Phoenix – Sneak Peek

Title: Phoenix
Author: Keira Marcos
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry Potter/Hermione Granger
Rating: R
Warnings: Character Bashing, Dark Themes, Discussions of Child Abuse, Rape and Rape Culture, Kidnapping, no beta, Canon Level Violence
Author’s Note: This story was originally conceived for my youngest niece. In the end, she really only wanted a Yule Ball fic so I wrote her a short story just for her and decided to keep Phoenix for myself. The short story she received isn’t online and never will be online as I’d rather she not use the content of it to Google me and find this full of porn.
Summary: Harry receives a gift from his future self the night his name comes out of the Goblet of Fire. He also decides he should just say whatever he wants.

This is my current work in progress in the HP fandom and it is available to read on the Wild Hare Project. I do not need nor do I desire your plot advice. I’m a plotter and I plan every single event in my fics before I ever start writing. Just an FYI.



  1. eroslackermicha

    you are a goddess of stories. thank you for the work you do and the time and effort you put in on all of your stories, ideas and scratchy notes. as a humble Minion I am addicted keep doing what you do

  2. Helengloucester

    Thank you M’Lady for brightening my day πŸ™‚ I can honestly say my love for you is epic and my respect for you and your work profound. Tell the CP you deserve something wildly extravagant. Hugs, Hxx

  3. This is amazing and lovely. I love your stories but especially your depictions of Harry as politically savvy, this made my day.

  4. This was FANTASTIC

    I stayed up way too late to read it too.



      • Sounds like good advice, I’d better go too. It’s 23:21 where I’m reading this right now.

        Great story, but I will say one other thing about it; I wish there was was more and I refuse to apologise for that, as in my opinion wanting more is the highest compliment you can pay someone whose work you’re reading. I won’t say anything more about it, except simply typing “More please!” seems quite lazy to me, so I try to post a little more than one-liner reviews these days…..

        • It’s a work in progress — one I work on weekly. An excerpt is a privilege of membership. I have 43 wips for this pairing.

          • Now that’s just cruel, to taunt us with the prospect of so many more wonderful stories like this πŸ™‚

            I look forward to seeing whatever you eventually grace us with. Your work is tops on my go-to list for re-reading when I need a fix of *good* fic. Thank you for allowing us to enjoy your talent.

  5. This is absolutely EPIC!

  6. That was a fantastic way to start my morning. Lovely story with excellent messages. I absolutely love Dobby and his outfits and most definitely Prongs and what he did with the dementors.

  7. I don’t think I have the words to properly thank you for this story. You have given Hermione a personality that is both innocent and kick ass. Harry is beyond awesome. Dobby’s wardrobe is great and the vassals rock in so many ways. I just spent the last three hours reading this and will go to work with less than three hours of sleep and I am not sorry at all.

  8. Brilliant. I love every single part of this. I look forward to seeing Ron die, too. *g*

  9. Thank you never seems enough when we get so much from you. I am just glad we get the gift of your imagination.

  10. I’m sorry, Azure isn’t in right now. She’s been overcome with fangirl glee and cannot form thoughts or speech or do naught but drool, flail about, and make dolphin noises.

  11. I am blown away yet again by the world you’ve crafted. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  12. Jesus fucking Christ, seriously? You can’t do this! Post something this good and fantastical! You are ruining me! You are too good at this – did you meet with an adorable Englishman in a crossroad somewhere?

  13. You have kept me company during this miserable night with a wonderful story. Thank you! This was absolutely fantastic!

  14. jacqueline nellen

    This was like an entirely unexpected gift on an ordinary day!

    Thank you so much for the privilege of reading it!

  15. This is really shiny. I love it. I do always love your Harrys because they are smart and don’t give a fuck about things that aren’t important.

  16. This fic is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  17. I don’t care if you made a deal with him.. He is lovely..

    You really made my day. I love it… Thank you very much.

  18. That’s an excerpt? OMGosh, I’m in heaven. I’m so glad today is a snow day and work was closed, I read it all morning. What a wonderful story. Thank you so much for sharing with all of your minions.

  19. This is amazing! Thanks for sharing, what a great way to spend time on my snow day.

  20. *sigh* new Keira fic makes me so happy πŸ™‚

    This is entirely made of win. If there is going to be more I can’t wait to see Ron get his true comeuppance!

    *showers you with the good chocolate and coffee in thanks*

  21. i liked it. but then i like your stuff….i.m a sheep(sigh)…but i’m a badass sheep! Baa.

  22. Keira, this is one fanfic I want to say and give to my daughter when she is old enough to read something like this. I never thought you would write something that would make me not want to listen to the age restriction on your site, but this does. I want her to read it as a pre-teen because as horrifying as the ideas you dealt with can be, this is the BEST way I have ever heard them dealt with.
    There are so many friends I want to share this with. I know you say it is not done, and yes I want more but this end perfectly, at least on the messages you said you wanted your niece to hear. Thank you for writing this.

    • I actually plan to keep this PG-13 though I have to admit — I have a foul mouth so the language is adult but there will be no sex. I’m writing this for my own niece who asked for a Harry/Hermione story and her favorite book is the Goblet of Fire.

  23. So that means in 10 years I can ignore the age restriction and print it out for my kid? Oh all the things, giving my kid Keira fic is not one of them I ever expected to want to do. πŸ™‚ I did read the note in the beginning so I assumed you were going to keep in non-adult but I try to respect boundaries so, since you say no underage on the site, I would not feel comfortable sharing it with her without touching base with you. But I never expected to have that pulling in both direction, lol. Amazing message, I cannot gush enough.

    • I wouldn’t want her on the site but yeah — you could print it out for her. You could copy/paste my other HP story into a document, edit out the sex, and give that to her too.

  24. This is easily among my top favorites of yours! What a wonderful universe! I bow to you elegance in your craft πŸ™‚

  25. For some reason, McGonagall charging for the floo to go hex the Dursleys made me giggle like a little girl for a good five minutes. Also, I kind of want to vivisect Fudge and Ron with a dull, rusty spork. Maybe because the focus was mostly off her directly, I’m not as furious with Molly, though she’s not too far behind them.

    • Me too! I love Pomona saying ‘she won’t get’ caught so basically get out of her way and let her curse them. I’ve always thought that somewhere under that stiff appearance Minerva McGonagall is a scary woman… and Keira let her out to play.

  26. This is a wonderfully unique twist on the time travel trope. And I love how Harry is prevented from telling anyone of that aspect of Phoenix. And how he exactly copied Godric’s bracelet to fool everyone. Awesome. Even if you never post more of this I will happily re-read this again and again. You are truly gifted and I am so glad that I have the opportunity to enjoy your gifts as you share them with us. Thank you, Keira.

  27. Absolutely fantastic!!! Thank you so much for this amazing piece!!! You’ve made a rare snowy Texas morning absolutely fabulous!!!❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️

  28. You are my favorite. There is really no explanation necessary other than that. Although, if you did make a deal with the devil or a demon, could you let us know so we can make sure to take your place at the end of ten years or whatever the agreement was, since the world needs you more than the minions? I’m sure there’s wifi in hell…they’ll still let us read the porn there.

  29. Thank you Keira. I have no words. Thank you.

  30. You call THAT an excerpt?! That’s practically a story in itself, albeit ending with a ruddy cliffhanger!! I have just one thing to say to that – MORE PLEASE!! πŸ˜€

  31. This an amazing and immensely satisfying story – I love the fact that once the curse is discovered, and then removed that they work on Harry’s behalf.
    thank you for sharing.

  32. When I read ‘excerpt’ I thought I might be getting a chapter, maybe two if I was lucky. What a nice surprise! What a lovely way to spend a miserable, gray, rainy afternoon. You consistently write my favorite fandom versions of every character you write, and trust me when I say I read a LOT of fanfiction.

    OK, my favorite HARRY is mine, but she’s, well, a she, and a snarky little bitch who learned to be bitchy and sarcastic from the (Potions) Master, so I’m sure you can see the appeal. Also, I still ship her with Hermione, for hawtness.

    ANYWAY, love this, off to read more of your fabulousness,

  33. all of your stories are just so lovely to read! Glad I had the morning off to really take my time with them πŸ™‚

  34. Ohhhh, that was amazing. How do you DO this to me? Your stories pull me in and wrap me up and I surface some time later almost breathless because I’ve been so focused I wasn’t even breathing deeply. I went from almost crying to cackling in laughter several times! Thank you so much for posting this. I can hardly wait to go back and read it again. Just outstanding.

  35. When you said excerpt I was expecting about 5 pages. This was a bleeding novella. I enjoyed the frank discussions and amd flad you brought over some of my favorites. Your niece is lucky to have such a kickass unt.

    I do haz a sad that Harry won’t have a familiar bond with Hedwig but I
    ‘m sure he will be getting a truly awesome snake.

  36. What? What? Now I know why I couldn’t access the internet last night… you broke it… off to read as much as I can before work, and will be reading at work as well.

  37. I am once again overawed as to your story building abilities; this is another wonderful example. I only wish I had half your imagination and I would be content.

    Bene facis et bona fortuna – ave atque vale Clius

  38. *___* I have so much love for this, so much love.

    and I’m seriously trying to figure out if you have a time turner or made a deal with *someone* bc I know you’ve been sucked in by the hobbit fandom on both a reading AND writing front recently (and dragged me into that fandom, which i’ve avoided may I add, but no regrets =D), not to mention on top of your RL commitments, so PQ, your prowess amazes me and your time management skills must be EPIC.

  39. Simply wonderful

  40. I felt so included/involved in this story like a fly on the wall. I would get so caught up in your words that my emotions left me feeling as if I had run a gauntlet. It was a well spent day of reading. This work, as others you have written, I believe has enriched my soul. I always feel that when I finish reading what you have written that I need time to just be. I feel you give of yourself in words. A heart felt Thank You. I look forward to wherever you and your muse may wander.

  41. This is spectacular. Thanks so much for sharing.

  42. Thank you Keira. It was wonderful. I like all of your work and the two newest additions are quite phenomenal along with everything else you write.

  43. Okay, this was totally awesome, and just what I needed to occupy my time, since we got a nice little arctic blast last night and it’s freezing. Now I’m off to read the other one. πŸ™‚

  44. I loved this πŸ™‚ I totally was going to bed last night when I saw your post and stayed up way to late to read… It was so much fun. I always love your grasp of characters – their faults and humor and awesomeness. Such an enjoyable read and totally worth the lack of sleep πŸ˜€

  45. This story is absolutely lovely. Your writing style is very relaxing to read and I love how you blot(?) ploed(?) ploutted(?) the story. bloody hell, its midnight. no wonder my sparse english is failing me πŸ™
    and Victor isn’t evil! yayyy!
    i can’t wait to learn what Harrys animagus is goin to be.
    One of this days there is going to be a story where Harrys animagus form will be a unicorn, and after turning the first time he is going to realise, that he will habe to be chaste the rest of his life πŸ˜€

  46. *snuggles fic* this is awesome. I don’t even need more, it’s pretty fantastic as is.

  47. This story’s made a crappy day a bit better.

    I had a very busy day and it helped to know that I had this to look forward to when I got home. And you certainly didn’t disappoint (not that you ever do)!

    It’s quite late here now, but well, you did post one more sneak preview… who needs sleep? πŸ˜‰

    Thank you for sharing your words.

  48. absolutely fantastic. Thank you for sharing

  49. KieraMarcosMinion

    Incredible as always! I could care less about the lack of sex in this, as it’s the plot I (always) read your stories for. (the sex is just an added bonus)

  50. Dear heaven, that was an awesome way to spend a few hours. I have just devoured every Potter sneak peak you’ve posted and must now go to bed.

    Your vision of the wider Potter world is enthralling. You ability to take characters we love and make them better is a great gift and I thank you for it. Before your Potter stories I was set in my ways about what I liked to read only specific pairings. You do still write my favourite pairing of Harry and Draco phenomenally well but you have made me love Harry/Hermione which I hadn’t believed to be possible.

    I love most of everything you write so you always leave me in a quandry of what I want to read more of first. I know you will write and most as your muses dictate and I will just have to exercise patience. It is a good skill for a minion to learn.

    Looking forward to whatever gets posted next.

  51. This is a wonderful story that also enthralled my 15 year old who read it over my shoulder and actually asked questions about the content. I wish there was more posted but understand the limitations. Thank you very much for sharing what you did of it.

  52. *stares*…*stares*…*throws hands up in exasperation* *stares some more* You make my brain hurt…your awesomeness can’t be described in words…so I’m just going to stare some more…*stares*…nough said…

  53. I find this fascinating, and had to read bits of it out loud to get the full scope of emotion. It’s probably good I live alone… Thank you for sharing this!

  54. stares*…*stares*…*throws hands up in exasperation* *stares some more* You make my brain hurt…your awesomeness can’t be described in words…so I’m just going to stare some more…*stares*…nough said…

  55. Just what I needed after a shitty week of family problems. Thank you. You are a goddess.

  56. Absolutely lovely like always. Thanks for making my day with your awesome stories and characters!

  57. This was a great way to end a rather crappy day. I didn’t think I would be smiling at all tonight, and I end up with new Keira HP fic and am proved wrong. Your Harry is seriously bad ass. This is an awesome story. Thank you for sharing.

  58. OMG U have such a gift for telling a story I love your Harry so much more that the original and now I’m pouting cause I can’t read the last one u posted cause I have to go to bed πŸ™ LOL so I can work in the am

  59. First, let me say that before you, I never really read that pairing but your writing is so fantastic that I couldn’t help myself! You convinced me that Harry/Hermione can totally work. Thank you for sharing!

  60. WOW!

    How do you keep coming up with these ideas? This was brilliant.

    I wish I knew how to clone you. I would create a dozen clones so that at least one of you would be able to produce these wonderful stories every day.

    No, maybe not. A dozen of you would just band together and take over the world, and while that would be a good thing, you would never have time to write.

    So, I will just worship you from afar and stalk your site daily hoping for more wonderful stories.

  61. This is epic and wonderful and all things good in the world.

  62. *Sees ‘New from Keira Marcos’ in e-mails*

    Keira! Keira, no! Keira, I have things to do today!

    *Sees that it is two sneak peeks*

    Well…. sneak peeks can’t be too long, right? Right?!

    *Hours later, both seek peeks read twice and squealed over*


  63. This was incredible. Thank you so much for sharing. I loved so much of this I don’t know which parts to highlight. The talks about body autonomy, the vassals, the complete and utter “I’ll say what I want when I want” attitude from Harry…it was all so good. I am just going to reread this now and stay up way late.
    Thanks for being awesome.

  64. This was fantastic. I loved the way Harry is growing into himself and his blunt honesty is hilarious. I also love his devotion to Hermione and her’s to him. It is beautiful.


  65. This is “only” an excerpt?! Wow! Finding this was a real treat at the end of a long and difficult day. As usual, your storyline rocks and your OCs kick so much butt and have fantastic and unique personalities. Thanks for this (rather large) nugget and as always, I look forward to whatever else you’ll dazzle us with next!

  66. Bliss. Bliss bliss bliss, pure bliss! Thank you, this story is fantastic!

  67. This was amazing. I love your writing, your story-telling is fantastic.

    Loved how you bought the themes of body autonomy and respect in. It was very well done. I hope your niece enjoys the story.

  68. Holy #%%^*^##!

    You constantly amaze me. This is freaking awesome. I’ve stayed up way past my bedtime to read it and my eyes are going blurry. I love this Harry’s blatant scorn for both the bigotry and the lack of witches rights. How in the heck do you manage to be so astoundingly prolific? Seriously, you have to be getting in the heads of your characters to portray them so well. Aren’t you emotionally exhausted by the process? Still shaking my head trying to let another fantastic story settle in my brain. I’ll definitely be rereading this tomorrow. Thank you!

  69. I don’t even know what to say. You have dealt with pretty serious consent issues here, and while potions and marriage laws seem fantastical, they all have real analogs in our world. Thanks for writing your story and characters so well. I would love for my daughter to read this one day so I could talk to her about how her future boyfriend’s erection is not her problem or responsibility.

  70. yay! moar plz!!!!

  71. Generally speaking, I adore anything to do with time travel – fix!its in general. This certainly fell within those parameters and is everything that I love in this type of story. Brava. I loved it beyond the telling of it. Thank you so very much for such a lovely, long, juicy, NEW (to us) story to read. I had a wonderful day as a result. πŸ™‚

    Thanks! ♥

  72. Wow just so awesome. This was just so great.

  73. This was just what I needed. You are an amazing writer.

  74. Perfect.

    Nothing more can be said.

    Thank you.

  75. God, this is like a bonus evil author day and a nano combined. Thank you so much.

    Now the more serious comment.

    I really appreciated how seriously you take rape in you works. The prevalence of rape culture in the US disturbs me tremendously, works like this that spread a moral perspective about rape and which suggest serious consequences above prison are rare. I admit that some kind of chemical castration as a punishment appeals to me, more that I like to admit.

    I should not have to be wary of such a threat anywhere I go. Someone followed me at night to a poorly lit parking lot that is quite out of the way, and I instinctually tried to glance at who was behind me without being obvious. It turned out to be another female student, but she had noticed my look behind me despite my ineffectual attempts at discretion and she apologized. And she apologized for the same reason that I looked behind me despite the fact I never said a word. She understood since we both have to think about or physical safety in isolating situations.

    I hope this wasn’t too off topic.

  76. I saw an update and decided that I clearly did not need sleep tonight. I regret not a single second. The image of Dobby in fatigues was easily worth the lost sleep alone. Thank you for this amazing story.

  77. What a lovely way to spend my day off – Thank you

  78. This was amazing! I LOVE it!
    Thank you for the great story.

  79. β€œWe all have our part to play in the world at large and apparently you like to pretend that you’re food. I hope Hermione is aware of this little fetish of yours.”

    do not drink when reading may cause damage. I forget minion rule #4

  80. Thank you! I needed another good story to read and this was among the top. thank you…

  81. This is fantastic, i adore some second characters a lot, looking forward to read more.

  82. I adore you.

    You know this, right?

    *doing the geriatric fangirl chairdance of glee just for you*


    This is fucking awesome.

  83. I just couldn’t stop reading till I read the last letter of this.
    Just amazing and wonderful.
    Thank you so much for sharing/

  84. Gods I love you.

    It has taken me 3 shifts and 2 nights to read this, I was all but totally late to my shift with my senior (who takes shit from no-one) this morning, and I didn’t care. Staying up well past my ‘bed time’ was absolutely worth it. Good fic is the best reason ever to stay up late (or early). The hardest part was that I wasn’t finished and due to the Pb shielding at work couldn’t finish up til tonight!!!!!

    <3 <3 <3


  85. *awaiting eagerly for more* You know, whenever you get around to it. I just love your Harry/Hermione pairing and I am not a fan of that pairing at all. Go you!

  86. Milady de Winter

    This is brilliant. Your niece is a lucky girl. I wish someone had said to me the things said to Hermione. Knowing that you don’t owe a guy automatic access would have been helpful. I did eventually figure that out. πŸ™‚

  87. I really liked this. Thank you for sharing your story.

  88. This is just wonderful. Your stories always make my day. Since I’m home sick at the moment, it was a fantastic way to pass the time. I love to see a Harry Potter who takes charge of his fate, and your Hermione is great. Thank you!

  89. Since I’m home sick at the moment, it was a fantastic way to pass the time. I love to see a Harry Potter who takes charge of his fate, and your Hermione is great. Thank you!

  90. That was/is… supercalifragilistic!
    And I almost, kinda, hate you a little for it because this is not a pairing I favor normally but with every H/H story you post you make me love it more. Even though your H/D will remain my favorite you are seducing me with your evil ways.

    Thank you so much for sharing

  91. I suck at giving feedback so all I’m going to say is thank you.

  92. Thank you for all those wonderfull Stories.

  93. Very nice. You make me so happy! πŸ™‚

  94. I love love love this! Thank you!

  95. I found the last conversation Harry had with Krum particularly interesting- I like that Harry, even with guidance from trustworthy people, can make mistakes and own up to those mistakes as well. And also glad that Krum is keeping his distance. Even if he’s not the kind of predator originally believed, his additide towards Hermione was still awful.

  96. Brilliant, I love the theme of this one. Thank you for sharing this. I love your Harry and Hermonie. They are special in all the fic’s of yours. I am glad that you write with such passion, about just being yourself. Thanks, it is a great message.

  97. You are the most excellent of Aunts.

    Fabulous story – & I agree with others that calling it an excerpt is to do it an injustice – and it makes some great points in an easily digested manner. Definitely something young women should read; there are none currently in my circle or I’d be pushing this like a dealer. Which is not to say that many older women don’t need the message too!

    Thanks as always for sharing your work.


  99. shadowdarkness1

    Wow, thank you so much for sharing this. I adore everything you write and it was such a treat to find this, and on my birthday too. You know, I’ve never really fantasied about having magic because I think to have such power would come with costs and also because I love technology more than a little but when I read about the discretion ward I teared up over the realisation that it wasn’t real because to have a war ward like that placed on me (on all women) would be a gift beyond price.

  100. This was amazing. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  101. I loved this on so many different levels that I don’t even know where to begin. I think that you are by far my favorite author of all time and not just in the sense of fan fiction. You have a great gift and I am so thankful that you are willing to share it with the world. I first started to read this on Thursday and I had to force myself to shut my computer off before finishing because I had to go to bed to get some sleep so I could do my job of educating young minds. However, once I made it home today, I was back here reading. I love your message and your niece is very lucky to have you in her life. Thank you!

  102. Epic-planar-power

    Amazing. Your new spin on the canon characters is amazing and I adore the conversation that Harry and Hermione had about sex and boundaries.

  103. This is amazing. I know that we all write some version of our appreciation for your awesomeness and I wish that I had the ability to express how rich and lush and wonderful your writing is. Some parts were chilling because they so clearly echo parts of our current culture that seem to be getting worse, not better; the part about raped women being charged with line theft was especially disturbing in that manner. I especially like that you balance all of this negative wizarding society with truly awesome characters, Harry and his vassals are wonderful in their desire to live honorably and justly. As a previous reviewer said, if you never post more of this I will consider this something to read again and again as is. And, well, if you do post more of it I will be gleeful.

  104. I have spent a lazy day doing a little housework in between reading the chapters, it made for a very enjoyable day. As usual very well written and loved it.

  105. Wonderful. I love ALL your stories, but this is a new favorite!

  106. Blimey! Just…blimey!

    Where to start? An ‘excerpt’ that took me two days to read, and I’m a very quick reader. Just what I needed when family are driving me up the wall. Thanks!

    It’s really so good, such great characterisation, and different to your other HP writing. Funny, serious, addressing difficult, important topics like rape culture so well, entertaining – wow!

    Was never a fan of HP, far less Harry/Hermione, but you’ve converted/ruined me. I haven’t read your Hobbity stuff yet (because hobbits, really) but I know I’m going to and most likely really enjoy them. What am I becoming:)

    You are…a very shiny goddess;)

  107. Raspberry Dreams

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us.
    Even if you never finish it it was worth it.
    I love the way you describe magic and your portayal of Hermione is wonderful as always

  108. Traditional story telling at its absolute best. A great story that also instructs/ teaches in that most ancient of ways. A truly great way to introduce and discuss uncomfortable subjects with those entering adolescence.

    I also like how you are exploring with this and Pendragon Legacy different aspects of the ‘once and future King’; fated to return in England’s greatest need. Well done for not falling into the trap I see sometimes of mistaking Excalibur for Arthur’s earlier sword ‘the sword in the stone’; the one that when broken caused him to seek the Lady of the Lake and hence Excalibur.

    Hmmmm I wonder will the ravens be leaving the Tower of London in either also? I’ll just have to wait and see.

  109. This, and The Pendragon Legacy are amazing works. Thank you so much for sharing them.

    I adore your original characters in this! Thaddeus and Piper Banner are wonderful and I look forward to every moment with them. I look forward to more of Zale as well.

    I really like the nuances that you work on in each of your stories – there’s a lot of depth and potential in your chosen main conflicts – and you really see the myriad ways that people can react and process evil, hurtful behavior. Sometimes with rage, sometimes with forgiveness and sometimes with shades of humorous ‘WTFuckery’ – it’s all wonderful and rings true for each character in any given moment. The internal consistency, within each of your various works, is just amazing.

    Bravo, again. And thank you, again, for posting such high quality and fantastic works.

  110. Delightful and lovely as always! Thank you very much for sharing!

  111. Thank you so much for sharing this with us, I would dearly love to see more of it whenever you find it convenient. Even if ti never gets finished, this was a PERFECT snippet (well, clearly much more than a snippet) for us to read. Thank you again for writing this, it is much appreciated that you would be willing to share before you desired to post it for the world!

  112. So, I’m with everyone who has posted so far- this is great. I especially like ‘no brain to mouth filter Harry,’ as hitting people over the head with blunt force honesty is just…. fun, amusing, entertaining; pick an adjective. It kind of makes me want to see what you’d do with an Avenger fic based on people calling Loki the God of Lies because they didn’t like hearing the truths he told; then I remember how many fics you already have started that I want to see more of and remind myself to shut up.
    Also, Dobby in fatigues and on a mission just makes me want to know the mission objective. The image, and that of him in a ninja outfit, priceless.
    Thank you. I look forward to more of this and, well, pretty much anything else you’re working on.

  113. I…don’t really have words right now. I just want to scroll back up to the top and read it again.

  114. I really love this one. Superb as always.

  115. you are simply on of the best . i love your work

  116. Thanks for the great story.

  117. your inventive brain and creative talents know no boundaries. I loved it, and I hope you are granted all the time and inspiration to continue writing whatever makes you happy to share with your minions!

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    Though I have to say that that line about Dean and Seamus probably being in a broom closet somewhere was one of my favorites.

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      I don’t really appreciate the demanding tone of your feedback. I can and do ban readers from my “members only” section if they they’re rude and this was rude.

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