Where Ever You Go – Chapter Two

Chapter Two

Ronon swung his recently acquired pulse rifle over his shoulder as he walked through the gate, leaving a few unconscious bodies in his wake and not really giving a shit. John, Rodney, and Teyla were in the gate room waiting on him. His gaze darted up but Jennifer wasn’t where he expected her to be. The gate disengaged behind him and his gaze moved from one person to the next – everyone of them wearing an expression of hurt and dread. Then his gaze jerked back to the spot that Jennifer was always in when he comes home and she’s actually in the city.

Sam Carter slipped passed John walked to him, it was unexpected as he was pretty sure that she had no idea of his relationship with Jennifer—but perhaps considering all of their faces and how they were looking at him—he hadn’t been fooling anyone.

“She’s in the infirmary, and currently sedated but she’s not mortally wounded.”

“What happened?” The words rushed out and a hard ache gathered in his gut.

“We don’t know. She didn’t report for duty this morning and after a very thorough search—Zelenka realized there was a life sign in your quarters. It’s good that we found her because she was in fairly bad shape emotionally. She’s very bruised up and but nothing is broken and she has no internal bleeding.” Sam cleared her throat. “But it’s obvious she took a pretty bad beating. Mostly body blows.”

The rifle slipped out of his hand and landed on the ground in front of him. “Do you know who?”

“No, but I am searching.” Sam dug her fingers into his arm. “You’ll let me handle this.”

Ronon turned to her and everyone in their immediate vicinity took a hard breath. Ronon leaned down and he whispered, “He’s a dead man.” Then he stepped back, the look in her eyes was resigned but not the anger he expected. “I trust you’ll handle this situation, Colonel Carter, for now. I’d like to go see her.”


John Sheppard walked beside him. “We have a very good justice system, Ronon. Trust me, whoever this man is—he’ll be properly punished.”

Ronon said nothing, but did look at John briefly before going into the infirmary.

“Don’t fool yourself, John.” Teyla stopped John as they came to the doorway of the infirmary. “You and I both know who ever is responsible for this will never leave this city alive if Ronon finds him first.”

John nodded grimly. “And how do I protect him from that?”

“I don’t know.”

“More importantly… how do I stop myself from helping him?” John demanded through clenched teeth. He walked fully into the infirmary and found his friend sitting in a chair beside Jennifer Keller’s very still form.


Dr. Carson Beckett looked up from his chart. “I have her sedated because every time she wakes up—she screams for him and won’t stop. The poor lass.”

John didn’t miss the way Ronon flinched. He knew it would eat at him that he hadn’t been there for her. “Carter said she was physically stable?”

“Yes, but an emotional wreck. We haven’t even been able to ask her questions.” Dr. Beckett looked towards the door and sighed. “Dr. Zelenka, I promised I would let you know if her condition changed.”

The slight Czech scientist frowned at Carson but nodded.

“Radek.” Ronon lifted his head and turned to look at him. “Thank you.”

Radek nodded. “You’ll make this man pay.”


“Good. Let me know if you need help… I’ve much experience in disappearing bodies,” Zelenka muttered darkly as he turned and disappeared from the doorway.

John glanced towards Teyla who only shrugged. “You know, Kavanagh used to say that Radek used worked for the KGB.”

“What’s that?”

“An organization that used exist on Earth sort of like the Genii only meaner and better at it.”

“When will she wake up?” Ronon asked clutching one of her small hands in two of his.

“An hour, maybe a little less.”

“Did this attack take place in my quarters or some where else?”

“The general consensus is that she took refuge in your quarters to hide…” Carson paused at the foul language that poured out of Ronon’s mouth. “Easy lad.”

“Where the fuck was security?” Ronon pinned John with a gaze. “You’ll find that out?”


“Beckett, does she need any of this crap?” He motioned towards the IV.

“Why lad?”

“Because she’s had her privacy ripped to shreds and if she wakes up screaming again—I think she deserves to do it without half the fucking city able to hear it.” Ronon stood. “Get it out of her if she doesn’t need it. If she needs it, it comes with me.”

“Aye.” Beckett made quick work of removing the IV bag and bandaging the injection site. “Your quarters then?”

“Yes.” Ronon swept her from the bed covers and all. “Only you, Beckett.”

Sergeant Stackhouse who had remained silent by the door moved to follow him.

“I don’t need you,” Ronon growled.

“My orders…” Stackhouse stopped when Ronon glared at him. “I’m sorry. Fuck. I need to do this. I wasn’t there when she needed me, either. None of us were. We’ve obviously got a security problem – and you know you can trust me.”

Ronon stared at him for a long minute and then flicked his gaze to John. “Get me what I need and don’t talk me about rules because you know it’s beyond that.”

John watched Ronon stride from the infirmary, and nodded briefly at Stackhouse. “Go with him. If he leaves his quarters, I expect you to inform me. Eventually.”



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  1. John watched Ronon stride from the infirmary, and nodded briefly at Stackhouse. “Go with him. If he leaves his quarters, I expect you to inform me. Eventually.”

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