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Ring of Fire

Series Summary: John and Rodney face obstacles and old enemies on both fronts as they fight to protect Earth and retrieve Atlantis from Pegasus.  Pairings: McKay/Sheppard, Mitchell/OMC, Jennifer Keller/David Sheppard, Ronon/Teal’c, Carolyn Lam/Patrick Sheppard, O’Neill/Carter, Zelenka/Jeannie McKay-Miller, Jackson/Lorne

Author’s Note: Set in the same ‘Verse as my AU series “What Might Have Been” where you can also find the casting information.

1. And the Stars Burn (32,017 words)
The unexpected arrival of someone from Pegasus forces the SGC to ramp up their plans to charge ZPMs and prepare for the Atlantis mission. On the home front, Patrick Sheppard makes a mistake that will nearly cost him everything he’s worked so hard to regain.


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  1. Chris King

    Hot damn!


  2. ladyholder

    Oh. WOW. Gorgeous!


  3. Spazlady2002

    cant wait!!

  4. Jadzia

    Aiee yaiii, yaiii!! I am so freaking excited I can barely speak.

  5. Heidi

    <3 Looking forward to this!

  6. Winterhart

    I jump to read every time I receive a tweet from you… but I don’t get my hopes up for new fic… though I enjoy reading your LJ posts.

    Keep writing, Lady! ;)

  7. alicisa


  8. Nephir

    Looks fabulous!

  9. neeliemom

    Oh frabjous day, look at this page! We’re getting closer!
    I need to borrow some pom-poms so I can work on my chair dance!
    Oh, and I love the art, too! Woo-hoo!

  10. atuinsails

    Absolutely fabulous!!!! Can’t wait to see how Patrick mess it all up. Can’t build character without conflict :D.

  11. Fidelia

    Oh, I can’t believe it! Finally the first chap of Ring of Fire and I have to go to work! Argh!
    But then I have something to look for today evening. So, I will be exited the whole day and waiting for quitting time.

  12. fanarts_series

    Jackson/Lorne…..Jackson/lorne….. orgasm ;-)

    Questions :
    — Why Mitchell/OMC and not Mitchell/Mattie ?
    – Are you going to ad the cast or let the same as WHMB ?

    Jackson/Lorne, Jackson/Lorne…… i have to make a celebration art ? What do you think ?

    And also you made the covert ? because i have to tell it’s pretty great !

    1. Keira Marcos

      well Matt Sheppard isn’t a canon character so he’s an Original Main Character instead ;-)

      I did make it. I was playing around and I liked the result ;-)

    2. Irina

      Yes fanarts_series please make some art – Daniel/Evan mmmmm…

    3. Helengloucester

      Hi Fanarts – Hope you had a good Christmas. Did you ever do the art of Jackson/ Lorne? Cos that would be a present for everyone ;-}
      Happy New Year Hxx

  13. Amanda

    Had to go back and reread the last chapter of WMHB. Let the fun begin!

  14. Lissa

    Weeee! So happy for this series to be back. Any chance of adding the word count (going forward. Already read the first chapter and LOVED IT!) ? I like that on your other fics cause it let’s me judge if I have time enough to read it during lunch or if I should just hang on and wait for after work (would be agony to get half-way through and then have to stop to go back to work)

  15. chibifae

    This has made my night. I’m off to read.*Happy wiggles*

  16. Ophelia1880

    This was delicious, thank you. I love your writing so much. It’s so absorbing, layered and constructed so beautifully the stories are tangible. May you muse burn eternally.

  17. Asherah

    Ya know I love it…and I’ve always thought that Thor may have transfered his consciousness into Quark:)

  18. Angela

    Is it wrong that I love and hate you in equal parts right now?

  19. timespirt

    Totally enjoyed this chapter Keira, I can’t wait to see more. You kept me on the edge of my seat with the conspiracy and the intrigue as well as having the guys away while an attempt was made on their family on earth. Wraith and Ancient’s showing up just adds to the intrigue. Thank you for continuing this story.

  20. Lori

    Thrilled that you have posted the first part, and dismayed that I cannot start reading until tomorrow night – Thank you for sharing!

  21. seadragonlady

    Every time I think you have reached your limits of amazing writing you go and raise the bar again. Yet another great story. Thank you.

  22. twilight_seeker3

    I have NO clue how I MISSED this story line when I first found your website ( smacks self with wet noodle) but it is totally awesome. I have to agree that the depth you show in your characterizations is astounding. I know you are insanely busy so I thank you deeply for all the hours I get to spend in your verses.
    gentle journey,

  23. Beka

    Yay! I just found this and I squee’d so loud my coworker looked at me sideways. I lived this, and live for more! Thanks for writing!

  24. justalurkr

    So, I used to smirk a little bit when I read other comments with people rhapsodizing about how your original characters are canon to them or more real in some ways that canon secondary characters (well, duh; you take some time with developing them, but that’s a topic for another rant.)

    Then, while reading through the story summaries on the SGA fic index, I saw “Mitchell/OMC” as one of the pairings for Ring of Fire and, with a classic doubletake, went “WTF? He’s with Matthew!.

    (facepalm) Yes, your secondary characters are my canon, too. The farewell party for my touch on reality will be held sometime before Labor Day, so white shoes are welcome!

  25. geekygirl

    Hi, I’m normally only a k/s shipper but your excellent storylines and character developement is phenomenal and i have been sucked into this series and What might have been. Do you know when you will be updating this story roughly?

    1. Keira Marcos
      Keira Marcos

      I’m working on the second novella in this series but it’s a very dark story for me and it’s emotionally draining to work on. I made myself cry yesterday just reading through what I’ve written for the second novella.

      1. mere mere
        mere mere

        If it makes you feel better, know that all of us will cry with you when we read it. And that we’ll love you for it anyway.

  26. mere mere
    mere mere

    Hi Keira! I have a question. I’m just starting to re-read What Might Have Been and something just occurred to me. Who are you pairing Vala with, if anyone? I’m asking because Cameron is with Matt, Teal’c is with Ronon, and you said that Daniel and Evan are going to be together, which eliminates all the men she’s normally paired with. Though I didn’t think of what women she could be paired with since she spends most of her time with the boys and I don’t see her interact much with other women, besides Sam who is with Jack. The only guy I can think of really is Jonas, but we don’t know if even likes women since he’s only been with Rodney in this ‘verse, and for women I think maybe Miko, but I’m just guessing, since it’s your story after all. So do you have plans on pairing her with someone permanently or is she just going to be a bamf who doesn’t need a relationship?

    1. Keira Marcos
      Keira Marcos

      I have to yet to pair her with anyone in this ‘verse. Though she totally is a BAMF.

      1. mere mere
        mere mere

        Ok, I was just asking ’cause I’m reading We’ve Taken Different Roads and I got to the part where Vala says that Daniel told her that the sparring was like gladiator battles and it suddenly struck me that Daniel, who I personally pair her with most often, is with or going to be with Evan in Ring of Fire and I was curious about who she’d be paired with. Thanks for clearing that up! Good luck with all your work, professional and otherwise!

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