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The mobile version of the site is not allowing members to log in. You’ll have to switch to “full site” in order to log in THEN switch back to the mobile version if you prefer it.  I’m aware of this but I don’t have a solution currently. I’m working on it but don’t expect a resolution soon.

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  1. Shadey says:

    I keep trying to see chapters 5-8 of blank space, but it keeps asking me to log in, even though I’m already logged in.

  2. Brigitte3853 says:

    I am reading and rereading your stories and the “Rough trade” stories again and again. I enjoy them every time. Happy that you continue writhing and looking forward to every new story that is posted in the future.
    I wish you a happy new year and all the best for you.
    Greetings from Germany

  3. Innogen says:

    Hello! I wanted to share the.Log-In workaround I found. This should work in mobile view.

    Click on ‘Retrieve Your Password’ button. This will take you to the local WordPress Password retrieval screen

    Click on ‘Log-In’, found at the bottom of the submission form.

    Log in and you should be good to go!I

    Everyone, Happy New Year 2016!

  4. Brightmoon says:

    Thank you for giving me access! 🙂

  5. Lil says:

    Hi Keira. I can’t login to roughtrade. Do I need to register again? I haven’t tried to login since the site changed. Thank you!!

  6. @Innnogen: Thanks for the tip!

  7. Smileleigh says:

    I don’t know how you write so many wonderful stories, all the while thinking up more stories and additions to others…. But I’m so happy you do!!! Thank You!!!

  8. Ing3L says:

    Years ago I read some of your Stargate stories and would like to read more, so thank you for allowing me.


  9. clairshadows says:

    Hi, just letting you know that Dasha has another story in her imperfections verse not located on that website. Here at Cascade Library: http://tslibrary.skeeter63.org/stories/dasha18.htm


  10. Bachouline says:

    Thank you !

  11. tonnocal says:

    So, when I try to follow several of the links (such as Courting Hermione Granger) I am redirected to the login page, which cheerfully informs me that I am indeed logged in.

    How can I resolve this issue?




  12. timepiece says:

    BTW, I was just able to log in on the mobile site, no prob. It might be fixed.

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