October 2016 Newsletter

Hey there,

You might have noticed a bunch of shorts being posted to my site. They’re my responses to short prompts we are hosting on RT. They’re literally writing exercises for me and I’m sharing them here because I figured you might want to read them. They are not “ideas or prompts” that you can take and expand on. I’m serious. Don’t take my work and expand it — that is really fucking rude to be both do and to do suggest.

We’re approaching National Novel Writing Month which means I’ll spend the month of November writing and managing the challenge on the Rough Trade site. I doubt I’ll do many radio shows and there certainly won’t be any updates on fic here on this site.

Now is a good as time as any to announce I’m taking a break from the Harry Potter fandom. I might do some shorts for the RT prompts but that’ll be it for a while, perhaps as even as long as the next year. The fandom has worn me down and I’m really fucking tired of the demands, the greed, and the utter lack of empathy from a select few. For the record, responding with the demand for “more” when you see new fic is not a compliment. It’s really fucking inconsiderate.

I’m going to be focusing my attention on my Stargate projects. I don’t want apologies and this isn’t me trying to blackmail the HP fandom for feedback because I don’t do shit like that. I’m just really fed up with the entitlement.


National Novel Writing Month & Rough Trade


My project for November RT (and NANO) is called Synthetic.
You can read all about here on my PROJECT FILE.

New Fiction

September Radio Shows



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