Wild Card- Chapter Three

Wild Card- Chapter Three


“Do I talk in my sleep a lot?”

Rodney frowned and glanced briefly at Radek who was at his own computer. “What? No, I mean not that I’m aware of. Why?”

“Caldwell said I talked about you in my sleep.”

“Oh.” Rodney swallowed hard. “Fuck, that’s not good.”

“It’s not great that I might out myself in my sleep to someone that could hurt you or me, but he has no problems with it. Apparently, you’re so mission essential around here that you could turn a whole platoon into your personal harem and no one would say a word.” Lorne leaned against the counter. “Except me and then of course they’d put me in jail for killing a whole platoon of marines.”

“You don’t talk in your sleep normally,” Radek offered and then grinned when Rodney glared. “Well, we have slept together many times so I would know if he talked in his sleep.”

Evan laughed and grabbed Rodney’s arm when he tried to leave his stool. “He’s fucking with you, Rodney. Radek has been in the field with me a lot. You know I always put the scientist in my tent when I’m off world. I like to bring your people back whole and basically no-less idiotic than when you gave them to me.”

Rodney shot Radek a dirty look. “Asshole.”

Radek laughed. “Do not make it easy; I get bored with you fast at this rate.”

“So, how is the search coming?”

Rodney frowned. “No one reported a discrepancy so right now we’re cross referencing for weight and duplication. I’d bet money on a piece of equipment and that piece of equipment should be missing. It was just never reported.”

“So, someone is missing something, and they didn’t report it.”

“And then we find out who we’ll know who built the biggest bomb I’ve ever seen.”

* * * *

“We received a new data burst from the SGC.”

Lorne nodded, his gaze on the gateroom. He hated being in Woolsey’s office; hated it because somewhere deep in his mind it would always be Elizabeth Weir’s office. His stomach tightened at the thought of the woman they’d all lost. “Rodney has the message running through encryption.”

“I know most of you are gun shy on interrogation…”

“I wasn’t here.” Evan glanced briefly over his shoulder to look at Woolsey. “I don’t have a problem grilling every single person on this base to find out where that bomb came from. I’ll take a part the Daedalus, too. I’m not going to get weak on you, Richard. Just, seriously, no more petting ever.”

Richard relaxed. “Colonel Sheppard has a lot of faith in you.”

“I like to believe I’ve earned that,” Evan raised one eyebrow as he turned and leaned against the window seal. “There are thirty people on the Daedalus, not counting personnel transfers to and from Atlantis. Colonel Caldwell is compiling a list of people who have been on the ship since the bomb was suspected of being planted.”

Rodney came into the office and shut the door behind him. “Sheppard and the team are in Washington, DC. They met up with a woman within the FBI a few hours ago and got some intel on a few terrorist groups. They’ve made a few educated guesses and are going to do a recon mission tomorrow. I’ve sent the full report to both of your laptops, and I also upgraded the security on both of your work machines while I was at it.”

“What else did he say?”

“Cadman wrote the message because Sheppard is never that chatty. She included the research that she’d done, including an article by Dr. Jackson, and bragged about the Chinese food she had for dinner.” Rodney sighed. “I would love some Chinese food.”

“So Michael has been on Earth.”

“Maybe. Or he just sent someone to do his bidding. It’s a little disconcerting that we don’t know for sure… that we have nothing in place on Earth to prevent such a thing.” Rodney waved his free hand around. “Sensors, anti-cloaking technology. I’m going to send Sam a proposal for that.”

“The members of the IOA have never agreed on global defense measures. They don’t trust the SGC to launch that much tech into orbit.”

“Damn idiots,” Rodney muttered. “It’s time to declassify and tell everyone how truly fucked up the universe is and then the world will go crazy for a while—whoever survives that will be strong enough to found a planetary government we can all feel proud to be associated with.”

“Worldwide insurrection really isn’t an option, Doctor.” Woolsey frowned as he said it as if maybe he didn’t agree. “At any rate, I believe that declassification will happen within the next couple of years. That we’ve been able to elude the public for as long as we have is something of a miracle. Secrecy at an international level is just impossible to keep up indefinitely.”

Rodney nodded and then turned to look at Evan. “It’s about time for your check up with Dr. Biro.”

“It’ll hold.”

“No it won’t.” Rodney lifted his chin when Evan started to protest. “Caldwell has his hands full with the Daedalus and the next in the chain of command around here is Major Stackhouse. Stackhouse is a good soldier but you and I both know he’s far too blunt and a little too militant for the situation we have going on here. That means your ass needs to go down to the infirmary and make sure your progressing, as you should. The last thing we need is a relapse or another cardiac episode.”

He wanted to argue mostly because he was frustrated and wasn’t in the mood for Rodney to be right. Instead, he sent the scientist a practiced glare and left the office. Evan fumed all the way to the infirmary and answered Biro’s questions in a clipped tone until she told that his blood pressure was elevated which he knew was a direct result of his temper.

“It’s McKay’s fault. He pissed me off before I came down here.”

Biro laughed. “Well, yes, he does have that ability. The good news is that your heart is in excellent condition. There is no damage from the episode and your wound is healing very nicely. We’ll take the stitches out in a few days. I need to take some blood for lab work, and then you can be on your way.”

He finished with the infirmary and retreated to his office to review personnel records on the names that Rodney had already given. He knew all ten people fairly well including the doctor that had nearly gotten him killed. Simpson had been with the expedition since the beginning, and he didn’t know if that made her a more likely candidate or a less of one. What would drive one of their own to embrace the ideals of someone like Michael?

The door to his office opened and Rodney came in and sat down in the chair in front of the desk without a work. Evan closed the door, engaged the privacy locks with a thought, and watched Rodney in silence.

“So, I was probably a little rude with you.”

He laughed. “I was probably being a little stubborn and ridiculous.”

“Well, I’m … you know.”

“Yeah, me too.” He motioned towards the computer. “Got something?”

“I thought we could go over the names together. I don’t think Caldwell will be much help in this area, and I believe if we can get on the page things will move faster. Radek is with Richard and they are doing the same. We’ll meet in an hour to discuss conclusions.”

Evan sighed. “Okay.”

“First name…” Rodney wrinkled his nose. “Bates. He’s been back and forth from the SGC to Atlantis a couple of times and is completely xenophobic. I can’t picture him as a Wraith worshipper.”

“No, me either. He does have a limited background in explosives though.”

“He has an undergrad degree in criminal justice and his field experience is mostly C4 and other ready to go explosives. I don’t think he has the skill set to build a pipe bomb much less the one that was on the Daedalus.”

“Marcus Stackhouse.” Evan prompted.

“He’s an atheist,” Rodney muttered. “He’s been in the gate program for ten years… you hang around that long and see a multitude of aliens pretend to be gods, and it changes your perspective on religion as a whole. He was raised Catholic, has a degree in anthropology. He’s been with the expedition pretty much since Antarctica. He has the gene naturally.”

“How do you know he’s an atheist?”

“We have a club,” Rodney responded. “We meet every other Thursday in the rec room and make fun of the bible study class.”

Evan laughed. “Seriously.”

Rodney looked up from his tablet and swallowed. “During our first year, Stackhouse and I were stranded off world together for about a week. He was very injured and I was pretty sure he was going to die. We talked a lot and he told me he was raised Catholic. Near the end, when he’d pretty much given up, and I knew he wasn’t going to last much longer so I offered him last rights.” McKay flushed. “He refused and admitted that he’d turned his back on his faith during his first tour with the SGC. An hour later, Sheppard found us, and we were rescued.”

“You know the last rites?”

“I was raised Catholic myself. I figured I could wing it and really… it was just a way of trying to comfort a man I knew was dying.” Rodney’s gaze dropped back to the computer. “It’s not him.”

“No, I would agree.” Evan glanced at his laptop. “Lt. Ben Coleman.”

“Air Force, pilot, something of a smartass and a loud mouth. Bitches a lot about the food and he’s profoundly homophobic.”

“Oh yeah?” Lorne raised an eyebrow.

“Very. He’s an attractive young man and one of my engineers made a very subtle overture – I had to separate them in the hallway. I reported the incident to John and lectured my entire department about hitting on soldiers no matter their sexual orientation.”

“Is that why you never made a move on me?” Evan asked. “You though I might punch you in the face?”

Rodney snorted. “My best friend is your commanding officer; I didn’t figure you’d be stupid enough to hit me, but I did believe that it might make things uncomfortable between and I. We have to work together and if you weren’t gay it would have made our working relationship impossible.”

Evan frowned a little but refocused on his laptop. “He’s been off world fifteen times since he was assigned here. He mostly does gateroom security and city patrols. The last time he was off world was during the rescue mission when we got Teyla back. He’s rotated off the base twice since his original placement and requested to stay after his last review. He was actually up to return to Earth but Sheppard approved his request to stay.”

“Okay, short list.”

“He’s a little young and this operation is the work of a very mature mind.”

Rodney snorted. “I built a nuclear weapon in the sixth grade. A functional, sans uranium, nuclear weapon.”

“Yeah, but you’re the smartest man in two galaxies. This kid barely graduated the academy and has a BA in psychology.”

Rodney sighed. “I hope Radek and Richard have better luck with this.”



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