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This page is for questions that I will answer in mini-podcasts throughout the week starting 8/10/2015. Only members can ask questions of if you’ve got a burning (not plot related) question — drop a comment and I might answer it on the air. If I do, I’ll reply to your comment with a link to the mini-podcast.


  1. I don’t think this u5s the place to ask this, but I’m not sure where else to. When reading on mobile, there is a bar on the right of the screen with buttons to toggle contrast, greyscale etc. Is there anyway to get rid of it? It partially blocks the text and gets really irritating after a while.
    Thank you.

  2. Will you ever write a female Harry story?

  3. Hey Keira,

    Happy Fanfic Writer Appreciation Day

    A Devoted Minion

  4. Will there be more of Harry and The soulmate bond??

    Also. . . How do you get the dialogue so perfect?

  5. So many of your stories are several volumes long. How do you decide how long your idea is likely to be? You’ve said you tend to work in threes and fives, but how do you make a plot bunny turn into five volumes? It’s a skill I vastly admire and, as a reader, more is definitely better(!) but how are you able to think so big?

    Daisy x

  6. Do you listen to music with lyrics and without when your writing? Do you find one better for one type of writing? And how do you find music that inspires you?


  7. Are their three partner soulmate bonds in your star trek headcannon and would you ever be interested in pairing Uhura, Jim, and Spock together as a triad?

  8. I suck at writing and offten do not leave comments and if I do they consist of some variation of awesome. I know that writers put a lot of work in to free fics and would like to express my gratitude less generically. How do you write a good comment(review )?

  9. What do you think of the idea of Ron Weasley (and maybe Ginny) being Peter Pettigrew’s get? Molly willingly or magicked. I’m a reader, not a writer, but I’ve not seen this idea before. I’ve often wondered how he fit in with the rest of the family.

  10. I just want to ask where is the link for your story darkly loyal. I tried the link you post in Twitter but the prompt from rough trade is cannot be found. Thank you.

  11. I apologize for asking this but it’s been bugging me and I was hoping you could address it. In your Novemeber story are they the last generation of humanity or do they have genetic material and artificial wombs somewhere?

    • There are no artificial wombs. They are the last of humanity. It’s a post-apocalyptic fic. For any other answers, you’ll just have to wait for the writing. I don’t like discussing my future work in-depth as a rule. I’ve opened up about my process for November to get others settled into the idea.

  12. I’ve always wanted to write. I find im pretty good at tell a story orally, but when I try to write something down, the words just don’t come. how do you get things down?

  13. Question: Why do you like to write Hermione in the HP fandom so much? I was actually really turned off of Canon-Hermione during the last few books by J.K. Rowling, and I was wondering what you saw in the character that makes you see her in such a different way than how she was portrayed in Canon?

  14. Hi Keira (is it okay to call you that?),

    You did a podcast long ago about how you feel about Ginny and Ron. You’ve also made it well known how you feel about both Snape and Dumbledore. I’m curious about how you feel about the other adults in the HP world. Such as Arabella Figg (I feel like she’s not discussed enough in the fandom), Minerva McGonagall, Hagrid, Remus, etc. Do you think they know about Harry’s abuse? Why was Hagrid the one to pick up Harry? What do you take away from their actions and/or inactions? Thank you for all the work you put in!


  15. Hi, I just wanted to ask if you we’re going to write a third book to Lantean Legacy at some point. I loved the first two and yearn for another sequel.

  16. I was listening to one of your podcast The Writer’s Toolbox today, and I had a question about the essays that you are writing so that you don’t start on your NaNoWriMo Rough Trade project.

    In the podcast you said that you were writing an essay about a topic related to your world building. My question is what would be an acceptable type of world building writing that doesn’t make your project ineligable for this November?

    For example, if my lead character was a ninja that specializes in assassination, could I write an essay on his different assassination abilities? Or would the essay topic be more like “Most common Assassination techniques”?

    Also, could I write an essay on my main character’s opinion on a topic? For example, if my main character is part of a secret organization, could I write an essay on why he likes/dislikes the secret organization? Or likes/dislikes his teammates etc.? Or an essay on my main character’s opinion of a known historical event like a war (past, present, or future)?

    These types of essays would be used to flesh out an understanding of my main character and the nuances in his feels. Of course, these writings would be ineligable for NaNoWriMo, and any information contained there-in would have to be regurgitated by writing it all out in the story.

    Would this be illegal according to the rough trade rules?

    Thank you!


    • You can’t write anything that you’re going to count as part of your word count in November.

      No matter what I write in October for my world building. My word count when I start on November 1 will be ZERO and that’s the point of the challenge environment of National Novel Writing Month

  17. A couple of months ago, you had an author on one of your podcasts who was writing a Hawaii Five-0 story where Rachel is killed in the car jacking in season one. Is there a way you could give the website for this author. I would really like to see what she does with this story. Thank You.

  18. Hi Keira,

    At one point your site allowed us to download stories as an ePub, MOBI, whatever. I know it experienced issues and you were going to look into getting it fixed, but now I can’t find the page and wonder if you’ve decided that this won’t be an option for your readers.

    I’m sorry if I’ve missed the page entirely, but I thought I’d ask.


  19. Have you ever watched Elementary, the Sherlock-in-NY version of Holmes? Even if you love the other versions, I think it’s an interesting spin. Plus, Aidan Quinn as Capt. Gregson.

    And I loved their take on both Moriarty and Kitty Winter (both *completely* different from any treatment I’ve seen before).

  20. So an image of Tony as a Shepard popped into my head and then I started wondering what his boyfriend must deal with when they come home to meet the family and I couldn’t stop laughing for the next five minutes. I can’t decide if Matt or Rodney would be the worst about it and which would be funnier: Matt threatening to poison the poor boyfriend or Rodney saying he’s just invented an undetectable device that causes a person to just disappear. Which family member would you think would have the funniest death threat and what would it be?

  21. I’m re-listening a some podcasts and something Jilly said raised a question in my mind. She said that she struggles with ‘falling action’. I thought about this for a while and realised that although I’m trying to become a plotter rather than a pantser, I still struggle to break scenes/chapters down into action/falling action/consequences etc. Would you be able to talk about how one actually plots such things, or even just describe what the terms mean to you?
    Thank you

  22. Hi Keira,

    I’m a young-ish writer. I have an idea for a fic but I feel like my writing ‘s not mature enough to write it well. I really want to write it though. Have you ever felt this way? How do you get past it? Do you just write it or put the plot up for another day?

  23. You currently do not have a page for Hawaii 5-O. Are you going to create one for Ascendent or create a generic one for Misc. stories?

    Also, I have been loving the short stories and would love to read a full length story with a Tony DiNozzo and Steve McGarrett pairing. Of course, full of all the intimate moments you write so well. πŸ™‚

    Thank you!

  24. Hey!

    Sorry to bug you on a Monday morning – or a Sunday evening, both being equally horrible.

    Not sure if you have a policy on these things but I’ve seen a bunch of your works posted on Goodreads.

    Frankly, idk how that website works but I thought you might wanna know. If you search your name (as I did) on Google, the goodread results are on the 1st page…

    In any case, while I’m here, wanted you to know that you’re pretty awesome! \m/

    • Yeah, I don’t care about it. A lot of fan fic writers apparently lost their shit over it but all that really means is that readers liked my work so much they put it on their Goodreads list. I’m not insulted by that.


  25. Hi –

    I was just wondering if you could tell me where I can read Darkly Loyal?


  26. Haha. Gotcha.

    Welp, I’ll be over here…not harassing you. ^.^


  27. No questions, just a compliment! The site upgrades are awesome! πŸ™‚

  28. I’m not sure if this has been asked before, but what is your process like for creating an OC?

  29. This is my question about shifting POV from the last podcast. I have a story that fills in between two scenes in the movie Serenity. One part is totally a stream of consciousness from River and the other is a description of the action from Mal’s POV. Can I use them together in one story?

  30. Are you ever going to write a story where Hermione is the one descendant from the Pendragons and becomes the Queen of magic since she’s the first magical descendant of her line?

  31. Hi Keira,

    A couple questions. In your last podcast you mentioned a method of deciding internal and external motivations for the characters when you first plot out a story line. Would you be willing to do a plot drift as an example of this technique? Is a plot drift even the right time to try and complete this?

    Secondly, I’m finding that writing one scene then trying to pinpoint the internal and external motivations for it and it’s subsequent scenes very difficult to complete. Have you ever plotted a story first by story line then gone back and done the internal and external motivations? Or would you figure out the exposition, the few big rising action points, and the climax before going back to do the internal and external motivations?

  32. Hi! I was wondering if you’d be interested in setting up a Variation on a Character/Theme fics collection on AO3, kinda like the Little Black Dress collection? I just think it would be fun to be able to group the fics together on that site for anyone who’d like to πŸ™‚

  33. In the midst of rereading TTB (for the nth time!) I found myself wondering where you get your ideas from, and how you are able to turn them into stories. You’ve said before that you’re a romantic writer and that you love happy endings, but would it possible for you to explain your process of getting from a germ of an idea to ‘wow, I have to write that!’ or even ‘I’ve nailed that sucker!’? You did a little of it in your plot drifts (which were wonderful) but how on earth do you come up with such different ways of describing a love story?

    Thank you

  34. Hi Keira,

    A few podcasts ago you mentioned a series called “The Pleasure Club” from the publisher Cobblestone Press. I noticed that this series or group of works are written by many different authors. My have several questions, listed below, that have to do with these types of works and how a collection like this might be different in the publishing process than say getting an original work published.

    Thank you for your time!

    1. Can a new author come up with an idea and present it to the publisher for these types of books, or is it more common for the publisher to approach a writer that’s already established with that publishing company?

    2. Do the publishers give out guidelines on how these books are supposed to be written or how they work?

    3. Is the writing process for this type of series different than say a normal submission to a publisher?

    4. Have you ever written for a collection like this? if so, what was your experience like?

    5. Have you ever heard of a writer using these collections as a way to “get their foot in the door” so to speak?

    6. Is there anything else you would like to share about works being written for a collection like “The Pleasure Club”?

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