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Please note that I do not take requests for stories. I don’t allow others to “continue” my work.

Comments or questions are welcome. Of course, I’d rather you not use this form to do the following:

  1. Bitch about grammar or typos
  2. Complain about the slash on the site
  3. Question my mental health because of the BDSM I write
  4. Or just to be an asshole (please see rules)
  5. Request that I send you copies of my work as attachments — I will not do this! There are no ebooks on my site and I have no intention of ever supplying them. If you ask, I will ignore you.
Note: I am a member of Ao3 under my fandom name but I don’t post work there. I do, however, get linked to sanctioned translated works. Ao3 notifies an author whenever they are added to a work as a contributor so I’m not on any work on that site without my knowing. Thank you for looking out! 😉
Questions about my Harmony works? Read this.

If you’re looking for information on Minion Headquarters, it’s located on Facebook and membership is a moderated. You can find it here: MHQ. The group is private and the rules are strictly enforced. If you’re a terrible asshole, you won’t be a member long.

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