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  1. I love this fic so much I haven’t looked forward to reading something that I can get my teeth into and enjoy so much in a long time. I hope you have lots more chapters to add and if not lots more Ronan and Keller stories in you for the future

  2. Please finish this story. And write many more. This is the Dex/Keller story line I have been waiting for and as close to my own imaginings as I will probably get. Nice how you worked in the haircut even though the new season hasn’t started yet

  3. Laura (Momm2five)

    Holy crap . . .
    Yup, you got me. This pairing is believable!

  4. OMG!!!!! Not s pairing I would of come up with but Hot Damn it works.

  5. Hey

    that was really good. I never saw those two togther before (because i kinda don’t like Cadman) but they really work well together. This pairing really is believable.

  6. Damn! Very good! I would love to see more of those two!

  7. Wow! That was HOT!! I’m a die-hard John/Teyla ‘shipper but yeah, this was good! Maybe it’s just the thought of John *nekkid* that gets me! LOL!!

  8. Okay I am greedy and ready for more rescues, romance and babies between Keller and Ronon. You write very well and I am looking forward to the Shepherd/Cadman chronicles as well. What titles do you write in your real life job?

    I am a media relations associate (PR) and not a bad copy editor if you ever are looking for a beta.

    Any tips for someone that wants to write, has great stories in her head, and a hell of a time getting them out on paper or in this case the screen?

  9. Hey

    Ok i absolutly loved that. You were the one who made me see that Rodney & Evan could be a couple. Thank you. Please keep up the fantastic work.

    Violet44 xxxxx

  10. Wow yet another amazing continuation of the first few stories. I love the way you portray the Sheppard Cadman relationship and the cuteness of the lorne Macay relationship as well. Please keep writing

  11. I’ve been reading along for a while now. I just wanted to drop you a comment to say keep up the good work.

  12. OMG! You get better with each story. More please….

  13. WONDERFUL!!!! I love this universe and how the characters mesh so well with the canon episodes. I was sorry to see the story end.

  14. I adore possessive!John and that he finally gets to have Rodney for his very own… great first date — Mars! Sweet and hot!

  15. Julieann Wozniak

    Very cool AU. Hoping you’ll return to play in it often. Just love fearless Rodney and smart John.

  16. hey you have to finish this series is officialy my fave ronon and keller fic i cant belive how good you are at writing them just one thing though could you possibly email me and explain how keller knows gen oneil i never really understood but please continue writing I think your FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!

  17. Bloody brilliant lass, I’ve left little feedback of late about anything on WB because works been hectic and I’, back at uni for the summer session but this deserved to be noticed. It smacks as though John could be a good top..I just love a good D/s. Hope to see more of this universe. Love the site….have always wondered how sectioning areas off like this is done…it looks fab. hugs

  18. hey this id relly shaping up cant wait for te update

  19. Okay offically the hottesst thing i have ever read, that was great porn with plot points, great job with it. Please keep writing more. I love the fact that ever day I can come to this site and something new is posted, YAY

  20. OMG. How wonderful….. John admitting how much Rodney means to him… and the details are perfect… wear pattern on the boots, Vala intimidating the NID, Ronon learning to date, ::sniffle:: Keller working at the VA…..

    I certainly hope there’s more in this universe… we have to see who was behind Rodney’s kidnapping, if nothing else…. πŸ˜‰

  21. I love this – its a great AU – just close enough that all the characters fit so well but far enough to keep yo guessing and wonderin whats goin to appen next. Please write more!

  22. Lovely. Made my day (which is saying something)

  23. I am enjoying this very much. It’s great to see where a few small differences can take them all. You make it incredibly believable.

  24. I can not wait to see what happens in this universe. The characters are wonderful and the story is progressing in interresting ways. My fingers are crossed that they get to make Atlantis fly. Your take on O’Neil keeps making me laugh – thank you (I’ve missed liking him in other stories). Please keep writing.

  25. I enjoyed “I Walk the Line” just as much as I did the first story and am hoping for more in this ‘verse. A return to Atlantis would be really great. I agree with Lori. I loved Jack in this one. He made me laugh.

  26. Wow. This was very well written. I enjoyed the AU you created. Very nice.

  27. Oh, yeah, take an astrophysicist to Mars and tell him he’s the first human in recorded history to walk there–you’re getting lucky.

  28. Holy crap that was hot! I loved your John and your Rodney, still fundamentally the same as in canon but just amplified.

    McKay hacking the drone while John flew was almost as hot as the porny bits.

    Speaking of which, holy hotness! Yeah, that works for me. Loved this!

  29. uhmmmm..*drools* dominant and possessive John;you managed to hit the majority of my kinks*smirks* I really, really hope you’ll continue with this series..

  30. WOW!
    Brilliant. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    Well written, good pacing, sharp dialogue. SGA and SG1 people in it. A great AU.
    Cant wait for more of this.

  31. Interesting and fun AU. I love Jack in charge of the SGC, and John as his 2nd is inspired. The little changes you’ve done to histories fits with the world you’ve set up. Love John being extremely competent and good at his job. Slowly watching Rodney for a long time is very calculating, and romantic too. Enjoyed.

  32. Oh, that was lovely. Every single one of your characters is well-rounded, and has a purpose, and fits seamlessly into this wonderful universe. I would love to find out what happens with the two of them and Atlantis!

  33. This series is so gorgeous! I love that your characterizations are spot on. You even have me liking Sam/Jack, which *never* happens. Thank you so much for this wonderful universe. I really hope you continue the series.

  34. wow I totally loved this Im glad we saw action and I think jens charachter was great cant wait for the next chapter wow!!!

  35. This is fantastic. An exciting action-packed love story. I would love to read more. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  36. I’m really enjoying this series. You’ve spoiled me for other fanfiction… I just wait for each new chapter. You’ve turned me into a Cadman fan.

    Thanks for the well written piece.

  37. I love your writing style, so very much! I love Lorne in this, this is exactly how I think he would be. I can’t wait for more!

  38. I adore possessive John so much! I love this series!

  39. WOW thanks for the update it was great cant wait for the nxt one!!!

  40. John sighed. β€œWhy do Marines always get that? And I get Top Gun jokes?”

    Bwa-ha-ha-ha…. nice…. and nice update!!!

  41. Amazing … nothing more to say really! I am absolutely addicted to your fic especially this series!

    *scampers off to read the rest of your fic*

  42. SingingShooter

    wow amazing writing!

  43. Wow! This definitely goes on my favorite fic’s list. Awesome, hot and wonderful backstory that is totally plausible.

  44. This is a wonderful story arc. The subtle character development is phenomenal. Your ability to describe what is necessary and leave the rest to imagination makes reading your story like watching an episode in my mind’s eye.

    It is icing on an already sticky rich cake that the pairings (R/K, S/C, M/L, S/J, D/V) are my favorites. Please continue.

  45. It is a pleasant surprise to have a fic focused on M/L. Thank you for writing your stories with a good mix between action and character development. I am avidly awaiting more.

  46. wow I really like this fic and cant wait for more I love the fact that ronon is quite vocal and that mabye jen made him like that but watev keep writing!!

  47. This series is so great, fantastic, amazing, this is definitely going on my favorites list. I hope you’re going to write more in this universe.

  48. This is the third time I have reread this fic and the sequel. I absolutely love them both. John is great, and even more hot than in canon, and Rodney is more stable and less fragile. It it just great.

  49. I love these stories and can’t wait to read more

  50. Oh, please tell me there will be more in this ‘verse. It was very, very good.


  51. Really enjoyed this thoroughly and hope that a sequel is being considered!

  52. Oh Wow! Fabulous, absolutely fabulous! I would very much like to see more of this ‘vers.

  53. Wonderful story. This is a beautifully written universe. I hope you decide to write more for it. Thanks for sharing.

  54. This is awesome, I absolutely adore your stories. I hope that this not the end of this series.

  55. wow. wow and may i just say, wow. this was so wonderful, i totaly lost myself in the story. i agree, please let there be more!

  56. this is freakin’ fantastic!!!!!!I’m really left wanting for more so I can safely conclude you’ve done a damned good job of writing this!!*is impressed* I hope there will be more…also, I’m addicted to your other series,”Roads not taken”..any chance of a new installment soon??*gives you puppy eyes*

  57. Love this! I love all your Slash stories and this one doesn’t disappoint. “What Might Have Happened” remains my favorite series but this is a close challenge.

  58. Really enjoyed this, look forward to reading more

  59. Totally love this Like the others I really hope that there is more to this Verse Star

    More, please :D:D:D
    And more in the ‘What Might Have Been’ ‘verse

  61. This a amazing and fantastic and all those other good words. Been ages since I enjoyed a fic so much. I really hope you add more.

    You did surprise me with some of your pairings like Sam/Daniel and Lorne/Keller but you really made them work:)

  62. Wow, a wonderful story that I couldn’t stop reading till the end. I loved everything about this story, it kept me wondering what was going to happen until the end. The pairings were awesome and perfect for this story.

  63. A Wonderfully and brilliantly rendered tale. I hope to see more in this universe!

  64. Fantastic! I adore this world. I’d love to see more of this story. Thank you so much for posting this!

  65. This is what I’ve always wanted a SGA/SG1/TS crossover to be. Lots of detail, emotional depth, strong characters and giving us a plausible (yet totally different) start to the Rising.

  66. Ohmigosh, I loved this entire thing from beginning to end.

  67. I, like everyone else, totally enjoyed this story. I hope you decide to continue this universe.

  68. Wow! That was fantastic. Very well structured and very realistic. There are a few typos, nothing major. I really hope there’s more of this ‘verse.

  69. Wow, I am impressed. Now I have never seen the sentinal but I love your writin so i dicided to give this story a try and I was so impressed. All of the characters arebelievable in this world that you have created. Like the others that have reviewed this, I am begging for a squel or a continuation of this story. If there is one, then Netflix here I come to get old episodes of the sentinal

  70. *runs around the room squeeing with glee*


    I liked, btw. πŸ™‚

  71. Wonderful story! Stayed up far too late so I could finish it but it was so worth it. Would love to see more of this and “What Might Have Been.”

  72. wow. WOW. this blew me away. i love how you’ve interpreted the sentinel/guide bond, and that john and rodney were tailor made for each other. EEEE. i didn’t expect the cam/vala twist, that was cool. and it was awesome how rodney and his posse went to the council with all their righteous fury. also, john wants to go to all of vala’s parties from now on. whee! i also love how you’ve written the sam/daniel dynamic. kudos. the thought of jack being the sentinel/guide matchmaker tickled me pink. bless him.

    this was such an entertaining read, i feel like i need to light up a cigarrette, lol. thanks so much for sharing, and i hope you write more, in any universe. πŸ˜€

  73. this is a fascinating story. The characterizations are wonderful and strong. The pairings are interesting and different for me. Hope you don’t mind if I wish you might continue this saga. I am a writer and I do understand that many things can both cause a writer to continue a sage or completely cause them to stop and go on to other ideas crying for expression first. Either way, I did love this story. Thanks for posting it.

  74. Wonderful story. I really enjoyed your characters and would love to read more. Thank you.

  75. Terrific writing. I loved this. Hope you write more of this series.

  76. I really loved this fic. I do so hope you continue on with it.

  77. I loved every bit of this and hope to see more of this universe in the future. The world building was exceptionally well done. πŸ™‚

  78. Loved this story, the only, minor, tiny, really itty bitty flaw (at least to me) is that Jack wasn’t a Sentinel too. Please, please, consider it??? Lorne gained his abilites as an adult, maybe Jack would have too, except the tragidy of Charlie screwed him up? Jack, coming to Atlantis later and meeting his guide would be really cool.

    Anyway, great story and yours to tell the way you want, so however you intend for it to go will be fantastic.

    Also love your ‘What Might Have Been’ series and am looking forward to the next installment of that.

    Keep writing, you are a pleasure to read.

  79. I really enjoyed this story. It was great on its own, but I would love to see you revisit this AU again in the future. Thanks for a great read!

  80. MORE MORE MORE!!! This was freaking awesome! I have loved every single word and can’t wait for more. Bring it on..

  81. Hi there!

    I just want to say that I really loved reading the two stories in the “What Might Have Been”-universe! I have read them several times now!
    McKay and Sheppard are both very cool in your story, and have interesting characters here, as well as the OC. And its refreshing to read about a universe where everyboby is accepting the relationship (well, encouraging really) without it becoming too sweet and “sugared”, DonΒ΄t know if I make myself clear here, but..
    I wait and hope for more stories soon here! Thank you!

  82. Oh this is lovely. I really hope that you continue this as a series.

  83. Simply great story. Fantastic characterization as these people would act in a Sentinal/Guide Universe. Fully endorse more in this verse! Thanks!

  84. Thanks Tina! This is one of my favorite series to write in. I’ve got a LOT planned for it.

  85. I love this series *so* much. So much……..

  86. I have to second a profound love of this series.

    I love what you have done with all the the characters and SGA/SG-1. Your John is particularly kick-ass!

  87. Oh, wow. I am very, very impressed. To the point where I can honestly say that this is one of the best series I have read in years. I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this series and I *know* that it will be as good,, if not better than the previous chapter.

    You have been very true to the canon personalities of your characters (with the seeming exception of McKay not firing a gun), and that has added to my reading pleasure. Thank you.


  88. Fantastic! I adore this series! You just make this world come alive and sparkle.

    Your take on John and Rodney is wonderful. I can’t wait to see the Phoenix and Atlantis rise. John’s family is great! Sam and Radak rock! Miko hacking the banking system was priceless.

    Sorry, I know I’m going on and on like a total fangirl, but I really can’t express enough my love for this series.

    I’m really looking forward to the next part. Thank you so much for continuing to write and post.

  89. Love this and will have trouble waiting for the next part.

  90. I was half way into part four when I realized this was a sequel. I’m reading along wondering why the whole relationship and characterization seemed familiar then I hit the part about the Asgard fixing his heart and I was like…DUH. My fault for jumping into a story without reading headers.

    I loved your use of dialog. You have a way with Rodney and his sharp tongue and it cracked me up every step of the way. Perfectly done and not so easy to pull off so consistantly. I love their relationship and the fact that while Rodney is an asshole he is also very generous with both his money and his heart.

    Lovely story and I’m glad there will be more of this.

  91. *flails*

    Loved it!

  92. This was really amazing. I love the fast pace of the story, it really pulls the reader along on the wild ride. This was a completely believable AU, and was just truely awesome (in the original meaning of the term!)

    Well done, and thank you so much for posting. I can’t wait to read more!

  93. I love your writing. I love your ‘Verse. I love your plots, characterisations and romance. And I love that you post complete. In short, would you prefer my right arm and leg or my first-born? *g* Anything to keep you writing.

    I look forward to next two stories.

  94. As always, loved the next installment in this au you have created. i love kick ass John almost as much as i love snark attack dog Rodney. cant wait for the next chapters!

  95. This series brings me much joy! I am ridiculously thrilled to hear more stories are on the way. Great job with both plot and character voices. Thanks!!!

  96. Fantastic! There are no words to describe the love I have for this series and the fact that there are two more stories on the way *flails*

  97. I have enjoyed the series as it feels very “true”. Thanks for sharing.

  98. I have an exam tomorrow and still I took two hours to enjoy this; and I don’t regret it either*g* this is….fanfuckintastic!! I’m really awed with you right now; I hope you’ll keep writing and I cannot wait for the next two stories to be beat’d*is excited*
    little, small, tiny observation; your text is mostly ok grammatically, you just have a problem with possessive genitive and the distinction between their and they’re=they are …otherwise it’s all good, so you maybe want to warn your betas to look out for these two things–sorry if I’m being too presumptuous warning you like this, it’s a professional flaw*g*

  99. Love this series so much!

  100. This is one of the best series out there. John and Rodney fleshed out in ways that are real and enjoyable at the same time. The mix of SGC and SGA is believable. I am so glad that there are more stories in the mix. This has made my Labor Day Holiday!
    Keep writing, your tale flows so well that the grammar errors fly by.
    With great admiration…
    The witch and her cats

  101. Loved the character assasination of the IOA lady (she totally deserved it). Love the interaction between Rodney, Sam and Radek. Just plain loved this addition to the series. Can’t wait to see the rest. I know how I hope it will go (Atlantis rising, Rodney getting to go off world, etc) but whatever direction you take this, I’m sure it will be interesting.

  102. This rocks, seriously. I love this part of the series best so far. John’s reunion with his family left me very satisfied, Rodney’s verbal viciousness is oh so spot on and entertaining and John’s kick-ass attitude is very hot.
    Also, Jimmy and Ian, I really like them. They’d make a nice couple. *hints*
    Anyway, looking forward to those next two part.

  103. Excellent. I fall a bit more in love with this series with each story. Now with four times the Sheppards! I can’t wait for the next two stories to eat up my life. Wonderful.

  104. You know? I have a hugh crush on your writing! The way you balance in the dialogue, the emotions, the comedy. You found an incredible combination here. And each time I read your series, there is allways something new that amaze me!
    So kudos and can’t wait for the next part:)

  105. Alien cat, Miko scaring John, Prime Minister of Canada planning their wedding and John Killing everyone…God this ‘verse ROCKS!!! Need more soooooonnnnnnnn…

  106. I really hope you feel inspired to continue in this ‘verse. Jack O’neill, Sentinal/Guide yenta! The thought makes me squee, heheheh.

  107. WOW!!! I really liked this story. I love this ‘verse!! Keep up the awesome work.

  108. Absolutely incredible AU, I absolutely love this McKay and Sheppard! Strong, ethical men who aren’t afraid to speak their minds are so…hot!

  109. I have been following this series on Wraithbait and I am most pleased to see you continuing it. Its a great series and a wonderfully engaging read.

  110. Excellent addition to the series. Wow, incredible action, involved plotlines and spot on characterizations. Made me keep reading it all the way through. Loved the addition of Patrick, David and Matthew Sheppard. Liked the dynamic you created with them. Really scared me with the home invasion. Great job and really look forward to the next 2 parts. Thank you!

  111. Terrific series. Love all the might have beens and the way they affected the characters. The original characters are great and engaging and I’m very glad there’s more to come.

  112. I look forward to more. This is totally absorbing.

  113. I love this series so so much. I just love how you’ve characterized everyone, especially Rodney. In some ways he’s nicer, but really he’s still our beloved acid-tongued blunt genius. Thank you for those little insights into his character – like money not mattering at all to him, the Last Wishes Foundation, how much he loves Jeannie and his scientists, how optimistic he is about the human race… Your Rodney is just as good as the canon Rodney. πŸ™‚

    And your John… ah, so deliciously possessive and protective and dark. Yummy. I think he would certainly make more people swoon compared to the canon John. *g* Thanks for giving us the rest of the Sheppard men also. (I’m curious as to who Matt looks like, hee.)

    Also, Quark! Is he really an alien? Bless him. I love Ian and Jimmy also, and your Jack is a dear as always. *g* I’m happy to know that there’ll be more coming. Yay!

    Thanks so much for sharing this. πŸ™‚

  114. Quark really is just a cat– but I had a cat that was weird like that. Opened doors, windows, watched TV… just odd stuff. She always freaked me the fuck out. I figured Rodney would have a weird ass cat like that.

    This is how I picture Quark:

  115. Thanks Kathy!

    • I have been reading this on my Kindle, so loved it when one of the things Sebastian wanted was a Kindle.

      I get it to the Kindle by copying to a Word file and Amazon converts it to Kindle format. Great for reading long fics like this.

      Thanks so much for sharing your stories. I am loving them.


  116. I’ve been reading these (and your other 2 stories too) but I haven’t commented, because I suck like that, but MAN. This is awesome. It’s hilarious and poignant and smoking hot sexy. Never stop writing πŸ™‚

  117. ‘…it’s the only thing that keeps perfection at bay…’So true.
    As allways the dialogue on your series is pure brilliance!!
    So great and I have a wee bit of a crush on the Sheppards:)

  118. Oh good ghod I love this series. Thank you!


  119. I love this series so much. I love Rodney and John in this, their devotion for each other pratically leaps from the page. I also must say that my love for this story only stems from the beautiful way you write it. Your words make that whole universe come alive. It draws you in and holds your attention captive that you just have to finish it and once you do, it is a bittersweet feeling. Bitter, because the story is over and sweet because you had the priviledge to read it.
    I have to say it again, I love the way you write, and I want to thank you so much for sharing this with us.
    On a less mushy note, I think Quark is the best alien cat ever and that intelligence is eery but my cats come pretty close to that when they want their food.

  120. Your awesomeness just astounds me! Totally in love with this series! Love the way you show the interplay and relationships developing between the secondary characters as well πŸ˜€

  121. I’m…pretty certain I want all the Sheppards as my own personal harem–yup, I’m that crazy about them*drools* oh and by the way, fantastic story*g*

  122. I am very happy with this, very happy indeed. I’m glad to find you prolific in this ‘verse.

    But Rodney needs to stay our of the hospital for a while …

    • “…Rodney needs to stay our of the hospital for a while…”

      Yep. Though my evil, suspicious mind’s now wondering “WHO was the filthy-rich client in New York for whom the housekeeping service sent McKay’s usual shopper, thus opening the way for an un-vetted substitute?” Seeing possible conspiracies here…

  123. Checking my flist and finding another installment of this series was like a little slice of heaven. I love this!

  124. Great series, I’ve really been enjoying it. I do like it when secondary characters get moments in the sun. Ummmm, am I allowed to offer a bit of crit?

  125. Oh, wow. I absolutely love this series. Your John and Rodney are amazing and the stories are so rich and wonderful. I love your OCs, which is usually not the case, and a testament to your wonderful writing. Thank you so much for sharing this, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with for us next.

  126. I so love their relationship and this series.

  127. thoroughly enjoyable romp!

  128. Always a treat to find more of this.

  129. Two stories in this series! TWO! IN A WEEK!

    (speechless with glee)

  130. Oh God I almost squealed the office down when I took a quick check of my lj and saw that you’d posted this. I am in serious love with this series. I love all of your original characters including Quark and now Zuri…I can’t wait to see where you take this and I’m hoping for at least 10 parts. At least with this we can get the 10 seasons we won’t for SGA. I have to reiterate one last thing…The Sheppard Family, Sean, Ian, Rodney’s security team?..(John and Rodney of course) LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!

  131. Oh yeah, she shoots, she scores…and all us who love this series get some good stuff to read. Thanks, it made my Wednesday, which keeps trying to be Tuesday.

    Looking forward to more. With admiration, the witch

  132. Gah.. series gets better and better. I love the quiet heroism in this version of McKay, and all the secondary characters you have introduced are all very rich and interesting on their own. Love to read more.

  133. These are lovely stories — lots of very good things happen to very deserving people but they’re human and fallible too. It’s a fascinating universe to visit – thank you!

  134. Wheeee! This is sooooo goood. How can we possibly love John and Rodney more? Not possible, I tell ya. *g* And oh, I’m also crushing so hard on Sam, and Matt and Sean (!!) and Declan… oh, I want to live in that house with the whole lot of them so, so badly. *g*

    And eeee, to top off all the awesome people in your story, you give us Quark and Zuri and the pit bulls! Eeeeee! Rodney’s and John’s babies! <3

  135. LOL! Awesome eye candy indeed – thanks for putting up the pics. *big satisfied grin* Now when I re-read your stories, I’ll be able to picture everyone perfectly. o/ (ahem, Sean/Declan ftw!)

  136. Yeah- Orlando Bloom was an inspired choice on my part. Can’t you just see him being all snarky like McKay?

  137. I really hope you will continue in this β€˜verse

  138. I love this series! It keeps getting better. You have John done just perfect! Thanks so much.

  139. I totally love this AU.. I’ve read the first two over and over now I have another two to add along with all your fics big hugs Star

  140. Wonderful stuff! And two in one week! Wow! Thank you so much for this larger than life version of our favourite boys!

  141. god I love this series, almost as much as I LOVE the cat
    I appreciated the reason for John being super solider, it was beinging to be a little to perfect. bug traits works

  142. Marry me.

  143. Wow! I don’t know which series of your I love better, this one or the Sentinel/Stargate X-over one. Both are truly fabulous!

    You have me on the edge of my seat in this one. There are so many things happening:

    – Kavanagh was the only untrustworth person to see McKay’s medical chart after the whole Asgard thing, and now he’s pissed at SGC, Sam, and McKay. Plus he is probably working for one of the countries that is pissed about the IOA being dimantled.

    – Who is behind the attemps on McKay’s life? Who convinced Berkley to ask McKay to leave John and the soldiers home? Who convinced the cleaning service to send McKay’s housekeeper out of town (allowing for the new girl to accidentally make a casserole with citrus in it)?

    – Oh, and speaking of housekeepers, I can’t decide if the soon to be live in housekeeper being a Navy widow makes her more or less trustworthy. On one hand, she may be very pissed with the whole military industrial complex for killing her sweetie. On the other hand, military widows tend to turn to the military as a foster family. Rather than think her loved one died for naught, she will usually support the military with every fiber of her being. Because then at least her love died for something important, something meaningful, something worthwhile.

    – Will the shy quiet soldier get his geologist? :::crosses fingers and hopes:::

    – Will Cam & Sheppard’s brother have a joint wedding with John and Rodney? (I don’t care that neither Cam or Sheppard’s brother are Canadian. I’m a girl and I want to see a big joint wedding! <—- sorry, kinda in the watch-chick-flicks-while-eating-ice-cream-and-crying phase of PMS right now.)

    – Rodney’s dad….if he’s been saving the money Rodney’s sent him for the last 20 year and investing it wisely, he’d have quite the chunk of change now. Is he using it or planning to use it to get revenge on his son all these years after he failed to kill him?

    – Greatest Cat EVER!!!

    Ok, so I’ve gone on long enough. As you can tell, i’m totally addicted to your story and love it to bits and pieces. Thank you so much for continuing it!

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