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Title: Ten Years After the War
Author: Keira Marcos
Betas: Ladyholder & Chris King
Series: The Alpha Chronicles
Fandom/Genre: Harry Potter
Relationship(s): Harry/Hermione
Content Rating: R
Warnings: Violence, explicit sex and language
EbooksMOBI | ePUB | PDF
*Please note that the .mobi format is Kindle friendly


Title: Sentinels of Atlantis: Season One
Author: Keira Marcos
Cover Art: FanArts Series
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard – many others
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis/The Sentinel
Genre: Alternate Universe, romance
Word Count: 269,000
Rating: NC-17 (for adult language, violence, discussions of previous abusive situations, discussion of sexual abuse, and sexual situations)
Download FilesPDF MOBI ePub (Nook/Sony) | Microsoft LIT
*Please note that the .mobi format is Kindle friendly


Title: Tangled Destinies
Author: Keira Marcos
Cover Art: FanArts Series
Pairing: Kirk/Spock, Sarek/Amanda Grayson
Fandom: Star Trek XI (Reboot ‘Verse)
Genre: Alternate Universe, romance
Word Count: 168,087
Rating: NC-17 (for adult language, violence, discussions of previous abusive situations, discussion of sexual assault, and sexual situations)
Download Files: PDF | MOBI | ePub (Nook/Sony) | Microsoft LIT
*Please note that the .mobi format is Kindle friendly


Title: That Old Black Magic
Author: Keira Marcos
Cover Art: FanArts Series
Fandom: Harry Potter
Genre: Romance, Time Travel, AU, Established Relationship
Pairing: Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy
Rated: NC-17 (for language, violence, and sex)
Word Count: 133,000
Download FilesPDF PRC  MOBI ePub (Nook/Sony) | Microsoft LIT
*Please note that both .prc and .mobi are Kindle friendly


Title: Emotional Clockwork
Author: Keira Marcos
Fandom: SGA
Genre: Romance, First Time, Humor, Minor Angst, Major Snark
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard — mentions of previous partners, sex with others, and multiple other pairings
Rated: NC-17 (for language and sex)
Word Count: 35,700
Download FilesPDF PRC  | MOBI | ePub (Nook/Sony) | Microsoft LIT
*Please note that both .prc and .mobi are Kindle friendly


TitleThe Situations of War
Author: Keira Marcos
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Cover Art: FanArts Series
Series: None
Pairing: Sheppard/McKay
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 10,600
Download Files
PDF | PRC  | MOBI | ePub (Nook/Sony) | Microsoft LIT
*Please note that both .prc and .mobi are Kindle friendly


Title: In Short: McShep Volume One
Author: Keira Marcos
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Word Count: 29,000
Contains the following short stories:  A Meeting of Minds | In the Blood | I, Spy | Moments | Monsters, Inc | Need  | Secrets | Touching Secrets | When You’re Gone

Download FilesPDF | PRC  | MOBI | ePub (Nook/Sony) | Microsoft LIT
*Please note that both .prc and .mobi are Kindle friendly


Title: Human Nature
Author: Keira Marcos
Pairing: Sheppard/McKay, O’Neill/Jackson
Rating: R for language, violence, and adult situations
Word Count: 17,500
Summary: John faces some hard changes after Atlantis is returned to Pegasus.
Download Files: PDF | PRC  | MOBI | ePub (Nook/Sony) | Microsoft LIT
*Please note that both .prc and .mobi are Kindle friendly


Title: The Air That Angels Breathe
Author: Keira Marcos
Cover Art: Manipulation by DancesWithGary
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Rating: R
Summary: John has hid his mutation all of his life and then everything changes in an instant.
Download Files: PDF | PRC (Kindle) | ePub (Nook/Sony) | Microsoft LIT


Title: Birth of the Serpent King
Author: Keira Marcos
Cover Art: FanArts Series
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy
Rating: R (sexual situations and violence)
Summary: What if Lucius Malfoy had interfered and saved Harry Potter’s life during the third task?
Download Files: PDF | PRC (Kindle) | ePub (Nook/Sony) | Microsoft LIT


Title: Lantean Legacy: No Enemy Within
Keira Marcos
Cover Art
: FanArts Series
R (explicit sex and violence)
Stargate: Atlantis
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
John and Rodney face changes in their friendship, Earth’s abandonment of the expedition, and find themselves altered for life when they accept a gift from Atlantis.
Download Files: 
PDF | PRC (Kindle) | ePub (Nook/Sony) Microsoft LIT


Title: The Awakening
Keira Marcos
Cover Art:
FanArts Series
NC-17 (explicit sex and violence)
The Sentinel
Pairing: Ellison/Sandburg
Detective Jim Ellison doesn’t want a Guide. What he wants is peace and quiet and maybe for his ex-wife to disappear. Dr. Blair Sandburg, a successful profiler with the FBI, has nearly given up on finding his Sentinel. Then the night came where one’s pain drew the other across the country – neither will ever be the same.
Download files: 
PDF | PRC (Kindle) | ePub (Nook/Sony)  |  Microsoft LIT


*** Page is under construction!***

I’m going through my other work and doing some editing and adding some scenes so when they are ready, I’ll make eBooks of them as well when they are ready. If at some point, I need help with this process I won’t hesitate to ask 😉


  1. Ohhhhh EBooks!!! Yes Please Miss may I have More Ebooks PLease!

    • There will be more. It’s a side project though so it might be a while.

      • This is soooo exciting! I just figured out how to download ebooks to my iPod Touch (I know, I know, I’m a slow learner, okay?) and now I can add your stories! It’s funny, I stumbled across your website while looking for Ronan/Jennifer fanfiction. I loved Dark Places! Here’s the REALLY funny part – up until that time, I wasn’t a fan of slash stories. I was strictly a het girl. I liked Dark Places so much, though, that I gave your other stories a shot. Now I am one of many who check your site daily for updates! You are a truly talented writer. Thank you for sharing with us! Also, I never cared for The Sentinel when it was on tv. I wanted to like it, but could never get emotionally invested in the characters. Reading The Awakening fixed that! Wow! It’s one of my favorites. Your writing has really grabbed ahold of me. I am thrilled to pieces that eventually I’ll have your work on my iPod as well as my laptop and phone! You rock! Okay, I’ll stop rambling now. Have a great weekend, and, again, thank you!

        • Have you heard of instapaper? It is an app that let’s you save webpages to read later when you have no Internet. I only read fanfic so can’t survive without it on my itouch.

        • Ohh Keria I could just kiss you I’ve just got a kindle for my birthday and having some of my fav authors for my kindle so I can read on the go hugs Star

  2. …. ok I admit it I’m lost, what exactly is an ebook? and how is it different than what you have posted now?

  3. I am very excited about the ebooks and just tried to download “The Awakening”. There seems to be a problem with Google Docs that they are working on that prevents the download of documents that are shared to all. The thread about the problem is here:


    You might want to let other know.

    I can’t wait for it to be fixed so I can load up the story to my E-reader!

  4. May we ask what program you’re using to create the files (in particular the epub files, if you are using different programs to create the different types)? Is there a guide or instructions or anything that you used to learn how? (If you don’t want to answer, that’s fine. I’m just curious as to how to do it for my own projects)

    • I did “save as” pdf for the pdf in Microsoft Word. I used the Microsoft Reader Add-On to make the .lit file. I used Mobipocket Creator to make the Mobi/Prc/Kindle file and I used Calibre to make the epub file. I’ll hunt you up some links. 🙂

      Calibre is here: http://calibre-ebook.com/

      • Thank you so much!

      • Ok so I’m currently working on an ebook project or two, but i find that formating is a biiiig issue, particularly when creating/converting for other formats.. how did you handle it? did you have problems with formatting and how did you get those awesomely cool pics for the chapter header in place??

        Googling all this just isn’t the same as hearing it first hand from someone who’s already done it.. and done so, so well!

  5. This looks nice. I can see that it will be *very* popular with people!


  6. I can wait but I hate to. I read most of my fics on my kindle. I copy paste and then format into PDF and then format again into Kindle format. This will be so great.


  7. Dear Kira, your the best slash writer I know. I love all of your work. I bought an ereader last november (2009) were I put all your work. So everytime, wherever I go I have your work with me to read. I have a Sony ebookreader and I have your work as textfiles on my computer and download them without a problem. I just had a holiday and reread all your work. Now I am waiting for some more updates.

  8. Anyone else having trouble downloading them from Google? I’ve tried and tried but the links all come up as “The document (or page) you have requested is not available”. I’m wondering if it has anything to do with being in Canada – since some things go totally screwball w/ a Canadian ISP.

  9. Just downloaded from Google.docs. Incredibly easy, superfast download, and it looks great.

    Now I have to force myself to re-read – just in case. Life is so hard. *g*

    Thank you so much for the extra time and effort – on top of the writing.

  10. Thanks for this, realy easy to download from Google.docs, even if it was for the first time, I’m a big fan of your work, but a lurker, (realy bad at commenting)

    But this got me to unlurk so that I could thank you for making it so easy to enjoy your great storys.

    Realy looking forward to your new story… the Lantean Legacy…(and i might just have to delurk and go and comment om the story)

    So thank you..

  11. Thank you very much for taking a lot of time to convert your fics to e-books!

    (I finally got the e-books on my ipad (iBooks) after working it out for about half an hour! LOL AND the Awakening will be a new fic for me to read so I can’t wait!)

  12. I have had a problem with the combination of Google Docs and Firefox, but the download works a treat with Internet Explorer on a PC and with Camino on a Mac, just thought I would let you guys know, of to re-read Lantean Legacy.

    PS Should mention that I have a gmail account, and was logged in as such when I downloaded.

  13. Thank you! It’ll make the hideously long commute to work a great deal more pleasant. 🙂

  14. Thank you so much for converting some of your works to eBook. It’s so nice to be able to download these great stories!

  15. I love you for this. Thanks!!

  16. The e-books are great. I’ve downloaded them to my Nook and enjoyed them while flying to and from my consulting job. I’m looking forward to more being added.

  17. I just reread No Enemy Within again on my Nook, and I just have to say it never gets old. Anyway, I love that one, and can’t wait until next year when we see the next installment.

  18. I got myself and e-reader… and the first things I put on it were these two fics which you’ve got available. I love it. Thanks!

  19. I got a Kobo for Yule and the first book I put on it was No Enemy With. It was fast and easy.

  20. Yay!!! Just downloaded Lantean Legacy to my iPad!!! So excited. Thank you for making the stories available this way!

    • Care to tell me how you managed it? My sister has an iPad and I can’t get her ebooks on it to save my life.

      • I downloaded it through safari and clicked on the google docs link in pdf format and if you have iBooks (free app) it will give you a choice to open it in that. In order to view it you must go to the app and click on the upper right and it should give you an option of viewing snooks or PDFs and click on PDFs and it should be there.

        Hope this helps!!

      • Suppose you already did it but… You’ve got two options. Dowonload the epub with your iPad and when given the option open with iBooks or Download the epub in your computer, add it to yor (hers) iTunes Library (books) and then sync the iPad. Working for me so far. Took your eBooks to my chinese holidays and reread the Lantean Legacy like for eleventh time.

        Hope it helps!!

  21. I have a question. Would you oppose people making ebooks out of you other works? I’m trying to find my way around indesign and I though making and ebook would help me understand the program. I love TSofA and I like to have everything in one file so I started to make an ebook out of it I hope it is okay? You will of course get a copy of it once you have defeated the monster that is your inbox^^

  22. ups just saw that you allowed to make ebooks of your work. I should really ready first, then ask. -.-

  23. Thank you very much for putting these up. I am just downloading the ePub version of Lantean Legacy and can’t wait for the other McShep stories to pop up here… 🙂

  24. How did I not know about this? I went searching for ebooks by you a few weeks ago and couldn’t find them! Lantean Legacy is now on my ipod touch. Super awesome. I hope Tangled Destines is next 🙂

  25. Woohoo, I’ve just worked out how to download these to my iBook. Hurrah! Always something good to read even while off line now! I wonder if they can be added to my Ioad Kindle? Keen to have an alternative to Apple.
    Thanks Keira for this and all your writing. Just finished the new Harry Potter, wasn’t sure about it, but was soon drawn in as ever! Looking forward to more Keira ebooks, more Keira fiction… in meantime having yet another site reread!

  26. so I just found a site that makes making an epub book a SNAP:


    all I did was copy the books onto notepad, then copied/pasted into microsoft works word processor and I saved it.

    then used the online converter

    to make it all pretty I used Calibre to make a cover, put in series info, etc ( I used the header pics from fanart for the covers, Thank you Fan_Art)

    they look great on my nook.

  27. I have a Kobo eReader, so thanks for the ePub format…can’t wait for everything else you’ve written to get tucked away for me to re read forever 🙂

  28. Ooo! Ooo! I came back today to explore your site more after reading your Sentinels of Atlantis series yesterday, and discovered you’re making eBooks! Do you have one planned for that series I LOVED it, and would love to put in on my Kindle for re-reading over and over!

  29. No Enemy Within was the first thing I put on my Nook!
    Eagerly waiting for more!!

  30. Ooo! Ooo! I came back today to explore your site more after reading your Sentinels of Atlantis series yesterday, and discovered you’re making eBooks! Do you have one planned for that series I LOVED it, and would love to put in on my Kindle for re-reading over and over!

  31. I just bought the Kindle 2 for this site! I’m such a huge fan of yours and I’ve never been so glad that you have eBooks and once I get it I plan on downloading the two eBooks you currently have up. Do you think that Birth of the Serpeant King or What Might Have Been books be turned into eBooks?

  32. I finally caved and downloaded The Awakening. I’ll go on a trip tomorrow and need some reading material. I’ve not actually read this story yet. But I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy it even without John and Rodney… 😉

  33. I just tried to download Birth of the Serpent King and it said I don’t have permission to download or even view it. Is there another way for me to get it?

    • I haven’t uploaded them to Yahoo yet. I don’t know why it would say you couldn’t– the files are open to “everyone”. Frowns. I’ll make the yahoo folder sometime this week. I was just lazy with it yesterday.

      • I am having the same problem when I try and download Birth of the Serpent King. This is the message I receive when I try.
        Sorry, we are unable to retrieve the document for viewing or you don’t have permission to view the document.
        Please try again later.
        Just wanted to let you know.

  34. I tried to download it and I also got an error message 🙁

  35. Same here, no joy with downloading from Google docs. I do have a Google account, I was logged in and I tried Firefor and IE… 🙁

  36. Thank you so much for posting your ebooks. I’m about to move to a new house and I won’t have internet for awhile. I am so happy to have your ebooks to help me through my withdrawal! You have such a gift for characterization and plot! Thank you for sharing with us!

  37. I hope you take it as a compliment when I say I vastly prefer Birth of a Serpent King to Order of the Phoenix. I downloaded the ebook and could not put it down for the life of me.

  38. hai , i absolutely love your stories and was wondering if you were ever thinking of putting your Ties that Bind series and What Might Have Been into e-book format??

  39. I love your fics and just got the ebook form of “Birth os the Serpent King” for my kindle. I wanted to get “The Awakening” for it also. However to do that I need it in mobi and it is not there and I was hoping that you had some idea of when or if it ever was going to be in that format.

  40. Just to make you proud …
    I haven’t got my first android capable phone for 24 hours, and I already put all 3 ebooks on it. Your stories are very high up in my priority list. (I did not have any ebook ready device apart from my laptop before, still saving up for a kindle)

  41. The Birth of a Serpent King isn’t working right now for me it says either I don’t have access or it does’t exist.

  42. Love reading your work, especially the Stargate Atlantis stories. Looking forward to reading them in ebook format. Thanks

  43. First: Congrats on the successful move.

    Second: Thank you for The Air That Angels Breathe. I’m updating my ebook reader this weekend and this is top of the list. 😀

  44. The new site looks great. And also: Yay, new stuff! Thank you.

  45. Thanks SO much for including ePub docs for those of us that have not-Kindle eReaders. I appreciate it muchly, because now I can take you to work with me 🙂

  46. google docs has worked well, but the direct pdf download for Angels was so smooth and fast. Thanks for taking the time to do this with everything you’ve got going on.

  47. Oooh, goody, ebooks for my Kindle!! Luvs lots and waits for more (panting ;))

  48. Thank you for putting up the pdf for The Air That Angels Breathe. I plan, repeat plan, on sleeping tonight. I plan on waiting to reread The Air but I have found I do not have much will power when it comes to waiting to read one of your works Iunless I decide to wait for series to be complete [ST reboot].

  49. Have added ‘Human Nature’ to my ereader – thank you! The commute will be much more bearable.

    Thank you so much for sharing your stories, your imagination, Keira. 😀

  50. Thanks for putting in the work to convert these to eBook format! And as a Nook user, special thanks for the .epub format.

  51. Thanks for finding the time in your busy life to put these ebooks ‘out there’.

  52. Hello dear lady,

    As I am an hopeless user of everything computer like , please do not laugh and can you answer those questions ?
    A) I have registered as stol50. Can I read the e-books on my computer or do I need a kindle-like tablet ?
    B) When it says : error not enough memory on this page , on my page when I access , does it mean my computer is not big enough or something else?
    Thank you for answering dear lady,

    • This error you’re getting is a browser conflict between Internet Explorer and my site. Most people solve it by using Google Chrome which is an excellent browser.

      Yes, you can read the ebooks. If you download Kindle for PC from Amazon, you can read the Mobi or PRC files with that software. You can read the PDF file with Adobe Reader.

  53. Thank You for the Ebooks, It gives me something to read on my bus commute.

  54. Bought my first Kindle today and downloaded your stories.

    Thank You!!!!!

    Now, do some more.


  55. Ahhh. The awesomness of waking up, having a good cup of coffee and finding a new Keira ebook to savor.

    *waves from favorite chair*

  56. love your work .but for some reason i cannot download the pdf files on your ebook page

  57. Just downloaded Human Nature and In Short pdfs.
    I was right when I said on Aug 25th would wait to Re-read The Air That Angels Breathe. I will probably wait on these also. I Just re-read Air with-in the last 24 hours. Mich of the delay was getting ready for Hurricane Irene and then just finding could get more VeraLynn songs than on one tape I got for my parents baxk in the 90s in London from a 78 RPM archive.
    Bit the main thing coming ahead of rereading Keira is – SnoopyDance – reading new Keira. Off to read “The Choice”.
    Thank You

  58. Thank you for doing this! I have been saving fics and using calibre to make some ebooks for the iphone, but having them done already with artwork is so so much nicer. Brava, and thank you so much for the wonderful McShep fics…they are great works.

  59. Thank you for the ebooks.

  60. Thanks for those ebook updates, just what I need on my trip… 🙂

  61. Snapped a heap of ePub stories – thanks so much for doing this, I don’t get as much net reading time as I’d live so I practically sleep with my eBook reader!!


  62. These are awesome! Thanks for so much sharing 😀

  63. I love your stories so much! Thank you for making it possible for me to enjoy them wherever I go!

  64. Thanks for sharing your work!

  65. Thank you so much for converting your fics to ebooks!

  66. When I tried downloading the .lit file of The Serpent King, it didn’t work.

    I think you may have an error on the address of the link? I could download it after I fiddled with the address. One too many http’s at the beginning? Thank you for doing this!

  67. I got a Kindle for my birthday, now I can read your brilliant books on the go. Thank You 🙂

  68. I could kiss you for including .lit! Most don’t since it’s not really for ereaders, but it’s my favorite for messing around on the computer ’cause then you can have it read aloud, annotate, bookmark and write in the margins!

  69. I’d just like to say thank you for making ebooks. It makes it soo much easier for me on the go.

    Thank you!

  70. I can’t seem to download any of the PDF files. If i click on the link it just opens in a new window, and if i do the ‘Save as…’ link then i just get an empty page

  71. I love the ‘Tangled Destinies’ series. i hope you put it in ebook format soon! so i can read it on my phone at work 😛

  72. I got a Kindle for Christmas. The first thing I did tonight when setting it up was come download these .prc files and load it up with your books. Thank you!

  73. How hard or easy is it to download the e-books???????? Do I need to add your e-mail address or am I missing a step?????? When i click on prc it just looks corrupted. So I know I’m not doing something or missing something, thanks for any help.

  74. My Kindle & I just love you to pieces a ‘new’ book. Even better it is the fact its one of yours. Thank you.

  75. Is there a WIP page for ebooks? I’d love to see WMHB and SoA in ebook format and don’t want to pester you with my ebook wants. 🙂

    • I only make ebooks after something is complete. WMHB is currently in revision and beta for a big ebook version which is more like a “director’s cut” since I’m adding scenes and stuff.

      SOA will go to ebook after the first ‘season’ is complete.

  76. I just found out your site and it’s so full of goodness that I don’t know where to begin! 🙂
    I love the fact that you’re making e-books! they’re very handy: I think I will begin with one of these 🙂 🙂

  77. I downloaded “Serpent King”; thank you! =)

  78. Hi,

    Just wanted to say that I’ve been enjoying all your work immensely and am grateful for the effort you’ve put in to your site especially the ebooks! I’ve read (and re-read) all you SGA fics and they have been great.

  79. The latest excerpts from Evil Author Day have been uniformly awesome and have prompted me to download a couple of your ebooks. Thank you for making them available and they will make my upcoming long train journey pass in a very pleasant manner indeed.

  80. Have I mentioned lately that you’re completely awesome and totally made of win?

    I’m tramping about the other side of the planet, surviving far too many relatives and small town morality solely by virtue of regular doses of Keira!smut.

    Having the ebooks on my spiffy new IPad makes this entire venture possible.

    *doing the geriatric fangirl chair dance of glee, just for you – because you’re just that awesome*

  81. Thank you for sharing all of your hard work. Have always enjoyed your writing

  82. Thank you so much for all that you do to share your writing with your Minions! I for one, truly appreciate it 🙂

  83. Thank you for your stories and your e-books

  84. I SO wish I could download these for my Kobo ;; *doesn’t know how* If anyone could guide me on how to do it? (If possible)

    I absolutely love your Sentinel story! (would love more 😉 so much more *giggle* Also <3 Mcshep ftw!

  85. May i remake your “Emotional Clockwork” ?

  86. Thank you! It was great to come back from a stay-over at work (due to hurricane Sandy) and find a story from you!

  87. Thanks for putting the ebooks up.

  88. hi thank you for all your wonderful work…my problem is that a have a HP tablet so only can download PDF files the Serpent King works but That Old Black Magic does not …any ideas?

  89. I have the Kindle app but I only seem to be able to download from the Kindle store at Amazon…

  90. Unfortunately I can not figure out how to email to myself (or anyone else) the PDF, PRC and MOBI all down load but none will open they all say they are not supported or in the case of the PDF something is wrong with the file….it could all be me I am really bad with computers…thanks foe trying to help.

  91. Hay just learned to get to the file on my tablet (which are many now I keep trying to down load) I just attached it to a email I will see it it works, I am on my out the Door now….

  92. I also have problem with the PDF for That old black magic : all the pages appear to be blanks when viewed on my browser, and when I download it, Adobe can’t read it… Help please? It’s to read on my computer, so the other formats don’t really help… Thank you!

    • I can check it. It works fine for me on both my lap top and my desktop. I also put it on my tablet with no problem so I don’t know what’s going on with it.

      Are you using a Mac?

      • Yes, I am. But all your other PDFs work on it… Thank you for your help!

        • I don’t know if you’ve fixed the problem yet, since it’s been a while, but a similar thing happened to me (on windows 7). All her other .pdfs opened fine except That Old Black Magic (said something about not being able to decrypt the file).

          Well, I tried to see if my Adobe Reader was out of date by checking for updates. It said there was none, but a quick google search showed that was a lie. Apparently, my Adobe Reader was 3 versions out of date. Manually downloading the latest version fixed the problem and opened the TOBM.pdf without problems.

          Not sure why that one .pdf didn’t open when all the others did on the older version though. Perhaps it was saved differently? Anyway, on the off chance your still having trouble with it I hope this helps.

  93. I just downloaded all your ebook on my kobo. I can’t imagine the time it must have taken ro create them. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  94. Just downloading “Birth of the Serpent King” and changed my avatar. It’s my tribute to my beloved friend of the last 18 years. Hope you Keiraadicts like it.

  95. thecookiemomma

    There is a program called “Calibre” (At http://calibre-ebook.com) that allows you to convert almost any regular kind of file into an ebook. You can convert .doc files, .rtf, .txt, etc. directly into ebooks. (Also HTML.) So, if you’ve got your stories on your hard drive in a basic format like that, it’ll convert fairly easily. It’s also got a lovely dialog box to easily fill in metadata, affix a cover, etc. PDFs are the most difficult to edit, so they suggest starting with an epub and working toward the others. Making sure it looks like you want it to in that format, and then converting outward. Hope this helps. (I came here for Sentinels of Atlantis.) Which I’m enjoying thoroughly.

    • Yes, actually, I use calibre. But each of my projects go through another round of beta before I do ebooks. That’s a rather large undertaking with something like What Might Have Been.

  96. Any thoughts on converting Dark Places in the Soul for tablets? I’ve recently started a new job with a two hour public transit commute and I am loving having your books in epub!

  97. *Giggling madly* I am on such a download high~ XD

  98. Thank you so much for providing these!

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  100. It just makes my week when you put another e-book up (even though I’ve most likely already read it on your site) because then I can download it to my Nook and take it with me wherever I go (I don’t have a smart phone, and I don’t pay for my iPad to be able to link to internet on its own).

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    • Cylons… those are the robots on Battlestar Galactica right? I never watched any of that.

      • Yes they are from BG. I

        I’m interested more in Anders, he plays a very Sexy Shark in Fairly Legal. Last name Tuoco.

        In the series he’s commander of a buccaneer ship. He does not know that he’s a Cylon until later. More importantly that he is one of the 5. Anyway, Cylons are robots. AI. Later they became and looked more humanoid. Some acting more humane than others. The Grace Park, of show H5O played Cylons before becoming Kono.

        Anyway Anders is kind of tortured. Kind of like McShep Alien Love Child created through artificial insemination. He gets betrayed by his future wife. And by future I mean literally. He links with any Cylon-based machinery. In some ways kind of going Farscape Leviathan style linked. He has a kick ass tat of wings, which is 1 half of a set. On his arm. He has a effing red-eye Uchiha Sasuke moment. Oh yeah, he’s A BAMF

        Well gonna have to refresh my mems too, but I’ve always dreamed of Rodney meeting Anders abd totalling having a braingasme when they meet. With John in the background fuming because hotter younger version impressing Rodney and totally oblivious about it.

        • LOL I imagine a convo between Gaius Baltar and Rodney. The level of IQ !!!
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    • I don’t think so at least not at this point. At one time I was going to but then some asshole put all of my ebooks on a pirate site (including the one I did for pay) and I’m a 100% done doing shit for people that do shit like that.

      • Nimue of the North

        And those idiots are the reason we can’t have nice things. I’m so sorry somebody disrespected all your work like that. You’re ebooks are done with so much care just like the stories are written and they’ve held me up through quite some waits when there was no wifi in sight. I completely understand your frustration – it’s just such a shame. Thank you for still writing and sharing!

    • Just saw a recent note about Ties That Bind. No rush, just letting you know that I look forward to the next parts when they come out.

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    I am learning my way slowly around your site and am doing OK. I do have one question – It seems that you rotate stories that are available on the site. Is there one site where all of your works are “warehoused” so interested fans can read over your old works, etc.? I find your stories and your mind fascinating (not in a creepy sense, mind you!) and would like to read more.

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    John – deadsnake

    • 1. I don’t rotate my work so I’m confused as to why you think that? All of my completed works are available on this site. I do have some excerpts and a few WIPs that were part of Rough Trade challenges but that’s all.

      2. It’s illegal to sell fan fiction, so no. I’m unsure if I’ll ever create an ebook for Soulmate Bond because frankly all of my books including my pay-project was pirated. The disrespect was difficult to swallow.

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    I would appreciate you looking into this but I’ll certainly understand if you don’t have the time or the will.

    • It’s all my site — the plug in I used to create the links is defunct and I need to redo them but haven’t had the time.

      • Thanks for looking it up and replying. We’ll just have to read the stories here. I’m certainly not going to bug you about it. Especially with the April Challenge soon starting.

        Thanks again for writing and letting us read your stories at all. Not to sound patronizing, but good luck with your project and I’m looking forward to it!

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