The Lantean Legacy (Series)

Title: The Lantean Legacy
Author: Keira Marcos
Fandom: SGA
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Series Summary: The expedition marks two years without help from Earth and by a stroke of luck finds a full ZPM. Installing that ZPM in their sleeping city has lasting consequences for the entire expedition.

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Book 1

Title:  No Enemy Within
Author: Keira Marcos
Beta(s): Chris King, Ladyholder, & Djaddict
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis

Pairings: McKay/Sheppard (many secondary pairings)
Genre: Alternate Universe, Romance, Action Adventure
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 66,900
Warnings: graphic sex, secondary character death and violence
Summary: John and Rodney face changes in their friendship, Earth”s abandonment of the expedition, and find themselves altered for life when they accept a gift from Atlantis.

Book 2

Title: In the Silence
Author: Keira Marcos
Betas: Ladyholder, Chris King, & Jilly James
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Pairings: McKay/Sheppard (many secondary pairings)
Genre: Alternate Universe, Romance, Action Adventure
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 58,118
Warnings: Graphic sex, explicit language, off-screen death of people you don’t know, Jack O’Neill is a real smart ass.
Summary: Earth makes contact and the SGC is forced to reap the consequences of Landry’s decisions regarding the Atlantis expedition.

John Sheppard
(actor: Joe Flanigan)

Dr. Rodney McKay
(actor: David Hewlett)

Dr. Elizabeth Weir
(actress: Jessica Steen)

Dr. Daniel Jackson
(actor: Michael Shanks)

Vala Mal Doran
(actress: Claudia Black)

Teyla Emmagen
(actress: Rachel Luttrell)

Dean Bates
(actor: Dean Marshall)

Evan Lorne
(actor: Kavan Smith)

Chase Harris
(actor: Chris Pine)

Anne Teldy
(actress: Christina Cox)

Nathan O”Neill
(actor: Chace Crawford)

Benjamin Bates
(actor: Josh Hartnett)

Dr. Radek Zelenka
(actor: David Nykl)

Dr. Miko Zelenka
(actress: Nanako Matsushima)

Marcus Stackhouse
(actor: Boyan Vukelic)

Jason Markham
(actor: Joseph May)

Ronon Dex
(actor: Jason Momoa)

Tyre Daos
(actor: Mark Dacascos)

Major General Jack O’Neill
(actor: Richard Dean Anderson)

Colonel Samantha Carter
(actress: Amanda Tapping)

Lt. Colonel Mitchell
(actor: Ben Browder)

Dr. Patrick Sheppard
(actor: Viggo Mortensen)

Commander David Sheppard (actor: Dylan Neal)

Dr. Matthew Sheppard
(actor: Jensen Ackles)

Dr. Jeanie McKay
(actress: Kate Hewlett)

Jonas Quinn
(actor: Corin Nemec)


(actor: Jared Padalecki)

The Atlantis Collective, designation Primitus Civitas
(actress: Natalie Portman)

(actor: Shemar Moore)

(actress: Jolene Blalock)

(actress: Zoe Saldana)



  1. Great fanfictions!! Espically the stargate ones with Mcshep!!

    When are you updating Ties that Bind and your Lantean Legacy series?

  2. I love your stories, But Dr. Elizabeth Weir to me is played by Torri Higginson

    • Actually the first Elizabeth Weir was not played by Torri Higginson and I chose not to use her casting because I don’t like the actress at all and if I used her– she’d be evil!Weir. I used the original actress who played the part on SG1.

  3. How long until you post more? Cos I really want to read more as it’s one of the best stories that I’ve read for ages.

  4. Damn, woman! Please tell me there’s going to be a Book 2! I would happily burn out a ZPM if naked Theseus would come visit me.

  5. God. Wow, brilliant.
    It was engulfing, just like your other stories. I swear, I just started reading and it swallowed me whole, the ending gave me chills (the really really good chills)
    Please say there will be another boook soon? I think I’ll go into withdrawl if there isn’t.
    On that note, if you could just get, like, super inspired and write a lot in the future, that would be agreeable aswell ;P

    Anyways, really well done, if you ever get the urge to publish a book, don’t hesitate to put it out there.

  6. Wow! This is such an amazing premise. You continually leave me in awe. I am really looking forward to the next book. 🙂

  7. Serenity Harkness

    OMG I LOVE YOU!…..Like the story…and can I just say I love your choice of Atlas so much simply because he plays Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds and is really hot. Of course now I’ll go into more withdrawal if I don’t read your works on a regular basis….snap…why must you be so goood?! *starts sobbing*

  8. Hello, just curious, I know you have a lot on your plate and your write fantastically, are you going to continue this one the Lantean Legacy? It is a wonderful series – they all are – you do great work.

  9. I love the bit in chapter 2 where Ally’s like “unleash the dogs of war” very emotive. You know, this story sounds like an alternate dimension version of the Whipping Boy (by skinscript) from BigBang a couple of years ago. Maybe Ascension is one of their children or Theseus’ brother? Just a thought. As always great writing and I can’t wait for more.

    • I don’t read gen fic so I haven’t read Whipping Boy. What’s it about? I mean, I read the summary on the author’s site but it doesn’t give a lot of details.

      • Rodney, Lorne and lorne’s team get kidnapped by an evil race and they end up on another ancient city-ship build for war, not exploration, called Accession. They turn up at atlantis and then try and return to free the city, accidentally taking John with them. They all get out ok and accessions AI ends up promising to help defeat the Wraith. I just brought it up because the ancient city-ship sounds like Ally, but more warlike and I wondered if you’d considered adding another city to the plot line. Also, do you plan to continue the story? It really good and I’ve been really enjoying reading it.

        • There is a second city in the series — one of their children is technically city sized but not quite as large as Atlantis.

          I have books 3 and 4 basically written. I’m on the fence about book 2 and its place in the series. There is a year gap between book 1 and book 3 which is why I thought I needed a book 2 but maybe I don’t. I’m still thinking about it.

          • I’m really excited that you have not shelved this story and I don’t want to pressure you in continue this, but I will wait with baited breath for the next instalment! x

  10. I am trying to read all of your series very slowly (which is almost physically impossible since they are so good), because I do not know when you will add to each story. Hoping and wishing it is sooner rather than later. I read exclusively only Stargate Atlantis and was excited when you said you had 2 books written, but was stuck on Book 2. Hopefully you can work that out and give us fans of yours the continuation of this great story. Thanks for your writing — it truly is great!!!

  11. I’m sure it is wonderful, I’m just not into the Harry Potter series unfortunately.

  12. This should let you know how much I enjoyed the first 4 series for Stargate. I have been battling cancer and was just in the hospital for several days after another couple of surgeries and was reading The Ties That Bind and What Might Have Been and it was such a great distraction and I was so engrossed I really didn’t notice much pain and wasn’t in a horrible mood. So thank you for that it was I real gift for me.

  13. Thank you for writing such an enthralling story and sharing it.

  14. Looking forward to book two and more awesomeness

  15. Was this fic taken off the site, or has the format changed since I was last online? I’ve been having trouble accessing it to read it….

  16. What a great Story love it are going to write book 2 soon? because I just cant wait.

    • I actually have four other books written. They just currently … suck.

      • Pretty sure that’s not possible. 😛

        Even if you don’t think it’s your best work (and hats always possible), anything you write and choose to share with your adoring fans is a gift. Plus, we’re apparently ravenous beasts who enjoy the particular flavor your stories carry. 😉

        Anyway, I just re-read this and I would absolutely love to read more in this verse. Even a self-proclaimed sub-par effort from you is better than 99% of he drivel out there. I can’t find anything good to read, so I’m back to re-read your posted works. I always find something new that makes me love them even more.

        My only complaint is that I always want more from you (see: ravenous beast) and eventually I run out. I am in awe at your talent and ability to write so prolifically. It is so much harder than simply reading for the enjoyment of it. Thank you so much for posting your fanfics. They’re amazing and you put so much into them. I really appreciate it. (I may stop fangirling eventually, at least in text).

        Thank you! Looking forward to your next story, whatever it is, and appreciative of all the effort you expend to give us this fantastic world-building and characters that come to life. You have me adoring ships that I never would have expected.

  17. Thank you so much for approving my registration. After reading the recommendation for this on, I was very excited to read it and dove right in as soon as I got access. And then stayed up way too late. 🙂

    What an excellent story with some really intriguing concepts. I absolutely love how you’ve portrayed the city. And I’m intrigued by them all breaking off entirely from earth. I’d love to read more in this universe.

    For now though it looks like I have at least several weeks worth of reading to catch up on all of the other things you’ve written. I just need to decide where to start. Thanks again for your generosity in sharing all of this with us.

  18. Thanks for approving my application for your site. I read several of your Stargate stories a few years ago when anyone could read them and enjoyed all of them. Espically your Sentinal Stargate AU and The Lantean Legacy!!! Hope you continue and post new work on both soon!!

  19. I’m devouring my way through your site, my only squick is BDSM, so you’re probably seeing a lot of comments.

    I love your fics, my favourite type of story is where something changes and we see the rest of canon change – and you EXCELL at that!

    Also I’ll add a little squee for my happy reread of your Star Trek fic!

  20. Again you have done a awesome job. Keep up you are a great writer.

  21. I started reading “In the Silence” and decided to come back here and re-read this one then go one so it will be more like a continuous story of their life. I love it best when you keep the story line going on and we get to discover new parts of their life, thoughts and feelings. Please keep on.

  22. I just read “In the Silence” and didn’t even realize it was a second part. I’m going to go read what I know is going to be more amazing-ness. Also I love your current RT story! It’s really interesting.

  23. I finished “In the Silence” and it was absolutely AMAZING!  While I was super excited to find out what had been going on with the Lantean’s and Earthlings in the story I was also really, really happy to see Jonas Quinn as a character because I love him so much.  I just wanted to thank you for including him.  The story was so fantastic and the fact that it had one of my favorite characters in it just made better.

  24. So, there’s a basic problem with reading Keira Marcos stories. Once you’re finished reading everything she’s ever written, and you move on to another author, you find yourself unsatisfied. Either the plot is weak, or the characters are one dimensional, or the writing is bad, or it’s just boring. And after reading Keira, you really start noticing these things in other authors. Because the contrast is suddenly so striking.

    Take this as a warning: Keira Marcos will ruin you for all other authors. Read at your own risk.

  25. Oh my…I was so sure Lantean Legacy was a finished trilogy….
    I read the first book…Wow! I love this! What happens next?! Back to series index, second book. Wow! Double Wow! Incredible! Magnificent! I can’t wait! Back to series index…third book…third book….third….
    I was so sure…in fact, I kind of remember some scenes with Atlas’ sisters and Ares. I don’t want to know what that means about me and my sanity…..
    Well. The next book just was moved to my hopes for the future list. With War Mages trilogy, the Serpent King, Ties that Bind, the Pale Horse (that one without much hope, but I adored it). Some day, some day….
    I just noticed something from your older works. Perhaps it’s the same with the new ones, but I just noticed re reading. The way you use the word murmured. I love it. I ‘m not an English native speaker and I don’t know how unusual is the word , but for me is more evocative that whispered. Perhaps because on Spanish people whispers, but nature murmurs. At least for me.The water on a river murmurs, so having John or Rodney murmuring gives me a softer, calmer feeling.
    Loved it.
    And what can I say about badass Rodney and his loyal bodyguards! It’s so sweet how they really care for him, not only as John’s “mate” but as Rodney, Hive destroyer.
    And the gossip? Simpson and Becket?
    Ally matchmaker? Poor Mattie…just wait.

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