Facebook and Cell Phones (updated)


So, Facebook changed their policies and require a cell phone for account verification. I think it’s bullshit but whatever. I don’t know if this will work but it’s worth a shot. If you want a Facebook account but don’t have a cell phone — check out this article on getting text messages online:



PS – A few minutes after I made this post, I made an account on Facebook with just a gmail account. I don’t know when, how, where or why the cell phone number thing comes into play. I’ve spent all the time I will on this issue, honestly.

I don’t care if you hate Facebook, can’t create an account, won’t make an account, or think it’s a social networking tool designed to infiltrate the world-wide consciousness on behalf of a ravenous alien horde who will be arrive May 5, 2015.


Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. I think a bigger issue for many is unwillingness to give those privacy-abusing jerks at FB access to a cell-‘phone #. (I sure don’t want them to have mine; I get enough marketing SPAM-texts as it is…) 🙁

    I think the number of people who use FB but loathe them is almost as high as for Comcast and Time-Warner cable users who despise those companies… 🙁

    • The only time Facebook texts me is when I ask for it and I’ve never gotten spam texts to be honest. Not a single one in 14 years. I’ve had the same cell phone number for at least that long and Facebook has it. Shrugs.

      But then I created an account about 30 minutes ago with just a GMAIL account.

  2. I have a FB account under my real name and am considering another under my pen name. You and Lady Holder gave me some great ideas, Keira. While I have a cell, I guess I’m just an old fart because what I have is a flip phone (need cheaper for my budget), doesn’t have a camera (restrictions required by employers) and I do not text because I hated getting SPAM text as well as really stupid texting from others. So, if FB is going to need to text me, they are SOL. I’ll never get it. Male siblings are pissed I don’t text, but tough shit. They need to tell me something, they can *call* me!

  3. I just kept ignoring the shit like some annoying fucker at a bar and eventually it stopped asking.

  4. Wow, something’s invading on Cinco de Mayo? I hope they bring tacos!

  5. I think they ask for the cell phone number for those that use cell phones to access Facebook like my sister – I’ve seen the pop-up appear at the top of the page sometimes asking for a cell number but I just click on the X in the corner and ignore it because I access Facebook through my computer and if Facebook wants to reach me it is through my email which it does daily as I have an option on that tells me when someone logs onto my account from wherever in the world ( which is kind of neat and it works cause I caught my son doing it and changed my password because of that) so to me the cell phone or home phone number is optional in your basic info – I think – been on Facebook since 2008

  6. I don’t have a cell phone … only a landline with the same number I’ve had for 30 yrs. Frankly I have no interest in getting one since I don’t need it.

  7. Out of curiosity, I tried to make a Facebook account with an Outlook address and it asked for a phone number. With Gmail, no phone number requested.

  8. Outlook, which grew out of Hotmail, was for a long time used to create spam accounts on Facebook – thus anyone with an Outlook/Hotmail account is asked for a cell phone number. The rest of us get hit randomly as they work through their database. It’s mostly dependent on two things – the name on the account (if it seems obviously fake, they ask for one as a way to verify a real person is behind the account) and the location. Most spammers and scammers don’t have cell phones or won’t give one. It’s a screening method for them.

  9. I thought that I would comment for anyone else trying to make a Facebook account just to get their EAD fix. After some trial and error I found that gmail will accept a new account without a phone number if you are working on a computer not a tablet/phone/mobile device. Facebook will accept a gmail address without a phone number.

  10. Hmm. The ravenous alien horde is arriving on my birthday…. I suppose I should stock up on chocolate. That’s an appropriate response, I would think.

  11. Ravenous Horde arrived on schedule. For murderous carnivores, surprisingly benevolent. Will update more, as situation progresses.

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