Wild Card- Chapter Five

Chapter Five

Evan carefully shifted and slid on top of his very surprised lover. “Say, I think you owe me ‘thank god I’m alive sex’.”

Rodney laughed. “It appears that I do.” He touched his face with hesitant fingers and then let his hands slide down to Evan’s shoulders, lingering on the place where he’d been stabbed only two weeks before. “How does this feel?”

“It’s fine.”

“Still, maybe I should be on top.”

“I can’t even argue with that,” Evan murmured and rolled them over without another word.

Rodney braced himself on his hands and shook his head. “I love you more than is reasonable, you know. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you—I’d probably fall to pieces.”

“No.” Evan rubbed his thumb over Rodney’s bottom lip with a sigh. “You’d keep on going, fight the good fight, find someone to love again, win the Nobel Prize and dedicate it to me, and you’d live. You’d live because that’s the only thing you can do once you’ve been someone’s everything.”

“Stackhouse has a big mouth.”

“Kusanagi actually. Did you know that woman has a photographic memory?”

“Yes, it’s what makes her so fantastic with programming. She never forgets a single line of code she has read or written.” McKay sat up and jerked his shirt over his head. “You know,” he started as he wiggled a little and pressed his ass against Evan’s erection. “I think I’m going do you just like this.”

“Oh yeah?” Evan asked amused. He stretched out, lifted his hips briefly, and licked his lips. “Then we should take off our clothes.”

“Good idea.” He slid off Lorne, shimmied out of his boxers with more determination than style, and ferreted the lube out of the nightstand while Evan did the same. “Sit up against the wall.”

Evan scooted up the bed and did as instructed with a raised eyebrow. He barely managed to keep his mouth shut when Rodney lay on his back in front of him and slid two slick fingers right into his ass. “Christ, Mer, that’s… so… I think I could come watching you do that.”

Rodney lifted off the bed slightly, his fingers far more pleasurable than he’d expected. He rarely prepared himself, as he much preferred to watch Evan do it for him. “You’d better not. I’ve got plans.”

“I can see that.” Evan swallowed hard and curled both hands into the sheets beneath him. If he even got near his cock, he was going to come and he knew it. He hissed in a breath as he watched a third finger slide easily into Rodney’s ass. “You’re fucking killing me.”

McKay laughed, pulled his fingers free, grabbed the lube, and crawled up between Evan’s legs. “You’re gorgeous you know.” He slicked Evan’s cock with shaking hands and move astride him. “Sometimes I can’t even…” He sucked in a breath as he lifted and impaled himself. “Gravity is an amazing thing.”

Evan shifted beneath him, his body tight with restraint and pleasure. “Yes, Christ.” He let his head rest against the wall and took in a deep breath. “We should just do this all day. Who needs more?”

“I don’t.” Rodney gripped his shoulders. “Just you. I just need you.”

“Yes.” Evan clamped his hands onto Rodney’s hips and shuddered through each downward press. “I’ll never get enough.”

“You won’t have to,” Rodney promised. “Not ever.”

– – – – –

Rodney curled his fingers around the railing as John came onto the balcony. They had returned from Midway only a few hours ago and Woolsey had put off the debriefing for a few days. They all needed time to recover from this latest foray into Michael-Land.

“Caldwell knows about you and Evan?”

Rodney nodded. “Yeah, and apparently the SGC has a no-touch order on me and whomever I happen to be fucking at any given time.”

John sighed. “So I was informed. I got an earful from Caldwell about minding my own business where you were concerned and the IOA is very interested in keeping us both happy out here. I think Evan is safe—at least as long as the two of you are in a relationship. I don’t know how much Caldwell or I could protect him if that were to change.”

“We were aware of the risks when we started and I won’t let anyone gather evidence against him.” Rodney looked out over the water and sighed. “Teyla?”

“She wants to stay with Carson while he treats the women and children left from the experiment. The IOA has agreed to let them both return to Atlantis when the Michael threat is eliminated.” John paused. “I never thanked you.”

Rodney stiffened. “What?”

“I never thanked you for giving up your whole life to save me. The other timeline stuff.”

“Well that wasn’t me. That was someone else.”

“You would have done it. You did do it.” John cleared his throat. “You know when I first met you—I wasn’t sure if I’d like you but now I think my world would be pretty empty and boring without you.”

“Yeah, I feel the same.”

“Evan thought you and I were hooking up when he first came to Atlantis.”

“If you weren’t the poster boy for straight America I would have been in your bed inside the first month of the expedition.”

John’s mouth dropped open and then he laughed. “Yeah?” He shook his head. “We’ve had some pretty intense moments—intense enough that if you’d been a woman I probably would have been in your bed pretty much the day I shot and killed Sumner.”

“So you and Cadman?”

“Yeah, Jesus, what a cluster fuck.” John rubbed his face and sighed. “I should leave her alone before I fuck up her career, I know that.”

“Life is short out here, John.” Rodney shrugged when Sheppard looked his way. “You’ve got a beautiful, intelligent woman looking at you with stars in her eyes and plans of fat green-eyed babies in her heart—don’t deny yourself that because of rules or because you think you don’t deserve it. There are ways we can work out.”


“I have seven scientists in my labs that are former military—three of which served here on Atlantis before they were so injured they couldn’t meet military standards anymore. Laura isn’t career military and she’s a brilliant academic. When she finishes her doctorate—I’ll find a place for her among my staff and then it won’t matter where she likes to sleep at night.”

“That simple?” John asked.

“Yeah, well, there is so much shit out here that isn’t simple—it would be nice to have a few easy things.”

“Okay.” John paused and then pursed his lips. “What the fuck are we going to do about Michael?”

“He wants Torren,” Rodney murmured. “Torren was the key to all of his plans and we took him from him. If we want Michael to come to us—if want to end this—we need to make him think that he can have him.”

“Set a trap.”

“A big elaborate one. We’ll have to involve the Athosians. We should talk to Halling. He tortured those people and I think they would be game for some payback.” Rodney’s hands curled into fists. “We need to take out everyone involved in Michael’s organization—here, on Earth, and everywhere in between.”

“You’ve got a plan.”

“I’m working on one.”

John chuckled. “Excellent. I can’t wait to hear it.”

“Will Woolsey agree to outright attack?”

“They tried to blow us up.” John shrugged. “Even Woolsey has his breaking point. I think he’s prepared to have a ‘come to Jesus’ meeting with Michael. Elizabeth would have never agreed and Sam would have been too honorable. But, Woolsey… is pragmatic and he likes results. If we can give him results—he’ll be all about building nuclear weapons on the east pier.” He turned to McKay. “That’s what you want, right? You want to blow him the fuck up?”

“He started it,” Rodney snapped.

John laughed. “Alright then, that’s my scientist.” He nudged Rodney with his shoulder. “Evan agreed to a time-share.”

“I’m totally not surprised by that.”

It was good, Rodney thought, to have all of their secrets out in the open. There was too much stupid shit going on in the universe for them to keep secrets from one another. He wasn’t going to let Michael fuck up his family and he wasn’t going to let Earth’s rules or politics fuck up his family either.

“We should get some food, Brain.”

“Yeah.” Rodney agreed. “That works, Pinky.”

They had a little time before they started trying to take over the galaxy.

The End

Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


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