Bleeding Love – Chapter Six

Content Warning: Please be aware that this chapter contains very adult language and explicit sexual content.
– – – –

Chapter Six



“Carson is reporting an increase in heart rate for both Ronon and Jennifer.”

“Yeah, well tell him the giant alien dot just located and secured the little human dot and we’ll be having a party as soon as this thing is consummated.” Sam sat back in her chair and looked over at Rodney. “I think you underestimate yourself.”


“You’re by the far the smartest man I’ve ever known – and before you ask no I’m dying and neither are you. You’ve saved this city from destruction countless times, made every attempt possible to get yourself killed so that others may live and though I’m going to regret this later you aren’t all that unattractive.” Sam leaned forward and rested one chin on her hand. “I mean, you know if I wasn’t already uber involved with He Who Shall Not Be Named—you would have totally been on my list years ago.”

Rodney grinned. “You’re doing Lord Voldemort? Kinky.”

– – – –

“Clothes. We’ve too many clothes on.” Jennifer clutched at his shoulders as his lips trailed across her jaw and down her neck. “Please, Ronon.”

“I—I don’t want to hurt you.” His hands fisted I her t-shirt. “Just give me a minute.”

Teeth scraped over her skin, clenched on her shoulder through the material of her shirt and a shudder slid down her back. Her sex rushed wet with need and a small moan escaped her mouth. Ronon urged her to drop her legs from his waist, then set her on the ground, and took a step back from her. She started to follow but when he pulled his shirt over his head, she immediately caught on and went for her boots.

By the time she’d tossed aside panties with no regard for finding them later his hands were on her again—the hard length of his cock pressed to her stomach as he sought her mouth again. A soft moan escapes her lips as he lowered them both to the ground, one large hand cupping the back of her head as she spreads out beneath him. In all the times they’ve been in this small heated moment that both ripped open and bleeding with the need to belong to the other, to mark, to claim – it had never been this intense, this desperate.

He wasn’t gentle, didn’t take his time – his tongue thrust into her mouth at the same time as he thrust deep into her body. She arched up off the ground, her hands falling from his back to clench into the loose soil underneath them, and when he released her mouth she screamed his name and begged for more. And he met her demand, driving the thick length of his cock into her again and again until she sobbed with relief as she came.

Ronon stilled – still achingly hard within her—and kissed her lips softly. “I love you. I don’t know how I haven’t said it before this night. I wasn’t waiting for this; didn’t expect it because I never told you.”

Her breath hitched and a shiver ran down the length of her back when he shifted his weight on her. “More.”

“Oh yes, much more.” He rolled them over until she was on top, and helped her sit up. Her eyes widened as she sank down on the full length of him. Her breaths came in short gasps as he took both of her hands—threading their fingers together. “Ride me.”

Jennifer trembled at his command and let her head fall back. Her hair slid down the heated skin of her back and she tightened her fingers in his hands for balance. The she started to move, taking him deep inside – the drag and pull of his flesh inside her was excruciatingly beautiful and her breath caught with each up and down motion. She tucked her feet under his thighs for better leverage and worked herself on his cock until he started to thrust up against her.

It was too much, and she arched, screaming, her nails digging into his hands as she came and forced his release with one violent plunge. She collapsed on his chest, breathing hard – tears streaming down her face. “I love you.”

Ronon ran both hands down her back. Touched his radio, by some miracle still in his ear, with a shaking hand. “John, why don’t you and Cadman get the Jumper?”

– – – –

“Keep up, Lt.”

Laura stumbled after John, her knees shaking and her eyes wide with shock. She’d expected it – damn it—the woman, Mila, hadn’t pulled her punches about how primal the end of the hunt would be and she knew enough about Jennifer and her sex life with Ronon to know that it was going to be passionate but she didn’t expect to be so addled that her body barely functioned.

“Sir!” John Sheppard turned abruptly on his heel and leveled those beautiful hazel eyes at her. They were hard with something she’d never seen before and her heart started racing. “Are you all right?”

“We just watched our best friends…” John waved his hand out there. “Jesus. Fucking. Christ.”

“I know.” Laura swallowed hard. “It was the hottest thing ever.”

John stopped waving his hand and met her gaze, his face showing shock and then he nodded. “Yeah. It really was.”

“It’s an honor.” Laura blurted out as he started to walk away again.

“What?” John asked softly.

“It’s the like the most profound honor that can be bestowed on a person in Sadetian culture. The role of Hunter’s Keeper is often reserved for a brother or in the absence of a blood sibling—a man he considers to be his brother. That he shared this with you—that they shared this with us—it’s an honor.” Laura sucked in a deep breath. “We just have to remember that. They’ve shared something intimate… the most vital part of this ritual… with the two of us. Nothing that comes after this will mean as much to either of them. Not even the promising ceremony which is really more families and friends than for the two of them. They just made the only promises they ever need to make to each other.”

John nodded, frowned at her, and walked off towards the Jumper. “You must have driven Rodney batshit insane when you two were sharing his head… you’re the only person I can think of that could probably out talk him.”

“I resent that, Sir.”

“Yeah, well, suck it up Cadman and help me figure out where I parked.”

– – – –

She barely remembered the trip back to Atlantis, but she did recall that he carried her from the Jumper bay to his quarters. They lay still dressed in all the clothes they could find when in the woods on the bed, silent and it wasn’t uncomfortable. She knew he wasn’t retreating behind it, wasn’t trying to hide – he was just as shaken as she was.

“John says we have two hours to appear in the hall – or they’ll have to come pry us out of here.”

Jennifer laughed softly. “I should go back to my quarters actually—I have something special I want to wear for the final part.” She lifted up slightly and touched his face as he settled deeper in the bed. “The first time I saw you, you broke my heart.”

“What?” He frowned and grabbed her hand. “Jennifer.”

“No, just listen,” she whispered and leaned down and brushed her lips over his gently. “Carson was giving me a tour of the city – I was so excited and freaked out and ready to throw up just being here. The trip here alone had been the most overwhelming experience of my life. I went from just a regular person to knowing about space ships and expeditions in other galaxies in the a matter of weeks and then I was on one of those freaking space ships. On there way here they mentioned stuff like Replicators, the Ori, and the Go’ould who apparently my planet has been fighting off for like ten years. Then, they tell me about the city and the Ancients and the Wraith. Then they told me about the people the Ancients left behind to deal with the monsters they couldn’t defeat.”

She shuddered. “I met Teyla—and I was amazed by her strength and her grace. She was the second alien I’d ever met.”

“So, you met Teal’c before you left Earth?”

“Yes. He escorted me through the SGC shortly before I was taken on board the ship to travel here. So, I thought okay—the tour is going on and Carson is so proud and so pleased to show me the city and telling me that I’ll have a home here that I’ll make friends…” Her voice cracked a little. “That I’ll be a part of the family that the people on Atlantis had built. Then we walking past the gym and he let me peek in to see the Marines training. And he told me about you, about how the two of you met…. about your people and the years that you ran and I felt shattered on the inside. So, I never backed away when it came to treating you, I never let you scare me off even when you made shake with the fear you intentionally inspired.” She leaned down kissed him again, tears lingering on her eye lashes. “And the first time you smiled at me—it was like a new day and I felt as if I’d won some great big battle between you and I. Not a day goes by that I don’t remember that.”

– – – –

“So.” John fumed in the nice shirt and slacks he’d been bullied into. The entire base had taken this as an opportunity to play “dress up” of a sort. They didn’t have much in the way of that but they’d all managed to make due which made him smile—because it spoke to something that every woman in the expedition had packed a slinky dress “just in case” and they were all wearing them. “How’d things go on your end?”

Rodney shrugged. “I did most of my job up front but it was interesting to watch Ronon do his thing if only in abstract. He’s got a very logical mind and he’s… very fast when he has purpose. And you?”

John cleared his throat. “It was pretty hard keeping up with him. I think if we sent Ronon to train on Earth that he’d end up firing all of the Drill Masters and doing the training himself as for the rest of it… well it was a private thing.”

“Yeah.” Rodney cleared his throat. “Yeah. Holy shit, look at Laura.”

John’s gaze jerked to the door way whether he wanted it to or not and he groaned a little. Was it some rule that red heads had to wear small silky black dresses and look like sex, chocolate cake, strawberries, and heaven all at the same time? Then, as if his evening could not get worse, she started to move toward him. Every step she took sent that dress shimmering over things (like fantastic breasts and hips) he wasn’t entirely positive God gave her… it wasn’t fair to other women he was sure. Her red hair was pinned up in a very un-Marine/party sort of way and her blue eyes are bright with amusement when she reached them.

“Jen’s almost ready and Ronon is outside the hall pacing a hole in the floor. They’ll be in together in a few minutes. Then we have to present them to the Mistress of the Hunt and…”

“We have to certify they consummated their…” John swallowed hard. “And then what?”

“We’re done at least until Caldwell returns and we can talk him into doing the Earth version of this whole thing.”

“Really?” John asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Yes, Ronon asked me about it. It was very sweet. I doubt I’ll ever be afraid of him again; he’s pretty much ruined that whole alien barbarian thing for me.”

She crossed her arms over her chest and John momentarily forgot to breathe. He was in so much trouble. “Yeah, well I have faith he’ll restore your faith in his alienness in all due time.”



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