This is a list of stories that I’m currently working on:

Ties That Bind
Status: This series is ON GOING
Next Part to be posted: The Broken Road

– – – –

Harry Potter and the Soulmate Bond
Status: This series is ON GOING

– – – –

The Sentinels of Atlantis
Status: This series ON GOING
Season 1 is finished and Season 2 is in re-plotting.

– – – –

Tangled Destinies
Status: Arc 1 is finished and Arc 2 is subject to re-plotting due to some decisions regarding the 2 Abbrams movies.

– – – –

Ring of Fire Series (sequel series to What Might Have Been)
Status: Novella 2 is in “planning” and is currently untitled
Projected Date of Release: blah

– – – –



  1. I Like all your Mcshep stargate stories!!!

    I saw on your Live Journel site that you were doing a Stargate/Criminal minds/Sentinel crossover and a Stargate Atlantis one were John and Rodney got together and didn’t go on the original expiditon and now the SGC and IOA want them back. Are they still in the works?

  2. i do love everything you have written . i just dont say that very often . but keep up the great storytelling

  3. Worshipping at your altar, my lady Keira, I’m humbly asking: will you ever come back to the “Birth of the serpent king” universe?

  4. I love that you maintain this WIP page for your readers. It lets me know when I need to re-read a series in anticipation of your next update. I am currently re-reading your Star Trek series, for the third time. Thanks!

  5. Ok, ok, ok…I told the docs and nurses that I would shoot you an email or comment. Just to preface, I’m back in the hospital until school starts and all of the converts I have collected for you are driving me nuts wanting to know when you’ll post next. I’m starting to feel a used since they all want their Keira fix and they’re making me go through torture. I got them to give me the good stuff and then I would write to you and show them your WIP page. tThey think I have some sort of connection with the writting Goddess. They are also soooo gay:) I think I”ll try to get pics of them to you so you can see the hot docs that love to come into my room…just not for me:(, They got pithy with me when I said it was time for them to give me the good stuff and they had the audacity to say ‘Ung ugn girlfriend, not until Keira gives too. Wjat they don’t know is that I’m installing recording devices in my room to catch the converstations. Soo, if you run into any too hot to be real doctors who are squeeling like litle girls, they would be my doctors. So Keira, can you help me?

  6. I’m gonna let my whiny fangirl out for a line… I miss your writings and I just reread everything you have up on the site… Could you update the WIP page so I know when i’m getting my next present? I can’t help but be impatient with your writing 🙂

    I promise chocolate!

  7. I would also like to know if you are still planning to release many stories this summer, or are you having problems with your muse?

  8. I just re-read Ties That Bind, and loved it as much the second time as I did the first! Can’t wait for the next part to be posted. You, my dear lady, rock big time.

  9. Ooh ooh…june/july projections.

    Are you still on track for these because i’m having withdrawals from the stories and need more. I can’t help it. I’m like a junky…I NEED MY FIX lol

    I absolutely adore your stories. You’re a talented writer who know’s how to make a story hot with the twist and turns that we all love to read about.

    Hugs xx

  10. reread i believe about half of your stories, hoping you’re going to write some more~~but im managing to keep myself busy by reading the recommended fics…so hopefully an update sometime in the future? anxiously waiting for whatever your mind comes up with, cannot wait to read and trust me when i know how you feel, well to some extent, writing is freaking hard, but i wish you the best of luck and just hope that you come out with something~~either that or i just have to reread your stories again…i think it’s about the fourth time i’ve gone over really long fics~~and they’re just as lovely as the first time i’ve read them

  11. Any chance you could release more of your “excerpts” to tide us over? lol. I’ve been in withdrawal and just can’t wait for my next keira fix…

  12. Would it be possible for you to update the update list ? I’m finding myself going mad checking the site… its worth it but it s making me sad 🙁

  13. Martina Ketterer

    Love your stories soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. 🙂 Waitin´for a new posting from you. I´m practically vibrating with anticipation. Please, please, please….

  14. Dear Supreme Goddess of Writing and Bitchiness :3

    I absolutely love your stories, I love your livejournal and I love your Facebook because you are awesome and brilliant writer and your RL stories are greatness 😀

    I adore your bitchiness as it is highly educational and shows how your brain ticks.

    I love your style, your imagination and your ability to create the most awesome worlds for the characters. I definitely appreciate all your hard work and your dedication to your creations.

    I wish you only the best!

    Your devoted stalker,

  15. Blah? LOL Not quite what I was after In terms of information, but it’s certainly succinct. *pets you*

    Sorry you’re blah, Keira.


  16. I can’t wait for the next update!

  17. *Snort* Blah is such a brilliant way of describing your mood/situation. Is it weird I read that & I knew exactly what you meant? Hope the Blahness moves on and you get back to your superb bitchiness soon.
    Big hugs, Hxx

  18. Did you know that the amazing storyteller Rashid in Salman Rushdies great book “The sea of stories” is known as the Shah of Blah?

    I can’t remember what the female title for a shah would be, though.

  19. Heh. Just caught the WIP projected update…updates. Am less alarmed than would be if you were anyone else; I know you’re working toward completion on them all.

  20. LOL i love the ‘blah’! Hey having a estimated date for new stuff is great and all but it’s not what we all care about most! What we really want is more stories, so long as you’re still writings i think i speak for all of us when i say we are THRILLED. So what is you’re not where you wanted to be in a progected time, as a aspiring writer myself i can understand how hard deadlines are to work with! You never know when the muses and plot bunnies will behave for you, or when they’ll lead you for a merry chase! So as long as we have something to read eventually (which i am more then sure we will) we are happy and sending you supportive (and hopefully creative) energy. Good luck on chatching those bunnies!

  21. It is almost sad how excited I am that book two of the Lantean Legacy series is in the plotting stages and potentially the near future! What can I say? The first one was so awesome! My friend who was sitting near me when I finished reading it raised an eyebrow pointedly at my hand flapping and incoherent squeaking. Every time I read a story on this site, it makes my day! It’s nice to have something epic to smile about in the middle of essay writing season!

  22. Thanks for the update! Are you going to continue posting the “naked” version of Emotional Clockwork or are you going to wait until it’s complete now that NakedNaNo (thank you for that btw, it was really fun) is over? Is the new Harry/Draco a sequel to Serpent King? I’m so excited for new fic!

  23. A new Harry Potter story??? *squee*

    I’m so excited to get to read Emotional Clockwork when you finish it. And of course for the rest of your updates.

    Good luck with all that and I hope you feel better soon!

  24. I just noticed that the next SoA is projected for May! That’s my B-Day month – Happy B-Day me!

  25. Just wanted to say I loved the excerpts for Evil Author Day (and oh yes you are!). The storyline for That Old Dark Magic is just abso-bloody-lutely BRILLIANT. You’ve certainly whetted my appetite for more H/D…it’s all your fault I now read that LOL Keep well, keep happy and keep writing you tease. Hxx

  26. I have been rereading everything since EAD and I just finished The Sentinels of Atlantis. I can’t wait for all of the WIPs to be finished but the rereading during the wait makes everything worth it.

  27. Are you updating soon? I really hope so because I’m getting my wisdom teeth pulled out on Friday and I’m pretty damn sure I’m going to need some new updates to keep me sane through the pain an the painkillers. If you can’t update anytime soon I completely understand, because while I have never broken my foot twice I have had surgery on both feet and I know how agonizing it can be. Feel better!

  28. Thanks for updating this page.

  29. Oh dear, I see you are in a blah stage. I hope you have some fun. If you muse is going to be on vacation, then you should have some fun too! Don’t worry – we’ll be hear when you get back. 🙂

  30. Uh oh…T’is the dreaded ‘blah’s’ that we all say when we struggle to write. Don’t worry honey, we all get it at some point. I have a question to ask ya because hell, it’s common courtesy.

    I can copy and paste the stories into a document and transfer them to my kindle to read. Would you be okay with me doing that? I just wanted to ask before I do because I want to read TTB and sentinals and…and…Okay, yeah, all the SGA fics lol.

    Hope you can find the drive to write again soon because I miss you popping up in my emails with those lil tidbits of sheer reading pleasure!

    Big hugs xxx

    • Sure. That’s no problem – just as long as they aren’t distributed to other people.

      • Whoop whoop!

        They are purely just for my own guilty lil pleasure. I love your stories and have read them a few times. It’s easier on my kindle because I can read anywhere I want and no, they won’t be distributed. I can guarantee that my dear.

        Hope you’re foot gets better soon. it’s no fun and I totally understand something knocking the creativity out of you. It knocks you for six that’s for sure.

        Thanks and big hugs

        shelbylou x

  31. Oh boy, that’s a lot of things that went to blah. I didn’t know before now that what was posted on the wip page was informing us all that it had all gone to blah. Well that’s what I get for not checking it sooner during my reread.

    as always it’s been a pleasure to do the reread.

  32. I so much love reading and re-reading your stuff!! I almost hate it when I check for updates and there aren’t any. For you, I even turned my back on my Trekkie ways and watched the Star Trek reboot, just so I could read your fic. If only I could get over my dislike of Downey Jr. and Law as Holmes and Watson. I much prefer the BBC reboot, instead.

  33. Hi Keira,

    I can’t access the Ties That Bind series page. Is the link broken?

  34. I can access the stories at area 51 and I can access all the other Stargate stories on your WordPress blog I just can’t bring up TTB for some reason?

    • I really have no clue at all. The link hasn’t changed since it was created and no one else seems to have the issue. You’re a member, so even I’d managed to make “members only” by accident you’d have access. There is no logical reason why you can’t get it to load — well unless your ISP is blocking it individually for some crazy ass reason.

      Try this short link: http://wp.me/P1Mymg-bT

  35. That link doesn’t work for me either. Don’t understand why it’s the only one I can’t access? Thank you for
    trying to help anyway.

  36. I have now closed out the year by re-reading TTB (plus the extras), Lantean Legacy (plus the Evil Author Day tidbits), and Tangled Destinies (plus the Evil Author Day tidbits). I am officially ready for whatever we are graced with next year. (Up to and including the next Evil Author Day, which is only less than two months away and should really be a national holiday in it’s own right.)

    And as it is the time of year to be thankful for all that makes life awesome, I offer my humble thanks for all that you do and share. You make the world a richer (and pornier) place and I am infinitely grateful for that. Happy Holidays and may the New Year bring you at least as much joy as you gift to others.

  37. Hi Keira

    Happy New Year.

    I know I have not left a comment recently, I have really enjoyed your HP fanfiction and I have saved them both to my Kindle.

    I am commenting now because I was wondering were Book Two: The Latean Legacy has disappeared to, when I last looked at your WIPs is was down as been ready for publication in Dec 2012.

    I am sorry if I have completely missed any alert explaining where it has gone, so if I am slow i apologise.

    Best Wishes

  38. Please tell me you’re still working on Lantian Legacy!

  39. Keira, Queen of Awesome, it is super fabulous to get a site update every week with HP but I find myself missing the porn. (Shocking, I know). Is there even the smallest chance that we might see more TTB before Christmas? With only two parts left, I’m dying to see how everything works out. And, see how you top the last exhibition, of course, because I know you have to have something awesome planned for the happy ending. *ha! happy ending! wink wink, nudge nudge*

    If not, ce la vie. I know it’s floating out there in your brain and one day it’ll be posted and officially at the end and I will be a sad, sad, reader. (Until Pale Horse debuts! Or Evil Author Day makes me forget my woes! Or, you know, you post a grocery list or something.) And in the mean time, I will continue to enjoy my Friday dose of HP for the thirteen (?) or so weeks left in the story arc. With much love, as always!

  40. Hi Keira,

    I just woke from a nap and found myself thinking about your ‘No Other Man’ series. Definitely not pushing, but I thought I’d ask if you have any idea when/if you’re thinking of posting it?

    Thanks for all the awesome writing!


  41. Hi!
    You have set 2.000.000 word, and you are closing in…
    Please set a new level…. 5.000.0000 sounds pretty ’round’… *grin*
    Absolutely LOVE your work!

  42. Hello! I just want to say that I’ve read the first arc of Tangled Destinies thrice already and I think I’ll love it to my dying day. You’re awesome! I hope that you follow through with the second arc because really, some universes are better than the Abrams U, and this one is among the top ones. More power to you!

  43. Hi there,

    I adore all your stories and I love the recent ones, I’m wondering if you have mostly given up writing slash??


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