This is a list of stories that I’m currently working on:

Ties That Bind
Status: This series is ON GOING
Next Part to be posted: The Broken Road

– – – –

Harry Potter and the Soulmate Bond
Status: This series is ON GOING

– – – –

The Sentinels of Atlantis
Status: This series ON GOING
Season 1 is finished and Season 2 is in re-plotting.

– – – –

Tangled Destinies
Status: Arc 1 is finished and Arc 2 is subject to re-plotting due to some decisions regarding the 2 Abbrams movies.

– – – –

Ring of Fire Series (sequel series to What Might Have Been)
Status: Novella 2 is in “planning” and is currently untitled
Projected Date of Release: blah

– – – –



  1. Wow, I can’t believe how many chapters you’ve posted recently– it’s like finding a new treat almost every day. Looking forward to seeing what comes next.

  2. i love yours fics, i eat them with pleasure, you make me dream.

  3. I have this overwhelming urge everytime I get on the ‘net to check this page. So far, I’ve given in every time. Love your fic. Thank you for some seriously wonderful stories.


    • Serenity Harkness

      I saw this and could not resist replying…because since I discovered Keira’s stories I’ve been doing the same thing…I did for all of March despite knowing an update on any of favorite series was unlikely……Yeah..I’m only a bit addicted…I swear…okay lie…Keira’s fics can make you go through withdrawal symptoms if you don’t read them often.

  4. Um, it would be an incredible shame if you left off your Might Have Been Series. Though I can see how so many characters might be confusing? Anyway, I wanted to let you know that whatever you write, we’ll be more than happy to read.

    The Sentinel/SGA is going to be brilliant too. Grins, happily. thanks for sharing your incredible talent with us. -SB

  5. Quite possibly the BEST AU of Stargate Atlantis that I have ever read. I have a personal standard of quality in the fics I like to read, and so far you’ve met every single on of them. You win, at life. I got so lost in the world you created that I half drunk with it when I finished reading. Thank you.

  6. NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! You cannot end the “What Might Have Been” series! Some one must express this love and no one can do it like you!

  7. LOL, by the previous comment. A true fan’s wail of despair at the closure of a fic series is someting to see. But hey, if the muse and common sense are saying that a series is done and messing with it further would throw a monkey wrench and wreak havoc on it, then it’s time to finish and leave as is. Especially if the writing is played out and there is no further plot to be written because the writing has left no further opening to exploit. Unlike ‘Gathering’ of ‘Sentinels of Atlantis’, which is left open ended for further writing.

    Just wondering, I left a comment on the replies page of ‘Gathering part 3’…have you ever thought of crossing Scanners 2 and SG:Atlantis? Have the character of McKay have scanner abilities?

  8. Do you have a date or time frame for the next chapters in “What Might Have Been” Series???? Throughly enjoyed this series. Thanks for a wonderful read.

  9. Great work so far, I love the “What Might Have Been” series & “The Sentinels of Atlantis”!!!
    When are you going to update them????
    Hopefully soon!

  10. Can hardly wait but I’ll be a good fan-girl 😉

  11. Love your stories, and I hope that you up-date soon!

  12. hello i hope a update soon, go yo your LJ i send you a message about the little gift ! kiss.

  13. I love your stories. I keep coming back about once a week and re-reading them and I’m always excited when I find something new. Thank you

  14. I love your “What might have been” series so much!! I love the way you portray the relationship between Rodney and John, and also between them and the supporting characters. Am really looking forward to the next installment!

  15. Having re-read everything you have written at least twice, and some three time you can guess that I have become a fanatic regarding your fic. Keep them coming.

  16. I just stayed up all night to read the ‘What Might Have Been’ series and I can’t tell you how much I adored it, you created such a fantastic, absorbing universe that I pretty much fell in love with all your characters (well the good guys anyway), my only crit is the grammar.
    Anyway, I seriously hope you’re going to publish the wedding and Atlantis parts soon because, seriously, I’m upset that I’ve already waited a day, I can’t imagine how anyone waiting since August must feel. Thanks for all the time you must have dedicated to this series, now I’m off to check out the rest of your fics and hope that I’ll get enough sleep to be conscious at work tomorrow!

  17. Just wanted to say Hi, and hope you are still working on the stories. I know RL can get in the way, but…..

    Hopefully you can feed my love of both universes soon.


  18. Dear madame Keira,

    Oh! combien le temps est long , madame,
    D’attendre , de votre prose, la flamme.
    Ah! pouvoir lire la suite , lentement,
    De tout coeur, j’en veux le contentement.

    Attendre, attendre , avec confiance ,
    Le coeur ouvert, les yeux dans l’Atlantis,
    Dans la mémoire entretenir la danse,
    Des mots d’amour portés par ses fils…

    Bien à vous,


  19. Oiy. So I see you have added a chapter to the wonderfulness that is WMHB. I know that I am in love. Serious, devoted love with this series. Thank you for doing more.


  20. So happy to see the next chapter is in beta!

  21. I bored and in a block on my own stories and your Sentinel ones have gotten me theorising like crazy and they will not fit in my own uni’s as they were inspired by yours so if you want ti hear them contact me at my Email adress and I’ll through them at you an them you can forget or use them as you like

    I’m hoping with them out of my head my Muses will go back to my own epics

    As a hint I’m speculating the Sentinel/Guide genes might be another Alien cross we never found out who the Furlings were or looked like and the itiotic dream of teady bears when the Documentary peple where their doesn’t count.

  22. I so can’t wait for more!!
    I love these universes so freaking much!!! 😀

    Happy writing!!

  23. Waiting patiently for the next chapter of what might have been. It’s a great story with well developed characters both cannon and original. fantastic

  24. awesome stories looking forward the rest of the series

  25. I love all your stories but especially your ‘What might have been’. Any idea when you’ll have more?

  26. Stargate Atlantis

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  27. “This is the final story in this series and will likely be novel length.” <– just seeing this part makes me unbearably sad…and I haven't even finished reading the series yet.

    I am absolutely in love with both your SGA series though <3

  28. Simply amazing! xD There is absolute love from me to you! xD =3

  29. Hi,I just read your What Might Have Been Series. REally great stories. I love your characterizations and the background changes you made for this au. All very plausible and well explained. I do hope to see more from you on this one soon. I love the snarkiness. Judy

  30. Seriously, you are amazing. I check for updates nearly every day and sometimes just to reread the series again. It never gets old. Thank you for the wonderful stories.

  31. Love your stories. Hope to see the next part very soon.

  32. Love your writing. Thanks for sharing

  33. Ok, So I’ve been re-reading all your stories on this site because I love them all so much! I can’t even begin to thank you for the hours of entertainment you’ve provided me. Your world building is amazing. Your stories are truly epic in scope. And, your characters are so engaging that even when the story is done, I wish there was more. Thank you for posting these and sharing them with all of us. You rock!

  34. I absolutely adore your writing. Each of your different universes are so in-depth and different to one another. They are all equally interesting and I look nearly everyday to see if you’ve updated any of them! Thank you for the many hours I’ve spent here, truly a gift for all of us readers and a true gift you have as a writer.

  35. Diva0789 (Michelle)

    i would absolutely love for you to write in the NCIS/NCIS:LA fandom……if you ever get the urge for something new….and have the time! 😀 😀 😀

    i have been craving a good, long, Sam/Callen and/or Gibbs/Dinozzo…that i havent already read!

  36. I just finished What Might Have Been, and I’m still really looking forward to the next part of Ties That Bind. Thanks for sharing these stories with us 🙂

  37. ring of fire

    late 2010? is that the real time frame?

  38. I am so excited about Ring of Fire. I love the McShep dynamic in this series as well as all the other pairings. I hope that we see more of Ian and Jimmy. I look forward to it and I don’t even mind the long wait because I know it will be worth it. See you in 2010!

  39. Thanks for the update :D. I really like the look of the new site.

  40. Okay, I just saw this. Ignore me bugging you about when you’ll update in my comment on the Radek/Elizabeth picture, which by the way is as brilliant as the other three. Thanks for posting this, but I do have to ask. When’s the next part of Ties that Bind coming out? Cause I seriously do need something new to distract me from mid-terms.

  41. I am anticipation! I’ll take whatever you feel inclined to publish. Your stories only get better. Sure, I’m sorry to see certain storylines disappear, but the future is bright and all things evolve. So o/ for more SGA stories and o/ for more Sentinel stories! And o/o/ for more Keira stories!

    And o/ for reading glasses so that I can still see to read said stories.

  42. So, I have a question about “Ring of Fire.”

    Does it follow right after where “More Than Words” left off or is there a storey (stories) in between?

    • It’ll pick up just as story 10 ended. There will be a development that will push the charging of a ZPM and then John/Rodney (plus crew of the Phoenix) will retrieve Atlantis while the rest of the family deals with a crisis of their own on Earth. This thing is big in every way– lots of angst, sacrifice, anger, mean-spirited people, some good old fashioned killing, and revenge. No sword fights though (damn it!)– No major character deaths because I couldn’t do that to you guys.

  43. not to be a drag….but is dark places in the soul going to be updated? it’s the only het that i REALLY enjoyed reading! oh well, maybe someday! keep up the good work!

    ps. i will give cookies and other love if this happens! 😛

  44. Just the title alone of the next “Ties that Bind” story makes me shiver!

  45. I check your site everyda for updatesy… ’cause, you know, I’m a junkie for your stories.
    Do you plan to continue writting ‘The Sentinel’ stories? Me likes ‘The Awakening’, me likes it alooooot…
    Keep up the FABULOUS writting you do.

  46. It’s February! I am sitting patiently but picture big puppy dog eyes and a tail wagging really hard in anticipation. Would drool but it’s messy and makes my keyboard unhappy.

  47. Hey, Kiera, like a good student I have reread Ties that Bind and The Sentinels of Atlantis. I’m ready for those updates now. Nudge, nudge, know what I mean :D.

  48. Oh, I was PATIENTLY waiting in front of my computer, fully prepared to wait the whole of february (seriously – taxes, I see why you are busy, Keira!), and hoping for a valentine’s day fic.
    And then I see the title of the next TTB chapter and my patience goes right out of the window. Going to go all OCD on your site again.
    And I’m certainly not pushing! Would supply you with chocolate and good coffee if I only knew how 😀

  49. rhooooo the title “A Lovely Agony” oh my god, i think my panties are wets, it’s all your fault, need a shower now lol !!!
    You’re a delicious evil author, like(love *blush*) you more if it’s possible.
    This title need a lovely art, totally sexy with wet and shaking skin isn’t it ?

    Have you received my email ?

  50. My rude impatience is tempered by my pathetic gratitude.

  51. please please please post the next ties that bind soon, it’s 4am and I’m still checking for updates…could you tell me if it will be out by the time of my birthday – the 17th?! (makes puppy eye’s and is turning blue with baited breath)

  52. Wow! Thank you for two amazing fics already this month. I can’t believe how prolific you are, esp. with the quality of the fics you write. What stuns me is that neither of the fics you have gifted us with are even among your on-going wips. I’m looking forward to the next episodes in your on going series along with any other surprises that you gift us with. Thanks for all the enjoyment you’ve given me.

    I’m rereading now to refresh my memory in anticipation of the next episodes. Hope you have as much fun writing them as I do reading them.

  53. It would be SO AWESOME if you could post the next part of Ties That Bind or Sentinels of Atlantis on Feb. 21st because that is my birthday.

  54. whoo! happy birth day to me and as a birth day present I’m going to re-read all the ties that bind series 🙂

  55. so, its march i don’t want to nag but could you change the times for ties that bind and sentinels of atlantis to be updated. i understand that life happens and your health is more important just that i checked the site about 20 times this weekend thinking there would be an update and depressed when there wasn’t… you just write such engaging fics!

    • sorry looks like you’ve changed the time for ties that bind, guess i’ve just been looking at sentinels of atlantis since you said it would be updated next ( before ties that bind)

  56. When are you going to update!? I’m getting really antsy about what’s going to happen next.

    • When my doctor stops talking about putting me in the hospital. LOL. I’m actually pretty close to finishing the next Sentinels of Atlantis and above 75% finished on the next Ties That Bind.

      • I am sending you lots of hugs right now. Sorry that your health is still playing up. It is perfectly fine if you don’t update till next christmas btw, we will still love you just as much 🙂

      • well avoiding the hospital is of course the first priority….sigh…. i’m just well and truly hooked on your universe! but thank you SO MUCH for letting me know where you are on the update front 🙂
        i hope you fell better

  57. would you consider posting what you have of ties that bind then loading the rest of it when it gets done?… this might sound like fishing but I think it would make a lot of fans very happy to have even a small portion of the chapter and it would stall some of the more fervent inquiries while letting you take your time and not relapse into the hospital. (this might just be wishful thinking on my part but what do you think of this suggestion?)

    • Actually no– one of the reasons I tell my series work in short story/novella format is because I don’t like to post what I consider to be unfinished works. I did it at first but there was this pressure to update often that I found really annoying.

      I’ll probably post my space opera in installments but that’s because it’s probably going to be close to 300 thousand words when it’s done. Still– I won’t start posting it until it’s finished to avoid the pressure of “having” to write.

      It’s really no fun to write or play with my fics if it becomes a “job”.

      • very true, I just go through withdrawal and try to find ways to get my ‘fix’. 😉
        the installments are wonderful I’ll try to stop fishing for more (I somehow don’t think I’ll succeed)

        p.s. thank you for the awesome update on sentinels!!!

      • Please do not write any more for us if it is not fun for you!! (Even if I do beg, whine and pout regularly :-)) You give us all of this great fic for free. I actually have a lot on my “what I want” – list (including that I want to see Jordan whipped, I want to see Bates supplied with popcorn and a video of the event, I want to see Rodney blow John – well, what can I say, BJ:s is a kink I’ve got – I want o-so-badly to see Johns reaction to Dato Raja), but I have a very big do-NOT-want-list regarding this site: I do NOT want to see another posting that says “Keira’s in the hospital”.

        I love your fic, all of it, you are even hitting kinks I didn’t know I had. Corrupting me?? Heh.

        But it’s amazing that you are doing it for free and I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

        Thank you for the Sentinel update! I liked it and it gave me something to ease the worst cravings for “A lovely agony” (seriously, don’t post titles like that… ever. Guh.

  58. I agree with Kim. “Keira is in the hospital” is number one on my never want to see list. Please take care of yourself. I really enjoy your stories. I read and re-read them often but nothing should come before your health.

  59. Keira, check your email box, i make a pretty (i think) art stuff.

  60. For Ring of Fire, (once you finally post it) are you going to switch between views, or the worlds. So like, one half a chapter or one whole chapter centers around the people going to Atlantis and then the rest of the chapter or the next chapter centers around the ones still on Earth? Will we see more of SG-1? And is Ronon or Tealc or both going to Atlantis or what?

  61. Keira, please can you check your email ?
    Thanks you.

  62. please please please tell me that ties that bind a lovely agony will be out soon!!!!i think that i’m going to explode…into little pieces of frustration.
    don’t land yourself in the hospital again but please please please update soon!

  63. Hey Keira, are you ever going to do something more with the Awakening AU? or put Jim and Blair in Sentinels of Atlantis?

    • I don’t know. I got a lot of crap for that AU in the Sentinel community. People either love or it they hate it with a passion unmatched. LOL. Jim and Blair will make an appearance in Sentinels of Atlantis.

      • Personally I loved it, and I think there’s probably more love than hate for it since you won that award and all. I can’t wait to see them in Sentinels of Atlantis. I have one more question, are you going to bring Patrick, David, and Matthew Sheppard into Sentinels of Atlantis? Or are they just going to get mentions?

        • I’m not honestly sure about the Sheppard family when it comes to Atlantis– because it’s not Earth based and I don’t want to do the same thing over and over again when it comes to John’s family. If you get my meaning?

          • I was gonna beg for Matt 🙂 even though both Cameron and Evan are paired up otherwise, so Matt would have to bring his own sentinel/guide along … oooh oooh he could be paired with Jonah Dean, although in TTB Jonah is more of a father figure so maybe not … it is very complicated 😉

            since they currently have no way of contacting earth any introductions would take place in the far future and so much can change in that time

          • I get it. I think it’s amazing with or without the Sheppard family. I loved the new Ties That Bind chapter by the way.

  64. *Ties That Bind
    Next Part to be posted: In the Flames (May 2010)

    hummmm the title, sound so passionate
    – – – –

    *The Sentinels of Atlantis
    Status: This series ON GOING
    Next Part to be posted April 2010*

    We aren’t in april yet, it’s a shame lol, going to read the whole fic again.

    – – – –

    *Ring of Fire — the Novel length for What Might Have Been*

    17%, you have make some progress, wow, good luck and take care of yourself, this’s going to be a long ride.

  65. Yay!! What Might Have Been hasn’t been dropped! *sighs in relief* I love all of your stories, but this one satisfies the schmooopy side of me. Your status on the update has stayed the same for sooooo looonng *grin* that I was afaid you forgot about it!

    Now I can return to my regularly schedualed stalking/lurking, secure in the knowledge that Jimmy and Ian will get together at some point in the future, and I will get to see it.

    Now get back to work on The Ties That Bind! LOL

  66. So i’ve a request, i saw some episodes of BSG last night and if one day you can found some place to cast Michael Trucco and Tahmoh Penikett i’d be happy, pleaseeeeeee even if I have to wait a long times.
    Pics because can’t be hurt someones lol !

  67. Oh, Keira!!! I love your stories so much, that i sometimes check your site twice a day for updates. I can’t wait for the new updates. Is that beginning April or more middle April for the Sentinels? Thank you for sharing this great stories with us. You brighten our day everytime there’s a new update out. Please ignore any negative comments, they don’t know what their talking about. Why do they read it anyway? Happy writing and keep well please!

  68. The Sentinels of Atlantis
    Status: This series ON GOING
    Next Part to be posted April 2010.

    It’s April!

    More please lolz

  69. I’m so excited about the next WMHB update… I check your site everyday, that is how much I love your writing!

    Cheers for being Awesome!!!!


  70. Oh goody, a new story just in time for exams. 🙂 Something to help me study 😉

  71. When are you going to post your Star Trek story? Or how far a long is it?

  72. will you be adding the prospective dates for the star trek updates to this page?

  73. I’m suprised that you haven’t set your keyboard on fire yet. Remember to pace yourself. As much as I want to encourage you to rush, I also remember some health problems that cropped up earlier this year. Take care of yourself.

  74. I was exploring your site, because occasionally instead of rereading favorite fics, compulsively checking for updates, and trawling the web I look for “easter eggs” on your site (and others) and I found this lovely page. I think I’ll reset my bookmark for your site to this page… maybe it’ll keep me from hitting the refresh button quite so often, maybe.

    Live Long and Prosper… and don’t trip going through the ‘gate to kick the collective asses of the Wraith and Ori.

  75. Nothing for June! A whole month with no updates! Somebody is going to get a well deserved vacation. I sincerely hope you rest and take care of yourself. For that matter with all the work you have been doing and as much as I and everyone else appreciates it I hope you are remembering to take care of yourself now.

    • If you look at the series page for the Star Trek story, you will find that there is a part coming in June. And, of course, it’s always possible there could be more parts of the other series too.

  76. could I have a hint on what the lantian legacy is going to be about?! Is it the continuation of something else? A crossover? A kid fic? please give me a hint!!!

    • It’s a Atlantis secedes from Earth and no one notices for a while fic. No kids.

      • Yay! I can hardly wait!

      • Oooo! Awesome, I like Atlantis secedes fics. I can’t wait, but I can’t wait for the April update of Sentinels of Atlantis either…or Tangled Destinies…or Ties that Bind…or the first posts of Ring of Fire. You write too many excellent fics for your own good. I think I’ve read just about all your fics except the series with Ronnon/Keller. Recently I’ve even been rereading them all, I’ll start with one and go through it in it’s entirety, move on to another, and so forth until I’m back to even more obsessively refreshing your page for an update before starting to go through all your fics again. I REALLY wish reading your fics counted as homework.

  77. Will lantian legacy be MCSHEP? I look forward to reading this new story from you i have read a few atlantis secedes stories before and i really look forward to your take on it,i know i won’t be disapointed i never am.Keep up the good work.

  78. Hey, are you going to post the next part of Sentinels of Atlantis soon?

  79. I came to see if you knew when the next SoA would be posted, when I see that you’ve changed the estimated date to undetermined. Bummer. I’m guessing those new plot bunnies are to blame. lol

    Ah well, it gives me an excuse to re-read WMHB.

    • No. It’s not the new plot bunnies. The Star Trek series is actually written up through part 6 and the Lantean Legacy is mostly written — 2 novels worth actually.

      I am STUCK and irritated. I feel as if I’ve written myself into a hard place that I don’t want to wiggle into and it’s been difficult to get it to work.

  80. Hey there,
    Big fan and new reader. I was confused. I know your computer crashed but did that just affect SoA or was What Might Have Been lost too? And is the Ring of Fire going to be a new addition to What Might Have Been or are you just putting all the stories in one file. I hope this makes sense. I should be in bed now instead of compulsively reading about K/S again. Your fault.

    • What Might Have Been is a finished series. Ring of Fire is a novel follow up.

      I lost about 100k of fic the majority of which was Sentinels of Atlantis. I also lost a few stand alone stories that I was working on and some professional work as well.

  81. ….So I’ve been trying to be patient and well, I’m not. I can’t contain myself anymore I’m being obsessive again, can you tell me if the next ties that bind is going to be out in the next few days-hours – next week – next month….. I know it takes a long time to write and I don’t want to rush your process because well the results are awesome but I’m crawling up the wall and I think it’s starting to set a bad example for my cat… so for her sake could you ease my mind with an update on the progress of the next update?!!

    • I’m currently writing In The Flames. It is my hope to post by the 31st.

    • I’ve been reading through the comments and I realized I totally missed that your computer crashed – ouch! I’m still climbing the walls but I totally understand any delays for any fic or whatever you need to do to get back in the right head space…but I would appreciate it if you could give me a tentative timeline for the ties that bind….I love all your work but man this series has me staying up late and waking up early checking for updates….. anticipation is great but my cat is starting to suffer with the interruptions of her sleep…

  82. yeah….i already did, the problem is I don’t check my email….

  83. You? Are made of awesome. You made me like: het fic, kid fic, Sentinel fusion fic, and Sam Carter O’Neill. With babies. You also made me completely believe in Rodney as a submissive masochistic bottom. Which I didn’t think could ever happen. But it did and I love it so so much. Ties That Bind is my favorite D/s Universe ever.

    What Might Have Been is a world I’ve read and re-read several times since I found it. To discover that you’re expanding and rewriting it to make it deeper and more detailed is just…I squee’d like a fourteen year old girl who got asked to the Prom. By a Senior. With a car.

    I’m also very very pleased to know your Sentinel universe isn’t done…I wasn’t sure I was going to like it at first, because I just didn’t connect with the original Sentinel. Yours? Is SO MUCH BETTER. *hugs fic and apologizes for doubting its merits* John and Rodney are my favorite pairing ever, but Cam and Vala just…tickles me.

    So…thanks for writing. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for having such facility with language and such a way with detail and vivid word pictures. I like your sex scenes, because I can picture the couples in my mind as I’m reading. I like the rest of the story because you never leave plot holes. Ever. Frankly, I think you should be teaching creative writing to some of these schmucks that are getting paid way too much money to screw up some fairly interesting plots.

  84. chibigirlflower

    hey, i like the new look of your site – more place for the text and the John/Rodney pics are quite adorable

  85. Thanks for updating the status of the WIPs. Also, the site …. I don’t know. I kind of liked it the other way. I liked how I never knew what color the background was going to be. On the other side, I suppose I will get used to it.

    • I changed it because of readability problem with the three column formats. I enjoyed the fun colors TOO but I think readability for the most amount of people is a better option than the color thing (which I liked a LOT!). I do wish they made that template with just 2 columns instead of three. That would’ve been great.

      • I’m a function over form type of gal–as much as I love good aesthetics, glitzy webpages are a big pain. I love the new layout. Thanks for taking the time and effort.


  86. Hey Keira…when are you going to post anything (besides art) on your McShep Noir website?

    • That series is in the planning/writing stages. The only reason it has art on it is that a reader found it and was inspired by the idea.

      • You’re probably busy with all the other stuff you’re working on as well as having a life, but I haven’t heard any news about the Noir AU you and ladyholder were planning (or maybe I missed it), and the site’s been deleted. I was wondering if you’d abandoned that idea or is it just on the back burner and we shouldn’t expect anything for a couple of years?You’re probably busy with all the other stuff you’re working on as well as having a life, but I haven’t heard any news about the Noir AU you and ladyholder were planning (or maybe I missed it), and the site’s been deleted. I was wondering if you’d abandoned that idea or is it just on the back burner and we shouldn’t expect anything for a couple of years?

  87. yay moving’s done and there was a nice update on sentinels in atlantis waiting for me while I’m so sore I can hardly move… 🙂 your awesome the only thing that would make me happier would be if ties that bind goes up soon…. well that and if chocolate made me thinner…

  88. Are there any podfics? Have serached, but havn’t seen any so no?

  89. *Longtimelurker lurking over the edge*

    Yeah, well hi 🙂
    I just wanted to say i absolutely love your work and i mean ALL your work. There is no story i have not read at least 5 times over and over again and they are all without question just awesome.
    Your writing gives the caracters and the worlds they are living in a feeling of beeing alive i have never seen by any other writer. Your creativity seems to have no end and i truly hope you never loose your fun and joy in what you are doing. (the more storys for us 😉 )

    Just one thing: You’re a true Goddess of Fanfic

    Greetings Magdalena

    PS: English is not my motherlanguage so every mistakes… well just excuse them *blush*

  90. Would it be possible for you to update the wip page? If you can. So I can know when to buy the good chocolate.

  91. hi. just wanted to say that ur fics are made of awesome. you totally got me hooked on mcshep fics. keep up the amazing work and keep healthy.

  92. (crying) nothing for july?
    In The Flames was awesome and I came to WIPs page to see what to dream for next…

  93. The month of July is sad. Can’t you post something small to make July feel loved?

  94. Nothing in July, nothing at all… Our queen is busy but, but…..

    Nothing for the July, 4 and nothing for the 14, July, it’s “the prise de la Bastille” it’s the french revolution… it’s Marianne taking Paris with a free breast.

    Always busy… Damned… You need to challenge your readers to write for you in July lol !

    But like August is my the month of my birthday, i’m going to be spoiled with your posts.
    Don’t forget August, 7 …. *g*

  95. Oh my god! I’m gonna have to get a life for the whole month of July? That sucks!

  96. Oh, I’ve got my birthday in August too, looks like I’m getting spoiled this year 🙂

  97. Me and July are going to cuddle up under a blanket and, since there is nothing else here to entertain us, have hot lesbian sex.
    (When is the next part of Sentinels of Atlantis going to be up? It doesn’t say that there even *is* a next part, so I’m not quite freaking out.)

    • I’m writing but I don’t know when I will finish it. It’s already 9 thousand words and is about half done. It’s a big transitional piece for the series so kind of like a big 2 parter if I was writing for tv 😉

  98. yaoi-no-kokoro

    That´s a really heavy workload you´ve got going there. Please spoil us moooooooore 🙂

  99. Helengloucester

    Keira honey what’s “The Lantean Legacy” going to be about? Is it in one of your other universes or one on it’s own.
    Sorry if you’ve answered this elsewhere – blame it on withdrawal symptoms LOL

    Hope you get through July ok. Hugs, Hxx

    • It’s a whole new ‘verse and I think it’s safe to say that’s not like anything else on the site. Ladyholder and Chris King would be able to judge this better since they’ve been my content Betas on the project. It’s a sentient Atlantis story and I think I’ve done something pretty unique with the concept. I hope to be able to post the first arc of the series this month but I just don’t know if I’ll be able to.

      • hum….hum… lol
        what ?
        i’m subtle… just greedy…going to hide.

      • *throws my pom poms in the air in an excess of geriatric fangirl enthusiasm*

        Lantean Legacy totally *rocks*. It’s unlike any Sentient!Atlantis fic I’ve read, and totally brilliant – which we’ve all come to expect from keira!fic. Readers should expect to fall in love with the original characters, too! They’re awesome!

        *fangirling shamelessly*

        *pets Keira’s kickass plot bunnies*

      • Oh gods…a sentient Atlantis fic from you!!! I may not survive it! One of my favorite fic genres, and it’s such a rarity to see it explored in any depth. And I thought I wanted it to be August so I’d be done with the summer semester. Obviously I was totally wrong; new fic from you totally trumps scholastic achievement. XD

        I’d be thrilled to do some art for this series. If you had anything specific you’d like, please let me know!!!

        Until next time…

  100. I just re-read TTB and have got some questions about the continuation of the series which I hope you will answer:

    1) Are you going to let us know who gave out the list of gene carriers to the Genii? Or are you leaving it up to the speculations in TTB:Under Pressure?
    2) Do you have any explanation/background on why a pleasure house is informing a relative (father) of a collaring (Evan/Matt)? Shouldn’t it be the other way round if at all? After all, not all families have close relationships. And while a father/family may (but not necessarily) have paid for the training at the pleasure house, that was probably while the dom/sub was a minor and not a adult living his own life.
    3) Is the Ownership Act going to play a bigger role in the future of TTB or is it only ever going to be a background/may-happen-may-not/long-time-off topic?
    4) Would you consider to work a short scene into one of the next TTB stories about John and Rodney encountering Sam Carter and she reminisces about Kevin Jordan’s punishment? Of course, Gerard or Raja meeting her would be even better but I don’t think she would survive it. And that would be a shame because I really like for her to eat crow. 😀

    Anyway, no matter what you write, I will surely read – and enjoy – it!!!

    • 1. The Genii topic will resurface fairly soon actually.

      2. Master Nori sent out announcements to everyone. It’s a ritualized form of bragging.

      3. No–it’ll always just be a shadow in the background. I’d never write about a world where something like that actually existed as law. This was covered briefly in the Q&A for the series. You might read that if you haven’t already.

      4. No. I’m completely done with Sam. I’m not a Sam basher by nature because I actually like her character on the show. If I had an OTP for SG1 it would be Jack/Sam which I know makes me a rarity among slash writers.

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