Fan Art

I have some great readers who love me lots and make art to represent my work. Due to the amount of art I’ve been receiving (I’m a very lucky girl)– I’ve created individual pages for easier browsing:


Tangled Destinies |   Ties That BindThe Sentinels of Atlantis

What Might Have BeenThe Alpha Sentinel ChroniclesNon-Series Art Work

Harry Potter & the Soulmate Bond | The War Mages Trilogy | Trinity (Hobbit)



One of the biggest and certainly unexpected treats that I’ve received from my site is just this HUGE feeling of community that I feel with my readers.


  1. Wow i love this topic, love to see the whole fanarts, it’s very cool, thanks Keira. gives envy to do more.

  2. Neat, a whole section for ar – great idea. Will definitely be checking in here regularly. Thanks for putting it together for us. Barb

  3. I just loved all the art! And the new look of your website! Will certainly be checking in here regularly now! πŸ™‚

  4. Hey new website banner! Very cool. Is this fanart? If so, whoever made it rocks!

    • No. I found it on Google. I accidentally deleted my banner from FanArts but she sent it to me again cause SHE’s AWESOME and I’ll put it back up when i get tired of the space stuff. you know I like to change things up πŸ˜‰

  5. I’ve just spent a very pleasant hour or so looking at all the art on your site *drool*. I love the way your fans illustrate your stories for you and wish that I had the talent to create something as lovely for you also. Hope your new medication is kicking in and you are feeling more like yourself. Big hugs, Helen xx

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