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This page is for questions that I’ll answer here or on a podcast. Only members can ask questions of if you’ve got a burning (not plot related) question — drop a comment and I might answer it on the air. If I do, I’ll reply on a podcast, I’ll reply with a link.

If you’re looking to ask questions about a Harmony work of mine that is no longer online, read this:


  1. How about getting over writing blocks, either because of life getting in the way, or the story not working, or any other of the infinite number of reasons.

  2. How do you NOT kill the idiots that send you whiny ass self entitled bullshit???

  3. How do you focus your research for stories: Do you layout what you need for plot and hit each high point or do you start with one thing, research everything you can upfront and re-enter research stage later if needed?

  4. where to find a really good beta

  5. do US publishers contract non-US/not-from-English-speaking-countries authors? (obviously the story would be in English)

  6. How do you plot out your story? In big arcs of “chapter 1, this, this, and that need to happen” or “chapter 1, scene 1, conversation between A and B leads to scene 2” or something else entirely?

  7. Dark_Evanescence

    So I was listening to the podcast, it was awesome BTW. And at the end you were talking about the lack of development in Ginny and Ron. I know you totally hate them both. But is it because of who they are in the book, or because you see what they COULD have been and it pisses you off. And could you ever see your self writing a redemption of one of them?

  8. How is third person omniscient different from head hopping? I’m reading a book YA called The Red Necklace by Sally Gardner. Personally, I feel like the author is head hopping like a motherfucker, but maybe it’s third person omniscient? Even after listening to your latest podcast this morning, I’m still not sure what the difference between the two are.

  9. I have to agree with Akane, I’m still not really sure about the differences between all of the 1st person and third person writing. I can’t even tell what I’m writing in, let alone anyone else.

  10. You write with a great flair, telling the best stories in an awesome way. Please do keep letting us experience thèm.

  11. What makes you decide the length of a fiction? Do you prefer set goals or writing until an arc ends??

  12. I have a question about the Bitch box! Updates… yes, yes, very nice… signed contract for original story?!?! When do you want my money and who do I pay it to?! I love your fanfiction but I really love your characterization, even your original characters are very real and oh, so alive. So I have no doubt that I will fall instantly in love with the people in ‘Fall for You’. So I reiterate, when do I hand over my hard earned cash and to whom?

  13. When you are researching or world-building for a story, how do you determine when you have enough to start writing? I know that there is always going to be something that needs to be looked up or researched in the middle, but how do you know when you’ve got the basics that you need to start? Do you use a list? Is it part of your plotting process or separate? How much if it is character based? And how do you keep from going overboard and world-building into infinity? (I’m a chronic world-builder, and found the latest Rough Trade really interesting and very challenging because of it. I just can never seem to figure out what I will need to know once I start writing and what is simply extra…)

  14. When writing how do craft the original character you are writing? Do you decide on their voice first or their overall interaction with the fandom known characters based on your outline of the story?

  15. How and when in your process do you come up with titles for your stories and series?

  16. Hi

    I am a very happy reader of both your sites. I haven’t visited roughtrade in a bit and when I just tried it said the domain name had expired. Can you post a link to the front page of rough trade please?

  17. What kind of process do you go through when writing in a new fandom? How do you pick it? What kind of canon research do you do? I know you just started writing Hobbit this year. How do you make that decision? At what point do you usually decide how much of canon you are ignoring and what you want to change, major and minor?

  18. Have you ever been in the middle of a story and decided to replot?

    This had happened to me for two reasons. 1) I just didn’t like the way the story was going. and 2) I’d written the character in such a way that keeping them in character no longer lined up with the plot.

    So, how do you go about stepping back, taking a critical view, and replotting from where you are?

  19. Multiple questions!

    1) Last words: strategies for getting to the end and writing a good ending.

    2) How to avoid “and then” (sort of related to #1)

    3) Thoughts on cliffhangers as endings (also sort of related to #1)

    4) First words. I find the first paragraph to be the hardest writing in the story. What’s that process like for you and how do you approach what to write first?

    5) Have you ever abandoned a story? What’s the process you go through in making that decision?

  20. When i come up with bunnies or am plotting i seem to come up with a way to make this story a bit fucked up has this ever happend to you and do you just go with it and put it as another bunny or leave it

  21. What books, fiction and non-fiction, have shaped you the most as a writer that were not about writing? You have mentioned several writing books, but I am curious as to what other books may have influenced the way you approach your craft. Or that you have just really enjoyed or felt inspired by.

  22. I remember the asshat who wanted you to warn for gay sex. I was wondering, who do you warn or tag for and why? Or alternatively what do you not warn or tag for?

  23. Hey,

    Are you going to be updating your ebook section now that some idiots made it needed to block copy and pasting on your website( so no one would repost your work) for those of us with limited wifi connection that love to reread your work over and over again?

  24. How do you decide what bunnies to write first becuase im always stuck cause i love them all

  25. How do you write the same characters in different stories and stay true to their canon personas (so they aren’t OCs with the name of the canon character) but still keep them different without becoming Mary Sue or Gary Stu? In your head, what do you do to separate them from story to story. Like Harry in War Mages versus Harry in Serpent King vs Harry in Phoenix. Or Snape in War Mages, Serpent King, Unspeakable Plot, Soulmate Bond, and Phoenix? Or Elizabeth where some stories she is awesome (Sentinels of Atlantis) and others not so much, the same with Keller. How do you keep it straight in your head without falling into a rut that makes stories all the same with only a few details different because the characters are the same and react to each other the same way? How do you keep your personal head canon from bleeding all over every story in a fandom? It is something I know I struggle with. I’d love some advice because your stories handle it well.

  26. How do you go about encouraging a young writer to write? I try and support my daughter as a writer but sometimes I feel like I should do more. Then I feel like I am pushing her to write when she might not want to. What is the line that I shouldn’t cross while giving the most support. 1 thing I know not to do is I have asked to see or read any of her writing without her permission. I wait and let her ask me to read something.

  27. Hi, Keira!

    Since it isn’t listed in the Bitch Box, I was just wondering if the Steve/Tony story you were doing for the Soulmates RT is still a WIP?

    Thanks for all you do, and I too am looking forward to being able to buy Fall For You!

  28. Thank you for answering my other questions, Keira! 😀 You’re definitely awesome! I appreciate the time and all the effort you’re putting into all the radio shows. I’m learning a lot.

    I have another question for you: how do you deal with time jumps in your work? What are some methods you’ve seen and which do you prefer the most?

    PS – I’m asking because of the HP fic I wrote in July’s RT. Harry was 5, 11, and 18 years old in that short story. I never said his age (or wrote down years as a header), but the reader could glean his age from the text. Still… It felt really chunky to me. :\

  29. First off, thanks for answering my other question.
    My next one is brought to you by comments I have received on different multi-chapter works telling me that the ending sucked (and really nothing else about the story)

    What makes a good ending? What makes a bad ending? How to make sure you write the first and not the latter?

  30. Dark_Evanescence

    So I love all things Darcy Lewis in MCU. She is paired with everyone in that fandom. Are there characters that you can pair with anyone?

  31. I’m a writer in huge part because I’m a reader. It defines who I am, and has since I was old enough to gnaw on books corners. I was lucky enough to have parents who don’t believe in censuring my reading, ever. They monitored, yes, and talked it over if something was of a delicate nature, but they never once tried to tell me something wasn’t age appropriate. It gave me a wide taste in books and because of it my comfort level with words and story telling grew. It inspired me.

    So, this brings me to the actual question part: We all have books (fiction or not) that inspired us, for good because of the subject matter or the writing, or badly because they were absolute crap. What are yours? Are there books you reread over and over again because you fell in love with them?

  32. Seems like I have another question, or maybe a need to bitch about something. The tendency for some slash writers to feminize male characters. Particularly in the hp fandom, there’s this trend of giving Harry hips and long hair, It’s usually enough to make me close a fic really fucking fast. Lately, I’ve also seen it in other fandoms. Your thoughts?

  33. You’ve said before that the original Harry Potter and the Soulmate Bond was written when you were younger and the current version is an updated, re-written version. And the version of Sentinels of Atlantis you’ve published is very different from the version you lost in the data crash. So my question is, when you enter into these situations where you are taking stories that you’ve already written before and decide to rewrite them, how do you go about deciding what to let go of, what to keep, what to change? So basically, how do you approach the process of rewriting something you’ve already written?

  34. Hi Keira,

    I think this is the first time I’ve commented on your site and that’s really terrible of me because you’re amazing and should be told so at every opportunity.
    So, there was a brief period in HP fandom history when it seemed like every other “Big Name Fan” was make the transition to being a professional writer and was removing all of their Fanwork from the Internet as a result. One of the reasons most frequently given for the removal was that the writers wanted to repurpose the original content of their fan fiction for their professional work. I’d really like to know what you think about this practice as both a professional writer and a fanfic author and if you’ve ever had an idea for a fanfic that at some point in the creative process became an original work or vice versa?

    If you’ve already answered these questions elsewhere I’m sorry. Also you’re amazing. Thank you!

  35. Detected this only today…

    I’m woefully behind in listening to your radio talks so if you have already covered this, please point me in the right direction: I’m really impressed by the pure volume of your work. But: How do you find the DISCIPLINE for writing not only so many stories, but to stick to one store – story arc – universe whatever for so long? I mean, is there ever a point for you, where you think “oh damn, I just don’t care about this story anymore, so let it die” ? As far as I can see there are stories in your work that go in hibernation for some time, but you always go back, pick up and drive farther.

    I would really like to know, how you motivate yourself for a story, which is somewhat lagging (in your mind) or you get distracted by real life or another shine story idea.

  36. How do you go about doing research for a character that is from a different culture or from a different background? Half the time I don’t know where to start or feel as I’m missing vital information because I don’t know what questions to ask.

  37. The naming of names. What process do you go through naming your original characters? It is one of the small details like this that slow me down when writing because sometimes the names just feel so fake and wrong for some reason.

    I know a few people that hit up baby name sites for this and will give their characters names with hidden meaning, like an evil character having a name that means “darkness” in another language or perhaps an unpleasant character having a name that roughly translates into “south end of a northbound mule as it breaks wind”.

    How do you find the perfect name for your original characters?

  38. Just wanted to say hello. Getting over a crummy night- reading Keira!fic makes it better, especially your Harry Potter stuff, the way you twist the escapism of magic into realistic grit, it’s damned impressive. If you could say one thing to an HP character, what would it be? Thanks again for all the effort and love you put into all your writing, it shows, and is so very much appreciated. I hope you know how much you’ve changed all of us.

  39. You mentioned cloud plotting in some of the podcasts. Can you explain more about it?

  40. What are some TV shows, movies, books, art, and music that have influenced your writing the most? (I’d also like to table this question to your mods if they wanted to contribute.)

  41. There are many, many brit fandoms. While I am aware of some of the differences (a panda= a policecar), I know there are things that I mess up (what exactly is a MP?). Maybe a show with you and one of the brit minions to point out common errors?

  42. 1) What are things you see in fanfiction that would never work in professional fiction?

    2) What are your thoughts on non-linear story telling?

    3) Sort of a tangential to #2… What are your thoughts on the use of flashbacks? Particularly a LOT of flashbacks?

  43. As both a professional writer and a writer of fanfiction, I was wondering what your thoughts are regarding writing in a fandom where the author/creator has stated they do not want fanfiction (Game of Thrones, for example). Also, do you think it is ok to edit your fanfiction works and then publish them?

  44. How do you go about making a villain that is believably evil enough to give the hero a run for their money while still being someone the reader has interest in and wants to read about? You’ve set some epic villains loose in your plots, but they don’t overshadow the heroes. I suppose I’m looking to make sure my bad guy won’t be flat without making him so big that he takes over the story.

  45. What constitutes a scene in a book? I’ve tried to find a definition but the definitions I’ve found were vague and unhelpful. It seems like everyone has their own definition.

  46. This is a pure curiosity question:

    Do you ever think about writing Garcia/Morgan fics? I’m asking because I love your writing and I love the pairing, and I think that if you were to write a story like that I might die…

    I read primarily Het with maybe some side Slash, but I’m getting into more Slash as I peer through your site. But I thought it might not hurt to ask if you are a fan of that pairing or something.

    I love you Keira!!

  47. You mentioned that writing flashbacks were bad in your last Short and Junk. What about writing scenes in a non-linear timeline? For example, writing one scene in the present, then jumping back 15 years for the next scene, and so forth.

  48. You’ve been very vocal about your opinions on Ron and Ginny, and lately on Dumbledore, but some other characters in the HP verse seem to cause varying opinions. The Dursleys, outright abuse or “merely” neglect?? Sirius, batshit insane or just compromised by 12 years in jail? Remus’ role that seems to go from present to absent, back to present and then “Harry will you be Teddy’s godfather?” Are the twins bullies or pranksters? The Hogwarts staff’s (I guess some of this goes back to Dumbles) attitude towards punishment, teaching, and just generally taking Dumbledore’s word as gospel no matter the danger.

  49. Could you do a show, preferably with guest, on favorite fanfics? I enjoy the stories you bring up in podcasts that I had not previously read. I’m usually nodding along when you praise old favorites (ex. Freedom’s Just Another Word For Nothing Left to Loose). I particularly mention this because I do not have great luck picking Inception fics to read on AO3. I close more than half of the ones I try, but I enjoyed your recent recs. My guess is others may have a similar experience with different fandoms.

  50. I’m curious about the stories you’ve written in an episode format. How does this differ from a say a series of novellas or short stories? Do you plan things differently for an episode vs. a short story? If so, in what way?

  51. I was curious if you have posted any of your work any where other than this site? Some of the author comments or story description made me think that you might have and I was curious either way. If you have do you mind sending me a link?

  52. Hi Keira, you’ve talked at length about POV first/third/god, as well as transitioning POV within a scene as opposed to using a scene break.

    I’ve only written one story with multiple POV and changed POV in chapter format. I kept the POV the same throughout the chapter, then when I needed to changed the POV in the next chapter I kept that POV throughout. (I hope this makes sense)

    What are your thoughts about changing POV via chapter?

    Thanks. 🙂

  53. Why can’t I find any of your excerpts for North Star? I tried your FB, but it seemed to be on the fritz, and your “new” LJ doesn’t have it either…

  54. Kinda quick question (maybe), how would you approach using a background character from cannon as a main character in a story? Would you approach it as if he/she were an original character? Especially if there isn’t a lot of information about the character. Thanks.

  55. I saw an article that said books purchased through the publisher – in this case Cobblestone Press – paid the author more than books purchased through Amazon, etc. Do you have a preferred purchase point? Thanks

  56. Dear Keira:

    I wanted to ask your opinion on descriptive narrative. In fanfiction it is probably unnecessary to use description to set a physical scene or describe character’s physical appearance. However, if you are writing original fiction or introducing an original character in fanfiction I would think some descriptive narrative is required. I know too much narrative can be off-putting for readers and that has been discussed previously. How do you feel about description for setting and character’s within an original story or during the introduction of an original character?

    Chestnut NOLA

  57. Keira,
    Hello I am new to this site and was wondering if you were going to continue Tangled Destinies Volume 2?

  58. Hello! Is it possible to somehow download your story so I would be able to upload it to my kindle? I cannot read a huge amount of writing on computer screen, I instantly see black dots and lines in my eyes :/

  59. I’m leaving for peace corps in a few months and the location I have been assigned to has limited internet that I can access once a week for about 2 hours.
    I want to keep up with your work because I love it.
    Because you have locked your site for copying the text (rightfully so. No one would be able to distribute your work places you don’t authorize. Rude people!) my plan to ask about copying the stories you post in a word doc and take them with me is null. Is there another way I might be able to do that? Would you allow something like that?I really don’t want to miss out on your work for 2 years while in Cambodia.

  60. I’m slowly making my way through the podcasts so you may have answered this one before. When you are plotting your story, do you plot every single scene or just hit the major points of each chapter? Also, when you are writing a chapter, do you ever just get ideas for a scene and write it into the chapter or do you stop and go back to plotting?


  61. I have a completely random question about On A Pale Horse. Did you write Halo fic because you are a gamer or have a gamer in you house? If you are a gamer or have a gamer close to you, are you being inundated by Halo 5 propaganda? I am and it made me reread On a Pale Horse and the EAD excerpt. Still a great story. All those shiny video promos reminded me of Spartan 3321.

    • I am a gamer. I have all the Halo games and yes, I’m being bombarded. I’ll always love the first game though.

      • It was fun to reread SPARTAN John. Especially since the H5 Guardians (from the promos) seems like a universe John would fit into. The 4 man team diving off the transport reminded me of a gate team. Maybe H5 will provide fodder for more SPARTAN John or maybe a new game title will just mean more competition for writing time.

        I fully expect to lose my husband for a chunk of time to the new game. 🙂

        Do you still consider the SPARTAN Chronicles an active WIP? I’m not intending to nudge, honest, I was just reminded of the story and want to manage my expectations appropriately. I love everything you write but I know some stories are more likely to be added to that others. Realistically, you only have so many hours to devote to this hobby.

        I think the original Halo was my favorite game as well.

  62. I was wondering how you decided what to work on next without getting overwhelmed. Do you plan ahead of time what you will work on, or write whatever, and in which ever fandom, you’re feeling like writing in at the moment?

      • I have just very much enjoyed this podcast and you also managed to answer the question that had been flitting through my head. I have recently read several fics on FF and every time I saw an author’s note requesting feedback or reviews or asking for “votes” on where the plot should go next, I kept thinking “I wonder what Keira thinks to all this?”

        Of course I had my suspicions and now I know for sure. 🙂

  63. Do you consider music part of your writing process? And if so, how does it work for you? Do you associate artist/album/playlist to a different story or pairing or is music simply a way to isolate yourself from outside distractions and noises?

  64. I don’t know if this question has come up, but what’s your strategy for managing multiple separate plot lines in a story? Whether it’s the more extreme version where you have one storyline happening on Earth and one on another planet, to minor secondary storylines.

  65. Hello, i want to ask what sneak peak means. Is it a WIP, a drabble or something?

  66. What is your favorite genre to write in professionally? Paranormal, Futuristic, Menage, etc.

  67. I have several questions, one is simply me wondering if you had a playlist while you wrote Fall For You and, if you did, if you’d be willing to share it? Pretty please, with buttercream icing on top. 🙂
    The other question(s) refers to Tie That Bind and a point you raised in a previous podcast about Rodney’s emotional journey not being complete yet. I am re-reading TTB after your comment, trying to keep my focus on Rodney and how he evolves during the story and it’s amazing how much I took for granted that TTB was just about John’s emotional healing, or maybe it’s just that I made an early assumption when I started reading the story and it filtered how I read it, because John does get the majority of my attention, in the show and in fics, so it’s very possible I side-lined Rodney without meaning to. I know that TTB’s about both of them, that’s not what I mean, it’s just that I completely negated the part of the equation of how Rodney would heal from Carter’s abuse. I think I took it as read that of course he would heal, that in fact he was already mostly healed due to the time he spent back at de Sade (like it’s that easy – I am so huffing in disgust at myself right now for even thinking that Rodney could have gotten over it so quickly/easily), plus there’s the healing powers of John’s magic cock! hehe. But seriously, in reading it again I am looking at Rodney in a different light and I was hoping you could speak more on Rodney and his emotional state so far in TTB. I am wondering if it’s a case of John who, at the beginning of the story had already progressed through the five stages of grief and so while he still needed to heal, it was just the final bit of healing that could only happen by falling in love again, whereas Rodney is still distancing himself from what happened to him leaving him stuck in the first phase/stage – denial, and it’s Rodney’s great coping skills (fuelled by having to continue to interact daily with his abuser and her continued abuse) that allow him to hide in plain sight, and so his journey is still really just beginning when TTB opens and he meets John. If so, how far along is Rodney in healing at the end of chapter 14 – The Broken Road (I’m only a 2 chapters into my re-reading of TTB)? Alternatively, am I seeing things that aren’t there, reading things into the story that aren’t there? Did I even make any sense at all? I also wanted to say that I hadn’t even considered the emotional nuances that having John need to heal from the death of his partner versus having Rodney need to heal from an abusive partner brings to the story until now, and wow. I appreciate you more and more as a writer with every read through and every new story.
    Thank you,

  68. Does your writing process change depending on story length? How do you approach short stories differently than other works? Do you still go through the whole process of plotting and going through character profiles?

  69. I wasn’t sure where to put this comment so i will pop it here… currently there is a lot of chatter / discussions regarding readers reviews & comments & the large level of arseholery out in the fanfiction world.

    Newbies to fanfiction are taking their cues from current reviewers on fanfic, archive of our own etc etc so they are being taught by the very reviewers that are pissing the authors off.

    Currently it is up to the authors to “educate” the reviewers, which i don’t think is fair at all; and we are also seeing C**ts that think it is funny flaming & posting abusive comments/reviews with no consequences for their actions.

    Just throwing this out there, but it would be good to see a code of conduct regarding reviewing an authors work put up on all the major sites educating the newbies what is a acceptable & what isn’t

  70. I found a thematic list of SGA fic where a link to “Lantean Legacy” is included. Does this violate your “Do not distribute my work!” rule? The website I found it on has a “please don’t submit members-locked suggestions” so it must have been before you took your site private.

  71. Hi!

    When you are done with the stories, I am especially looking for “The Soulmate Bond”, “The Sentinels of Atlantis”, “Ties That Bind” and “What Might Have Been”, will you sell them either as an epub-files or a ‘real-hold-in-my-hand’ books?
    I am looking for real books (kind of old-fashioned!), and SO willing to pay lots of money for a stack of books!
    And what about a book with short stories? Would love to read ALL of them! (over and over and over again!)


    • It’s illegal to sell fan fiction.

      • Hi!

        The first I was thinking was not something that looks good printed… *eg*

        As a reader, I am looking forward to anything you write, and Darkly Loyal are at the moment my favorite!
        Have never liked the Weasleys, and you getting rid of them…. Highlights the stories!

        Back to the other thing… will you allow epub-files download?
        For my part… ALL of your stories! Please! Pretty please?

        *waving HI! from 6717N 01423E*

        • It is terribly unlikely — all of my ebooks got pirated and it really irritated me. I doubt I’ll make more. It was very disrespectful.

          • Yes, it was! *curse them*
            Then, I am going to be online with you a lot! (just finished chapter 30 of The Soulmate Bond (again))
            You, Goddess you! Keep that amazing brain of yours working!
            BIIIIIIIG HUG!

  72. Would you do a radioshow about how you strukture and research rituals in your Harry Potter fics. I Think they are well thought out and often awesome! 🙂

  73. Did you know that your ties that bind series when logged onto only says fatal error


  74. Hi Keira, I love all your work and was excited to see a site update yesterday for Ties That Bind. But I cannot figure out what is new. Put me out of my misery? Thanks in advance – a shy Keira fan

  75. Hi Keira,

    I just finished rereading the entire TTB series (again) and was wondering what happened to the excerpt from Northern Star and your other EAD posts (specifically the Arthur/Eames one)

    Thanks 🙂

  76. Hi love your stargate stories but i can’t read on mobile site.I only have a mobile so i cant read them.

  77. Time for me to Support A Bitch and can’t find the link. Is it down while you build your new site? BTW I love all your SGA stories and re-read them about every 2 months. Can’t enough of Shepard and McKay.

  78. Hello Keira i was wondering if we could get a update on how the Phoenix story is coming along, it was at 90,119 words on 10/23/2015. i have read the preview and loved it so was hoping to be able to read more of it. Love your work hope you had a great New Year

  79. Hey Keira:

    My desire to write died six years ago, same time my brother died. Last week i had an idea that wouldn’t go away until i wrote it down. And What do you know, I actually enjoyed myself I wasn’t expecting it. Point is what do i do to ease myself into this so i don’t lose the enjoyment? And I’ve forgotten most of what i ever learned about craft So how do i pick up those skills again

      • Am just listening to this show and had to pause to say how sorry I am that you, Jilly and indeed any other writer have to endure all of this crap from readers.

        My personal comparison, tenuous though it is, is with my knitting. I don’t do gift knitting due to the deadline element, and although I am fortunate that no one has tried, I would not allow anyone to dictate what, when or how I knitted. I am slightly prone to feeling guilty when I abandon a project that I am just not enjoying, but my husband has always said to me that it is supposed to be fun, so just stop if it isn’t, and I remind myself of that as and when necessary.

        I was in that CA group you mentioned for a bit, but the tone rapidly pissed me off, especially their attitude towards you & I have now left.

        Thanks as always for all you give us.

  80. Thanks Keira. Made me laugh so hard pepsi came out my nose. Now how do i get the stuff off my monitor? 🙂

  81. How do you deal with not having control over your works? I post on AO3 and it’s generally good. But my fics got onto that ebooks site a while back, have been translated and reposted without permission, got mentioned and linked in some idiot’s college essay, and all this shit. I usually like posting online, but sometimes it really gets to me just how little control I have over everything.

  82. Would you consider a show on the fanfiction communities on livejournal and yahoo? What to look for, how to find a community that is active, what to do to asshats, etc? I’ve been trying to become more active in fandom, but all I keep finding are defunct and dead groups…

  83. Ok another question. Thanks for that first answer by the by. What is rough trade like from an author’s perspective. I made the mistake of posting the opening to my latest creation to that yahoo group we all love so much :/ Got nearly 100 comments about how my OC was shit, without any useful concrit. So do you get useful feedback or is it all the cheerleading stuff cus i need both

  84. Ok then I’ll ask this a different way how do i find a concrit partner who isn’t an asshole? Online or IRL doesn’t matter

  85. I have a question concerning Ties That Bind. I tried to check the comments, but couldn’t find if anyone had asked about this before. And since this is something that bugged me at the first read of TTB, and again at the second read, and I still had not figured it out after my third read through, I decided I shuld just try to ask about it.

    It’s about the club/restaurant scene in You Belong to Me, where there is this exhibition by a dom and his castrated sub. I understand that the social norms in TTB society make it very insulting to disrupt an exhibition in any way, and that leaving the exhibition even at the start can be interpreted as such.

    However, why was it more understandable that because Rodney is a de Sade Courtesan, he would not want to see a castrated sub to perform, and thus the exhibiting dom would not need to be insulted about it? The only reasons I could come up with were that a) de Sade somehow sees this kind of mutilation extremely unacceptable or b) this is something extremely unacceptable to Courtesans specifically.

    I have gathered that in TTB universe any kind of body modification is taken very seriously, and thus it might be related to that viewpoint, but I still have a hard time understanding why Rodney’s reaction was seen as acceptable from a de Sade Courtesan, but it would not have been acceptable coming for example from a La Petite Morte Consort? At least that is how I interpreted the situation.

    • de Sade was established in Canada and castration is illegal there without a medical reason. It is illegal in Canada because de Sade frowns heavily on the mutilation of a sub — but more over it deprives a submissive of the ability to feel pleasure. Castration leads to impotence unless there is a chemical involved.

  86. I keep getting a fatal error message when ever I try to load one certain chapter from Ties That Bind, A Lovely Agony. I was in the middle of reading it when the computer did an auto shutdown and reboot to load updates. I really want to finish the chapter and Really love the entire story. Is there any other place this is posted so I can finish reading it?

  87. It worked!!! Thank you SO much! I am diving right back into the story!! so much for doing dishes today,,,

  88. This your new Web Site look? I like it, easy to use and the banner is easy on the eyes 😉

  89. Firstly I wanted to say thank you for hours and hours of blissful escapism. I love that I can reread and always find something new, some little detail I didn’t realise the significance of the first time around, or even the second time around.

    My question was inspired by listening to one of the older pod casts. You mentioned that Lantean Legacy and What Might Have Been are direct AUs and I was wondering if that was true of any of your other worlds?

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories and even more, thank you for not letting the assholes drive you away.

  90. What do you imagine are magical sex toys (HP universe)? Potions, spells, etc. I feel this has not been sufficiently explored.

  91. I was listening to your podcast tonight (Short & Junk: Sometimes I Plagiarize Myself) in which you mention how you deliberately reuse your OCs. This gives me hope! When you find time to continue the Tangled Destinies series — is there any hope that we will see more of Jaret Molia & his Taval? Jaret is such a striking character. Did he appear full blown in your creative mind or did he go through several evolutions as you worked on the series? It would be interesting to know how you came up with his character, his background on BetaZed, and where Taval came from.
    Thank you also for resuming the podcasts. I really missed them when you had to take a hiatus.

  92. Hey Keira,

    I’m slowly catching up on your podcasts, so I’m not sure if this question has popped up already.

    You said in one I listened to recently that dubious consent is rape. In many stories, I’d agree. The thing that makes me pause are stories involving something that inhibits or impairs the characters’ inhibitions on sex. Examples: the sex pollen trope, where a group of people get exposed to something that results in them all having sex with each other, or a more “normal” example would be drunk/high people having sex while under the influence. In cases like that, where people who normally wouldn’t have sex with other members of their group for whatever reason more or less have equally impaired judgment and decide to fuck like rabbits while under the influence, would dubious consent be an appropriate label? Because I’m not sure how that would be rape, unless you factor in the person/being who created the sex pollen to begin with but isn’t actually participating in the sex.

  93. I was writing a character redemption fic for the 2015 Nano then the character went and redeemed himself on the show… Now I’ve lost the drive to finish my story because canon satisfied me.

    Also, Civil War is later this year and I’m definitely scared to see cause it’s messing with my OTP.

    So, here’s my question – have you ever been cock blocked by canon? Are there ways to work around or push through it? Is it okay to just let the story go if you’ve lost the passion for it?

  94. So, when it comes to technology in your stories, how do you treat it? How do you keep it fresh? I’ve read older stories where the tech is very dated, and that can throw me out of the trance.

    As a second, do you look at current tech and try to imagine what it might be like in 10, 20, or 100 years?



  95. Okay, here we go. You’ve mentioned that you can’t read in Supernatural fandom because of all the incest and I totally agree with you on that. So how do you deal with Fred and George Weasley being married to the same woman in one of your HP stories? I think it was “Blank Space”. Are magical twins different in your fanon?

  96. I apologize in advance if this was already asked at some point and I missed it as I haven’t had a chance to listen to all your podcasts yet, but do you have any advice on making strong summaries for your stories? I’m flailing like a fish out of water when it comes to them, and I would prefer to get the summary set before I even start the actual story. Thanks.

  97. Here’s a question in your opinion what came first the egg or the chicken

  98. Dear Keira, I posted this question in the RT Facebook group and did get a couple of responses. The use of epithets in writing (his lover, the boffin, the agent, etc.) are these considered a poor writing choice. I do know that sometimes when writing m/m romance, that the he/him/his pronouns can get confusing and it often puts me off a bit when I read a character’s name over and over in consecutive sentences. I was just wondering what is your take on the use of epithets is, whether fanfiction or original fiction for publication? Thanks, Best, The Nut.

  99. I enjoy all your stories / podcasts. Thanks for sharing with all your fans.
    I really look forward to EAD each year. Are you participating this year?

  100. Craft question for you since this is what I’m working hardest on right now:

    How do you pull readers into stories and keep them there throughout it? I’d love to know how it differs for fanfic and original fic.

  101. Have done my best to think of a couple of questions.

    Having fallen headlong into fandom because of the new BBC Sherlock series (I idly looked up Sherlock/John fan fiction one day because sections of the media were making much of it and that was that!), I have become aware that fic has been around for much, much longer than I knew.

    So, how did your involvement start? Did you write fic when it was not online? What were the first fandoms for you?

    Also, as fan fic is your hobby, was this still the case before you had work published in the traditional sense? Or did you take a break from writing completely when you needed to when you were still trying to get that first book published? In other words, did you feel back then that all your writing effort had to be with a view to publication, or has some of it always been for relaxation?

    I have gone back & forth about this next one, as I don’t want you to think I am trying to pressure you IN ANY WAY. But you asked for questions, so here goes:

    Given your very independent approach (& quite rightly) to the development of your fics, how hard is it to write to a pre-arranged plan? I am thinking not so much of the Rough Trade challenges, although you did say recently that the single POV of the last one had been taxing, but more of Phoenix. If I am remembering correctly, you once said it is being written primarily for your niece and she had certain things she wanted included. Obviously I don’t know how extensive her list was, but given that you don’t like to be told what to write, has this been harder than a “regular” story? It is a lovely thing to do for her, so I hope you’re enjoying doing it!

    Re tech – one of the iconic British cop shows from the 70s, The Sweeney (NOT that movie from a few years ago starring Ray Winstone) frequently has officers being dropped off at a phone box to ring the station (i.e. police headquarters) while the rest follow a villain. Not being able to get in touch with superiors or assistance was a whole set of plotlines that had to be altered when mobile phones arrived! Now it’s no signal or no battery.

    Am enjoying the podcasts, thank you.

  102. Tangential to some other shows you’ve done about making canon your bitch, my question is, can you take it too far?

    This is assuming you are using canon events and not just writing an entire AU. For instance, if an author says “Dead Air didn’t happen” I’m down with that, I get it. I can process that as I’m reading and adjust my expectations.

    But what if their author note reads something like:

    Hiatus didn’t happen until season 4, Boxed-in still happened, but not until season 5 after Bury Your Dead. Agent Afloat happened but in season three, and Ziva was rescued from Somalia before Judgement Day in season 5 (while Jenny was still director.)

    Granted, that’s an extreme example, but episode and even season reordering happens fairly frequently.

    While I wouldn’t necessarily say “consider your readers,” if you’re putting a story up publicly with the intention of it being read, doesn’t it need to be comprehendible without a cheatsheet, a roadmap and a compass?

    Is there a line between making canon your bitch and just being silly?

  103. Why do you think some fandoms take off and some don’t? What are the elements of a “successful” fandom? Why does fandom sometimes outstrip the show (like the Sentinel).

  104. An authentic voice versus a unique voice.

    Sometimes I’m reading and I start making the face about something that’s just odd. My gut says there’s too much of an attempt to be “unique” going on. To be the only one who has done this “thing.” In original fiction it’s not quite as jarring, because you don’t necessarily know that this really unique thing is out of character. (Although bizarrely unique plot points can have the same effect) But in fanfiction, sometimes you might as well put everyone in a tinfoil hat for your stab at originality for all the sense some of these “unique” choices make.

    I hear authors say things like they hate tropes and they won’t use them, and if they can’t write something original, they won’t bother. Is this a thinly veiled attempt to justify not writing, or a legit stance… is originality that important?

  105. What’s your “you should try it at least once” list for writers? The list of things every writer should consider at least attempting to help find their voice, or broaden their horizons.

  106. Oh, those pesky “muses.”

    I think most writers have had those blinding moments of inspiration when everything coalesces in their head, they know exactly what they want to write, and they’re super excited to get writing.

    But that sure as hell isn’t every day. I’ve talked to way too many people who tell me their muse isn’t speaking, but they’re miserable for not writing.

    My inner bitch wants to say, “Action precedes motivation. Stop bitching and start writing. Write anything. Write about your day, write about murdering the asshole who drove in your blind spot for five miles. Just WRITE.”

    Picasso said, “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”

    Is that being cunty? Is there something to waiting for the muses to show up in all their sparkly glory?

  107. So I have another question :

    When it comes to combining fandoms, what criteria do you use? Some fandoms seem to go together in a logical manner (CSI/NCIS/CM or NCIS/H5O), but what do you do with the more oddball pairings?

    How do you manage the blend well enough that the reader can accept the new world you’ve built?


  108. When you are reading, what are the things that can throw you out of the reader trance the fastest?

    And as an opposite, what helps keep you in it? Is it the strength of the story? The construction of it? The attention to detail? All of the above?


  109. What do you think makes the fans zoom in on a character and go “Yup, that’s the one. That’s the favorite!” Certainly all characters are liked but someone, but usually a show or movie has a character that stands above the rest.

    From my perspective: Supernatural has Dean, Teen Wolf is Stiles, NCIS is Tony, Criminal Minds is Spencer… shows like SG1 and SGA I could argue it was either of the two leads.

    But what is it about those characters that makes us sit up and take notice, and more importantly, how to bring that level of interest to an original character?

  110. Another question!

    So, you’ve done character studies or some of your major characters on the Radio Show. I was hoping to touch on some of the minor characters.

    People like Patrick Sheppard, Miko, Radek, blond!Elizabeth, brunette! Elizabeth, Teyla, Hiroshima Ito, Taval etc al. Can you go into what helps keep these folks fresh?

    Thank you!

  111. I know I talk with a regional accent & word pattern.

    How do I keep that from infiltrating my writing? Does a beta help with that? Or hinder?

  112. I know that you don’t watch Supernatural, so I was wondering what drew you to Jensen Ackles for Matt Sheppard?

    And have there been other actors who you’ve liked but not their character? And if so, who?


  113. What things do we really, really like in fanfiction that you have to give up to write original fiction? Or, what do you have to learn to do that fanfiction doesn’t teach you?

  114. The other night, you talked some about research and how you prepare for technology. Related to the subject of research, but in a different vein…

    What seems reasonable on the research front? What is due diligence and was is just an absurd time suck?

    At periods in my writing life, I’ve been research crazy down to checking channel lineups in Denver to make sure I had the right affiliate channel for NBC. I had a personal growth moment and got over it because there was no way I was going to catch everything. But I still do some level of research, I just have a cap.

    Yet it seems every day I see people bitching either at me, or publicly, about bad research. Yes, when someone has the flight from New York to San Francisco taking an hour, it’s jarring. Or when DC and New York are right next to each other. These things are easily checked by one query into google. So on the one hand, I get the frustration.

    On the other hand, when I see people griping because some complicated math and science thing was wrong, I just stare and go “shut up.” It can’t be any more wrong than on the damn SHOW. My inaccuracies are canon, bitch.

    So, question is, how do you strike a healthy balance? Is making literally every detail up including that the 49ers are a New Orleans team okay? Or should you plan to do some, but not so much that you stifle your writing?

    (And here’s my first fuck you to all you asshats who are going to bitch about the science in my new story. Kiss Keira’s ass. She said I could say that.)

  115. What’s your favorite writing software? Do you use Word, OneNote, Scrivener, etc? Are there things that one type does better/worse than another?

  116. Hi Keira,

    You’ve mentioned several times you don’t like flashbacks and you talked before about the ways to fill in information about past events in an interesting way.

    I’m thinking of writing a Inception fic where Arthur and Eames fall in love as teenagers and then get separated and then meet again as adults. My question is do those same techniques you mentioned before November Rough Trade work for writing about two former lovers getting a second chance? How do you fill in the details of their past relationship without being boring or repetitive?

  117. Hey Keira,

    Just curious: have you heard about the Sherilyn Kenyon and Cassandra Clare/Claire lawsuit thing? If so, any opinions on it?

  118. How do you fit so much information into a “shorter’ story? In Lantean Legacy, you wrote such an awesome story, with more information, and more character growth then I have seen in 200k+ story. What advice would you give to a newish writer to make their story so tight and concise, that the reader thinks it’s longer than it is?

  119. Hey Keira, in your last podcast you and Jilly talked a bit about female characters and their development. It was also mentioned that one typical reason for hating them was because they get in the way of slash pairings.

    In this vein, could you share you thoughts on Uhura?

    I know her character had a big impact when the original series aired but as young adult who has only seen the reboot movies, she didn’t exactly stand out to me. So I would be especially interested in hearing about the differences in her development and what you think of her new canon relationship.

  120. Keira and Ladyholder, I was wondering if you guys could speak specifically about your personal experience with the copy-editing process in the publishing industry. What copy-editors do and don’t do – do they only edit for typos and grammar errors, or do they also edit for mistakes like, for example, if on page 36 the author tells us the car is blue but then on page 78 the car is now red, is that something a copy editor corrects? Do they point out plot holes? Do they tell you to use more or less commas? Do they point out run-on sentences? I guess I am asking what the line is between an editor and a copy-editor, if there even is one. I’ve googled the subject but, honestly, I came away more confused than helped. Thanks. 🙂

  121. Hi Keira,

    In a podcast I listened to recently, you said something along the lines of you don’t write something if you don’t know how it’ll end. Does that mean you’ve had ideas that didn’t go beyond the plotting stage (if that), because you didn’t have an end in mind? Or did you eventually find endings for them? I’ve had at least two ideas I never developed beyond the initial concept because I had no clue where the end would be, and I did not feel comfortable trying to start something that didn’t have an end. (And for one of them, I had no clue how to resolve it without one group looking like they caught a bad case of the Idiot virus.)

  122. Hi Keira,

    what are your tips for improving my dialogue skills?


  123. I’ve had an original story idea idea floating around in my head for a couple of years. I’ve tried writing on it but I am never satisfied with the results, how would you go about getting the story onto paper?

  124. Why do you think Harry/Neville isn’t more popular. Would you consider doing that pairing?

  125. Are there any tropes within the Harry Potter verse that you want to write, and are there any that you won’t touch even if you enjoy reading them yourself?

  126. 1. Do you have rituals or routines to restrain yourself from using ALL the tropes in a story?

    2. Are there fandoms that you don’t touch even though you completely love them for one reason or another?

    Apologies in advance if these were asked previously and I just didn’t see it.

  127. Hi, I tried to scroll through all the questions but I gave up like half way, so I am not 100% sure this question hasn’t come up before.

    In your Harry Potter works you frequently mention the International Protectorate of Magi, the World Court of Magic, the ICW, but I haven’t found any clear explanation of what these do/are responsible for, who works there, where are they stationed, how they interact with magical governments; what is a war mage or a hot wizard exactly.

    Thank you for considering my questions!

    And if you already answered this somewhere, then could you maybe post the link here?

    oh, and ps.: YOU ROCK!!!

  128. First off, I love your fic. I suppose I want to ask what currently inspires you fic wise at the moment. I’ve seen that you’ve been writing in the Harry Potter genre a lot more of late. What is it about this fandom that has caught your gaze?

  129. Also, one more. I’m so pressed for time at the moment. I literally disappear off of the face of the planet at times. How do you make time for your writing, especially in very busy periods of life.

  130. American buttercreams or one of the meringues? If the latter, Italian or Swiss? (and if you say none of the above and you prefer custard-based buttercream, I’m staging an intervention).

  131. I have been talking with several fellow writers about starting a writer’s group. What things should we consider in forming our group? Should we set down rules and expectations? Is there any process, approach, or structure within a writer’s group that you would recommend using or alternately avoiding?

    Other writer’s groups I have tried to participate in before have fallen apart in the first few meetings to people not showing up/not bringing writing. Do you have any thoughts about how to get more participation in the writer’s group.

    Thank you for all that you do. I always greatly enjoy your stories and podcasts!

  132. How do you go about renaming things, people, places (and even story titles), from canon, fanon, personal headcanon? Is there some point you get to where you realize the wrong name is being used?

    I’m having a hard time naming several characters and places, and even the placeholder names sound awkward and typing it gives makes me wince. I like to have basic details like that figured out before I do anything so this is somewhat an inhibitor for me to write stories where I’m making OCs or writing AUs. I realize that you could just do a find and replace search in a google document to rename something afterwards but what is your advice if you don’t know what to change the name to?

  133. At what point should you consider your writing original fiction over fanfiction? I have been plotting several series and come to realize, my later sequels bear little resemblance to the original content (maybe a few canon characters in the background). I’m okay with that. I’m eager to write these series because they will be super fun. I’m just curious what you consider to be the line in fanfiction vs original fiction.

  134. If Stargate Atlantis had had a sixth season, what would you like to have seen happen?

  135. If you could choose one of your OC to have been a canon character, who would you choose?

  136. What makes a Sentinel a Alpha Sentinel Prime vs an Alpha Sentinel?
    Is this due to strength of their gifts and does it affect the area they control.

  137. You’ve mentioned participating in NaNoWriMo before, but have you ever participated in the Camp version for the months of April and July? It’s coming up, so that’s why I’m asking.

  138. Does it ever happen to you that you have a basic plot in place and everything seems to be nicely proceeding along it, and bam! One of the characters hops into your brain and starts to divert the story by announcing that they need more screen time/more meaningful role in the story/they just refuse to do whatever it was you were planning for them to do and does something totally different etc?

  139. Can you go from PWP to an actual story? I mean can it grow into a story with plot? If my characters meet and later that day they’re fucking how can you make them falling for each other seem real?

  140. Hello I think this is the second time I’ve commented on your site because I would just end up saying word because I agree with a lot of what is said. My question is about ties that bind, a big part of what makes America what it is today was the civil war. In a society that you have created how would slavery of that type be justified? Of course there is the blanket people are assholes but what about African pleasure houses and how would they have survived? Or middle eastern?

  141. I know you said not to get attached to titles in stories you submitted for publishing. Have they ever made you change the name or gender of a character? If so what was the motivation behind that or did the publishing company give you a reason? Were there changes they had you make that you did but felt unhappy with? What was the single most upsetting moment for you as a newly published author? Have there been times you needed to remind yourself that while it was your art it was also your job and you needed to find a way to harmonize the two so that you could handle the changes that had to occur?

    What was the most satisfying experience for you as an author? What was one time you had to avoid exposing yourself to a fan in person for your pro work? How often have YOU written fanfic of your own work?What was one time you wrote fanfic for an author you knew and why? (shared or not)

    How hard was it to not out yourself at first and what did you find most frustrating about it?

  142. Smut.

    Oh, come on, you knew I was going to ask. When is all that yummy smut, *too* much smut? Because you know my feelings on the subject…

    So where is the line, and have you ever had to tone down the smut in order to tell the story?

  143. You have said many times that you are plotter. Do you mind telling us something about the process of how the plots take form in you mind? Like: do you get a major idea, like the high point of the story, and then start adding other bits of story around it? Or do you get one small idea, which then starts to expand to something bigger? Do you ever get so many ideas for one story that they just can’t all fit in there? And if so, how do you decide which ones to keep so that the plot does not expand to million different directions?

  144. You commented at one point that McGee’s book in NCIS crossed lines by being too closely modeled after his coworkers, and could/should have resulted in a lawsuit. I wondered if you have fast and hard rules for including real life people/events in your works, and how you balance that with the need and/or desire to work things out in fiction?

    Your characters are such fleshed out believable people. Do you have tricks for preventing them from becoming caricatures of friends and family?

  145. Hey, just tried to reread Phoenix, but all I get is an error message. Is this a site issue or was the story pulled?

  146. Dear Keira, I’m re-listening to some of your podcasts on writing to get ready for April’s challenge. Whoot! Anyway, I’ve only written one story so far in third person multiple pov and perhaps this is a simple question. When you have two main characters in your plot (say a heroine/hero or hero/hero) where the story is told in both their POV’s equally, are they both considered the protagonist of the story? I’ve been wondering about that lately, particularly in publishing today, you’ll often see a summary about both characters in the blurb for the book and sometimes in fanfiction summaries. Best, The Nut.

  147. I greatly enjoy your work.

    I was curious about whether or not you were going to write further works in the LOTR/Hobbit fandom. Also what was the first fandom that you wrote in?

  148. Can you put up a column on your website of professional authors you follow or would recommend

  149. Would you share your thoughts on Halo? Things you love about the series. Things you didn’t like. Favorite game/scene? Favorite characters?

  150. Thoughts/feelings on Pacific Rim (if any)? Things you loved? Things you didn’t love? Favorite characters?

  151. I absolutely love “In the Silence.” I did have one burning question after reading it, though: What is the name of Radek and Miko’s kid? So much of Lantean Legacy Book 1 used her pregnancy as a marker of time, so I was really curious about their kid. I’m assuming that Ally dotes on her since she was the first child born on Atlantis in thousands of years, and for some reason just wanted a name for her. Thanks for the surprise book!

  152. okay completely left field question …. I’m from the uk and had never heard of hashbrown casseroles until I started reading your fanfics … I tried googling them and came up with about a hundred different recipes.. do you have a particular recipe you use yourself?

  153. Thank you … will have to give it a try .. x x

  154. Have you seen the new Star Wars movie or are you purely a Trekie? What are your thoughts on it? Do you have a ship or OT3 in mind? Will you write fanfiction on it? Who do you think Rey’s father is? (Personally I think she’s Obi Wan’s granddaughter)

  155. If you could go back and totally rework any of your published fanfics, which ones would it be and what would you do differently?

  156. Do you have a method for deciding what secondary pairings will or will not work in your stories?

  157. Hey Keira I love all your works and I’ve read plenty of them more than once . I recently got on your evil author day page and read your hobbit fics and was really enjoying how you wrote Bella in the various stories and it made me wonder…. Have you ever considered gender bending any other characters you’ve written?  You’ve talked many times about how changing something fundamental about a character has to be accounted for in their lives and how they act.  I think it’s interesting how a character’s gender might impact (or not impact) various things about them and also how they are perceived by the world around them.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on how changing the gender might impact a character like John or Rodney or Harry (or to go the other way, maybe if Hermione was a male?) and what to think about if you are going to change the gender of a character in a fic ☺️.

    PS. Thank you so much for this community you’ve built for budding authors, it’s so generous of you to give so much of your time to pass on your knowledge!!!

  158. As a non-american I often get mystified by military rankings, chain of command, different branches of the forces but equal rank (with different terms), and that’s WITHOUT the special forces, “sigh”

    Also, having no military background whatsoever and living in a country which “armed forces” aren’t really on public display, I can’t really relate to/or assess the relationships between civilians and military personnel. Not in the romantic context but in the everyday dealings. For example, in my world you will seldom meet military personnel at the supermarket or in the park etc. in or out of uniform so I have no point of reference for how authentic could a scene in such circumstances be if I’d be writing it.

    Could you give a general “overview”? If there is not enough interest here, since many of your readers surely know all this, maybe you could point me in the right direction for looking it up?

  159. Have you seen Lucy, now that’s a pre plague lateral if I ever saw one

  160. Just catching up on radio blogs ,so fun,  and went back and read tangled destinies awesome fiction thank you my favorite scene is jim before the memorial talking to his dad

  161. I just finished reading the new story in The Lantian Legacy and loved it so much that I wanted to go and read the whole series from the beginning.  I am curious though, was there not a book between that dealt with the time spend between leaving Atlantis and arriving on Lantia?

  162. Would you mind if I borrowed characters like Chase and Matthew? I love them, and I could use some more characters in my own Sentinel series. You’d get full credit for them, of course.

  163. I just donated money but last time you had a monthly option I couldn’t handle at the time. Now I can, but I can’t find the option, got any ideas? My donation isn’t but  drop in the bucket, but is drought ridden CA a drop is golden.

  164. What if the reason Todd gives John back his time is because John is descended from the only Ancient that tried to treat the Wrath like people? Or the returned time caused John to take on some Wraith like traits? What if John accidentally turned into a male Wraith Queen?

  165. Loved Harry Potter and the soulmate Bond can you let me know when season 2 coming out and if it’s come out by a different name can you put a can you put a link in the reply

  166. Dear Keira, I think I have a pretty good idea of your outlook on Epilogues. What is your thoughts on the use of a Prologue? Thanks. Best, The Nut.

  167. Are you born a master of death are only made a master of death after obtaining all the hollows

  168. Will you be writing more in the marvel fandom and will you be doing more fusion fics like with your Halo/SGA story?

  169. What is your opinion of triad bonds in the Sentinel fandom? And why do you think there are almost never any two guides and one sentinel together in a bond? Or a fourway bond between two sentinels and two guides?

    • I think it’s ripe with the potential for emotional hurt actually. I’d never write a triad (or more) in the Sentinel fandom based on my own head-fanon for the universe.

  170. So, about your last plot drift. I have an idea about a conflict with the Black Dragon. What if the Lord and Lady of Magic both have times in which they must remain in a mortal body and someone traps the Black Dragon in that mortal body?

  171. Hi Keira, I was wondering if as an author you had an opinion about how language changes. There are some phrases I’m hearing more often, that are also starting to show up in fanfiction, that sound wrong to me. For example, would have, should have, could have, seem to be changing to would of, should of, could of, and by accident is being replaced with on accident, and people are saying at my work instead of where I work. Do you think this is laziness and ignorance or just the natural evolution of language and we should all try to keep up?

  172. Hey, I was wondering what your favorite fics are within the various fandoms you’re involved in. You rank in my favorites for sure, and I’m always curious what the most compelling writers are reading themselves.

  173. What do you do when your halfway through a story and reallize that at a ground level none of your characters are in no way healthy or sane?

  174. What is your opinion on Alpha/Beta/Omega universes and will you every write one? IF so would you write one where the Omegas have complete control over who gets to mate them or would you do a destined mates senario where both parties only go into a bonding situation when they have found there true mate?

    • I don’t read them.

      I tried to write one and failed.

      • I find it interesting that you do so well writing dynamics from The Sentinel, but failed to do the Alpha/Beta/Omega.

        Have you ever thought of the parallels between Sentinels, Guides, and Mundanes being similar to Alphas (Sentinels), Omegas (Guides), and Betas (Mundanes)? One could even relate the bond between Alphas and Omegas to be like the bond between a Sentinel and a Guide. Various degrees of compatibility, bond strength, corruption in the bond, etc.

        Food for thought?

        • A/B/O often has consent issues that I can’t handle as a reader. I’ve encountered that in slave ‘verses in the Sentinel/Guide fandom and I don’t read those works. I tried to manage the A/B/O concept and the sexual heat aspects as well and it didn’t work. It doesn’t always work.

  175. Will you ever write a time travel fic where someone goes back in time to adopt Tom Riddle and keep him sane? Since that boy is psycologically damaged from the orphanage, the slytherin’s racism, and WW2, do you think that if someone was there to anchor him he would have turned out better than he had?

  176. There are a lot of authors that seem to take a lot of pleasure in killing off characters. How much thought do you put into killing a character be it original or canon?

  177. When I’m in the middle of books I tend not to realize how terrible some characters are and then I finish and things start to click together after a few weeks of distance – it took me a few years to reallize that Harry was being abused because I read the HP series when I was thirteen and there were only about four books out at the time and I didn’t realize Dumbles could be read as evil until I started reading fanfic. Do you have a similar problem or can you tell right away that a character is a scum bag or can be read as a scumbag?

    • I knew from Chapter one of the Philosopher’s Stone that Dumbledore was a terrible person. He dropped a baby on a doorstep in November with a NOTE after he was told that the people in the house were the “worst sort”. He didn’t even ring the damn door bell!

  178. Something has been bugging me. The Potters died on the night of October 31st and Voldemort was killed and everyone knows that he is gone immediately. Then Hagrid picks him up and goes to Privet Drive and arrives after dark in order for Dumbles to drop Harry off. So where was he for those 10, 12, 24 hours that he wasn’t in the house or at Private Drive? I mean he can’t have been on the motorcycle all that time, Hagrid talks about the drive like it took two to three hours. So where was he and if he was at Godric’s Hallow the entire time what stops him from waking up and walking away? He can’t have been unconcious for all that time and we know that he got taken the night of October the 31st because that’s when Sirius got arrested.

    • That’s not when Sirius got arrested. He had to hunt for Peter first, so it could’ve been several days into November. It’s never stated explicitly when Sirius found Peter. But fandom has long expected that Hagrid took Harry to Hogwarts first then brought him to Privet Drive. Hagrid is certainly behind the “Boy-Who-Lived” story — he can’t keep a secret so there is every chance that he told the story repeatedly that night and for many nights to come. Perhaps he waited with Harry at Hogs Head for Dumbledore to make arrangements which would explain how Harry’s scar was well-known as well. It’s not said.

  179. When you first started your Radio Shows you did a number of ‘Author Commentaries’ but you didn’t get around to doing one for ‘What Might Have Been’.  I know it’s the opposite of ‘Lantean Legacy’ which you have spoken about, but do you think you will do one for ‘WMHB’?


  180. I am of the opinion that if Harry was born a girl Draco and Harry’s first meeting would have gone much smoother and may have possibly resulted in a close friendship or at least not down right animosity. I am also of the opinion that is Harry was a girl Ron would be chasing her shirt from the start instead of falling into obsession with Hermione. Do you share these opinions or do you disagree? What are your opinions on female Harry Potter?

  181. I listened to your latest podcast and wanted to know if you’d rec any of the space books you read recently? I love space nonfiction 🙂

  182. So I’ve been playing around with a short story idea for a bit but I don’t know if it’s any good. Snape joined the Death Eater at a horribly lonely time at his life but afterwards he manages to reconect with Lily even though they are on opposite sides of the war. He tells Voldemort the profecy before Lily finds out her due date, when he finds out he tells her that V knows the prophecy and that’s why they go under fidelus. He thinks they’re safe and then Wormtail shows up at a meeting and says he knows the location of the Potters and is their secret keeper. Before he can get the location out Snape AK’s him. Is this idea any good?

  183. My apologies if this is considered plot related but, in Ties That Bind Godric’s is the name of the shop where the fun supplies are purchased; Is that a Harry Potter reference, as in Godric’s Hollow is a magical place?  The thought occurred last night and I had to ask.  Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful words with us and encouraging others to do the same.

    • No, actually, I named the shop after my favorite vampire on True Blood but there is no magic or supernatural elements (outside of the alien canon stuff) in TTB.

  184. I’ve noticed that different Wraith often have different distinguishing features the most obvious being skin color. Does that mean they’re from different genetic lines or just that the hives have different purposes? Also will you ever do a story where the Wraith can be cured of their eating people problem and do you like Todd as a character? I would also like to recomend the Not in Kansas Anymore series by litgal as an example of a NCIS/Stargate crossover done well because it has a new take on the simbiotes and an excelently characterized Tony.

    • No, I doubt I would write “cured wraith”. And even if they were cured — Todd helped torture John when they were both captured by the Genii. It’s unforgivable.

      Skin color is just a product of environment and evolution. I sincerely hope the creators of Stargate didn’t instill “classes” based on that and I certainly wouldn’t.

      Wraith are basically insects and their culture is set up around a queen — they’re space bees. Creepy, ugly space bees.

  185. What if Lily Potter was an Parselmouth or had been Sorted into Slytherin? 


    What if instead of Albus , it was Ariana Dumbledore that ended up being the Headmistress of Hogwarts?


  186. After listening to last night’s show on changes and consequences, one thing came to me.  Who gave Petunia legal guardianship over Harry?  There is no mention of a will, and as far as we know, he had no identification with him.  No proof that he was Petunia’s nephew.  I really doubt that she would have been granted guardianship for an unknown baby she found on her doorstep.  Without a will or a birth certificate, or anything of the kind, the authorities were much more likely to think she’d kidnap a baby somewhere, and he would have been removed from her custody.  I don’t think Petunia and Vernon would have fought that too hard.

  187. I love your world-building, and the creation of new alternative stories that take canon as an inspiration rather than as, well, canon.  D you address this on your pod series?


    • It’s come up several times in craft discussions. IN fact I think I have one called world building – all of the old ones are listed on the radio archive page.

  188. I love to listen to your podcasts, it reminds me of sitting in my grandmother’s kitchen listening to my cousins, aunts, etc. talking about the world, unaware that little ears were listening. So, thank you (even though my ears are a bit bigger and worldly these days).

    I do have a question, however. There are times when I am reading fanfiction and I finally have to give up and stop reading. (I never leave negative comments when I’m reading, I just stop reading.)  It might be one too many plot holes, horrifically bad spelling and grammar, or whatever. So what makes you give up on a piece of fiction you’re reading? Beyond the usual un-warned for squick, what makes you close the window and walk away?

  189. Do you think that part of Riddle’s personality integrated into Ginny’s? Because she just had a crush on him when she first meets him but if you add Voldemort’s pure obsession with him to that you get a crazy fan girl. It’s also a personal head canon that the diary wrote that aweful poem that ahows up on valentines day just to fuck with Harry’s head.

  190. What is your opinion on self inserts/si-ocs? And what is more comfortable to write past tense or present tense?

  191. Hi Keira,

    I find that a character’s internal narrative can be a very satisfying aspect to prose reading in regards to the emotional view point, but I tend not to enjoy character study pieces. Usually, the internal narrative in a character study can go on and on and on with little to no interaction or dialog with other characters.

    However, I quite like a character’s internal narrative when balanced with dialog, action, and interaction. With a balance, the internal narrative can bring me closer emotionally to that character.

    What is your take on the use of internal narrative within fiction? Best, The Nut.

  192. If you were to put NCIS/Hawaii 5-0 characters into your Ties That Bind universe, who would be a sub/dom and at which pleasure house woud they have studied?

    • Cinna is writing H50 fandom in the TTB ‘verse. You can find a link to her first story on the TTB page.

      Another author has called dibs on NCIS.

      I wouldn’t do my own speculating.

  193. You liked what came first the egg or the chicken now here is another one.

    Is your Glass half empty or half full


    – Your Cheeky British Reader

  194. Could you explain the differences between Gandalf and Dumbledore? A friend doesn’t understand why I love the former but hate the latter and insists that they are almost exactly the same and none of my arguments, (i.e. that Dumbledore is a manipulative bastard who groomed Harry to sacrifice himself), are helping her to get it.

  195. Hi Keira,


    I’m looking to reread your excerpt for the north star but I cannot find it. Can you point me in the right direction please.

  196. Hi Keira,

    When fandoms such as Harry Potter (Pottermore) and Marvel (movie universe) release new facts, does the new information influence your WIP?  Would you change a completed story because of new information release in the fandom?

  197. If you had to do a Harry Potter crossover and you were not allowed to pair Harry with Draco or Hermione or any combination there of what fandom would it be and who would you pair Harry with?

  198. Sorry, I’m trying to read this on my phone at work, where is it I go to actually read the story instead of the sneak peak?

    • A “sneak peek” are excerpts I post for my members. The works aren’t complete.

      • Thank you. Do you have a location that has the finished stories located?

        • The stories aren’t finished. That’s the point. They’re just peeks at my work for my members.

          • Do you have a different website for your finished works then?
            I understand that these are just sneak peeks into what you’re currently writing but you’re a brilliant writer and would love to read your finished works as well

          • Never mind, I was reading from the bottom stories up. I see you have finished ones that have the chapters listed at the bottom
            Sorry for bothering you

  199. Have you read the Percy Jackson series and will you ever write fan fiction of it? If you haven’t read it I’d recommend it for your padewan, it’s a good introduction into the greek myths.

    • My padawan and I have read the Percy Jackson books. I doubt I would write fiction for it. I only read them to make sure they were appropriate for him to read at the time but they really didn’t draw me in or inspire me.

  200. I ran across this pic — — and since my brain is permanently stuck on SGA of course I thought “ooh, that’s where Rodney got his acting genes!” I immediately started thinking about backstory about his grandparents & their time in the theater, but it also got me to wondering, when you’re casting a story, does the development of the character affect who you choose, or does an actor just jump up at you and say “I wanna be in your story!” and that affects how you develop the character?

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