House of Cards – Chapter Five

Author’s Note: This is basically porn with a few important plot points thrown in. Enjoy.
Chapter Five
Laura dropped her hair brush into her duffle bag as she exited the bathroom and glanced towards John who was undressing with the kind of efficiency she knew him for. His gun one of the nightstands next to the queen size bed they were going to be sharing. It would mark the first night they’d actually spent together and really only the seventh time they’d even had sex. Opportunities hadn’t been plentiful since they began their own private dance and he’d never risked spending the night with her. In fact they’d only managed to fuck in an actual bed twice.

She sat down on the opposite side of the bed from him and checked her own gun before slipping under the covers. “So, you think they’ll keep us all night?”

John laughed. “They are on the opposite side of the suite and the walls are pretty thick. If we were going to hear them; we would have by now.” He rolled to his side beside her and met her gaze, his own expression serious. “I know I have a reputation…”

“Hey.” She frowned and put two fingers to his lips. “The men talk on Atlantis about how much play you get but the women know the truth. You might get laid off world a lot; but as far as I can tell you pretty much left the women on the city alone.”

“I can’t afford to have a perceived favorite.”

Laura laughed out right. “Everyone knows that Rodney is your favorite.”

“Well, everyone would be wrong.” He glanced her over. “Because you’re my favorite; you have been pretty much from the beginning – Rodney is a close second. So you can pretty much imagine how fucked up I was the entire time the two of you shared his head.” He sighed. “And for the record—not so much off world. I’m pretty picky about my body and I do prefer the women I hook up with to bath regularly. A lot of the cultures we encounter are pretty primitive on that front.”

Laura bit down on her bottom lip to keep from laughing again. “I see.”

“Seriously, a lot of pre-industrial cultures don’t have indoor plumbing… and…” He sighed. “You’re laughing at me.”

“I am not,” she promised, her eyes bright with amusement. “It’s just so… charming actually.” She slid over to him and slipped astride him. “So, lovers share things?”

“Yeah.” He relaxed on the bed and ran his hand over her thighs. “And you’re a stingy wench.”

“Is that what we are? Lovers?” She ran on finger down the center of his t-shirt covered chest. “Not fuck buddies? Friends with benefits?”

“I’m way too tangled up in you for it to be ‘fuck buddies’.” He sat up as he inched hands her t-shirt. “Friends… I’d love for you to consider me a friend as long as the benefit is that I get to be your man.”

She shivered a little as his ran his big hands up her shirt and over her back. “You’re killing my brain. I’ll never get my PhD at this rate.”

John rubbed his face against her t-shirt. “You smell like Atlantis… home.”

“So do you,” she admitted.

He lifted away slightly. “You’re working on your PhD?”

Laura laughed. “Yeah, for the past three years. I’m actually in the dissertation stage and Radek Zelenka is acting as my advisor. It was some work to get that approved; but Colonel Carter helped with that while she was leading the expedition.”

“In what?” John leaned back on his hands and stared at her.

“Mechanical Engineering.” Laura tilted her head. “Are you upset?”

John shook his head. “No. I’m just pissed off at myself for not knowing this about you. It’s in your file right?”

“Yeah, I had to get approval from the SGC to do it. It’s one reason why I rotated out of Atlantis for six months last year – to finish up some course work that I couldn’t do on my own.” She ran her fingers along his jaw. “There are five or six soldiers on the base in the same situation as me… desperately intrigued by Atlantis and what the scientists do and they find themselves pursuing courses and hounding scientists for information. I have a natural gene, John, Atlantis is like an engineer’s wet dream and she speaks to me in such a way that I can barely stand it sometimes.”

“When you finish your dissertation?”

“I’ll have to return to Earth to go into committee and defend it and I’ll come back with a few letters behind my name.”

“And you will come back to Atlantis?”

“I’ll come back to you and Atlantis,” she responded softly. “Is there any reason we aren’t having hot sex right now? I was promised hot sex tonight.”

“Oh yeah? When did I promise you hot sex?”

“When you were nibbling all over me in a bar. I remember it. I remember a hard cock against my leg and tongue and teeth – that’s a promise of hot sex if I’ve ever heard one.” She pulled off her t-shirt and sat back on his thighs glad in a pair of lacy black panties. “If you’re going to be my man you’re going to have to learn my sex signals.”

John swallowed hard, his gaze drifting over her hard-tipped breasts, the dog tags that nestled on a long chain between them, to the barely there panties that stretched over her slim hips and didn’t even hide the Marine Corp tattoo on her left hip. His mouth went a little dry and he cleared his throat. “Happy Birthday to me.”

She laughed and then gasped when he rolled them over and slid on top of her. “Hey, I liked being on top.”

“You can be on top later,” he promised. “You can sit on anything I have… my mouth, my cock… anything you want.” He fisted her dog tags in one hand, pulled the chain over her head, and tossed them on the floor in the direction she’d tossed her t-shirt. Then removed his t-shirt and tags with the same quick moves. “Just you and me tonight…” John murmured against her lips as he settled his weight on top of her. “No distractions, no reminders.”

“John.” She shuddered as he slid downward and sucked one rigid nipple into his mouth. “God, you’re mouth is pure sin.”

He released her nipple with a laugh and moved lower, hooking his fingers into her panties as he went. John pulled them off and threw them over one shoulder and then jerked to a stop. “Jesus Christ, Laura, you’re trying to kill me?” He ran fingers over the smooth flesh of her sex. “You…” She’d waxed, he thought. It was the only solution to all the smooth, wet flesh he had before him. “When?”

“Just before we left Atlantis.”

“Thank God I didn’t know last night—I never would have slept across the hall from you.” He placed a soft kiss against her labia and shuddered when she lifted her hips up of the bed. “Spread your legs wide for me.” John lowered himself to bed, stomach against the mattress and used two fingers to spread the lips of her pussy open for his tongue.

He groaned at the taste of her and her fingers clutched against the back of his head as she arched into his mouth. He dipped his tongue into her already clenching entrance and the slid up to suck her clit. John urged one leg onto his shoulder, and pushed one finger deep into her. She screamed a little, her voice hoarse already and jerked against his hold.

“In me.” She gasped and pulled out his hair. “I want to come with you in me.”

John lifted away from her and slipped out of his boxers with shaking hands. The woman was hell on his control and as if she understood, she pulled him back down to her, wrapping one hand around his cock and guided him into her body without another word. They both shuddered as he slid in to the hilt, their mouths barely an inch part, gazes locked.

“Fuck,” he whispered as he started to thrust into her. “Wrap your legs around me and hold on.”

Her fingers ran down the center of his spine as she did as he demanded, her short nails scraping against his skin with each move he made.


“Always more,” John groaned. “Always, I’ll never get enough of you.” He lowered his forehead to hers and took a deep breath. “It’s too good.”

“I know.” Laura tightened around him. “I know.”

“Come for me, baby.” He pushed one hand between them and caught her clit between nimble fingers. “Come now.”

She screamed his name and fell to pieces beneath him.

* * * *

Jennifer jerked a little, her gaze flicking to the door to their bedroom. “Wow.”

Ronon laughed softly. “I wonder if they heard us?”

“Hell, I think the people on the top three floors just heard that.” She moved close to him and slid one leg between his. “What are we going to do about them when things fall apart?”

“O’Neill said he’d protect them if it gets out.”

“You know if it becomes common knowledge it’ll tear them apart. She’s not Air Force; so Jack might have a problem keeping the Marine Corp off her back at least long term. They’ll probably find someway to remove her from Atlantis quietly if it gets out and then they’ll both be broken.” Jennifer sighed. “Sometimes I think it would be nice if John just flew Atlantis off that planet and picked a new one – away from Earth – where they can’t find us and make demands on us.”

“You’re probably not the only one to think that.” He brushed large, blunt fingers through her hair and paused only briefly when she moved lower, her mouth drifting over the tight muscled flesh of his stomach and then lower. “I don’t think…” He sucked in a breath when her tongue flicked over the head of his cock. “Fuck.”

She moved fully between his legs. “You taste like me, you—us.”

Ronon lifted his hips and groaned at the helplessness that washed over him as she took him in hand and mouth. He hardened under her attention with all speed. Jennifer was the only woman who’d ever sucked him… and she did it with the kind of skill he didn’t like to think about too much. Her delicate fingers traced over his balls and slipped beneath them as she took him deep into her mouth. She pressed against the firm ridge of flesh she had introduced him to shortly after they became lovers and he had to push back the urge to come. It was what she wanted—she wanted him shaking and moaning beneath her—and he would give in to it eventually. He never denied her anything.

He fisted his hand in her hair and thrust into her mouth once and then again as she groaned around his cock. “You’re the best fucking thing ever.”

Ronon groaned between clenched teeth and sucked in a deep breath when she slipped one delicate finger between the cheeks of his ass and right into him. It wasn’t the first time she’d done it—but he was never prepared for it and when she brushed against his prostate he came hard moaning her name and shaking.



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