Newsletter Winter 2018

Working on my plot for the April Harry Potter challenge. I’m on the fence, still, about a WIP or a new story for the challenge but I’ll figure it out by the sign-ups. Hope everyone is having a great month and that the year hasn’t sucked ass so far.

New Works

The Legacy (James Potter/Lily Potter)

Evil Author Day

My EAD offerings are posted on a Dreamwidth Community that is members only. Anyone can join as long as they have a Dreamwidth account. You can subscribe to the community here. I cannot facilitate your membership with Dreamwidth and I can’t act as your tech support on this issue. These excerpts are only available on Dreamwidth and I will not host them elsewhere just for you.  When/if they are finished they will be posted on my main site. This is how EAD has been done since 2011.

The Pocket Guardian (Harry Potter, Alternate Universe, Gen) 
Chapter 1-2Chapter 3-4
With Your Heart On Your Sleeve (MCU, Alternate Universe, Soulmate Marks, Steve/Tony)
Chapters 1-4 | Chapters 5-8
Small Magic
Chapters 1-4 | Chapters 5-8 | Chapters 9-13 | Chapters 14-15

Radio Shows



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