One Million Words

It was never a “goal” to write a million words of fan fic. I don’t even know why I started keeping an excel spreadsheet of my word count but when I realized how close I was to the one million word mark I was kind of surprised.

I’m sort of continuously STUNNED by the support and genuine good will I receive from the fandoms I write in. It’s just amazing and I’ve never felt so much at home as a writer as I do when I’m working on this site.

I set up this page to celebrate reaching the one million word mark. I’ll be posting links to pages on my site and off-site to celebrate.

Art by FanArts Series

Check out the One Million Words Drabble Challenge at Different Roads


You’re Going to Hell by Rivka (gen)
General O’Neill and the Navy Cop by Kathana Grey
General O’Neill Meets Special Agent Jethro Gibbs by Ellenscult (Gibbs/Dinozzo)
Keira Marcos’ Adventure in the Mountain By Shira Lynn (gen)
Unsung Heroes by Neqs (gen)
Loving Daniel by Ladyholder (O’Neill/Jackson)
A Flash of Lightning by K-Lee (OMC/OC- Stargate)
Can It Be by Fanomy (gen-Star Trek)

** Please note that these are gift fics and they belong to the respective authors exclusively. I’ve posted them with permission here. While some of them are inspired on my work, they shouldn’t be considered part of my series work. They stand uniquely and beautifully on their own.**

My wish for all of my readers:

You’re Going to Hell by Rivka

“SO, what are you here for?” “Apparently, I read too much slash..” The short red being looked up from his huge book. “You must have …

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General O’Neill and the Navy Cop by Kathana Grey

Art by FanArts Series “General O’Neill? This is Colonel Denton Roberts from McMurdo base, Antarctica. There is a small problem you should know about.” The …

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Keira Marcos’ Adventure in the Mountain By Shira Lynn

Art by FanArts Series At first glance, Keira Marcos was just a normal girl. But she had one special attribute: Her extraordinary power …

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General O’Neill Meets Special Agent Jethro Gibbs by Ellenscult

Art by FanArts Series “What the hell have you done with my agent?” Jack moved the phone away from his ear and winced, before putting …

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Unsung Heroes by Neqs

The Geisha had come back from leave with a black eye. It was already fading, the last traces of it skillfully covered with make-up but …

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Loving Daniel by Ladyholder

Art by FanArts Series “I love you, you know.” Daniel looked over at the other man sitting on the couch. They were sitting like they …

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A Flash of Lightning by K-Lee

A Flash of Lightning by K-Lee Sebastian rushed down the stairs, his feet bare and his hair still glistening with water from the shower he …

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  1. Altyerre

    And definately congratulations on all one million words. I think I totally adore…well all of it. Looking foward to the celebration and the next million or so words :)

  2. Helena

    Contrats to us all. Now this week doesn’t seem so very difficult and I look forward to your update.

  3. danceswithgary

    Congrats on the million words! I’m hoping to hit mine this year, too. :-)

    1. Keira Marcos

      And when you do I’m gonna throw you a PARTY. 😉

  4. neeliemom

    Woo-hoo!! Wowsers, a million words. Not only that, but they’re *good*, you know? Not just blather. That’s the heart of it, it’s all good stuff. I’m proud for you, hon.

  5. Lina

    Congratulations! I’m hoping we’ll do the challenge at Different Roads so that everyone can show their appreciation of you and your stories :)

    1. Keira Marcos

      I already have some of the prompts picked out 😉

  6. Atuin

    I don’t know what I will do when you and danceswithgary hit a million. Probably explode in fandom goodness.

  7. heartspeed

    Congrats!!! 1 million words!!! Woo hoo!

  8. Tm

    Glad to be celebrating this milestone with you. Can’t wait to read the next million words!

  9. fallen322

    Congrats Keira a wonderful million words know that this one door closes now another can open can’t wait to see what you have for us next.

  10. Syl

    Incredible!! You did it!!
    And we were all there to witness it 😉
    Congrats, on reaching the million words! And Thank you for writting and
    sharing your amazing imagination with us!

    Thanks again Keira!
    Live long and prosper!


  11. Helena

    Congratulations!!! :)

  12. christella

    hell of an acheivement ,shame it killed your laptop,now on to the next million!!!

  13. Helena

    An admirable new goal… Looking forward to how you will get there and all there will be to read… :)

  14. Giggles149

    you don’t need to publish this comment as I don’t want to offend religious readers, but in terms of books … the bible is only about 807,000 words (obviously it differs a little with each translation) and they had about 40 authors and a lot more time. So there, your mile stone in relation to the most pulished book :-)

    PS.: on is a section for the bible … how odd … only found it because some author for Star Trek 2009 had published stories there and I thought that its maybe a not well known show that hasn’t come to Australia yet, but no … 2887 items of fanfiction for the Good Book right there, some are even M rated. Is that possibly the oddest fandom?

  15. Buxom Bard
    Buxom Bard

    Totally gobsmacked! U rock girl! It’s all pure gold! Hoping for a million more to come!

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