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These are the only methods by which I authorize ANYONE to stalk me.


Don’t get creepy or weird on me —
I’ve been there and filed the restraining order.


  1. Please sign me up. I love your stories.

  2. Ahhh man. I don’t have any of those!
    Guess it’s lucky that I obsessively check this website almost everyday!
    Hmmmmmm… I wonder what my rights would be as a stalker? Do I get rights as a stalker?
    Rosie 😉

  3. *peeks from behind the bush* Seriously you do know I was joking right? *wiggles nose and disappears*

  4. So I’ve had to change my email because an asshole hacked my former account. Can I just join your Yahoo updates thing again?

  5. Hey I’m liking the new skin. Took me a second to figure out where to find updates… But I prevailed!!!! Yay.

    Lol, I’m at work and should therefore be working but when I accidently clicked on your link instead of the one I actually wanted and saw the new skin… I just had to comment.

    My gosh, ever since I started reading your fics… my lunch hours always seem way to small.

    Well… I guess I should actually do some work… bah, sucks.

    Your ever stalking fan,


  6. have you actually had to file restraining orders?! omg! I’m like to joke about how I’m all obsessive about updates but wow talk about creepy! ugh, no worries from me on that front at least!! haha, but let me know if there’s anything that I do that comes across as creepy – ’cause I get excited and like to share it, I don’t want to give you or other readers the opposite reaction. …. ugh I gave myself shivers thinking about stalkers, well there’s the upside to my inability to finish my fanfics, ha, I don’t have to worry about anyone coming after me for the sheer awfulness of them!

    p.s. very very glad you don’t share my problem your fics are beyond awesome!

    • LOL. Well, I filed a restraining order against a guy when I was in college and at the time it wasn’t very funny but he was kind of a mama’s boy and a complete pain in my ass. In retrospect, it’s kind of funny now.

  7. Love the stories by the way and a great job on all the character development in the stories as well. Just out of curiosity will you be adding Mini Clone Jack to your The Sentinels of Altantis & What Might Have Been Series. Also is Ronon going to make an apperance in the Ties That Bind, if so what classifcation type will he portray Dom or Switch. 🙂

    • Yes and Yes on the mini-Jack questions. In fact, mini-Jack is already in What Might Have Been under a secret identity that wasn’t supposed to be but happened by accident when I deleted a few scenes from the second novella in that series.

      Ronon will be in TTB, in fact, I have him plotted to be found in the next part and he will be a Dom. I just can’t see him as submissive. His relationship with his submissive will cause a few reactions on Atlantis because Sateda was dynamic but there will be a significant difference in his public relationship with his life partner. One that will make those who are rather old fashioned on the city feel threatened but it shouldn’t be a problem for most of the main characters. I think that Elizabeth will probably be a little put off at first because in canon she was a little put off by Ronon’s character anyways. It probably isn’t much of a spoiler to say that Ronon’s submissive will be Tyr.

  8. I just stumbled across you fic a few days ago. I just finished watching the last season of Atlantis, have a miserable cold, and desperately needed some new fic. I was at Area 52 and found Ties that Bind, then read pretty much everything else because I’m too sick to sleep. My favourite so far is What Might Have Been. I love the character progressions and relationship dynamics in that story. I also enjoy your OCs, the are extremely well written.
    So thanks for the wonderful stories, they are making my cold bearable.

  9. I found this blog because someone recommended Birth of the Serpent King on a Yahoo-Group, and I must say I adore it – so much so, in fact, that I really hope that isn’t all there is to it. I hope you don’t mind me saying that I’m hoping for a sequel.
    Anyway, I already signed up for instant blog-updates and am looking forward to seeing more from you ^^


  10. I checked your “The McShep Noir AU” page and saw that it had become unavailable. Are you not writing the story at all or has it just gone to the very bottom of the pile????? Waiting patiently (but not really) for your next story. Happy writing!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing your stories.

  11. Clearly my laptop hates me because I can’t get the skysa bar to appear. Like at all. Any hints or tips (other than a new laptop since it’s nowhere NEAR in the budget this year!)? Thanks 😀

  12. Hello

    Sorry to hear you had some troubling comments posted about your work. I am glad that you chose not to take down the stories but decided to make them available to a more restricted audience. Thank you for accepting me to your website

  13. Hello! I’m having am issue getting your site updates since the new security measures were put in place on the site. Haven’t gotten a single one since then even though the site says I’m already signed up for updates. Any tips?

    Also, just wanted to take a sec to say thank you. For everything that you do for your readers, for all the work you put into your sites, and for the wonderful worlds you create with your stories. Most of them are among my perennial favorites. Writing quality fiction is hard, sharing it even more so, and you have given your readers literally millions of words. So, thank you for everything, and I look forward to seeing what brilliant stories you continue with in the future.

  14. Is this the correct site to subscribe to? I want to make sure that I update my subscription to the new site since you’re moving hosts? If not, do you mind posting a link to the new site? I checked all the emails and posts and couldn’t find a link.

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