1. Don’t be an asshole.

2. Don’t bash other authors on ANY part of my website. I will be furious with you if you do.

3. If gay fiction offends you– you should leave this site IMMEDIATELY.

4. Don’t waste your time leaving negative comments because they won’t be approved. This is my happy place and that means the only person who gets to show their ass here is ME. That may seem unfair and I feel for you if that upsets you– go get for your own happy place.

5. Please don’t leave me comments telling me why you WON’T be reading my work– no matter the reason. Really? Why would you waste your time with this?

6. Don’t lecture or preach at me. Apparently some people feel they should lecture me on my recent deviant writing habits. Seriously? Why do you think I care? I wrote it– so maybe I like to read it, I enjoy writing it, and maybe I let my husband spank me a little (a lot–shh).

7. If my grammar or typos drive you “BATTY” don’t read it. Seriously. Don’t torture yourself with my mistakes. I wouldn’t want you to suffer that way. Non-consensual beta is absolutely not appreciated.

8. Please don’t email me or make comments ORDERING me what to write. Seriously. If I’m not writing what you want to write — write your own damn stories.

9. Do not attempt to pick fights, insult, or otherwise abuse other readers who come to this site in my comment section or the chat room.

10. The chat room is often a free-for-all and a lot of porn is posted in it – links, images, and animated gifs a like. THAT being said, please use good common sense and if someone in the chat room asks you to stop posting something because it upsets them — be a good citizen and STOP.

11. And for fuck’s sake, DO NOT post pictures of golden showers, brown play (scat), bestiality, amputation fetishism, or rape culture.

SERIOUSLY. Don’t be a cunt.

– – – –

Aside– Every single rule on this page is a result of someone’s bad behavior.

Don't be an asshole!

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