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Please note that I do not take requests for stories. I don’t allow others to “continue” my work.

Comments or questions are welcome. Of course, I’d rather you not use this form to do the following:

  1. Bitch about grammar or typos
  2. Complain about the slash on the site
  3. Question my mental health because of the BDSM I write
  4. Or just to be an asshole (please see rules)
  5. Request that I send you copies of my work as attachments — I will not do this! There are no ebooks on my site and I have no intention of ever supplying them. If you ask, I will ignore you.

Additional notes regarding Harry Potter:

  1. Re: Phoenix – it is not available online and I don’t expect to it back up any time soon. Asking will get you nowhere as it is currently unfinished and has no chance of being published unless I finish it.
  2. While it is frustrating (and weird), it’s not actually plagiarism for someone to take my plot and rewrite it for themselves. I’m aware of the story on that is being written based on Harry Potter & the Soulmate Bond. No one can own a plot or an idea–check out my permissions page for my take on this. Is it rude to not offer some sort of token nod to the original author regarding inspiration? Yes. But, it is what it is.
Note: I am a member of Ao3 under my fandom name but I don’t post work there. I do, however, get linked to sanctioned translated works. Ao3 notifies an author whenever they are added to a work as a contributor so I’m not on any work on that site without my knowing. Thank you for looking out! 😉

NOTE: Violating my rule about nitpicking can get you banned from my site. I couldn’t be more serious. This is a boundary that you will respect or else.

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