Sneak Previews

Sneak Previews:

SGA/Halo Crosss Over: The Pale Horse (McKay/Sheppard)

The Sorting Hat refuses to sort Harry: Lord of the High Elves

Dimension shifting Harry is searching for the right version of his soulmate: Dimensional Shift

Harry and Hermione face the ramifications of a conspiracy against them: The Pendragon Legacy

Harry receives a gift from a future version of himself the night his name comes out of the Goblet of Fire: Phoenix


Please note these are subject to change during beta/rewrites. Your concrit or plot advice is entirely unwelcome. These are rough drafts made especially available to my members and shouldn’t be shared anywhere!


  1. OMG seriously, my supervisor will slaughter me if I don’t have my work in to him by 8am tomorrow morning. Reading this is not conducive to writing 5 pages of peer-review publication-worthy pages! *cries*

  2. Wow… speechless and waiting… don’t care how long!!



  3. Thank you for sharing.

  4. That? Was wonderful and satisfying and I can’t wait to read the rest. You rock so hard.

  5. There are Potter-Malfoy fic-babies breeding in my brain and it is entirely your fault. If the scholarship essay I just submitted fails, I am sending you a letter bomb. Why? Because it is likely to fail because I got distracted and wrote, “It is my hope that I will one day foster beautiful Malfoy-Potter fic-babies” instead of the intended “several children with greater need”.

    PS. This print-out is going on the shrine, O Torturous One.

  6. But George is such a lovely name! And I must congratulate you on your ability to both reward and torture your minions in one fell swoop.

  7. Wow, very good. I like this new world.

  8. agkuyaewhkwugbadjie….Brilliant. Absolutely BRILLIANT!

  9. *amused* This was so good that I missed 3 buses to work 😮 *laughs* Wicked, I can’t wait for more 🙂

  10. I can hear you cackling evilly. And the fact that you said this story was 80% done…it’s like you’re dangling expensive, imported chocolate in front of me as I stand on the edge of a cliff. “Just have faith…you won’t fall…just have faith…”

  11. FUCK YEAH!!!!! I LOVE the celebrating of one’s Independence Day all over someone else line that keeps cropping up in your stories. Cadman and Draco! WORD! <3

  12. Wow, can’t wait till the rest comes out. This kept me involved all night. Ginny is going to be batshit insane isn’t she? Hope Ron grows up, same with Hermione. Love interest for Sirius on the way, I hope so. Remus and Narcissa, interesting.Thank you for the major preview.

  13. Thank you and I can’t wait to see more!!!

  14. Brilliant!! So glad to see that Ginny bating is still in existence! But it is a nice change to see a fic where Molly is trying to redeem herself as a good mother-figure. Thanks for sharing.

  15. It ended…so sad…still I loved it.

  16. love you love you love you love love you with just a teenzy bit of hate because this is awesome and I am going to be checking up daily for the finished product even while I know that it is probable going to be months before this is finished.

  17. Oh so much awesomeness! Especially Dumbledore’s I’m magical line.

  18. adslkfjasdklj OH GOD I LOVE YOU FOR GIVING US THIS. <3 Thank you.

  19. This was wonderful. I don’t know how to express the way your writing touches me. This is brilliant and I look forward to read the rest of this incredible story.

  20. The only problem with reading excerpts of unfinished fic, is that it’s unfinished! Not that lack of completion stops me reading. But I’m left with questions! Is when Ginny hurt Harry by touching him explained by the fact that he’s soul bonded, or is there a more sinister reason? I LOVE including the twins in the ritual. I’ve often felt that while not as close to Harry as Ron was (supposedly) they were better friends over the course of the books. Will Vernon get what is coming to him? (Can’t see Draco leaving it alone) How is it that Sirius and Snape are getting along so well? More questions, but this is no doubt boring, and I’m sure you’ll get round to answering them in the completed fic.

    So in the meantime, thank you for all your hard work, it’s very much appreciated. VERY MUCH. Very.

  21. even though you warned us, I did it and fell in love with this!!!
    not gonna name it george though. bad name. ^^ and I really don’t like babies!! *shudder* 😉

    anyway, I’m SO looking forward to more of this!!!!

    *bows to your greatness in everlasting worship* *g*

  22. I haven’t read much in the Potter fandom in a couple of years, but you’ve prompted me to go find H/D fics while I wait for the rest of this one 🙂

  23. Again a wonderfull peace of work from you, Keira. I can`t wait to see the rest of it.

    As allways i am utterly amazed at the amount of Love and Devotion, between the Characters, you manage to illustrate in your stories. I`ve read it now three times and it just gets better. I truly hope Draco gets the opportunity to bash Ginnys Head in to a wall, i do not believe the burning of Harrys Arm was an accident, more like her trying to influence Harry with some kind of evil topical love-potion-creme or something. ^^

    But again: You are the Mistress, we are the Minions. You lead, we follow (like some kind off mindless in love Lemming)

    The only criticism i have is, that in the last chapter the jump from the rejection Letter to the discusion of the cures Draco and Harry want to publish, was a bit abrupt without a preamble. It was a bit confusing, could also be because it was 4 in the morning when i came to that part the first time.

    Please don`t kill me, 🙂

  24. I have two questions. One: What kind of american muggle television does Draco watch? ‘Cause it kind of sounds like he watches a lot of Jersey Shore. And my second question. Would you consider, eventually, writing one of Harry and Draco’s more insane cases? Like one of the ones that has an item from their watch list on it?

    • LOL. I think Draco would definitely be very interested in reality tv. That idea makes me laugh my ass off. The list cases have appeal to. Part of me wants to write a prequel to this but I don’t know how well that would work since the reader would go in knowing that Wacko-Neville was going to eventually send them back in time.

      • But wouldn’t that make it great? I mean, we already know that Draco and Harry are not only Soul-Mates but also Archmages and how/why Wacko-Neville sent them into the past for. I would like to see how they moved on from rivals to work-partners to friends to lovers, its like we’re seeing them after the honeymoon and I want to see the wedding rather then just hear about it.

        Unless of course your going to show some of these things in flashbacks or whatever, but outside of the little bones you’ve thrown at us we don’t really know what happened before they were sent back. I want to read how Draco and Harry changed from fighting all the time like they do in the books/movies and into what they are now, I especially want to see how Ginny took it when Draco and Harry came out since from all accounts it wasn’t well or very pretty.

        Petty of me I know but I really want to read that scene.

        • Wanna know a secret? I adore writing Ginny like she’s bat-shit insane. It’s like my favorite cliche in that whole fandom to make Ginny Weasley the anti-Christ.

          • That’s because Ginny *is* the anti-Christ.

            (sorry had to interrupt because that had to be said).

            Hmmm, come to think of it so is canon Keller. 😉

          • I ADORE that someone else in the fandom shares my deep and abiding, utter HATRED for Ginny.

            Also I am so excited for the final version of this that I was literally BOUNCING as I read this.

            Also: I would send you cookies and cake monthly if I had your address. If I thought Ice Cream would get there I would send that too, but since it probably won’t…

          • Here, here.

            Ginny is one of the most useless character’s in cannon followed shortly after Hermione. Now don’t get me wrong, I like Hermione but she’s one step above Ginny and that step in my mind is very short. JKR could have done so much for/with Hermione but didn’t and the character sort of…fizzled out you could say for me. All Hermione ended up being good for was research and a walking library, anyone – witch or wizard – could have done that.

            And don’t even get me started in on Luna…all she did for the cannon was help tie in the Hallow’s and that was it. There’s a serious lack of girl-power in Harry Potter that just pisses me off slightly when I think about it too long, there was plenty of strong girls that could have been great but didn’t for some reason or another at JKR desicions for her series.

            On another note: I’m also really looking forward to the whole Ginny-scene, I adore stories when she’s bat-shit insane with cohort-Hermione backing Ginny up all the way either accidently or on purpose. Those always make for the great stories in the fandom.

  25. You are, without a doubt, one of the best fanfic writers I’ve encountered. I wait for each new story that you come out with, and I’ve found myself watching a show or movie just because you wrote something from it.

    But this…this is brilliant. I really like how you call some of the characters out on their flaws (Molly, Ron, Snape, and Dumbledore to name a few). You do it in a way that grabs those flaws, highlights them, addresses them, and incorporates them into the plot neatly.

    You also make the differences in Harry and Draco’s personalities (based on the books and movies) realistic due to their time line and the switch. It’s plausible. I like that.

    simply put: I eagerly await more of this story.

  26. Ohhh, love it, LOVE it! Can’t wait for the sex ritual- ok, that didn’t come out right, did it? I can hardly wait to read it. There. When did Draco and Harry manage to plan what info they would release (ala the fake potions master)? I must admit, I got the giggles over the twins “extra virility”. Just wondering though, I know the boys are all super duper archmagi and all, but wouldn’t a crowd of guys watching you have sex put most guys “off their stride” as it were? Or does the ritual take care of that, too? And why did Ginny’s touch burn? Her intent or were their potions involved?

    Another totally yummy story hon.
    I remain your loyal minion-

    • I think in a world where all male conclaves are common that sex rituals would be common place enough that no one is going to really blink an eye at it if they have any sexual experience to think of. It isn’t like Harry and Draco are going to get down and dirty in front of a bunch of straight muggles.

  27. I have to admit, this is the 3rd time I’ve read this. I love it. Even knowing its bound to change doesn’t deter me. Wonderful story, love the characterizations. I have to say I have beta envy. Anyone who gets to read your work and help you shape it is very lucky, it’s one of my favourite things about being a beta.
    Can’t wait to see what becomes of this great story.

  28. This sneak peak is fantastic and completely addictive. I realise it is a draft and subject to change and that makes it even more exciting reading. My mind boggles at how you will improve on this and I look forward to finding out in due course.

  29. Wow, I just love this story. Your writing is brilliant as always. I love how the story is so far. I’m glad that this Harry won’t just take Ron’s slipshod friendship without calling him on it. I’m just loving it all!! Thanks Keira you make us minions very happy 🙂

  30. if this is just the rough review i can’t wait to see the rest
    thank you for sharing this with us and look forward to when you can honour us with the final daft

  31. God, this rough draft is better than the stuff you sometimes find as finished stories

    I am already looking forward to seeing the finished version of it

  32. This may be quite literally one of the best pieces of work that I have read so far. AMAZINGLY good work!!!! I can’t wait to read the finished product!!

  33. That was just absolutely YUMMIE! The best read you can expect at… oh shit… 4 in the morning (fortunately I only have to be at work at 1 pm) Can’t wait to read the betaed/finalized/improved version of this story. Especially since I so hoped, that the sex ritual would be in this excerpt *sigh* Any idea when this will be ready? I hope soon! *running of to check your WIP site*

  34. Serenity Harkness

    I love this but it depresses me…why? Because it is not finished yet……..Snap….now I will be wondering and waiting and waking up at three in the freaking morining because your freaking lovely unfinished fic has given me plunnies…of course that will happen even more when it’s finished so that’s not as bad…..darn……hope this gets finished soon!

  35. Oh man thanks for sharing this was good, 🙂

  36. You do realize of course that we will fall in love with it anyway right? That’s why we’re minions, because we are devoted to your cause and perfectly willing to help you take over the world :). Love the story so far and can’t wait for more to come out.

  37. I love this! I especially loved the domestic scene at the start of chapter 5, I love that kind of stuff! A lot of people don’t like or appreciate established relationship fics but the thing is…they can be better than getting together fics. I wish we could see some of what Harry and Draco were like before Neville threw them back in time. Keep up the good work! And I hope your foot feels better soon!

  38. Every time I read your Draco and Harry I fall in love a little more. I am not sure Whether I am falling for you or for them….but basically you just evoke one huge love fest. Here is to rapid healing and rabid Harry/Draco muses!

    I don’t know how I can get so enthralled in your writing that I will reread something rather than sleeping when I know it is not any more finished than it was the last time I read it. This is fantastic…much like everything else you write. Now I may have to go reread another one of your HP stories just to feel some closure. What a trial that will be, not!

  39. As always wonderfully addictive and it has left me needing more. choccies and flowers are not good enough so maybe my secon born (first born has got to tigy her room) will be enough to entice more.

    ps thank you

    I read the first 3 chapters on Evil Author Day and I have been back several times to wallow in the awesomeness. I’m so glad I was bored and looking for a rec list and clicked the secret minion button today!!!

    You are the ONLY author I will intentionally read WiPs from. That’s how much I love you. Because WiPs make me cry like a colic-y baby but you are worth it.

  41. love! I can’t wait until it’s completed so I can forsake my sleeptime with something worthwhile before my alarm goes off 🙂

  42. oooooh, I love this! (don’t worry, I’m not in love with it. Yet.) Can’t wait until the whole thing is available.

    P.S. So, George is out. Can I name it Bob?

  43. Well, at least when you go crazy interesting things happen. I enjoyed the little glimpses of how things could have happened differently. I particularly enjoyed your little tease with the one world that seemed so perfect and then turned out to be so very horrible. I do really like this and hope to see more of it soon. Then again I also want more of everything you write. Makes me wish I could clone you so we’d get even more awesomeness.

  44. I know you said not to fall in love with this, but I have…

    I hope you complete it 🙂

    All your Fics are awesome, I don’t know how you do it. I am always completely sucked into your worlds.

  45. Yet again I find myself trying to decide between reading something of yours or studying/working on my future before realising it’s a no brainer – you win hands down!!! This is, like everything else you produce, amazing and i worship at your feet. I’m so jealous of your talent with writing! I try, but i get distracted; lose interest or just churn out crap. Anyway, whether this is expanded upon or not, i’m thankful I got to read it and the originality is refreshing 🙂

  46. it’s wonderful! i like the way you switched up each world so things kept changing. hopefully you decide to keep working on it.

  47. 2 days…..Holy Crap TWO DAYS. That was a fantastic read. I really hope you can take it somewhere, but even if you don’t I loved reading it. (I’m still caught on you writing over 35000 words in two days – I had fun finishing 5000 word assignments in 3 weeks……. you have my everlasting admiration.)

  48. Too late, I have. I have fallen in love with it, and wow, that’s quite a world you’ve built there! I sure hope you feel the need to work on it again, because I would LOVE to see where you go with it!

    The concept is mind-boggling, and believable. And just what I needed while coughing my lungs up. And sounding like Lurch. Woo.

  49. Quite interesting. Haven’t fallen in love, but definitely like where its going. I read the Halo story too, and am heading towards serious like for that one as well.

  50. As usual, I laughed and I cried. Thank you for another wonderful gem!!!

  51. I haven’t even read this yet – too busy squealing with joy! Thank you thank you thank you for this gift to the minions!!!

    • Wow. Just….wow. Sorry, but I’ve fallen madly, passionately in love. It’s a good thing for me that all of my authors don’t write as well as you do, or I’d be permenantly attached to the laptop reading to the exclusion of everything else. Thank you for this wonderful world. Can’t wait to see where this goes. You have a true gift for making stories & characters that we can fall in love with, and I thank you SO much for sharing it with us.

  52. You have made my day this is so awesome!

  53. That was great! I love time travel and parallel worlds and now you’ve done both! Thank you!

  54. Amazing story. Some of the alternate universes just made me cry. You bring such depth and vitality to your characters that I just love reading your work.

  55. I have already fallen in love with it. is it horrible that i want you to go crazy again and continue it?

  56. The chat/inner sanctum bar finally returned to my browser so I ran over to read the sneak peeks. This story makes me cry every single time I read it–even the bit when Bane dies & that was one annoying centaur. I know that if/when we see this it will probably be so very different but i love that he rescues Dobby, that on the world where 1st year Harry died that Hedwig is there to go with him (& that world was even more heartbreaking because that harry had family & happiness for 11 years) and that on this last world there are younger Malfoys (love child & the spare LOL) & younger Potters.

  57. Wow…. I seem to be a year behind the times but don’t care. What an awesome sneak peak. I love you and everything about you and your fic *sigh* you have just made me stay up late when I have yet another early start and guess what? I don’t give a damn 😀 😀 😀 well and truly worth it. <3 <3 <3

  58. Great sneak peek Can’t wait the read the rest, when finished

  59. I just remembered this part of your site and I am so glad I checked! This universe is so satisfying! And the HALO verse? I know nothing about HALO but that story made me want to learn everything! Thank you for sharing your wonderful work!

  60. I thoroughly enjoyed the Harry Archmagus time/world travel piece. The comments here I think are for the LoonyGinny piece (which I also enjoyed & commented on). Wherever this comment ends up, I love your writng and will read whatever you write.

    Many thanks

  61. I only just found this. I love it and look forward to you working on it again. As is the case with the SGA stories, I love how you can switch around various characters, changing who is a good guy and who is a bad guy and making them all feel real. The various worlds Harry travelled through were all interesting, even when they were really sad.

  62. Thank you for a new sneak prewiew, as always it was great to read.

  63. I thought I’d left a comment on this somewhere…oh well.

    This, my love, is…wow. My first thought was Rushlight’s Pendulum of Choice, what with the world shifts. The difference is that in her story, Harry could leave the world he’d landed in by choice, and in yours, magic decides. That is the coolest idea ever. I really hope that you come back to this story at some point. As much as I want part 2 of the Mages trilogy, this one owns my heart. Plus I really wanna know why Ron is so fucked up. lol

    Thank god you love Harry/Draco as much as I do. They really are my HP OTP. I can’t quit them.

  64. I just found this and loved the different worlds. Not a big HP fan and seldom read any HP fanfic, but this is good. Thanks for sharing and I am glad to find the Inner Sanctum.

  65. This is the first HP fanfic that I have read. I always shied away from it because I could not see Harry and Draco together. You have totally converted me, I loved it and hope you continue with it.

  66. I am working my way, AGAIN, through the Kiera library. You have spoiled me for all Harry/Draco stories.

  67. Okay, just found this (was bored and poking about) and have to say that this was absolutely awesome. I know how sometimes a story can eat your brain and it just flows out in a couple of days, and then you’re like, okay, what was that.

    I do hope someday you decide to continue this, as it’s a wonderful story so far, but I do know as well how sometimes stories just don’t want to be finished.

  68. wow, I love this story & wept buckets!! Thank you for sharing it.

  69. i have to say your crazy is just made of awesome.
    i’ve read all of your fics and this is just as good as any of the others, my fav. being the what might have been series. i was actually wondering what happened to your one sg:a fics, the one with the wolves? i looked for it and found it gone one day and cried.
    any who, this is a lovely brain child of yours, vary entertaining if heavily based in you one fics the war mages universe. it almost seems like a re-wright of that with dimensional hopping added, not a bad thing actually, i quite like it.

  70. Like!! You have the most interesting plots and your characterizations are so 3D compared to most. Love to see more of this, but I understand if the Muse doesn’t agree. Mine is a cranky and uncooperative bitch sometimes too.

  71. So I took notes as I read, b/c I wanted to remember everything I wanted to tell you XD first time I’ve done that!


    2) Bane’s death scene had me in tears.

    3) I find it amazing how diverse the different worlds are. And sooo true, fates a beatch

    4) I adore this line: “If there is a universal truth in all the worlds I’ve visited it is that you are loyal to the point of stupid to your sire.” soooooooo true. LOL

    5) “Yep,” Adam offered him a little smirk. “We aren’t the only ones, either. You’ve got Malfoy all atwitter.” – I love bambi references, even if I think it is only masquerading as a children’s classic, lol

    6) I find the volcanic nature of Harry and Sirius’ parental/child bond interesting and think it adds more depth to this harry’s Past and very true of a parental/child bond, the need to instill independence and strength combated by the “i know best” and “i’m still your parent, so I should be exempt from everything I taught you” lol

    7) I was laughing all over the place that the entire staff just wanted to have a staff meeting and invite Harry along, lol. The reasons they probably came up with when trying to convince McGonagall!!! LOL

    8)SQUEEEEEE YOu included Pendragon and excalibur in the history~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *_____* S

    9) I like how you are incorporating the reveal of various facts of harry’s original life. The Hermione To Other Self letter has got me wondering, lol 😀

    10) Harry threatening an elopement to the bahamas is made of soooooo much WIN 😀

    11) ::Fistbumps all around:: for “I’m the embodiement of Arthur Pendragon” and Harry taking control of his media portrayal~!

    12) TOO LATE. Am already in love, lol. Will need to save this just incase you replace it with something else and it disappears into the black hole of unfinished WIPs, lol 😀

    13) My first slash pairing in HP was Harry/Draco (when Harry potter first came out, lol I was a young slasher). Over the years I drifted from the pairing, what with My only exposure being and let’s just say that finding gems was like finding a needle in a haystack. I would like to thank you for reinvigorating my fondness for them together, although I’m still having a hard time finding fics I like as much as yours. I just adore how you write them 😀

    • Have you checked out this one?

      Raspberry Jam

      It’s not as good as Keira’s (that’s just not possible), it’s pretty good. Nothing explicit, a slow sweet love story with Harry/Draco as the pairing.

    • I fell in love with this story also. Who am I kidding? I fall in love with ALL of your stories! I have been coming back to reread Dimensional Shift every few months and I keep finding something new and interesting each time. I really hope that at some time in the future you decide to go on with it.

      Thank you for the many hours of enjoyment your fics have given me.

      Blessed Be

  72. I really love this premise and loved this piece.
    I have only really seen this premise used before a number of years ago by MrsHamill in “Riding the Wheel of If”. Don’t know if you are a Qui Gon/Obi fan at all (Obi Wan visiting many realities in search of a Qui Gon), but if you are and haven’t seen this series you may enjoy checking it out.
    Thank you for another enjoyable read.

  73. Lords, reading this was an emotional roller coaster. Worlds 36 & 230 made me cry. The Grindelwald world absolutely horrified me & the Veela!Draco universe [#186] was slightly depressing. Then there’s world #232, that was a disturbing thing to read. However, there were good things in there as well; Harry finding Dobby on world #56 and finding Hedwig on #186. Of course, there’s the fact that Harry finally found a place to belong in world #246. It was a relief to read that Harry found a universe he could live in. (I thought the sneak peek might have ended before we, the readers, found out what world he settled on.)

    Though I don’t know how to feel about the similarities between world #36 & #246. On the one hand, world #36 would have been perfect for Harry if it wasn’t for the betrothal. So it’s nice that his parents are alive and he has the same sibling set he would have had on world #36 on world #246. However, I can’t help but remember the anguish #36!Draco felt when he realized who Harry was to him and that he was going to lose him for the second time, which makes me sincerely hope that the people on that world performed the memory charm on Draco as they promised. I also hope that Harry is right when he said that traveling the multiverse diminished the memories of the worlds he visited as he continued his journey. No one deserves to remember their beloved experiencing such anguish.

    Overall, this was a very interesting piece to read. Though with the warning that you wrote at the end (how this came to you in a fit of inspiration and how it can be pulled off-site without warning), it makes me wonder if I should save a copy just in case.

    PS: This vaguely reminded me of the SGA fic Dawn Will Break by darkmoore & ca_pierson. Of course the reason why the protagonist was traveling the multiverse is different then the above fic. In the SGA fic, John was traveling the multiverse because the Ancients wanted to him to have a certain skill set before they settled him in his final destination. (It took John over 2 decades to have the skill the Ancients deemed necessary to settle him. However, the Ancients knew about the final destination from the start and could have placed John there immediately; they just didn’t want to. So in regards of how much time the multiverse travel took, Harry was lucky.)

  74. This dimensional travel thing is AWESOME. I was so relieved when Harry FINALLY found a world that he can (hopefully) stay on! My heart kept breaking for Harry at each turn because it was so painful as each hour ended and he couldn’t stay! The worlds where he came so CLOSE to staying were the worst. The worlds where he didn’t meet Draco at all were probably the best. This is a really heart-wrenching and beautiful story. I can’t wait to see where this goes if you continue it!

  75. You bitch.
    You got me all excited and then it STOPS!
    How dare you!
    I command you to write more of this!
    Or the Minions will rise up and chain you in our dungeon until you do.

  76. Fuck me running woman!!!!
    I finally get my tablet back after a kidney transplant. Next thing you know my monitors start going crazy and the nurses burst into the room freaking out and asking whats wrong. I said quote “Damn that woman to hell!! She writes this fuckawesome stuff and leaves me hanging with a bad case of readers blue balls!!!!” unqoute
    The nurses glared at me and threatened to take my tablet if I got over excited again.

    Thanks for this great teaser and I hope to see more of this hopefully.;)

  77. … I’m already in love…

  78. I totally love all of your H/D stories, and this one is no exception. I really liked how you made super powerful Harry probable with the insane level of training Sirus put him through, what with the first wand at that insanely early age.

    The little snippets of Harry’s life through the story are so much better than just a massive data dump in the guise of a “this is where I came from” talk with the parents or whoever. I think it’s those little details that really set you off as a writer – it’s easy to do a data dump in a monologue, to work them into the story takes more skill but is ultimately a lot more interesting for the reader. And as one of those readers, I thank you.

    I know you said not to fall in love, but as many others above, too late. I really hope this does get finished one day. It was a most enjoyable read.

  79. Love the latest George!

  80. So after some great H/Hr for the beginning of my day, now I’m re-reading this perfect, just perfect, piece of H/D. Is this story on your list for continuing it… I don’t know… sometime in the next few months? Because it’s seriously much too late not to be in love after just the first time when I read it, not to mention this n-th re-read.
    Thanks for sharing!

  81. I’m not sure how I missed “Dimensional Shift”.

    While I love all of your work, this one sucked me in. I read it all in one go, and got seriously irritated at anyone and anything that interrupted me.

    I do hope that it eventually becomes a story. The darker tone is fantastic, but it is’t so dark as to scare me off. It’s a very amazing story!!

  82. Dimensional Shift. Kept me extremely involved. Love this Harry. None of the adults around him are going to be able to handle warrior Harry that is the last person from his world. Loved the little Malfoys and Potters. I like this Draco considering his first thought was to give him flying again. I feel so sorry for the Dracos who were almost perfect. 🙁

  83. forgot to add, I hope this is continued. There is already such a rich story here, it would be wonderful to see it finished.

  84. WHAT THE FUCKING HELL? You call that a SNEAK PREVIEW?????????? That’s more than some authors write in their whole life!
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