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Tangled Destinies (K/S)

Cover Art by FanArts Series

Spock convinces his father to move to Earth after refusing to bond with T’Pring. The consequences of this change the dynamics of his family and sets him on the path that will lead him directly to James Kirk.

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01. Genesis (22, 600 words)
Spock convinces his father that his mother’s happiness is the most important consideration and the family moves to Earth where they meet Captain Christopher Pike and his adopted son, James Tiberius Kirk.
Also available in RussianЗарождение

02. Taken (20,600 words)
Jim and Spock attend a physics conference at the Vulcan Embassy, Jim’s grandmother tries to get him to agree to an arranged marriage, and the boys develop a mutual dislike for the mall.

03. Chaos (18,700 words)
Spock and Jim meld for the first time, Jim gets unwelcome news from Betazed, and Captain Pike reaches a difficult decision.

04. Eternal (5,100 words)
Spock and Jim take Amanda out for the day to celebrate Mother’s Day.

05. Affinity (20,200 words)

The House of Surak and the First House of Betazed gather for the bonding of Jim and Spock.

06. Envy (19,900 words)
Spock and Jim adjust to their new bond while adults in their lives shift around them in response to the change in their relationship.

07. Justice (9,500 words)
Jim must testify in Federation Court in the trial of Delis Brise.

08. Havoc (9,700 words)
A traumatic and life altering event changes everything for Spock’s family.

09. Forsaken (27,386 words)
Sarek takes his family back to Vulcan for the formal adoption of T’Mara.

10. Covet (14, 168 words)
Jim faces his past and someone he thought he’d already lost.

** The first volume of this series is FINISHED. You can download it as an ebook here. **

Spock & James T. Kirk
Actors: Zachary Quinto & Chris Pine

Dr. Amanda Grayson
Actress: Winona Ryder

Ambassador Sarek
Actor: Ben Cross

Christopher Pike
Actor: Bruce Greenwood

Dr. Leonard McCoy
Actor: Karl Urban

Actor: Clive Owen

Actor: Ioan Gruffud

Actor: Zac Efron

Actress: Danielle Panabaker

Ambassador Alexa Deloia
Actress: Marina Sirtis

Ravan Deloia
Actor: Edward Norton

Ambassador T’Pol
Actress: Jolene Blalock

Dr. Noah Burke
Actor: Mark Valley


In this AU Alexia Deloia is the great-grandmother of Deanna Troi– to further that idea I cast Marina Sirtis for Alexa. There will be Vulcan characters added to this page in the future and since I’m by no means an artist I will cast actors to play the parts and you will have to imagine them with you know pointy ears and slanted eyebrows. I’m confident that your imaginations are up to the task. :-) Special thanks to TurelieTelcontar for my Vulcan character pictures. AWESOME!


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  1. Averzierlia

    *runs off to read*

    1. Andy

      I think this said it all *¬*

  2. Shadow

    The next story comes out the day after my birthday! Oh I’m so excited! This is wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. Oh, lookee. I stopped using exclamations…maybe I should put them back? A story from you deserves them. Hmmm.

  3. marmalade

    you are my queen and I shall pay you homage as is your due…

    1. thescribblingdesk

      We are all bowing and scraping to Kiera’s greatness, and I have no doubt that it will continue to happen if she keeps supplying us with these works of art. *grins*

      1. chrisking2005

        Maybe we should just elect her Queen of Everything.

        1. Alwaysand

          Yes! Yes! This one! I vote for this one. Kiera should definitely be Queen of Everything.

        2. Averzierlia

          Got my vote. Hey, you think if we tithe to her she can stop whatever she does when she’s not writing and write full time instead?

          1. EmruasCat

            I would go for that. I have said repeatedly that she should be paid for providing us with such yummy noms on a monthly basis. When I first started reading her stuff, it was entirely her fault I got interested in the Stargate: Atlantis fandom to begin with. Now that she’s done the same thing again with the Star Trek 2009 fandom. If you pick another fandom to write in, Keira, I might as well give up any hope I have for a social life.

            1. kelly

              come on, social lives are so overrated, physically at least- if we all get sucked into homage to Keira! 24/7, the social life of her little court would suffice, no?

              1. Keira Marcos

                I do give STELLAR parties.

  4. TazQte

    All I can say is that I giggle like a school girl when I see you have updated a series or created a new story. Yippee!!

  5. fanarts_series

    Keira, love you honey….. best SF cast forever.

  6. Heidi

    We have to wait until MAY for an update? I really, really, really, need to give in and just add myself to the email subscription to your site, so that I’m not checking multiple times a day for an update to any of your series. But, that’s not happening tonight…

    And apparently I need to read the author’s notes/story information in the future so that I actually notice that the answer to my question is right in front of my face. 😛

    Thanks again for your wonderful fics!
    (If only reading them counted as homework…)

    1. Heidi

      Oh, and nice use of other ST actresses in your casting, it makes my geeky heart glow with the warm and fuzzies.

  7. EmruasCat


  8. Lise St-Onge

    Dear lady Keira,

    Yours is a mckay brain ! Is there no limits to your imagination ?I am truly awed … And this story is so endearing. Thank you, thank you, thank you !

  9. welshwitch220

    This is a very interesting au and well written. I am looking forward to the rest of the series.

  10. BillieBog

    I just sent this to my Kindle to read. Amazing you have given us this great gift in additional to all your other stories.

    Still can’t wait for next Sentinels chapter. It is still my favorite.

    Was sick yesterday and reread “What Might Have Been”. It is such a lovely AU, and kept me marvelously distracted.

    Thanks again for sharing so much,

  11. louisavamp

    this was wicked i loved it

  12. fanarts_series

    *I will cast actors to play the parts and you will have to imagine them with you know pointy ears and slanted eyebrows.*

    I know that it’s stupid because it’s not the same universe but i can’t help but try to imagine Rodney or John with pointy ears and slanted eyebrows, even Teyla and in my head they’re gorgeous, silly me lol !

    1. chrisking2005

      *squees long and hard over the thought of a SGA/ST fusion*

    2. chibigirlflower

      well it obviously is not difficult to imagine John with pointy ears ^____~

      Teyla would be a good Vulcan lady, she’s all strong and calm and has some psychic abilities

      Rodney more likely has the temper of the Romulans, only he is really sweet and a genious instead of just nasty

      1. fanarts_series

        it’s a true that the ears of John are pointy, perhaps he has Vulcan and ancient blood 😉

        Yeah for Teyla, Ronon can be a klingon and Rodney can be a Romulan. Shake the federation our team is in the place lol !

        1. chibigirlflower

          yeah, an ST story that includes the SGA 1 team would be cool, just not as a crossover – those two ‘verses would really mesh badly but i can totally see those four as pretty cool alien and/or part alien joining starfleet

  13. Alania

    Hmm, have finished the whole thing now. I can’t say I’m happy – here I was, going all squidgy for the boys because they finally ‘kissed’ and eagerly anticipating the next chapter, then I discovered that it would be nearly a full MONTH before it would be posted :(

    I’m still waiting, if you can see your way to posting the next chapter sooner then please feel free! (Although not if it means we have to wait longer for a different fic).

    Alania x

  14. Alwaysand

    Out of curiosity do you see Jennifer Morrison as Winona Kirk? She was the only character that didn’t look right to me in the movie. And for your story perspective I see someone more shallow and bitter but I have no idea who it would be.

    1. Keira Marcos

      When I write her I picture Saffron Burrows:

      I don’t really know why– she just popped firmly into my head.

      1. Alwaysand

        Okay. Now when I read the story I can picture her better talking to Lady Amanda. Thank You

  15. meredith

    Are you going to have the older Spock in here?

    1. Keira Marcos

      Yeah- Spock Prime will make an appearance at the right place as far as the Reboot Verse goes.

      1. meredith

        Sweet, can’t wait.

      2. Chris King

        *fangirling wildly*

  16. Desertpoet

    I just finished reading the story. I absolutely loved it. Kirk and Spock as teenagers are so adorable. I agree with the other everyone else who said that Amanda is totally awesome and I also like that Sarek and Pike have a “bromance”.

    The ending of the story was just perfect. I can’t wait for more.

    I hope you don’t mind my asking. Do you now where I could go to get more Star Trek recs. I have been to your website (I loved Coming Home by Amanda Warrington)but I’m having trouble finding other stories. My ggoogle skills are failing me for some reason. Thanks

    1. Keira Marcos

      Try those two- it’s a series so read the first link first.

  17. fanarts_series

    Keira, check your email when you can, you have a little surprise for the future chapters.

  18. Chris King

    My goodness! Again with the pretty!

    Taval and Jaret are completely yummy.

    And damn, I can just see Ravan and Alexia going all snarky slinky outrageous.

    Noah Burke? Am I having a Senior Moment?

    1. Keira Marcos

      Nah– you haven’t met him yet.

      1. Chris King

        You’re an evil tease. :-)

        We all love that about you.

  19. fanarts_series

    Keira, honey check you mail, new art for the fic and tell me if you received the little arts bans.


    1. Keira Marcos

      I did and it was awesome!

  20. Fangbaby

    Keira My Darling, Light of My Life,
    I have but one request… Tribbles. Please tell me there will be tribbles. I love tribbles. I love Spock and McCoy just talking about tribbles. I love Kirk buried in Tribbles. If you haven’t seen the episode in the original series with them you’ve got to check it out. Its too cute. You get to see Spock pet a small, furry creature that purrs. How awesome is that?

    1. Keira Marcos

      I love tribbles. I mean REALLY.

      I have a plushy one. (blush)

      It purrs and everything. I’d be ashamed but my husband bought it for me.

      1. Fangbaby

        There is absolutely no shame in the love of tribbles. I have a plushy like that too. Its brown. My fiance got me one after i made him watch the tribble episode with me for like the fifth time. LOL. I have to keep it on a shelf so my dog cant get to it. Its the one toy he can’t have.

        1. Christine

          I almost feel embarrassed (but not quite) to say that I’m considering making a knitted tribble. I was searching thru my yarn stash and found a small amount that seemed about the right color and texture, which just called out for tribble creation… My family mostly understands. LOL

          1. Fangbaby

            That would be just too cute. Go for it.

      2. christella

        i too confess to owning purring tribble lives on my shelf
        this should not be shameful,we love star trek so we love tribbles
        tribble lovers unite,no shame in ownership!!!!!

        1. Tawariel

          I own a tribble too. Found him in a sci-fi shop, it has long brown fake fur and when you pull his string, it vibrates (and purrs). *lol* It even does a neat trick, when you hold it the right way it turns over in your hand while vibrating. 😉

          1. Keira Marcos

            I’m jealous of your Tribble.

          2. chrisking2005

            OMG. I want one!


  21. Eva

    oh my God! I love star trek and I love your fic, it is a couple made in the heaven. this put me in a frenesi of k/s and then I found this: Atlas by Angel Baby1 in Fanfiction.net.
    Not as good like you, but really awesome.

  22. fanarts_series

    You really want your smart little american ass to be spanked honey, because a smart little vicous tease like you deserved that a lot, i saw the news additions for the cast… Hummm Mark Valley, Edward Norton and Ioan Gruffudd, the man of the fantastic four, love really, really, they’re so men, and men candy, i love men candy.

    1. Keira Marcos

      I actually enjoy getting my smart little American ass spanked (looks around primly).

      1. Chris King


        I’m standing in one of those airport kiosks and everyone is staring, no doubt wondering why I’m giggling like a mad thing.


        How sad is it that I have separation anxiety from my computer? *moans* And my broadband. My elderly father, bless his heart, flatly refuses to have broadband, because he thinks it’s ‘dangerous’. *eyeroll* I’ll have to find myself a broadband connection somewhere, because the thought of spending a week with only dial up makes me twitch.

        *waves my pom poms for ya*

        1. Keira Marcos

          Evidence that not even world travel can keep Chris from the gay porn.

          1. Chris King

            *gives you my very best sweet lil ole lady smile*

            Hey, gay smut is like my nicotine. Instead of huddling outside desperately sucking down my last cigarette before more than 20 hours in transit, I’m getting my last hit of keira!smut..

            And keira!smut is the very *best* gay smut, filthy and delicious! I needed my fix! Oh, for the days when we’ll be able to have continuous and uninterrupted access the Net, even while in flight. Or, ya know, a Kindle full of my favourites.

            1. fanarts_series

              *And keira!smut is the very *best* gay smut, filthy and delicious! I needed my fix!*

              i know what you mean, i beg her on my knees and i suppose that she love that this evil domme, she say to love to be spanked but i’m sure that she give the spanking, keira are you switch honey, dirty naughty smart one ?

  23. fanarts_series

    I have to say, since the last week i make some try putting ears and pointed eyebrows at some pics, the husband look at and say “i don’t want to know” but stay behind me for know where i go. Naughty and curious beloved.

  24. fanarts_series

    You are going to post Envy the day before my birthday.

    Free to make a porn fic for my birthday btw lol !!!

    1. Keira Marcos

      I’d be thrilled to write you porn for your birthday. Do you have a pairing in mind? 😉

  25. fanarts_series

    hummmm what not try a Criminal minds or a CSI …. rhooo pretty pairing in those shows.
    Keira, i feel like a spoiled girl thinking about this.

    1. Keira Marcos

      Criminal Minds appeals to me.

      1. fanarts_series

        I know about you a little now and i know that you want to write in this world since a long times. It’s a pretty cool opportunity.

  26. Jessica

    This series is one of a kind with a brillant plot and great use of the original characters with fantastic new ones added in. I am having such fun reading this series and I thank you so much for providing it for all of us!

  27. Wordwitch

    Question, given that Spock is the elder by 6 months but that he is only beginning his puberty while Jim, also 16, is nearly done with his:

    What is their relative height? Are we seeing a 16-year-old Kirk looking very like he did in the movie going into the Academy, and a 16-year-old Spock looking very like he did when he beat the snot out of his tormenting classmates? Or are they roughly the same height, Vulcans doing preparatory growth spurts before they actually hit puberty?

    My twisty li’l visual brain wants to know …

    1. Keira Marcos

      I picture them both as slightly younger than what we saw of them as adults in the movie. Otherwise it would be gross for me– Spock was a small kid (I’d think 10 or 11) when he beat up those kids in school and then maybe 18 when he told the VSA to “live long and prosper” — at least in my mind. I think he had a big growth spurt heigh wise before they left Vulcan.

  28. Fred

    Kiera, I swore I wasn’t going to read any reboot fic. I swore it. I’m too much of a purist, and while there were certainly Star Trek in elements in there, well; part of Star Trek’s (not reboot) coolness (for me) was how the system was still the system, and they didn’t beat it, they rose in it. And it just didn’t feel right to me without that element.

    But. Then you wrote Tangled Destinies, and I had no f-ing choice. Seriously, I resisted so, so hard, for a while. But then it had been almost a month without new Kiera fic, and I needed my fix, and the only thing there was TD… so I gave in. And against all laws of the Universe, and all my personal scruples, I like it.

    Apparently you are incapable of writing things I don’t like. Please keep writing.

    1. Keira Marcos

      Resistence is futile.

  29. Fangbaby

    Question: Will Kirk be encountering Kodos? From what Ive read Im assuming Kirk was never on Tarsus. It was such an interesting episode in the original series that I can’t help but ask. The second part of your series was all kinds of awesome.
    Still hoping for tribbles.

    1. Keira Marcos

      I honestly don’t know.

  30. Bonnie

    I am loving this series so incredibly much! And I also really enjoy having the character pictures to visualize with the reading. It makes for such a great interactive experience.

    This lead me to a question, who do you picture as T’Pring? I just cannot picture her in my head.

    1. Keira Marcos

      That’s a very good question. I’ll have to think about it because i just can’t picture anyone in particular.

      1. Rivka

        late to the party asks: why not the original?

        Seriously, Jim’s description of her looks is just perfect for the TOS T’Pring.
        “I can’t say that the insane thing isn’t kind of working for you—because you’re not bad looking in a cold, cruel kind of way.”

        1. dema69

          okay this may be strange but Lindsy Lohane looks alot like her. More so when you see her in pics with Black or dark brown hair.

          Me I’m more worried about who’s gona be Joanna. I right now would like to state fermly that I’s stating the campaine for Eliza Dushku. I’ll support this with lots of child actting photos if need be.
          As you can tell I’m a big fan of Joanna McCoy.

          1. Keira Marcos

            Isn’t Joanna McCoy a small kid at this point in canon?

            1. dema69

              Well When mcoy went to SF she was 6 say four years to get out of the academy plus what two years out? Or has he been in SF longer in this story? So I’ll say Joanna’s twelve?
              Eliza’s been in the spotlight since she was two or three. Well she did baby modeling so I can get pics at any age.

              now that big debate that they never solved is It Joanna or the more popular in the south JoAnna?

              Dose this mean I have to find you cute little JoAnna pics to inspier the masive glumping she will ply Jim and McCoy with? I wounder how long Spock would put up with Glumping. She can show the offical movie of Georgia all five hours of Gone with the Wind.

  31. christella

    i have to confess to keira addiction too!!!
    check in every time i,m online to see if anything new appearred.
    then again keira addiction so wonderful for the libido and looking at the pretty men not a hardship,think i will keep my addiction quiet and not seek a cure.

  32. Blue

    Ass hat, bromance and other words I just fell over hearing the this story is great…please keep it going…

  33. Meagan

    Just found the series late last night and stay up to finish. Love the interaction between Spock and Amanda, the whole family dynamic is inspiring.

  34. loke_21

    That is an awesome series. I love Spock and Kirk, they were brilliantly done. And I love the slow pace of their relationship, it’s so cute and sweet. And Kirk as 1/4 Betazoid is freaken awesome!!! I am totally jumping up and down in excitement. The next installment is in JUNE?!! lol i am a very impatient being, but since this is a great story, I can’t rush great art. :) But it is killing me…the wait is really torture. But I guess it makes it more awesome when it is finally posted. Love it and can’t wait to read it.

    btw. did I already say how much I love how you portrayed these characters? if not, well….FREAKEN AWESOME… (chears throat) excuse the caps…but I did not know how to express my emotion in another way that showed how much I totally adore Spock and his family and how much I want to kiss Chris Pike for taking Jim in. :) I am totally in love with this story…it’s ridiculous how much/ :)

    I can’t wait for the next part! …. hint hint “update early” (whispering pleadingly) lol alright…I’ll leave the brilliant writer to their work.

    Ja ne

  35. Giggles149

    I have to agree with Chris King here, gay smut is my secret pleasure as well. Not so secret from the boyfriend, but when we have visitors staying with us, I find myself sneaking to the computer at midnight … I wonder whether I should seek help … maybe a support group :-)

    I think I read all of the reboot Kirk/Spock stories out there in the last few weeks. Are you going to have Uhura in the story?
    I can’t wait to see what you have planned for the other pictured characters. I find myself especially intrigued by Stonn and T’Sar.

    On another note, please don’t rush yourself bringing out updates for all your stories. I seem to remember your health was an issue not 6 months ago and I’d rather not see you back there. Only fairweather fans will be bothered. The rest of us values you too much to get upset about a delay in updates :-)

    1. Keira Marcos

      T’Sar is Spock’s cousin :-).

      You guys will get the next part in Tangled Destinies very soon actually.

      1. chrisking2005

        My squee achieved frequencies most commonly associated with dog whistles. Or, ya know, bunnies singing arias like Mimi in La Boheme.

        My whippet nearly had a heart attack, bolting out of her crate and skittering around on the hardwood floor, wild eyed and prancing. I suspect she thought there was a bunny squealing out its death throes or something.

        *doing the geriatric fangirl chairdance of glee*

  36. loke_21

    I don’t know if the comment about fairweather fans is a directed at me or not, but I am slightly miffed about it non the less. I admit I’m new to your work but I enjoyed it alot, enough to be very excited about it. I’m sorry if it sounded insenitive. I did not know about the history of the author…and if my enthusiams sounded harsh and demanding… I apologize. I do respect a person’s work and understand that I may not know things that have happened before I visited a certain place. So excuse my excited clamor, it was done in ignorance.

    I did enjoy your work and am continuing to read others that you work previously. Thanks for sharing your work to us readers.

    Ja ne

    1. Keira Marcos

      I’m entirely certain it wasn’t directed at you at all BUT at a few readers that I’ve had in the past who have emailed me privately AND commented on the site to bitch at me about devoting my writing time to something they didn’t want to read instead of their favorite series. I actually get more than my fair share of abuse for writing BDSM (the Ties That Bind series) and had one reader send me a six page email detailing how fucked up, wrong, stupid, and generally horrible I was for writing it when I should be devoting time to my other series work that wasn’t perverted and abusive in her mind.

      1. christella

        i wish there was a way i could make a time machine and go back and slap the above moron who sent you six pages of stupid!!!!
        pay no attention to the stupid people,they dont appreciate your wonderful imagination and talent,wish they would just shut up and leave this site to those of us who do love your work
        send me her address and i will give her six pages of ‘if you cant say anything nice,don,t say anything at all’ the motto i try to live by.
        hope this helps

        1. Keira Marcos

          The real kicker? I’ve received more than one email that was 5 or 6 pages (printed) of PURE STUPID.

          It’s stunning really the things people feel that they can unload on a stranger.

          1. Billie

            Just my two cents worth, but I really cannot understand why people are so determined to try and tell other people what they should think. I have occasionally sent critical feedback, but never about the genre the writer has chosen to work in. If you don’t like the genre, just close the page and go onto something else.

            Keira, I love your work. Reading that type of (cannot come up with a word to describe it–maybe insensitive, dogmatic, bigoted, stupid, selfish, ignorant) feedback is probably like looking at an accident, it is hard to keep your eyes on the road, but try not to let it bother you.

            Keep the faith,
            Power to the people,

          2. dema69

            Now Keira you know they get to go to the very select VIP room in Hell where they get to here us sing your praises and eat chocolate and drink moca lates with tripple shots of espresso and chocolate. Oh and lets not forget fun hour where we uses these letters as ways to mesure the IQ score they may or may not get.

    2. Giggles149

      My word, my comment was not at all directed in your direction, in fact I am fairly certain I had started my comment before yours was approved and since I did not refresh the screen before I was done, I really had not seen it.

      There was a phase when people got increasingly demanding in their comments and messages (not sure it has abated actually judging by Keira’s reply). Sometimes the comments in the other sections get all intense and I just remember that there were some serious on-going health issues not so long ago and it frustrates me, because the comments are not made by new readers and I worry it puts undue pressure on Keira. I mean you can check obsessively for updates, you can read everything a million times, but is it necessary to ask her daily wtf (where not what) the updates for certain stories are?

      Anyway, please don’t think I meant to criticise you in any shape or form. Excitement about Keira’s work is in fact encouraged :-)

      1. loke_21

        Well…I feel sheepish for overreacting. Sorry. :) Thanks for clarifying for me as well. another thanks to Keira as well.

        Love the latest post. It was worth the wait. :)

  37. scrapbullet

    Words cannot express how much I love this series. Your talents as a writer and a story teller are… amazing, beyond comprehension and I await the next installment with baited breath.

  38. DragonBetween

    I just finished reading what you have up of the series so far and I must say that it absolutely lovely! I just love “They Meet Before Canon Says They Do” AUs for this fandom and yours is just perfect so far and I can only see it getting better! You have wonderful characterization skills, keeping them the characters we know and love but still changing them appropriately for the events you change, making them better and stronger but never making them unrecognizable. It’s just gorgeous.

    Can’t wait for the next part.

    Also, I almost die laughing every time you make Sarak say bromance! Keep it up please! 😀

  39. TurelieTelcontar

    I haven’t commented yet, although I really really love your stories. I reread them frequently. But I thought perhaps you’d like your Vulcans with proper Vulcan eyebrows, and played around a bit. Here’s the results:

    1. TurelieTelcontar

      Stupid me tried to embed the pictures. Sorry!
      Here’s the links:

      1. Keira Marcos

        These are so AWESOME.

        Can I use them on my cast page?

        1. TurelieTelcontar

          Of course. That’s what I made them for. *g*
          Glad you like them!

      2. fanarts_series

        Yeah a ears pointed artist !!!!! Love them.

        1. TurelieTelcontar

          Thanks. Although I haven’t really tried ears yet. I’m glad you like it, you make gorgeous art.

  40. Chris King


    That’s awesome!

  41. Banner

    I just found your stories, and I spent most of three days reading everything on it. I’ve been riveted. Your descriptions are excellent, the characterizations couldn’t be better, and the plots are fresh and fun. The sex is *blistering.* These are wonderfully sophisticated stories. I have you marked in my favorites. Thank you.

  42. Jessica

    Aside from the brillance of your stories within this series, I just really want to compliment your writing style. Your plot is excellent, but you use dialogue very well and balance it out so nicely within the framework of the story itself. It is never hard to imagine what is going on, but you don’t have to cover us with imagery to pull it off. The insight your characters give us and their conversations just make this come to life.

  43. Kelly

    I love you. It is astounding how deeply perfectly gorgeous this is, how every time I reread it or read a new chapter, I writhe with joy. I want to destroy Frank- I want to rend him apart and toss him in a volcano bit by bit and there is nothing left but ashes, and laugh while doing it. I want to shove all of the pain he inflicted on Sam and Jim and a dozen others into Winona’s head and make her understand just what she’s done by abandoning her sons- I want Sam to be alive, he has to be alive- where is Sam? Him dying is not ok- he has to be alive to see the Betazed bonding/marriage- has to show up and heal some of the damage his leaving inflicted. Perhaps he was taken by slavers? (Hint?)

    You are a goddess incarnate. You are (snorfle) “made of win”

  44. Skippette

    I’ve been reading your stories for quite a while. I love them.

    The last installment of this series – well, there was one part that I didn’t understand. I know that there are lot of stupid and prejudiced pigheaded jerks out there. But I really don’t understand Winona’s actions in this part.

    What twisted her so badly? Even if she hates her younger son for taking away her husband (both of them actually), why would she announce her other son’s death to him like that? And if she’s truly that psycho, how the HELL has Starfleet not noticed? And why is she even pretending to care about Jim anyway?

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    1. Keira Marcos

      She’s broken–completely and totally broken emotionally. Finding out that George had been bonded with Pike before he married her ruined what she had left of the man she married and because Jim is the one that told her whatever was left of her affection for him was obliterated.

      For the record though, people really don’t need a reason to be hateful, mean and evil.

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      I updated my WIP page last week or so. I think that SoA will see an update before TD but I’m working on the next part already for this series. It’s twisty on the writing front and I have a lot of emotional content to pack into it because I want a lot of it to be from Sarek’s point of view.

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    1. Keira Marcos

      Her father is dead. Her mother might as well be since they haven’t spoken in so long. I didn’t mean to imply that they were both dead but sometimes when you write as much as I do — the details between stories can get blurred when you’re actually writing.

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      Keira Marcos

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      Keira Marcos

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      Keira Marcos

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      Keira Marcos

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      Keira Marcos

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      Keira Marcos


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    1. Keira Marcos
      Keira Marcos

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      Keira Marcos

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      Keira Marcos

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    1. Keira Marcos
      Keira Marcos

      I’d like to start arc 2 with their wedding on Betazed. I don’t know when though.

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    1. Keira Marcos
      Keira Marcos

      There are three arcs planned for the series. Arc one is finished. It’ll be a while before I come back to it. I write in a lot of fandoms.

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      Keira Marcos

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      Keira Marcos

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        mere mere

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        1. Keira Marcos
          Keira Marcos

          She was in the Search for Spock.

          1. mere mere
            mere mere

            Ah, I haven’t seen any of the original series movies, so that explains why I don’t remember. I thought you were talking about the reboot movie.

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    I think I am 5 years overdue in telling you that it is a wonderful fan-fiction. It is definitely a high-end fan-fiction. The grammar and spelling are wonderful making it easy to read, the story in intriguing, and it is altogether a true pleasure to read.

    I look forward to the next installment! Your work is quite amazing.

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    So, in case you did not get my last glowing review… I wanted to let you know how good this is and how glad you wrote it and how i had been a Spock/Kirk shipper before the word ‘shipper’ was made and before I knew what it meant. and um… trying to remember what else i said… That I am more of a Spock/Kirk shipper now with the new AU crew and I am looking forward to when this series is continued. Sorry I can not remember the full review now. But it was all good. You are a very talented writer.

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    The story was amazing! Truly utterly amazing, and I was so into it, I couldn’t stop reading and was pretty annoyed when I had to abandon it (for sleep, you know. :) The text is easily read, not overcomplicated, the rhythm was perfect, the plot was intense (at some points) and powerful (in general). The House of Surak all in all ROCKED, that’s the only word I could get to describe it though it doesn’t reflect most of my hugely positive emotions toward Sarek, and Amanda, and T’Pau, and all the other characters. The antagonists who you brought into the story were those types of characters who make the readers think “Okay, just wait a bit and you’ll get your ass kicked so much!”. Frank, Delis Brise, Devar, Sam and Winona Kirks… All of them just added more… more into the story.

    And featuring awesome!Pike, and awesome!Jim, and awesome!Spock and all the rest awesome characters… Fantastic. Basically fantastic!

    So thank you VERY very much for writing this piece of art for the readers. Good luck with the future work and those which are in the process.

    And I have a question: if it’s acceptable, can I get a permission to translate this whole arch into my language (which is Russian) to share it with others who, I’m more than certain, will adore the story as much as I did?

    1. Keira Marcos
      Keira Marcos

      While I don’t mind if you translate the work for your own use — I don’t allow my work to be posted anywhere but on my site.

      1. Vasilika

        Okay, I see. No exceptions then. Is there an option where you post the translation on your website and I give my readers the link to it?

        1. Keira Marcos
          Keira Marcos

          Sure, I’d be happy to host the translation.

          Hmmm but we’d have to have a stipulation that have to leave feedback in English 😉

          1. Vasilika

            O, I get that. Well, in case readers won’t be able to write comments in English, I still can ask them to leave comments in Russian on the page where I leave the link and then I’ll translate it for you. Will that be acceptable?

            P.S. I have a habit of dividing big pieces of fiction into smaller chapters. Will that be okay if I do the same thing for Tangled Destinies? And also how will I be able to send you the translated parts?

            1. Keira Marcos
              Keira Marcos

              Considering the structure of the story – I’d prefer it be posted in the parts that I posted. I put a lot of effort into the plot and the pacing of the story which would be destroyed if it were arbitrarily split up.

              1. Vasilika

                Oh, I won’t be trying to divide them to make them similar size or smth like that; it’s just I saw certain pauses in the plot so to speak, the places where one episode sort of ended and then the another one started. But if you’d prefer a single piece of text…
                I mentioned it simply because I know from my own and other people’s experience that smaller pieces are easier to read.

                1. Keira Marcos
                  Keira Marcos

                  It’s best to keep in mind that these aren’t chapters but instead novellas in a series. Each was constructed a certain way on purpose. Every single scene in TD was plotted for impact and character development. I spent 6 months plotting the series before I wrote a single word of it.

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    I’m at a loss because I now need more Kirk/Spock, but I don’t even know where to begin after the utter perfection of this fic. Just, yeah, speechless. <3

    1. Keira Marcos
      Keira Marcos

      There will eventually be 2 more arcs.

      1. Panda

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    1. Keira Marcos
      Keira Marcos

      Thank you!

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    I think tonight will be the 10+ re-reading of this fic 😉

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  129. LightningPriestess

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    I love the story! I like the pace, the time you give things to develop without dragging out the telling of it, just skipping ahead here and there, but not having us miss out on the small personal moments. And the characters are lovely and well developed as always. The richness of not only the main characters but the smaller parts makes your story so wonderfully multi-faceted, especially because these characters aren’t just important in their relationship with the main pairing but have their own things going on.

    I’m hoping for a bit more Spock time when you get around to continuing with this. The last parts seemed a little Jim-centric (rather plausible because of the plot development) and personally I find Spock the more intriguing part, so I selfishly hope for more insight into his perspective, but at the same time I’m just looking forward to whatever you come up with. Your stories are so refreshingly unpredictable, it’s certainly one of their best qualities!

    Thank you so much for all your wonderful writing!

  131. raindancer08

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    1. Keira Marcos
      Keira Marcos

      The second movie sort of threw me and I don’t know what to do with it but I’m working through my plot issues for Arc 2. I do consider Arc 1 (what’s been posted) a complete work though.

    2. Keira Marcos
      Keira Marcos

      Oh, and thank you 😉

  133. ReaderKit

    This series consumed me for three days until I could finish it. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into it. Props to you for amazing worldbuilding and characters – so many good parts that I can’t even start listing them or I’ll never stop!

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