November 2016 Newsletter


Sometimes I hate my brain because it never stops. Just about half way through my NANO story, I came to realize that my structure is deeply flawed. This comes from a creator perspective because I’m not getting there in the writing and by “there” I mean I’m not seeing the story develop the way I wanted it to develop. The premise is a lot bigger in my head than what I’ve been able to put down in real, actual words. 

Since I don’t want to hate the project (because I’m really in love with the premise), I’m suspending the story on Rough Trade. I’ll continue to work on it but it’ll mostly be restructuring and the like because I would like to shift the structure into a novella series format (like What Might Have Been) though I briefly considered a full on episode format today – I think the novella mini-series will allow me to go deep on different topics in the ‘verse and really explore my characters and the planet they will make their home.

I’m a little disappointed to step back from RT this month but I always strive to make emotionally healthy choices for myself as a writer. I can’t say I always did but it’s something I’ve learned along the way because the only other option is to abuse yourself and your work for absolutely no legitimate reason.

Oh, head’s up for you everyday users — I’ll be doing some site reorganization so you’ll probably notice a mess now and again through the end of the year. If you need a specific story, just use the search box.

So, that’s that, I guess. 

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