September 2016 Newsletter

Greetings Earthlings,

September is a crappy month. I lost my big baby this month–Sisko was a big part of my daily life and it’s so weird to wake up every day and not see his big head propped up on the end of the bed staring at me like the creepy stalker he was. I cry a little bit every day–his treats, his toys, his bed–whatever I come across just makes the loss of him fresh again. Jack is a mess as well and not handling being the only dog in the house well at all.

It’s going to be weird because I talked about it but please don’t offer me your condolences–it makes me cry like a big girl. He was a beautiful and smart dog with a great personality who made my day brighter just by existing. Losing him hurt but I’m doing well considering.

In Rough Trade news, the site will be cleaned off OCTOBER 1, 2016. I’m working on my three stories and they’ll probably appear on this site inside the next month. I’ll also be setting up the challenge for November on the first so please have your title and fandom ready for sign-ups. Since November is National Novel Writing Month–RT for November will be a 50,000-word challenge.

I launched a forum for Rough Trade and it is called The Workshop. It’s available to readers and writers but PLEASE read the rules regarding posting and commenting. Being an asshole will get you banned immediately with no discussion.

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