Hold My Coffee (Series)

Series Title:  Hold My Coffee
Author: Keira Marcos
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Characters: Meredith McKay, John Sheppard
Genre: Romance, Rule 63, AlwaysAGirl!McKay
Word Count: 75,441
Warnings: Adult themes, language, explicit sex, violence, gender politics, etc.
Summary: Colonel John Sheppard’s fascination with Dr. Meredith McKay takes a turn when he’s offered a mission in another galaxy at her request.

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Episode 1: A Caged Tiger (10,216 words)

She was a pain in the ass, but she was his pain in the ass.

Episode 2: An Empty Coffin (14,940 words)

John deals with family and Meredith makes a discovery about Carson Beckett that forces her to return to Colorado.

Episode 3: The Spin Cycle (10,651 words)

Meredith reaches out to her sister with mixed results, and John gets unexpected visitors.

Episode 4: The Quiet Storm (12,703 words)

An incident in the SGC tests John’s temper and Meredith’s patience.

Episode 5: Coping Strategies (11,723 words)

Meredith’s trip to Canada solidifies her relationship with John Sheppard and brings up old ghosts.

Episode 6: Battle Ready (15,298 words) 

Meredith confronts her father, and the Commandant of the Marine Corps comes to Colorado.

Episode 7: Damage Control (13,824 words)

Fallout with the Trust leads to the Patrick Sheppard being briefed on the Stargate program, and that goes down pretty much how John expected it would.

Episode 8: The Looking Glass (10,831 words)

Things in Pegasus take a sharp, unexpected turn shortly after their arrival.

Dr. Meredith McKay
(Stana Katic)
Colonel John Sheppard
(Joe Flanigan)

Dr. Elizabeth Weir
(Torri Higginson)
Dr. Miko Kusanagi
(Nanako Matsushima)
Dr. Radek Zelenka
(David Nykl)
Major Anne Teldy
(Christina Cox)
PM Owen Tremblay
(Paul Gross)
Dr. Eva Robinson
(Kerry Washington)
Major William Bouchard
(Sullivan Stapleton) 
Dr. Scott McKay
(Powers Boothe)

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