Harry Potter

I ship Harry/Draco, Harry/Hermione and Harry/Hermione/Draco.
I will not tolerate any homophobia from my readers whatsoever.

NOTICE: Due demands, whining, and outright entitlement I’m taking hiatus from posting my Harry Potter works. The crap was making me hate my own work and that’s not cool. I don’t know when I’ll come back to it, but it’ll be probably well into 2018 if not longer.

Her Secret

Harry's wife has a secret that will change their marriage. Harry Potter/Hermione Granger

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The Big Short

The Big Short is a short-form writing challenge hosted on Rough Trade's forum, The Workshop.

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Harry Potter & the Soulmate Bond

Harry Potter returns to Britain to meet his soulmate. Harry Potter/Hermione Granger  

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Courting Hermione Granger

Hermione Granger returns to Britain and catches Lord Potter's eye. Harry/Hermione

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The War Mages Trilogy

Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy are forced to travel back in time to before the war began... Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy

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Ten Years after the War

Hermione Granger comes online as a Sentinel and seeks her Guide. Harry Potter/Hermione Granger

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Blank Space

Harry Potter returns to Britain, divorced and a single father. Harry Potter/Hermione Granger

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Birth of the Serpent King

What if Lucius Malfoy had interfered and saved Harry Potter’s life during the third task? Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy

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The Magical Promise

Harry is called to France to find Hermione Granger. Harry Potter/Hermione Granger

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Dimensional Shift - Sneak Peek

Harry takes a leap of faith to find love. Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy

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Lord of the High Elves - Sneak Peek

The night he was to be sorted, Harry Potter discovered he was more than just a wizard. No pairing.

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The Pendragon Legacy - Sneak Peek

During their fifth year, Harry and Hermione overhear a conversation that makes them rethink everything. Harry Potter/Hermione Granger

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Phoenix (Harry/Hermione) - Sneak Peek

Title: Phoenix Author: Keira Marcos Fandom: Harry Potter Pairing: Harry/Hermione Rating: PG-13 Author’s Note: This page kept breaking because of the length of the excerpt that was on it. I’ve removed it. The story won’t reappear on my site until after the story is finished. I’m sorry if you didn’t …

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  1. Phoenix sneak peak= Fatal Error. Just wanted to let you know. I think the others are still working.

  2. I’ve never been a Harry Potter fan – never read any of the books, never saw the movies, never been tempted to read any of the fan fiction. Then I came to your site – first through the Sentinel, then on to Stargate stories (which I never watched, but did read fan fiction), then other stories of yours, and now I have even read your Harry Potter stories! Are you sure you are not magic?
    I look forward to reading everything you have written. I do not think I would enjoy the original, from what I have gathered from the comments on yours, because I enjoy your versions too much.
    Thank you for providing so many hours of reading. You have help to fill my days since I have retired and have limited mobility and thus unable to get out and about as much as I would like. Again, thank you.

  3. Just finished reading Phoenix. Love it! Thanks for the great read.

  4. *bows to Keira* I’ve just re-read all of these that I was interested in, and I ended up wanting to send you to the couch and make you tea and buns to say thanks! *grins*

  5. Watching Happiness Burn

    I love everything you write and send you nothing but kudos. Recently I’ve been trying to find a story that I know you wrote but can’t find mention of it on here or rough trade. You may have moved it or taken it down and that’s totally ok I mean hey it belongs to you but if you could shoot me a line to remind me of its fate I would really appreciate it because as of now I’m starting to question my sanity. It was the time travel fix it fic that was Harry/Draco/Hermione where they went back in time and killed everyone that looked at them funny and it was fantastic. Anyway have fun with Rough Trade and writing awesome stuff that makes us flail.

  6. I have re-read all of your completed HP stories and sneak peeks. I just love your writing style and the richness of details you add to canon. You’re one of the few HP-HG authors that I read and it’s because of your story telling skills that sweep me into the love story between them.

    You always create a rich tapestry for all of us to enjoy.

    Always looking forward to more but I understanding that writing, especially excellent writing, takes its time.

  7. Rereading everything Harry Potter, on every platform that you write on that I know of. Because you’re amazing and I need my KeiraMarcos fanfiction fix.

  8. I would love to see more of Dimensional Shift in the future. I must admit I’m addicted to the story.

  9. any idea when you’ll be posting Darkly Loyal. I found it right before you took it down and I can’t wait for you to finish and repost it or just repost it period I only read the first couple chapters and got addicted

  10. The Blind Dragon


    I came across Harry Potter and the Soul Mate Bond some time ago and fell in love with the characters you have brought to life more than JKR ever did. I also read a story over on RoughTrade called ‘The Unspeakable Plot’. I was wondering if you were ever planning on posting it here at some point. I was so impressed with the story that I actually sat down and cranked the speed of my screen reader up and read it completely in just under 4 hours and was left wanting more.

    Hoping for a reply to let us know the status of that wonderful work of fiction.






  11. Thank you for let me join! ^_^

  12. Thank you so much for letting me join! 🙂

  13. Thank you for letting me join.
    I just read your Harry Potter “Phoenix” excerpt and it’s superb. So much so that I’m very much looking forward to reading your other stories now.

  14. I just finished all of your HP fics and all I can say is WOW!!! Your strong Harry is now my absolute favorite! I don’t normally read slash, but I couldn’t get enough of how much of a badass you make him. This whole new HP world with the rituals, expounding on his parseltounge, acceptance of his family responsibilities, and just general badassery all the way around has made me really want to reread them all again!

  15. Keira the awesomeness of your writing never ceases to amaze me! I have read a ton of fan fic and honesty always come back here to re-read your literary magic. You took a series that I had originally thought was fantastic and just made it a million times better.

    Thank you for sharing your writing

  16. Sorry to hear people have been shitty. I love all your work, it inspires me to think outside the box with my own. Hope you have a good break from HP and that people get over themselves. X

  17. Sorry to hear people have been being twatwaffles, I guess I’ll just learn to love Stargate in the meantime. Have a nice day, and remember don’t eat stinky waffles 🙂

  18. I really wish I could say I’m surprised to see the notice about the whining and moaning you’ve endured, but I’m not. I broke my nieces and nephews of whining in my presence before they were 4 years old; it’s terribly unfortunate that not everyone had a bitchy aunt to teach them the same lessons. (I am pleased to have passed on my attitude to the next generation at least. My niece got her very first detention the third day of kindergarten when she told her table partner, “If you can’t say something useful, then shut the fuck up.” *wipes away tear* That’s my girl!) Anyhow, many thanks for all the work you do share with us, and I hope you are enjoying whatever you’re working on now, whether you ever share it with the public or not.

  19. It completely pisses me off when intolerant idiots spew out their views and make an awesome and superior author such as yourself hate and doubt her writing.
    Trust me, M’Lady, if I had any magical power at all they would all be under a curse to not communicate at all with the world at large. (Plus have an itching curse place somewhere on their body where they couldn’t scratch)
    The fact that you chose to share your awesome stories with us is amazing and I for one am very grateful for the new ways you have broadened my horizons and for the way that the original characters from the books/tv/film grow and fill-out to be totally badass.
    You rock, M’Lady.
    Please don’t let the morons get you down. You bring more joy to far more people than there are detractors. I hope you find joy in your stories again soon. Big hugs, Hxx

  20. Normally I just lurk, but you posted the notice and I was like: Shit, why can’t people just keep their shit to themselves. I see that you’re getting lots of support, I just wanted to offer my few cents. I’ll be eagerly awaiting whatever you write.

  21. I could have sworn there was a Harry/Hermione/Draco story on this site where they go back in time. I can’t seem to find it, though. Was I thinking of something else, or did some self-righteous idiot make you take it down? I can’t stand people that can’t keep their mouths shut. Nobody is making them read your work. IF they don’t like it, they can go somewhere else. I have a few suggestions, if they need them.

    • It’s not on the site and never was. It was on Rough Trade but it isn’t complete and due to the crap I’ve had in the HP fandom — I’ve taken a break from the fandom when it concerns large works. I doubt “Darkly Loyal” will get anywhere near ready to be posted on my site until 2018.

  22. Just saw your warning, sorry you have to deal with jerks! Just want you know I love your writing, and I’m willing to how ever long you need to read your stories.

  23. When I saw your comment about the problem some asshats were giving you, I had to drop my two cents in. It sucks that some jerks ruin a good thing for every one else. I can’t count the number of times I’ve read your work. I just finished “Soulmate” the other day. It’s one of my all-time favorites.

  24. Hi,

    I just wanted to say thank you for ‘phoenix’ The story is amazing and as someone who was sexually assaulted and dealt with all the crap about leading him on, the bits where Harry talked about his erection being his responsibility were just wonderful to read. The message about consent is spot on for both men and women and I’m pretty sure I will at least make my sons read those bits when they are old enough to date.

    You are an amazing writer, I’ve read pretty much everything you have ever written, and I’m in awe of of you skill with the written word and world building.

    Thank you for gifting us with your writing.

  25. Harry Potter fans really can be overly, well, fanatical. I’m sorry some ungrateful twits been giving you such a hard time. Do I want loads of updates? Of course. Am I willing to wait as long as it takes for the next update, even if it takes years? Also of course. You don’t owe us anything and I’m just grateful you choose to share your writing with us.

  26. I’m sorry that you have been getting harassed and that it has become so bad you are quitting writing your Harry Potter stories. I love your stories (not just the HP ones but all the fandoms, esp. the Stargate/Atlantis and Star Trek!) and will admit that I have been waiting semi patently for the next part of the War Mage trilogy and your other Harry/Draco stories. You are an awesome writer and I love reading your tweets. You and your Mom are the best. I hope you do come back and continue your Harry Potter verses. I want to kick the living sh%t out of the people that have made your hate HP fandom and stop writing in it!! I hope things get better for you in your life and you are happy.

  27. I’m sorry about all the demanding wankers. I look forward to every story you post because the moment I start reading one it becomes my favorite again and I can’t wait for more…but, I’ve learned patience by using the trick of going back and reading everything from the beginning when I need a fix. Any update is a good update. Asking for specific things is greedy.

  28. I am so sorry that people are demanding things from you, and seemingly in a nasty and un-cool way. Personally I only read your harry potter works, and am sad now; that being said – I will wait patiently for you to update. I don’t want you to hate your work. You gotta do what makes you happy, I’m just sad it’s come to this point.

  29. I’m sorry about the demanding assholes, and though I will admit I have been eagerly waiting to read more of the Serpent King and the new Unspeakable Plot, I also know it’s your work and your choice when to post it, so I’m more than ready to wait for as long as I have to, because I know that when it does happen it will be worth the wait.

    Honestly, as far as I’m concerned, everything you write is worth waiting for as long as it takes, and if the asshats don’t see it that way, well, they should know by now you are the first generation don’t give a fuck and not whine about what they want, and consider that you take the time to write and post these wonderful stories for yourself, not for us, you are just kind enough to let us read them and they should be thankful for it. It’s not the first time you’ve warned us that you would stop posting if we bothered you asking when you were going to post something, so they only have themselves to blame, and so do the rest of us.

  30. I’m sorry to hear that people are harassing you over your work, I personally love your Harry/Hermione works (It’s why I came here tbh), II have nothing against your other works or pairings, they’re just not for me.

    As far as I’m concerned, those demanding shits (I can swear here, yes?) need to be eaten by drop bears.

    Keep your chin up Keira 🙂

  31. Sorry to hear that demanding asshats have chased you out of a fandom where you obviously know and understand the characters so well.

  32. I’m really sorry to hear that you’re getting so much grief that its affecting how you feel about your own work. I think you’re an incredibly talented author. You weave stories and characters that leap off the page with their life and vivacity.
    I’m sad about your break from posting your Harry Potter stories, since HP fanfiction is my favorite. But – I’m glad it’s just a break. I’ve known authors who’ve quit posting altogether because some idiots have no filter and feel obligated to spew their idiocy on the general public.
    Just know that for every one idiot who feels entitled to critique some aspect of your work and/or choices therein… there are many hundreds of us loyal readers who follow you diligently and know that you’re Absolutely Brilliant.
    (And in the meantime, I’ll read and reread all your other works and patiently wait for the HP door to open again.)

  33. Man, terribly sorry people still haven’t learned manners and has caused you so much trouble. I adore your harry potter and several other of your fanfiction. I will look forward to whatever you turn your eyes to and enjoy. As a sometimes writer of fanfiction I have had to take breaks from my own writing due to idiots and personal life too. Good luck with the idiotic fools.

    Cough, on a side note does that mean you might, might work on your Stargate stories? Or Star Trek? Love those stories.

  34. Hi Keira,

    sorry for all those little shits that bother you with their problems. I have to admit that I was looking forward to Unspeakable Plot but it’s your work, your happiness and certainly your right to do whatever you want with it. I hope leaving the HP fandom – hopefully temporally – will help you feel better. If you leave it for good, thank you for all that you’ve posted already! It was and is still a joy to read all of your work!

    I also hope you have fun with the NaNoWi this year!

  35. I really do not understand people who have to undermine someone’s work. As far as I am concerned, you don’t like don’t read. I hope you do come back to your HP stuff because it is seriously awesome . 😀

  36. I am not a fan of Hermione and Harry pairings. She always seems to be written as a nagging self righteous biatch. I almost said Nope to the first story you wrote with that pairing, but lordy knows I have loved everything else you have written. And I am soooo very very very glad that I did. I love the pairing when you write it. You make them both strong and powerful and just lovely. Its a joy to read again, and again, and again..well you get the idea.

    Thanks for the wonderful hours of reading!

  37. I very much hope that the wonderful words of encouragement from your faithful minions are balm for the hateful words from stupid, entitled douchebags who can’t just gratefully enjoy your works or keep their traps shut about more.

    Please know that I appreciate all that you post and I’m always good for cyber-chocolate for your plot bunnies!

  38. I am rather perturbed, make that incensed, that some self-entitled little shits have convinced you to move away from Harry Potter.

    I didn’t want to get involved in the HP ‘verse to begin with, but someone convinced me to read Birth of the Serpent King and I was hooked.

    I love your writing, and hope you will continue giving us these astounding interpretations of JKR’s story or any other ‘verse that strikes your fancy.

    If you’ve decided to move away from HP, at least I know you will continue with SGA, the reason I found your site in the first place.

    Love your writing, no matter what ‘verse it’s in.


  39. I’ve enjoyed myself immensely reading your HP fics while I waited patiently for SGA to call to you again, and I’m sure I will have a ball reading your SGA fics while I patiently await your return to HP. I’ll read whatever you choose to post, whenever you choose to post it, darlin’, your stories never disappoint.

  40. keepcalmloveseverus

    I may cry I’m so sorry people have ruined fandom for you. I’m so grateful you haven’t taken down your old things thank you so much!

  41. Sorry to read about the asses that have annoyed you so much that you are delaying posting Darkly Loyal.
    I can’t wait to read the entire story as I started reading it on Rough Trade. I love your interpretation of Harry, Draco and Hermione, they seem more real than in the books.
    Still I can reread the rest of your stories and The Big Short gives me lots of little thrills while waiting for the next big story or instalment.
    I have loved everything you have written.

  42. I’m sorry that people are giving you a hard time with your Harry Potter works. I enjoy reading them and hope you do decide to continue.

  43. While i don’t read the harry/Draco or Draco/Hermione Fictions. I love your harry/Hermione fictions and just read the sneak peak of Pheonix and look forward to reading more. Going to browse some more. You are one of the few Writers i follow that keep my interest and write very well.. Please keep up the great writing.

  44. It’s awful that people’s attitudes made you dislike your own work – some people suck. Selfishly, I’m sad for me too because I really enjoy your HP fic, well, all of your work, really, but even if you never choose to post another word, I’ll still consider myself fortunate to have had the chance to read what you’ve done so far.

  45. I’ll start by saying that although I don’t normally comment – I’m more of a lurker – when I clicked on your Harry Potter page (I’d had a crummy afternoon and needed something to cheer me up) and saw your message at the top of the page, I felt like I needed to.
    I’m really sorry that there are so many people out there who think it’s ok to whine and demand things from authors, and even more sorry that they’ve had such a negative impact on you. Your writing always makes me feel better (you are my go to author for pretty much any kind of day to be honest) and I probably re-read something of yours every couple of weeks.
    Anyway, as you so often make me feel better, I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate and enjoy reading everything you post, and hope that this comment manages to make you feel better in turn (at least a little!).

  46. People are assholes, and I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with so many. I hate that stupid people have ruined some of your fun, and I hope it comes back someday. And if your inspiration/enjoyment/whatever for writing HP never comes back, I hope at least you can still enjoy reading it.

  47. So sorry to hear that people are being pillocks. I will continue to read and re-read all your HP stories, and the other of course, and hope that one day you will post again in this fandom. But even if you don’t I still love everything that is there, that you have already shared from the amazing worlds you create.

  48. So sorry to hear people are being shitty. Please know that most of us appreciate that you are willing to share your fabulous work with us.

  49. Don’t let the small minded people hold you back. Your writing is amazing, I am going to miss your HP stories. Since I have been reading your work I am most impressed.

    In the word of Jill Scott; Hate on me hater, now or later, Cause I am gonna do me!!

    Keep up the good work.

  50. I have just recently come across your stories, and I wanted to let you know I think they are fantastic. Each story is unique and the plots are so fascinating I just want to keep reading them. From what I’ve read so far, you seem to be as taken with a powerful and independent Harry Potter as much as I am, and that is exciting. I’m eager to read more.
    All the best to you.

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