Dark Places in the Soul Series

This series centers around the people of Atlantis, their fight against the Wraith hybrid, Michael, and the love the manage to find for themselves and all the things that happen in between. The pairings are mostly HET with one slash pairing. This is heavy on romance/action series with lots of twisty plots and angst.

1) In the Dark (Ronon/Keller)
2) Where Ever You Go (Ronon/Keller)
3) Bleeding Love (Ronon/Keller & John/Laura)
4) Of Bombs and Men (Ronon/Keller & John/Laura)
5) House of Cards (Ronon/Keller, John/Laura, Daniel/Vala, Sam/Jack, Cameron/Carolyn Lam, McKay/Lorne)
6) Wild Card (McKay/Lorne)

Smut Chronicles (companion stories for Dark Places in the Soul series)
Relief Efforts (NC-17) Sheppard/Cadman pairing (best read after Bleeding Love)
Beautiful Arrogance (NC-17) McKay/Lorne Slash Pairing

Author’s Note

This series is as complete as it ever will be. I haven’t updated it or thought about it since 2008. That’s not going to change. I’m sorry if you want more but I’m just singularly uninspired by the idea and I would delete it from my website entirely if people didn’t like what was already there. I don’t want to take fic away from my readers.


  1. made of awesome! more please!

  2. Diva0789 (Michelle)

    if you ever get inspired to write another chapter of this i would devour it…and an actor line up would be appreciated ( of course, if the ‘verse is finished as far as your concerned that would be kinda pointless….)

  3. I just love this series. I have read it many times and it never grows stale. I just wish that you could continue/finish it as I just can’t get enough of them! You’ve sucked me into your world and I can’t get enough of it. Please continue with stargate atlantis writing even though they’ve screwed it up by cancelling it but with your stories may atlantis live forever more.

    Your writing just gets me so hot!!!!!

  4. I understand not wanting to continue this, but please don’t delete it! I’m sort of OCD about uncluttering my computer so i rarely download fics (no seriously, I delete necessary things all the time, including most recently my file of all my passwords-not good). So I really love when authors keep them online.

    Anyway I just discovered you in the way Columbus discovered America (you were always here and awesome, but I wasn’t aware of it until now) but I promise to… you know, not give you the plague… okay this metaphor stopped working. Anyway, I totally plan to read all your fics and comment on them once finals are over, or at least when I’m on break. In the meantime, thanks for not deleting them!

  5. I just want to upteenth every one who is saying please don’t take it down. I get the “I can’t possibly write anything else in this universe.” I’m just glad you wrote this at some time, because it is blazing hot, and I don’t usually go for het slash.

  6. thank for leaving the fic up! It’s always frustrating to learn an author you love has a fic you haven’t read yet, and can’t find.

  7. I just wanted to thank you again for leaving this all here for us. Still in love to this day

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