Harry Potter & the Soulmate Bond (Series)

Title: Harry Potter & the Soulmate Bond
Author: Keira Marcos
Fandom: Harry Potter
Relationship: Harry Potter/Hermione Granger
Genre: Romance
Rating: NC-17
Current Word Count: 386,028
Warnings: Explicit language, violence, minor character death, sexual situations between teenagers above the age of consent in the UK, no Brit pick, an American author, liberal use of cliches, canon abuse, and a few bad Weasleys.
Author’s Note: I wrote this originally when I was nineteen to twenty-five and while it has been heavily edited, plot updated to reflect later books in the series — the over the top romantic plot was left largely in place because I’m rather amused by how sappy I was. Also, before you leave feedback expressing your horror at the pairing or the fact that I’ve posted another HET series on my site you should read this :  http://keiramarcos.livejournal.com/217379.html 



Rescued from his Muggle relatives before the age of five, Harry Potter was raised abroad by his adoptive father, Lord Sirius Black. At sixteen, he returns to Britain to attend Hogwarts for his NEWTS and to meet the young witch who he’s known to be his soulmate since he was eight years old.

Hermione finds the very foundations of her beliefs rocked when she comes face to face with her Fate in the form of Harry James Potter, the current Earl of Gryffindor. She’s drawn to his magical power and intelligence even as people around them try to interfere. She falls blindly into a relationship she’s emotionally ill-prepared for in the midst of giving up her last connection to the Muggle world and accepting an offer to be adopted by Minerva McGonagall.

A fated love awaits them both — if they are brave enough to let magic lead the way.

Episode 01 – Harry’s Return (12,371 words)
Harry Potter arrives at Hogwarts for his sixth year.

Episode 02: Hermione’s Choice (11,549 words)
Hermione loses her temper with Ron Weasley and the consequences are life changing.

Episode 03: Rowena’s Fire (12,186 words)
Harry introduces his familiar, Rowena, to Hermione.

Episode 04: Gryffindor’s Covenant (13,601 words)
Fudge visits Hogwarts and Harry draws a line.

Episode 05: Harry’s Secret (13,878 words)
Harry is forced to confess the secret he holds most dear.

Episode 06: Tom’s Curse (13,239 words)
Dumbledore asks a favor of the Earl of Gryffindor

Episode 07: Godric’s Arrival (12,551 words)
Hermione is threatened from an unexpected quarter.

Episode 08: Harry’s Soulmate (11,482 words)
Harry loses his temper and Bill Weasley makes an educated guess.

Episode 09: Gryffindor’s Tear (14,232 words)
Hermione’s burgeoning maturation forces them to make a decision.

Episode 10: Hermione’s Memory (13,245 words)
Harry reveals the events of the Chamber of Secrets

Episode 11: Viktor’s Letter (13,161 words)
Viktor Krum makes his interest in Hermione known.

Episode 12: Harry’s Ward (9,994 words)
A resident of Potter Redoubt ends up in the infirmary.

Episode 13: Fay’s Decision (11,160 words)
Fay makes a choice for her future. Harry shares the memory of his first animagus transformation in Transfiguration class.

Episode 14: Hermione’s Discretion (10,407 words)
Harry plays his first Quidditch game at Hogwarts and Viktor Krum comes to visit.

Episode 15: Harry’s Mentor (14,179 words)
Harry’s mentor comes to Britain.

Episode 16: Gryffindor’s Circle (14,176 words)
Harry claims his familial ritual space.

Episode 17: Magic’s Burden (9,832 words)
The consequences of the events at Gryffindor Circle begin to ripple out through the magical world.

Episode 18: Minerva’s Legacy (14,742 words)
The Glain Neidr honor Minerva’s request to cleanse her circle.

Episode 19:  Godric’s Hollow (10,042 words)
Harry visits the family cemetery and a darkness invades the Forbidden Forest.

Episode 20: Harry’s Bane (12,744 words)
Hermione meets the Chieftain of the Goblin Horde and Harry opens up to parts of the British Ministry of Magic he’s avoided his entire life.

Episode 21: Wizard’s Folly (9,388 words)
A mistake by someone in the Ministry leads to betrayal and Ron Weasley makes a very big mistake.

Episode 22: Tom’s Legacy (9,566 words)
The situation with Nagini takes a dramatic turn for the worse.

Episode 23: Gryffindor’s Claim (11,710 words)
Harry asserts his claim over the Gryffindor Trust in ritual.

Episode 24: Gryffindor’s Promise (9,212 words)
Harry makes an offer and a promise.

Episode 25: Hermione’s Circle (14,693 words)
Hermione takes Harry to the Rowan Circle.

Episode 26: Pendragon’s Stand (11,971 words)
Harry makes some political moves to protect Hermione.

Episode 27: Wizard’s Retribution (9,972 words)
Sirius and Harry get their respective houses in order.

Episode 28: Magic’s Justice (21,283 words)
Harry attends the trial of Percy Weasley.

Episode 29: Harry’s Vassals (16,623 words)
Harry makes an offer to the Weasley family and Lucas Pierce comes to Britain.

Episode 30: Hermione’s Vow (22,839 words)
Hermione’s makes a vow before the Goblin Horde.

Harry & Hermione (Daniel Radcliffe & Emma Watson)

Harry & Hermione(Daniel Radcliffe & Emma Watson)

Sirius Black Actor: Gary Oldman

Sirius Black (Gary Oldman)

Healer Castius Arnou Actor: Romain Duris

Healer Castius Arnou (Romain Duris)

Minerva McGonagall Actress: Maggie Smith

Minerva McGonagall (Maggie Smith)

Hiro Ito Actor: Tony Leung Ka Fai

Hiro Ito (Tony Leung Ka Fai)

Fay Dunbar (Actress: Adelaide Kane)

Fay Dunbar (Adelaide Kane)

Neville Longbottom (Matthew Lewis)

Neville Longbottom (Matthew Lewis)

Daphne Greengrass (Roxanne McKee)

Daphne Greengrass (Roxanne McKee)

Draco Malfoy (Actor: Tom Felton)

Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton)

Thaddeus Banner (Richard Armitage)

Thaddeus Banner (Richard Armitage)

Piper Banner (Keira Knightly)

Piper Banner (Keira Knightly)


Lucas Pierce (Joseph Gordon-Levitt)

Penelope Clearwater (Elle Fanning)

Penelope Clearwater (Elle Fanning)

Armand Deering (Charles Dance)

Armand Deering (Charles Dance)

Quin Deadmarsh (Rupert Friend)

Quin Deadmarsh (Rupert Friend)


  1. No, you’re just busy. I do find those links back to the chapter list pretty handy though, I have to say. Maybe edit it in when you post Ch. 28?

    Oh, and on a related note, do you still see the first part of this as being 30 chapters long?

  2. Hi Keira, love all your stories, this one especially. Thank you for taking the time to write them!

    Just one quick question – the dates in the announcement box, do the have the month or the day first? I know the order is different in different countries and I was wondering which one you used.

    Thanks again for writing!

  3. *kisses Keira’s feet*
    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! Off to read Magic’s Justice now!! 😀

  4. I am so in love with your brain right now!
    Adore you ripping the three Weasleys to pieces! (The Viking in me, I guess…)
    Never liked Ginny or Ron in the movies, and absolutely HATED the epilogue ending of the 8th movie.
    While I am waiting for more chapters, I am re-reading other stories, and just finished Book One of Lantean Legacy, and next will be the SoA…

  5. well what do i say other then WHOLLY GEEBus you rock … ive loved this story so far.. keep up the amazing work and i look forward to the next chapter when it comes out

  6. You’re just so amazing. Seriously. I can’t remember how many times I’ve re-read your story, I’m pretty sure that it’s more than 10 though. I’ve actually just finished re-reading it again today hahaha. I love Hermione, and I love how you’ve portrayed her here and in Phoenix and The Pendragon Legacy. You made me really hate Ron and Ginny for what they’ve done and made me cry when Hermione was bringing back Harrys soul, like aghhhh f*ck hahahaha I’m just so really in love with this story. I’ve only made an account recently too and I wished I made it before cause I’ve only read Phoenix and T.P.L. when I did and I cant believe I missed out on them too! I always check if you would update and would feel so sad and disappointed when there is no new chapter and when you do update I would feel so happy hahaha

    Im sorry the comment is long, I just have so much to say and Im at a loss for words. I’d like to illustrate this into a comic if you dont mind? I mean I won’t be able to start right away cause Id have to do studies and of course ask you for your opinion if this is how like say house elfs look like for you or if the clothing/robes are how you imagined it to be. I’d only do this with your permission though, if you want it to stay as a ‘written'(typed) story then I’ll bow down gracefully 🙂

    Seriously, you are just so wonderful. Please update soon!

  7. Getting the notification in my email that you have posted something new is like Christmas, my birthday and Halloween all at once. I added Halloween because, you know, candy.

  8. Love your stories!!!

  9. Keira Marcos, you write some bloody brilliant stuff the only story I’ve been so immersed in apart from “Harry Potter and The Soulmates Bond” is the FanFiction called “Harry Potter and The Futures Past”. And my only problem with that was that it lacked sexual situations; something which you handled perfectly. Once again a brilliant story and can’t wait for the update on Friday!

  10. Just to let you know i spent that last 4 days reading your story and i was hooked. looking forward to an update. Need to see what other stories you have and then proceed to ruin my week by reading them.. 🙂

  11. You hooked me with your Tangled Destinies series, then completely enslaved me with your Harry Potter slash. While I don’t normally read het anymore, I so adore this series and the unspeakable plot, which I’m looking forward to reading again when you put it on this site. Sucks that some people are assholes. I had several of your works saved for personal reading until my memory cards with all my saved fanfics, some of which are no longer on the net, accidently got thrown away.

  12. I am literally so hooked on this that I have to ask. Will my account be suspended if I ask about updates? if yes then nevermind if no then you can probably figure out my next question.

  13. I very rarely read het fic, but I’ve reread everything else you’ve written at least three times and after staying up until 4 am blazing through Blank Space, I’ve been marathoning this series like I have no life. Holy cow, your world building skills are in tip top shape as always. I love your take on the wizarding world and how complex everything’s become. I adore every single one of your OCs, both the good and bad.

    One of the aspects I’ve always loved about your fic is the casting section. Being able to envision a character the way you see them really adds to my enjoyment of the story. I’ve seen tantalizing actors in the header art of several chapters, but I’m hesitant to guess which role you’ve given them. Will you updating the casting section sometime? I’d love to see who JGL plays and who would play the rest of the Gain Neindr. Shoot, I’d love to see what breed of snakes Godric and Rowena, Osiris, and the twin sisters are based on too!

    I’m secretly rooting for another slash romance besides Sirius and Castius, because I love the romance you create between minor characters. Ian and Jimmy are my OTP. I’m addicted to your HHR ship now. XD

  14. Umm wait so who does Richard Armitage play? Also, do you know any amazing Harry/Hermione fanfics, apart from yours ofcourse.

  15. OMG OMG OMG I see that the next story is in beta. WHEEEEE, I am so excited and also the TTTB story is coming along nicely. You are the best ever. Thank you so much. And I must say Fall For You was such fun to read. I look forward to the next book. Zsuzsu

  16. I like Charles Dance as Armand Deering, but I had who’s Quin Deadmarsh? Quinten Deadmarsh’s son? If that’s Quinten Deadmarsh himself, he’s younger than I thought he’d be…..

  17. Thank you so much for this story. It’s a gift.

  18. I was re-reading this story on Christmas when the most horrible thing happened. My tablet ran out of power. I couldn’t help but yell “dammit, right in the middle of my favorite smut scene”. my mom cackled in response.

  19. I spent my holiday break rereading this lovely series instead of writing on my thesis as I was supposed to and it was. Worth. Every. minute.
    So I have to say goodbye for now to the descriptive world you created and immerse myself in another of your lovely worlds as compensation 😉
    At least if I’m unemployed I will have even more time to read your writings …

  20. I know you have a version of Loch Lomond posted somewhere in this story. I thought you might like this version since you like acapella music.


    There are no instruments in this recording, just 44 tracks of this man’s amazing voice.

  21. Beautiful. I just spent far too much time reading all of this. LOVE. Thank you!

  22. I’ve spent the last few days re-reading this series and it’s still a delight. That’s one more thing I love about your writing, the rich detail you put into your work. Every time through I catch something I missed before. In my rush to read I sometimes gobble your story too fast! I just now caught that Castius is a dragon animagus too. I can’t believe I missed that.

    I saw that you recced Bobmin356 (and Alyx) earlier, but only on FanFicAuthors.net. He’s also posted over on Fanfiction.net, and has a great dragon series, “The Queen Who Fell to Earth”, “On the Wings of Dragons” and “Beneath Sovereign Skies”. He has unfortunately gotten some bad news healthwise, and has posted what he has left of BSS on his yahoo group along with some notes. I don’t know if you follow him there, but he’s always worth reading.

  23. Over and over again, your works transcend my preferences and bias. Fandoms I’m not really interested in, pairings I’m indifferent to; it doesn’t matter. I find that what you write is always compelling, entertaining, unexpected, and unabashedly brilliant! Thank you for continuing to write and share!

  24. I just read the entire story. …im in love

  25. Hope you haven’t forgotten about this storryyyyyy.  Can we expect an update any time soon? sorry for asking I can’t find the ‘Bitch Box’ anywhere. Cheers!

    • Well, it would be fairly difficult to FORGET an on-going series that I dedicated a better part of TWO YEARS to working on in order to complete the first season that ended up being 383,463 words.

      I’ve other fandoms and other projects. My next project will be season 2 of Sentinels of Atlantis of which I expect to have 25 parts.

      The Bitch Box is broken. I started writing newsletters.

      I don’t give out dates for any reason because this is my hobby and no one has the right to stress me out about providing free fic.

  26. I don’t care how long it takes until you continue this story!  It’s damn well worth the bloody wait!  Just give us a head’s up when you’re working on it again… I can check my mail with baited breath!!  *huggles*  You are one of the few authors who can entice me to read hetero pairings…

  27. I’ve read this story five or six times now. I can’t wait until you’re ready to start posting season two. Question: do you have or has a fan drawn a picture of Inari? I keep picturing something like Joannah from The Rescuers Down Under in my mind but she’s way too inelegant to be Inari.

  28. This is quite possibly one of my favorite Harry Potter fanfictions I’ve ever read!  Thanks for sharing!  Loved it!

  29. Plz send me a email to let me know when season 2 comes out

    • You’re honestly the most annoying commenter on my site right now. This your THIRD comment about this topic. Let me be clear:

      1. I’m not going to email you personally about my update schedule.
      2. Season 2 of that series hasn’t been written and I won’t start writing it until 2017 and even when I do start writing, I won’t make it available until I’m damn good and ready.
      3. Comment on my site one more damn time asking me to email you about my work and I’ll delete your fucking account and ban you.

      • My apologies I did not mean to make you upset I’ve been having problems with my phone and was unsure whether or not my replies or messages got through also I did not mean for you to be emailing me personally I meant as a reply on top of that I was not sure if I was leaving the message in the correct place I thank you for responding and apologize for the spamming if that’s the correct term also sometimes I may forget that I have already sent a message and forgot that I sent one I’ve got a bad memory its clinica and I apologize

  30. Keira, I love you. You’ve ruined me for most HP fanfiction with your stories. Not a complaint, just an observation after having tried to go read some after reading HP and the Soulmate Bond. I am always looking on here to see when you update, and am always giddy when I see some Harry/Hermione stories.

    I just wanted to say thank you for taking time to write things that are unique and well written. Even with using cliches, I never feel annoyed, because you put your own spin on them.

    I eagerly await more,


  31. I absolutely love this story. The added culture, lore, and ritual magic you created adds a rich texture to the Harry Potter universe that merges so seamlessly with the original that it is difficult to imagine how these things were not already a part of the original story.

    I really enjoy the ‘Sirus raises Harry’ AU and this story is my absolute favorite of all that I’ve read of that type and easily in my top 5 of any type of the over 300 fics I’ve read. I’m slightly embarrassed by the last bit at the end, but I developed a strong emotional connection to the Harry Potter universe as a result of reading the story aloud with my late wife to our daughter as she was growing up. The disappointment of parts of book 5 and all of books 6 and 7, especially the epilogue, left a bit of a void that left me seeking alternative interpretations. Fics of this caliber fill that void and act as a balm to that disappointment. As a side note, I have pointed my daughter your way and she has also thoroughly enjoyed your writing.

    I want to thank you for the time, energy, and creativity you have shared with us. It frustrates me when I see people badgering authors about release schedules because I’m quite sure it works more against their intent than anything. So I’ll simply say that I look forward to the next part of this story and any other stories you consent to share with us.

  32. I’m in the middle of my third read through of this story, and its as awesome as the first time through. Sorry if its not your favorite topic but I do look forward to when you are able to continue in this series – its just got such an excellent world and I love how all the characters interact. That said, I love almost all of your work, especially the Harry Hermione stories (Hermione is awesome) so there should be plenty to read (or reread again) in the meantime.

  33. I love this story so much i keep re-reading it every few weeks… and i’ll re-read it well into 2018 or until you feel ready to post new HP stuff without idiots badgering you … enjoy the other fandoms and i hope you’ll revisit harry in two years 🙂 i’m starting on your NCIS collection after re-reading this one 😉 again … just please please please don’t vanish completely …

  34. Truly Amazing. All of your writing is addicting and you truly have a gift of writing characters so that I am enchanted with story tropes and parings I normally shy away from. My only complaint is that you’re writing is too good and I tend to forgo working, sleeping, and all human interaction in order to just keep reading. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  35. Just wanted to let you know what the link to Episode 05: Harry’s Secret isn’t working. The page that loads states “Backend not available.”

  36. Who do you picture for Zale Wright? When you said he was lovely I thought of Ewan McGregor or James Mcavoy as I read along, but who inspired the character for you?

  37. I’ve enjoyed your writing for some time, so I don’t know how I missed this one. It’s had me absorbed for the past two days, to the detriment of my work, my family, and other such fripperies. I’m a 73-year-old widow and fan fiction is my primary recreation, so I read a lot of it; I could have stayed in this ‘verse indefinitely. Thanks for the ride.

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