jerked his head towards a door. “Would you like to take them onto the observation deck while I establish contact with Atlantis?”

Jeannie looked around the crates they’d packed quickly. Her whole life was packed away in six large plastic crates. She blinked rapidly to keep tears at bay and nodded when David looked her way. “That would be good. We can see Earth?”

The soldier’s expression softened. “Yes, ma’am, of course. I’ll let the General and Dr. McKay know you’ll be there.”

David nodded. “Thanks.”

– – – –

“I want him dead,” Rodney hissed and then took a deep breath to calm himself down. “But that’s not civilized. I know that.”

John laughed sadly. “I like you uncivilized and if you want I’ll go down there right now and kill him so hard his ancestors will feel it.”

Rodney huffed dramatically but some of the tension bled out of his face as they walked down the hall towards the ship’s gate room. “It’s good that your brother was there—I don’t know how bad it would’ve been otherwise. I should’ve put PIDs in all three of them the first time I was down there.”

The small observation deck just off the gate room provided an excellent view of Earth. Madison was leaning against the window wide-eyed and breathless when John and Rodney entered. Jeannie was leaning against David, and Max was asleep on his shoulder.

John figured that his family must have some kind of built in weakness to people named McKay because David was radiating ‘back off’ and ‘mine’ like no one’s business.

“We’ve established a connection with Atlantis,” John murmured and squatted down beside Madison. “Hey, kiddo. That’s a pretty awesome view, huh?”

Madison nodded. “Doesn’t look dirty from up here.”

“No, it doesn’t,” John agreed.

She turned and focused on him. “We’re going to go live with you because there are bad people on Earth who’ll hurt us.”

John ignored Jeannie’s harsh in-take of breath. “Well, your Uncle Rodney and I did invite you to come live with us because we have this great place to live and we’ve missed our families while we were gone from Earth. We’re just both really lucky that your mom agreed.”

“And the bad people?”

“I don’t let bad people hurt my family,” John informed her seriously and touched her cheek gently. “You know I married your Uncle Rodney. That makes you my family.”

Madison smiled slyly. “Men can get married in Canada, too. That’s because we’re civilized. Are you and Uncle Rodney gay together? No one gets mad on your world about that, right? Because that would be bad.”

John laughed. “We are lucky to live and work beside really amazing people who are also quite civilized.” He tapped her nose. “I love your Uncle Rodney more than anything in the whole universe.”

“That’s a lot.”

“It is,” John conceded. “Are you ready to go to your new home now?”

“Will it be scary?”

“Nope, it will be fun and exciting and Ally can’t wait to meet you. Why don’t you take a nap, sweetheart?” John picked her up easily and she almost immediately let her head rest on his shoulder.

“John?” Jeannie asked alarmed as Madison fell asleep.

“Going through a wormhole can be disorienting—but going through a wormhole to another galaxy is beyond jarring,” John admitted. “You don’t see anything or even feel anything but when you first step onto Atlantis there is going to be some disconnection and this feeling that you’re lost something. Especially for you guys since this is your first trip through a gate at all.”

David transferred Max to Jeannie and took Madison from his brother. “How long will she sleep?”

“An hour or less,” John touched Max and the baby sniffled—his body going lax in his mother’s arms. “Just long enough for you guys to get through a medical scan and my people are waiting on the other side for you.”

Jeannie looked at Rodney. “Mer?”

“Everything will be fine and…” He sighed. “Thank you for not fighting me on this. I’ll take care of the house and any bills you might have left behind.”

“What about Kaleb?”

Rodney frowned. “What about him?”

Jeannie sighed. “He’s an asshole, Meredith, but that doesn’t mean I’d like you to kill him or have him maimed for life.”

“He tried to sell his children,” John pointed out. “That transcends asshole and moves toward utter bastard territory.”

“And now he’ll never see them again.” She patted Max as she spoke. “He’ll never see his son at all. I think that’s punishment enough in the long run.”

Rodney looked at her with narrow eyes. “I won’t kill him or send someone down to do it for me no matter how much it should be done. I imagine he’s going to protest with the government when he realizes you’re gone but Elizabeth has already made it clear she won’t even entertain the idea of returning any of you to Earth against your will.”

John reached out and touched her shoulder. “We’ll take care of you, Jeannie, if you’ll let us. When you go on Atlantis—our people, the family we chose to make in Pegasus will be waiting you. They’re all excited to meet you and will help you in any way they can. Don’t hesitate to ask if you need something and we have people to talk to if you need thatKate Heightmeyer is in charge of putting refugees at ease in our society and I guess you qualify as that.”

She smiled but her eyes welled with tears. “Thank you, John.”

– – – –

David frowned down at his father. The last thing he’d expected was to find him in a medical pod. “What happened?”

Carson Beckett cleared his throat. “He hasn’t filled out medical files so I can’t divulge his private…” He paused when David focused hard green eyes on him. He knew those eyes well enough to know he was treading fast and hard on the Sheppard temper. “He will be fine when he comes out of the pod, lad. I did some tests on him and found a condition that concerned me enough that I chose not to wait for a healing team.”

“His heart?” David questioned letting his hand rest on the glass of the pod. “He said it wasn’t badhe lied to me, right?”

Carson flushed. “I believe parents always try to protect their children from things that could be perceived as hurtful. He will come out of the pod as perfect as we can make him without gene therapy.”

David nodded. “I wantwill you contact me when he’s ready to come out? I’d like to be here.”

“As long as you promise not to show your arse,” Carson returned evenly. “Just because I fixed all of his little issues doesn’t mean I want you to upset the man.”

“Doc, I haven’t picked a fight with my daddy since I was sixteen. I just want to…” He trailed off. “I need to hear him talk to me, that’s all.”

“Understood. Get with Colonel Lorne and he’ll assign you a radio to use and teach you how to filter through the different channels.”

David let himself be led out of the infirmary by the soldier that had greeted him and Jeannie at the gate. They’d all been given a full health work up but he’d stayed behind to check on his father. He appreciated the concern John’s people were demonstrating towards him and the McKays. “Where are Dr. McKay and the kids?”

“We’ve arranged an apartment in the tower where the General and our Dr. McKay are housed,” the soldier offered. “Your father already has a suite of rooms in the tower and he made mention that you’d probably stay at least short term with him and Dr. Sheppard. If you find you want your own quarters—it won’t be a problem but you’ll probably have to be housed out of the family tower unless you can convince McKay to move his private lab.”

David chuckled. “I’ll be fine with my father for the time being…” He glanced over the man’s rank insignia and sighed. “Can you get me a copy of your military code so I can figure out rank structures and all of that?”

“We kept the Marine Corps ranking system, sir, since most of the Earth soldiers were US Marines.” He paused at the transporter. “You’re a Navy SEAL, sir?”

“Yes.” David lifted an eyebrow when the soldier just nodded and entered the transporter. “I hate to ask but are you from Earth or…”

“Not.” The man answered with a small sad smile. “I’m Athosian by birth and Lantean by choice. I’ve been with the expedition since the beginning though—first working as a field guide and then joining the Lantean Space Command when it was formed. We have a few people from Earth that were in the Navy before coming to Atlantis. I know a great deal about the military structures of Earth.” He pointed at the small silver slivers on his collar. “My rank is Sergeant. I’ll get you a copy of our military code—I think I can scrounge up a tablet PC for you to use until you’re assessed for the gene therapy.”

David nodded but didn’t say anything else until they were beamed to a different part of the city. “Did you transfer all of the things for the kids to their quarters?”

“Yes, of course. We wanted to make sure the children were as comfortable as possible. We were able to secure furniture for their bedrooms already. Children areprecious on Lantea, Commander Sheppard.” He prodded him down a hallway and the city avatar appeared in front of them. “Is something wrong, Ally?”

“Sergeant Korr, you are needed in the central tower. Your younger brother has dialed in from New Athos and is requesting you.” Ally inclined her head towards David. “I will see to Commander Sheppard.”

David watched the younger man trot off at a swift pace and turned to stare at the avatar. “I hope nothing is wrong.”

Ally inclined her head. “New Athos is unprotected because they chose to protest the life we’re building on Lantea but many Lanteans have family connections. Sergeant Korr is one of them. He was…” Ally sighed. “Sergeant Korr inherited some traits from his father that were the result of Wraith experimentation.”

“He has Wraith DNA?” David questioned, neutrally. “And his people shunned him when they found out?”

“Something like that, yes. His younger brother was spared the taint as their people call it but over the last few months has dialed into the city to speak with his brother. I do not know what the results will be for Davyn or his brother Gregor but I hope that Gregor will join us. I’ve issued an invitation to him personally. It would please Davyn to reclaim some of his blood family.”

David followed the avatar down the hall. “You look real, solid.”

She turned and smiled at him—bright eyed and shining white teeth. “Yes, I figured it would make you feel more at ease. I can take on many different appearances. The children will see me and I figured they would bemore comfortable if I looked normal to them as well—at least until they adjust to their new lives.”

He couldn’t disagree with that. “Do you have a problem with us being here?”

“John isthe First Citizen.” Ally paused and said nothing for a few seconds. “His happiness is important to me but you descend from my creator, David. Your gene isn’t all that different from your brothers.”

“And our father?” David questioned.

“Your father,” Ally grinned then. “Is something altogether different—stronger actually. Your mother is the descendant from Joral—but you and your brothers get your unusually strong genes from your father because he’s half-Alteran.”

David’s mouth dropped open. “Excuse me?”

“As far as I can tell his mother was an Alteran,” Ally continued. “I’ve been researching your family for years and will be happy to discuss this with you all at a later date. Regardless, it explains so much about your brothers and you.” She paused in front of a door. “This is where Jeannie and the children are. I assumed you’d wish to check on them. Your father’s quarters are one flight of stairs up—directly above. Matthew is also staying there. He is currently in the science labs. The door has already been keyed to you so you won’t have a problem getting settled.”

“Thank you.” David waved a hand over the door sensor and relaxed when the door opened immediately to reveal Jeannie. “Hey.”

She smiled and offered him her hand. “We have a great view and there’s an extra bedroom so you can stay with us…” She blushed. “Unless you’re staying elsewhere? They didn’t bring your duffle with the rest of our things.”

“They put it in the quarters my father has on the floor above you,” David explained as she led him to a pair of double doors and out to a balcony. “Is this safe for the kids?”

Ally appeared at his side in an instant. “Of course, there are shields in place to prevent falls.”

Jeannie glanced briefly at the avatar and then focused on David. “The city has allocated resources for us because we don’t have the gene. If I don’t qualify for the gene therapy—I’ll have to move to the mainland but there are labs on the mainland for scientists who can’t work in the city because of physical problems.”

“You and Rodney are twinsso it shouldn’t be a problem, right?” David questioned.

Ally quirked an eyebrow. “We’ll see. We’re already processing your scan results from the medlab and Carson is running a full panel of tests on your genomes. I’ve already requested ATA suppression devices for Madison and Max. They both have active ATA genes. It was a surprise—I didn’t expect them to be gene carriers because Dr. McKay didn’t have one.”

“Do they have to wear the bracelets?”

“Yes, if they are to remain in the city. It’s for their protection—there are times when I can’t focus my attention on those in the city and I wouldn’t want Madison to wander into part of the city that was dangerous because I’m distracted by an off-world matter. The bracelet will act as a tether of a sort—preventing her from certain rooms and labs as well as alerting security to her position if she is lost. Also, it will allow me to continuously monitor their health.” She gave them both a brief nod and then disappeared.

David leaned against the railing of the balcony. “Do you want me to stay in your spare bedroom?”

Jeannie blushed and bit down on her lip. “I think that Maddie would feel safer if you did.”

David laughed softly and reached out to touch her arm. “Come on, now.” He pulled her towards him. “If you want me to stay with you, Jean, just be a big girl about it and ask me.”

Jeannie huffed dramatically as she came to rest against him, her hands flat on his all too nice chest. “I’m on another planet in a different galaxyand my kids and you are the only things out here that mean Earth to me. Not even my own brother means that me. I trust he’ll take care of me but until a few days ago I hadn’t talked to Mer in nearly ten years. He didn’t even come home when I had Madison.”

“So you’re saying I’m less a stranger than your own brother.”

“For the moment,” Jeannie hedged. “AndI’d feel safer if you were close by but I understand if you want to stay with your father instead. I don’t want to interfere with your family.”

“John made it pretty clear that he considers you and the kids his family.” David ran hand down her arm in an effort to soothe her. “You can build a new life here, Jeannie. Away from your asshat ex-husband and surrounded by people who will value your intelligence. Sure, things may be dangerous here but Earth was no better what with the threat of the Ori.”

Jeannie couldn’t disagree with that. She sighed and let her face rest on his chest. “Fine, I want you to stay in my spare bedroom because I’m scared and I feel powerless. Atlantis is like nothing I’ve ever seen before and the people make me nervous. Everyone is wearing a weapon—even people I think are scientists.” Her fingers curled against his chest and she shuddered. “It’sjustso crazy.”

“I’ll stay,” David whispered and pressed a kiss against her forehead. “But I have to tell you—every single person on this city is going to think I’m banging you.”

Jeannie laughed abruptly and looked up at him with bright blue eyes sparkling with amusement and devilment. “Good, maybe the women on this city will leave you alone.”

“You think that’s a problem?”

“You’re attractive and maybe exotic since you’re the brother of their military leader.” Jeannie waved a hand and exhaled sharply when David grabbed it and pulled her closer. “And I have a readymade family, a few stretch marks, and I’m older than you and maybe you don’t want that kind of…”

He shut her up with his mouth. She gasped in surprise but let him pull her closer and kiss the hell out of her. She was shaking when he lifted his head. “Do you always babble when you’re freaking out?”

“Yes, and sometimes when I’m excited or nervous or scared or really happy.” Jeannie blushed when he laughed and then licked her bottom lip. “And in bed—I talk a lot in bed.”

David grinned. “I can’t wait to find out.” He pulled her in for another kiss but paused just before their mouths touched. “I’m not playing a game with you—I wouldn’t do that to you or your kids.”

“I don’t want you to think I’m doing this because you’re great with my kids—I’m being kind of selfish here because you’re so pretty,” Jeannie informed him solemnly.

“That’s excellent news,” David murmured and kissed her softly. He lifted his head. “My daddy will be pleased to know his genes have given me such an advantage in life.”

– – – –

“We have a serious problem.”

Rodney glanced up from the report he was reading and looked at Adrien Bristow with mild curiosity. “You mean you have a problem. I solved my problem a few hours ago—and you’ve been notified and now you have a problem.”

Bristow exhaled sharply and looked away pointedly. “I had to have Dr. Kaleb Miller taken into custody to prevent him from having a news conference where he was going to accuse the IOA of kidnapping his wife and children.”

“I’ll be happy to get on television and tell everyone that I rescued my sister and her children from being used in a nefarious plot against me.”

John snorted from his place on a small couch on the other side of the room. He didn’t bother to look up from his datapad. “It’s always gotta be just about you, McKay.”

Rodney glared at him. “You’re lucky I love you. That being said I’m not above shaving your head while you sleep.”

Bristow started laughing when John visibly paled.

“That’s not even funny, Rodney.” John glared at him—clearly affronted. “I don’tyou know I always make sure your datapads are up to date and I always request your coffee first. It’s really inconsiderate of you to threaten something so important to me.” He glanced at the still laughing Prime Minister of Canada. “I can see the new has rubbed off, sir.”

Adrien laughed. “I’m just really glad to see that Rodney hasn’t changed all of that much considering the events of the last five years. He was always my favorite pain in the ass. I hated it when he joined the SGC.”

John smirked and went back to his datapad. “The US President is calling a press conference. Will you be attending or will you be holding your own?”

“I’m attending his,” Adrien admitted. “I’d rather have my own but the SGC is the bailiwick of the US and the history of the Stargate program rests there. I figure he has the obligation to tell the world how fucked up the IOA is being and take some responsibility for what Landry did to the expedition.”

Rodney just laughed and then set aside the report. “Okay, I’ll meet with Kaleb Miller. I suppose he’s here?”

“Him and his three lawyers. He suddenly has a lot of money behind him,” Bristow admitted. “He’s threatening to sue everyone.”

“He already squandered my money,” Rodney returned evenly. “My sister barely managed to pay for her PhD classes. I’m surprised she was able to defend her dissertation in the midst of all of his bullshit and giving birth all by herself.”

– – – –

“I want my kids.”

Rodney hated Kaleb Miller but appreciated his direct approach to the conversation. He continued to play with his coffee—getting it just so while the lawyers from various governments and the IOA tried to all speak at once. When he was done with his coffee, he sat back in his chair. “No.”

“Excuse me,” Kaleb demanded.

“I don’t trust you, Dr. Miller. I never have—you’re a thoughtless, arrogant prick. You didn’t even bother to see your son when he was born. Thanks to you—my sister gave birth alone and barely managed to cover child care for Madison while she was in the hospital. You took most of the money I gave her and used it to buy your mistress presents and a fancy apartment.” Rodney glared at him as everyone else in the room started to shuffle around. “There is nothing and no one on this entire planet that can make me do a fucking thing. So this meeting is really a waste of time. Jeannie, Madison, and Maxwell are on Lantea—we sent them through the stargate hours ago. And I’ll do everything within my considerable power to persuade my sister to stay on Lantea for the rest of her natural life.”

“She is my wife!”

“She is your ex-wife,” Rodney returned. “And you don’t have visitation rights—you’ve never paid child support. You dumped your wife and your kids—then tried to sell them—to whom I don’t know.” He paused and his gaze drifted around the room. “You can be sure I’ll find out eventually.”

“This is a waste of time. I’m going to start legal proceedings.” Kaleb started to stand and John laughed. “What?”

“You’re going to sue us? What will that do? Do you think the US military will launch a ship to go to another galaxy to take one woman and two children from Atlantis? They don’t even know what planet we are on in Pegasus. Even if they did—your Prime Minister and the US President are currently more concerned with getting help with the Ori threat.” John rocked back in his chair and stared at him. “You’re insignificant.”

“Do you think you’re above the laws of this planet?” One of the lawyers demanded. “Your people are going to sign a treaty with the UN. We can appeal to them.”

“You can appeal to anyone you want,” John returned evenly and then focused on Kaleb. “Your girlfriend’s name is Stephanie. You also regularly trade sex for grades with ten different women and three young men on the campus where you teach. You never wanted kids and resented the hell out of Jeannie when she got pregnant for the second time. You were also quite irritated when she transferred money out of your account that Rodney gave her to pay for her education and wouldn’t give you access to it. You took what was left of the money and bailed on your marriage. You hid assets during the divorce and haven’t paid a single dollar of the court ordered child support since your divorce was final. You didn’t ask for visitation rights because you frankly can’t stand Madison and you figure Max won’t be interesting until he’s old enough to wipe his own ass.”

Kaleb Miller was pale and shaking. “How in the hell…”

“I’m reading your simple little mind,” John snapped. “I know two-year-old children more complicated than you.” He leaned forward. “You can hold press conferences, you can sue whoever the fuck you like but I’ll kill you before you’ll get near Jeannie’s kids again.”

John stood abruptly and held out his hand for McKay who took it and stood without a word. “Prime Minister Bristow, we’ll be monitoring the press conference from Atlas. I believe Dr. Weir will be back on the ship and ready to meet with you and President Hayes as planned.” He clicked his radio and they disappeared in a flash of light.

– – – –

“You okay?”

Sam Carter shook her head. “I should’ve argued more—lied to them about the success of the anti-pryor device in the field. I didn’t think it would hurt Sheppard or McKay but I shouldn’t have taken such a risk with them. It could’ve hurt them both badly.”

Jack O’Neill sighed. “Hayes withdrew from the IOA officially twenty minutes ago and he’s holding a press conference. The Atlantis Expedition mission documents are being released immediately after he’s done. It’s the final part of the SGC to be declassified beyond technology details and stuff that we can’t ever tell anyone because it’s so insane or fucked up or worse.”

Sam nodded and finally looked at Jack O’Neill. “You got it, right?”

“Yeah.” Jack sighed and looked around Sam’s kitchen. “I’m not surprised but I understand. I don’t want to lose you, Sam.”

“You have me, Jack.” She blushed and laughed when he quirked an eyebrow at her. “I can do that now.”

Jack grinned. “Yeah, you can. What do you want, Sam? Will you still work with us, for the program?”

“I think so. I’ll sign a contract if the President wants to hire me—I just can’t do it in uniform anymore.” Sam shrugged. “I have to be able to say no to bullshit without the fear of being put on trial and put in jail. It would also be pretty cool to be paid what I’m actually worth.”

“I can’t argue that.” Jack admitted and then reached out to snag her wrist. He just laughed when she squeaked in surprise. He hauled her close and kissed her right on the mouth. When he lifted his head she was staring at him—wide-eyed and startled. “What? I can do that now.” He rubbed her bottom lip thoughtfully with his thumb. “It isn’t even the first time.”

She scowled at him. “Youyou kissed me when you and Teal’c were in that time loop!”

“Yeah—half a dozen times. It was great.” Jack pulled her close and kissed her again. “If I didn’t have a strong sense of morality and Teal’c breathing down my neck I probably would’ve talked you into a closet.”

“That’s really unfair.”

“It was—he was horrible to me,” Jack complained and settled one hand on her hip. “It took six or eight more loops before I forgave him.”

“I mean that I don’t remember the other kisses, sir.” She blushed. “Jack.”

“Oh, Carter, you can still call me sir anytime you like,” Jack assured and prodded her against the wall. He hitched her right up off the floor and sighed when she gamely wrapped her legs around his waist. “I’ve wanted this since I set eyes on you. I didn’t even know I had a kink for dress uniforms until that day.”

She laughed and cupped the back of his head as he moved in close to kiss her. “Maybe I’ll wear it for you later.”

– – – –

“The UN wants to have an investigative discussion about the Atlantis Expedition,” Hayes said and shook his head. “There is very little I can do about that—but in the meantime, the US and Canada would like to sign a mutual non-aggression pact with the Lantean people and negotiate a trade deal.”

Elizabeth glanced between Hayes and Bristow briefly before settling back in her chair. She wiggled a little bit to get comfortable, Asgard furniture wasn’t really built for comfort. “And Great Britain?”

“Adrien and I will be meeting with the leaders of Great Britain and France individually. They are the most opposed to any kind of acknowledgement of your government and the most adamant about finding a way to force you to surrender Atlantis and all of your Ancient assets. The rest of the members of the former IOA are willing to play ball as long as we get to trade for advancements to fight the Ori.”

“I understand their motivations.” She glanced briefly at John who had insisted on beaming over to the Beowulf with her and then focused on Hayes. “Prepare a document and we’ll take the offer back to our people for discussion. It’ll have to be voted for by our council before we can formally commit resources. It won’t be a problem—we had a preliminary vote before we came to Earth. You can send us a transmission through the Ancient outpost.”

Hayes managed to contain his shock. “Excuse me?”

Elizabeth shrugged. “There is a subspace relay in the Ancient outpost. I doubt Colonel Carter will have a difficult time finding it if she tries. None of you ever bothered to look.”

“Dr. Carter resigned her commission from the Air Force,” Hayes admitted roughly. “I’m preparing a job offer for her in the hopes we’ll be able to keep her in the Stargate Program.”

Elizabeth smirked. “Don’t be surprised if she gets an offer from us.” She paused and then shrugged when Hayes’ mouth dropped open. “Don’t worry, Mr. President, I think Earth has something I can’t even begin to compete with when it comes to Sam Carter.”

– – – –

John sat down in the command chair of Atlas—relief settling into his bones. “Let’s go home, shall we?”

“Yeah,” Rodney agreed and touched his shoulder before gaining his own seat. “Home.”


The End


Author’s Notes:


Primitus Civitas: The First City


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