Birthday Post

I woke up to a mail box full of birthday wishes and presents!I’m a very lucky girl. I got art and a story: A Pegasus Halloween (2322 words) by marlislash and naelany AND in my mail box I found all of this lovely art and 2 more stories: Found by …

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Radio Show: On Writing – Building Fictional People

Listen to the Podcast Character profiles, personal history, dialogue, and speech patterns. How to make fake people more real to yourself and to your reader. Building a three dimensional person on a page is one of the fundamental skills of a fiction writer. Ignoring the character process does the story and …

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Radio Show: Fandom – Star Trek

The Original Series vs. Abbrams Universe — the impact the new movies have had on fan fiction, the Star Trek fandom, and the pairing of Kirk/Spock. Why I write in AOS but never had any desire to write in TOS as a fan fiction writer. Do you have questions about Tangled …

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Radio Show: Fandom 101

Madness is a sign of an intelligent mind: Topics tonight: Beta, Head Canon, stupid things that piss me off, AND behaving badly in public.

Radio Show: Minion Call In I need to figure out how to operate my switch board. So during the scheduled two hours — I’ll be taking volunteers to call me on this thing and see what we can accomplish. I really need multiple callers so I can figure out how to handle it. Starts:  8pm Pacific …

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Radio Show: Suggest a Topic

Well, I think the show went okay and I could make it a weekly sort of thing. Probably on Friday nights instead of Sunday, though. Got any suggestions for future shows/topics? K

Radio Show: Fandom, Fan Fiction, and Writing Sex

I’m hosting my first radio show tonight on Blog Talk Radio. We’ll see how this shit goes! Those of you who can’t listen live should be able to listen to the archived podcast later unless I delete it out of shame. LINK: