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Hey there,

You might have noticed a bunch of shorts being posted to my site. They’re my responses to short prompts we are hosting on RT. They’re literally writing exercises for me and I’m sharing them here because I figured you might want to read them. They are not “ideas or prompts” that you can take and expand on. I’m serious. Don’t take my work and expand it — that is really fucking rude to be both do and to do suggest.

We’re approaching National Novel Writing Month which means I’ll spend the month of November writing and managing the challenge on the Rough Trade site. I doubt I’ll do many radio shows and there certainly won’t be any updates on fic here on this site.

Now is a good as time as any to announce I’m taking a break from the Harry Potter fandom. I might do some shorts for the RT prompts but that’ll be it for a while, perhaps as even as long as the next year. The fandom has worn me down and I’m really fucking tired of the demands, the greed, and the utter lack of empathy from a select few. For the record, responding with the demand for “more” when you see new fic is not a compliment. It’s really fucking inconsiderate.

I’m going to be focusing my attention on my Stargate projects. I don’t want apologies and this isn’t me trying to blackmail the HP fandom for feedback because I don’t do shit like that. I’m just really fed up with the entitlement.


National Novel Writing Month & Rough Trade


My project for November RT (and NANO) is called Synthetic.
You can read all about here on my PROJECT FILE.

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Keira Marcos

In my spare time I write fan fiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on Facebook. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a "domestic engineer" in her 30's but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. I think that in the time since I first discovered your stories I have read every single thing you have published at least once and my favorite easily half a dozen times. I will freely admit to downloading the e-books of my favorites just so I can read them even when I don’t have internet access.

    You are an amazing author, and the stories you write never fail to draw me into your worlds. While I am sorry that you have lost your passion for writing Harry Potter fanfiction, I will admit to being very excited about you writing more Stargate Atlantis. I can’t wait until you publish the sequel to Sentinels of Atlantis, never mind finish The Ties that Bind.

    I truly hope that you never completely burn out and stop writing fanfiction all together as that will be a truly horible day for all of your fans. Thank you for blessing all of us with your talents and sharing your work with us.

  2. I’m sorry people in the Harry Potter fandom pressured you and made you feel bad.

    Your stories in all fandoms are amazing. Your SGA stories are what got me into the fandom. Thank you so much for sharing your stories and for RT.

  3. Commissioner Gorgon

    Like everyone else, I’m sorry that the crazies have driven you away from Harry Potter. That was my gateway to finding you in the vast field of chaff called the internet. Harry/Hermione is my OTP, but the Harry/Draco and the Harry/Draco/Hermione you’ve posted drew me in and provided tons of enjoyment! I’ve read some other things, but I’m definitely going to check out your Stargate Atlantis stories now.
    In particular, I’d like to thank you for HP & the Soulmate Bond. I’ve read that multiple times, and I’m sure I’ll read it again. It’s amazing to read a story where Hermione appreciates herself as much as she should. I truly wish that was the kind of message being delivered in YA fiction to girls and boys. Instead we get a Hermione/Ron marriage and Bella Swan.
    Thank you for sharing the things you write with all of your readers!

  4. :::grins::: As someone who never embraced the HP fandom in any form, but who LOVES Stargate in *all* of it forms, this makes me nothing but happy. Yay! I look forward to much SGA goodness, when it comes.

  5. This sense of entitlement among readers of fan fiction is horrifying. While I must confess to being guilty, in the past, of using the dreaded word “more”, I mean it as a sincere and heartfelt expression of my appreciation and enjoyment of the work I have read – much like an audience in a theatre calls out “encore”. Any crumbs that fall from the table of such a gifted writer as yourself are always welcome.

    I am truly grateful that you see fit to share your amazing stories with us, and if you want me to hunt down, torture, and kill any self-important, overly entitled just say the word! Being a minion (albeit a lurking one) means that we get perks like that, right?

  6. In all the fandoms that I have read/written in, I will agree that HP is the most entitled one. I thought that Queer As Folk was bad with its ‘don’t pair Brian or Justin with anyone else, ever!’ nonsense, but…yeah. I came here for the HP, not gonna lie. I’ve read all of them, even your Harry/Hermione. I will admit that you are the only writer that has ever, in 10+ years to get me to read that pairing. I really hope that you’ll come back to it someday, because you’ve created this alternative canon with interesting and fun characters that I love. I’m sticking around, because one, you crack my shit up, two, because I can get updates on your original fic, and three…(deep breath)…I might someday be able to read your SA stuff. Not because of BDSM, but because it’s a fandom I don’t follow. Gotta start somewhere, yeah? Minxie’s been trying to get me to read the Tangled Destinies series. Guess I’ll give it a go!

    Seriously, though, thanks for all the HP you’ve given me/us. I’ve loved every word of it. Don’t let the asshats get you down.

  7. Just happy you feel the urge to write anything with all the BS and stupidity going on at the moment. Looking forward to November – Rough Trade will be here and this farce of an election will be over. You rock Keira!

  8. *huff* Really people are asshats! You write, we read, if folks don’t like it, go read elsewhere but don’t ruin it for the chick who DOES the writing. I still totally blame you for the whole HP thing! I NEVER read that until you got your cottontail in that. Any who you write whatever the hell you want and ignore the nitwits. Love all of it and have fun writing what you want how you want.

  9. OMG, WTF is wrong with HP fandom? At any rate, I’m so glad you have Atlantis to play in and have fun with–you have to know that we all love those guys and the way you write them, both canonical characters and original characters you’ve created, and the ones who are a little of both (I adore your Miko). When one door closes, another opens.

  10. How sad that some people ruined your fun writing. I’ve enjoyed your Harry Potter fics because they push all my buttons. You write what you want and how you want it. That’s refreshing, and the fics show you’re writing for your own enjoyement too. If that was lost for you…well… what can I say but thank you for all the time you spend writing and sharing with us. ( I’ll keep some hope for the Mages Trilogy…someday)
    And… YES!!! Yes, yes, yes, yeeees! SGA! SGA on the future!
    Ties that bind, Spartan John perhaps, sentinel everything! Hawaii? Spencer Reid? Please! Whatever you want to write will be welcomed and enjoyed.

  11. Uuuh? Auto posting much? The comment just…auto posted !
    Well, here’s what I was writing before the comment decided to get alive..
    Don’t lose the fun and joy of writing. The short fics are fun and a rest from the pressure. Enjoy yourself and ignore entitled people.
    Love and hugs for you, lovely lady.

  12. Just a thank you for all the writing you have GIFTED us over the years.

    It’s only good manners to say thank you when you get a gift no matter how you feel about the gift.

    Under no circumstances do you complain about the gift…it’s just plain bad manners.

    Your stories are often my bedtime reading (re-reading) because I like your writing.

    Thanks once again for all the gifts.

  13. Oh man, my first thought was I hope that none of the people I’ve sent to your site with recs are the ones who helped drive you away.

    It is amazing how demanding people can be. I’ll continue to enjoy what you already have posted, and look forward to anything that appears in any fandom. And actually, I’m really excited about maybe getting stuff on stories you haven’t worked on in a while. Or completely new stories.

    I’m not going to post which of your existing stories would be my favorites, but I’m pretty sure I’d love almost anything you posted (there’s only one story on your site I haven’t read. I don’t need another fandom.)

    (and, it’s a pretty drastic approach, but you could always ban the people who can’t read the site rules and then stop accepting new members. Extreme, but maybe worth it for peace of mind)

  14. Hi Keira,
    Much of what I wanted to say has already been said.
    What I will say, is this.
    You spend **hours** upon **hours** crafting excellent fic, that is superbly written. Thank You.
    Whatever it is that you share, when that time is right for you to share, is a gift, that I want to make clear that I sincerely appreciate.
    A new fic post notice from you *always* puts a child-like grin on my face.
    Besides, your site offers us all the chance to read and re-read as often as we like. This is a ANOTHER gift. THANK YOU.

  15. It is terrible that people think they are entitled to demand anything. I can’t imagine how they think they will get what they want behaving in that manner. Thank you for sharing your imagination, creativity, and most importantly your time. May you find peace and harmony.

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