The Yellow Brick Road

As we approach another NaNoWriMo and people set up their projects on Rough Trade, it is inevitable that new readers will stumble upon the site and join. Most often, they’ve strolled into RT from fandom. They’ve followed a favorite writer, or they saw the sign-up, or they saw a recommendation on some site regarding a previous story, and they’re looking for it. We’ve had about 500 people join RT since October 1, 2016.

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Second RT Story Complete

I finished Ten Years After the War and you can read the ROUGH DRAFT here: You have to be a member of Rough Trade to read. Remember — no questions!

Little Black Dress Challenge

My entries for the Little Black Dress Challenge (Sentinel Fusion). The challenge starts July 1, 2015 and you’ll have to be a member of Rough Trade to read them there.  

April Challenges

Due to some personal stress and the like I just can’t write with any sort of consistency right now. I’m not in the right place mentally to be in any sort of challenge environment so I’ve withdrawn my 2 stories from Rough Trade.

With Your Heart On Your Sleeve

Title: With Your Heart on Your Sleeve Author: Keira Marcos Fandom/Genre: Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man Relationship(s): Tony/Steve, Pepper/Phil Content Rating: NC-17 Warnings: Violence, explicit sex Summary: A soulmate was the last thing Tony wanted and when the fall of Thor’s Hammer woke ancient and long dormant soulmate magic on Earth, …

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Rough Trade Membership

Rough Tade is a members only site, however membership is currently open and unrestricted to both writers and readers. You can register here: If you’re already a member but having problems with the link you have saved try this one: (refresh a few times if it doesn’t work properly)   If …

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