In the Dark – Redux (Rated R)

Author’s Note

About the story: This is a vignette sequel to my first Ronon/Jennifer centric fanfic titled “In the Dark”.

Spoilers: All of Season 4 – Season 5 (from what I’ve read on Gateworld- I speculated a little).

Content Warning: Rate R for adult language, explicit sex


Jennifer took a deep breath as Ronon lowered her and then set her on the feet at the foot of his bed. It was a big bed, one that she’d spent more than one night in—by herself. Over the last few weeks she’d fantasized about him coming home early and catching her but she’d always hurried out of his room before he returned afraid of the reception she might have gotten.

“You’ve changed your mind?” He asked softly, his hand trailing down one bare arm.

Change her mind? Hell no, she’d shaved for this. She’d shaved everything for this and she was definitely getting some. “No, I haven’t changed my mind.”

“I’m not a gentle man.”

“I know you won’t hurt me.” She gasped a little as he turned her and pulled flush against his chest, the buttons of his shirt scraping the sensitive skin of her back.

“There are all kinds of pain, little one, some you might find you like.” His teeth grazed her shoulder. “I’ve wanted this for a long time. Thought about it, dreamt about it, fantasized about it with my hand wrapped around my cock. I can’t even tell you how many dreams I’ve had where I woke up wet with sweat and cum.”

She shuddered and took a deep breath as he pushed her dress off her shoulders. “I wore out the only vibrator I brought from Earth – so you haven’t suffered alone.”

“Vibrator?” he asks as he prods the dress and it pools at her feet, leaving her standing there in a pair or barely there panties and platform sandals.

“It’s a sex toy, it helps a woman achieve…” She groaned when his big hands swept up her rib cage and cupped both of her breasts. “It’s a pleasure device.”

“And you wore it out?” His lips grazed across the top of her shoulder as his thumbs rubbed over her nipples.

“Well, a girl has needs.” Jennifer arched in his hands as his fingers clamped down on her nipples. “Oh, that hurts a little.”

“Do you want me to stop?” Ronon asks, his voice silky with amusement.

“Hell no, don’t you dare.”

“I’m doing everything I can to be gentle with you.” His teeth caught her earlobe. “But I don’t know how much I can take…” One hand slid down the flat plain of her stomach and delved without pause into her panties. His thick fingers slid over her bare sex and he paused. “Earth women don’t have hair here?”

“Some do. I keep my shaved or waxed off.” She shuddered as one finger slid between the lips of her sex and brushed over her clit.

“That’s very…” He cleared his throat. “That’s really fucking hot.”

“You learned how to use fuck I take it.” Jennifer forced her knees to lock so she didn’t tumble to the floor.

“The Marines are a foul mouthed lot. I’ve learned a lot from them recently – once I expressed an interest in learning such language—I was…” He laughed softly. “Not short on teachers.”

“I bet.” She shuddered. “Can we stop talking about Marines? I mean unless you’re going to invite one here to fuck me, too.”

He pushed downward roughly and slid two fingers deep into her clenching channel. His whole hand covered her sex as he started to fuck her with his fingers. “All of this is mine and your dirty mouth is not going to help your cause.”

Jennifer gasped softly her body sagging against his. “If you want me to pretend to be a demure lady during this… just let me know.”

“We can play such games later.” He knelt behind her, took off her shoes, and jerked her panties down in silence. “Get on the bed and spread your legs for me.”

“Oh my God,” Jennifer murmured, but immediately did as he instructed.

She forced herself to relax on his bed and watched him through half-closed eyes as he divested himself of his clothes. Inch after inch of dark, sleek muscle was revealed to her and when he finally got rid of his pants and shoes – she got a little worried. She’d seen the man naked – more than once during injury but he wasn’t injured and he was most certainly prepared for their current mission. Ronon Dex was beautiful even with the thin scars that lined is body—marking him for the warrior he was. His cock jutted thick and large from his body.

He slid onto the bed and knelt between her spread legs. Carefully he encircled one ankle with nimble fingers. “You’re very smooth, soft.”

Explaining hair removal was by no means sexy so she just smiled and for the time being would let him think that her legs were that way naturally. He grabbed her other ankle and spread her wide so that he could see all of her. She wasn’t embarrassed and that surprised her, but perhaps because the look on his face and the light in his amazing green eyes already told her how beautiful he found her to be.

“How long?” She asks softly.

“There was a woman while I was running… it was a foolish mistake…” Ronon took a deep breath. “So about six years.”

Jennifer swallowed. “I hope I’m worth the wait.”

Ronon leans over her, places a soft kiss on her belly, and the drifts up to rub his lips over her nipples. “Yes, already. I love your softness, the way you taste and smell, and move.” He sucked one rigid nipple into his mouth and worked it with his teeth and tongue until she arched under him and called out his name then he released her flesh with soft popping sound. “You’re everything I want.”

He lowered his head, pressed an open mouthed kiss on her sex and the delved between her lips to taste.

“Oh God.”

His tongue flicked over her clit and both hands slid down her legs to clamp on her ankles, keeping her firmly in the position he’d arranged.

“Oh God.” Her fingers curled into his short hair and she shuddered against the assault of his mouth. She barely found purchase on his head and had never missed his dreads more. When he’d cut them off she’d been disappointed but also oddly attracted to the change. Now, she’d like to have them back just so she could yank on them. Instantly the memory of him coming back through the gate after his Wraith capture filled her and she stiffened beneath him.

“Jennifer?” He released her immediately and slid upward so he could see her eyes. “What’s wrong, little one?”

She touched his face. “I was so afraid that I’d never see you again; that we’d never have the chance to be together like this.”

He brushed his lips over hers and let some of his weight rest on her. “I’m here and I’m always going to come back for you. Always.” He kisses her again, their mouths melding in a series of heated kisses. Then he lifted his head away. “Now, if I’m to ravish you properly… you must not interrupt my concentration.”

Jennifer laughed. “I’m to be ravished? Oh God, Ronon!” She arched up off the bed as the hand he’d slid between their bodies cupped her sex and he slid a single finger into her.

“For a woman who is not very religious you talk to your god a lot,” he whispered softly in her ear. “But I love my name on your lips, woman, say it again.”

“Ronon.” His name fell from her lips in a rush of sound and emotion.

He pushed in another finger. “I don’t know how much longer I can wait.” With a shudder, he buried his face in the side of her neck. “You’re tight. You’ve had a man before right?”

“One a long time ago.” She shuddered when his fingers pushed deeper. “What are you doing?”

“Stretching and preparing you so that I don’t hurt you.” He slid his fingers in and out in a gentle motion until her body rocked against his hand with each thrust. Ronon slid his thumb upward with each thrust of his fingers and it connected with her clit – brushing over it firmly with each pass. “I want you to come for me this way; it will ease the way.”

Jennifer pushed down against his hand and moaned. He was driving her crazy—between the play of his hand and the softly spoken words she was a quivering mass of want and needy desperation. “Please. Please.”

“Now. Come now.” He growled in her ear and she did, her body rushed wet against his fingers and she arched up off the bed in a startled scream.

Ronon covered her and while she still shook with orgasm, pushed deep into her body. Though it was like a knife in his gut to remain still, he did not move for one long minute—letting her adjust to his size and what little weight he put on her. Then her legs snaked around him and she lifted upward.

“Fuck me.” Her demand was soft, a hoarse whisper in the otherwise silent room.

His hands found hers in the tangle of sheets and then he started to move. She groaned against each heavy thrust of his body, and breathlessly demanded more until the steady slap of his skin against hers was as natural as either of them breathing.

“Harder.” She clenched her teeth on his shoulder. “Harder, damn it.”

Ronon released her hands, ruthlessly pulled his cock free from her body and turned her over on her stomach before she had time to complain. Silently, he shoved a pillow under her hips, tilted her hips so he had an excellent view of her pretty ass, pushed back into the lush wet heat she so willingly offered him, and gave her exactly what she demanded.

He gripped her hips, heedless of the bruises he was leaving, and powered into her with as much force as he figured she could take. All the while she pressed back against him, her back bowed, a litany of praise and demands falling from her beautiful lips.

“You’re perfect.” He let his head fall back and he took a deep breath – already he was too close to orgasm. It had been too long since he’d known any pleasure like this. Too long.

He slid one hand beneath her, found her clit with nimble fingers, and played with it as his thrusts deepened and slowed. “Come, little one, come all over me.”

She clenched down on him and screamed his name. The walls of her sex clenched on him and he came with a deep shudder of relief.

Jennifer stepped into the shower stall and glanced back only briefly when Ronon slid in behind her. He was a sex god; there was no other explanation. He’d probably been worshipped on his home world and was just too humble to admit it now. She laughed softly at herself and gasped when he pulled her close, her back against his chest.

He kissed one shoulder. “I wasn’t too rough?”

She smiled. “No, not at all. I loved every minute of it.” She turned around in his arms and looked him in the eye. “I’m already starting to feel it; but hey every time I try to sit tomorrow I’m going to think of you and this.”

He rubbed his lips across hers. “Would it be barbaric for me to admit that I sort of like knowing that?”

“Yes.” She nodded. “But I’m very okay with that.”

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  1. So i was in the mood for a good Keira!fic while waiting for your next update, but i’ve read everything you’ve written at least twice so i decided to read this. I can’t believe i never read this before… I prefer slash(although i am a straight female, go figure), but i have loved everything you’ve written, so its a mystery why i never gave this a shot until now.

    I love Ronon, he is such an interesting character and i have a soft spot for any character played by Jewel Staite, Kaylee in Firefly and Jennifer Keller especially, they’re real shiny! I never could really could get into the whole Rodney/Jennifer storyline as i think they both were perfect for John and Ronon respectively, so you putting Ronon and Jennifer together is just awesome. I like how opposite they are … he’s practically a walking mountain, rough, unrefined, animalistic and she’s basically Dr. Barbie. But it works for them, the whole opposites attract thing and you’ve really highlighted that at least in my mind. I throughly enjoyed this and now i am eager to move on to the next story in this series;-)

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