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  1. Hello!

    I just spent the better part of an hour copying/pasting What Might Have Been into a Word doc. Why your ask? So I could read it on my kindle! Was the time well spent? Hell yes!

    Thanks as always for the wonderful reading!

  2. amuse isn’t quite the word … fascinate, satisfy? Close.

    Out of curiosity, do you track which of your stories get more downloads/views? Or is that not something you even care about knowing.

    And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making so many of these available on ebook.

    • Ties That Bind has the most views far and above everything else. BUT The Awakening is the most downloaded ebook 😉

      • That’s an interesting dichotomy. I’m working my way through everything you have in every fandom I’m willing to read. You might actually get me to read HP, and I’ve only read 3-4 of those, and all of them were crossovers.

        And as soon as Ties That Bind gets its final chapter, I’m converting it to ebook immediately. I practically have it down to a science now. I’d be happy to send it to you and save you the trouble.

        Amusingly, I only discovered Ties That Bind on Dec. 23rd. That most recent chapter was the BEST TIMING EVER. For me at least.

        • Once I finish TTB I’ll be making an ebook version. I prefer to make my own and offer multiple formats. When I make an ebook, the file gets a final edit and often new scenes appear. THat’s why there isn’t a ebook version of What MIght Have Been on the site — it’s going through a massive beta process.

  3. I always enjoy reading your stories. I don’t know why people can’t simply appreciate the stories that are written and published online. It is such a shame that some people bring a writer so much pain.

    Your Stargate stories are so wonderfully written and you really bring the characters to life. I love how you write their interactions and how they deal with what life has handed them. I love watching them tease and support each other. I love reading all of the stories, although Ties That Bind is my favorite. What Might Have Been is a close second.

    You’re stories made me fall in love with John and Rodney. I fell so hard I went and brought the entire series on dvd. I was not disappointed. Thank you very much.

    P.S. You did it to me again with Criminal Minds. ^_^

    Thank you for sharing your stories with us.


  4. I’m sorry that there are so many people who don’t want to see that your stuff is here for fun, not for stress. Thank you for still being here. As always, your stories bring me such joy. I treasure each and everyone of them. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi!

    So… I can’t see any posts here, which keeps me from finding the links to the fics of yours I was hoping to read. *sad face*

    Do you know why I might be having trouble?

    BTW, I really, really love your work!

  6. The harry potter and the soul mate bond is awesome keep it up

  7. I find it hilarious that someone commented about reading all of your works in the “fandoms they read.” I had to stop applying any of my usual rules to your writing long ago! I rarely like het and never liked any hermione/Harry fics I tried. However, your Harry and hermione are amazing, and I love them. The awakening made me a sentinel fan. I’ve found that no matter the vehicle, your writing rocks! I remain grateful for your continued presence and everything you choose to share!

  8. I love your writing. Would love to read more Stargate Atlantis stories.

  9. Hey Keira:

    I just wanted to wish you a very Happy New Year and thank you again for all your wonderfull writting

  10. Hi Keira,
    Hope to find you well, I can’t open the Phoenix sneak peak, it said Fatal error: Unknown: Cannot use output buffering in output buffering display handlers in Unknown on line 0
    Thank you (for the preview of The North Star and Darkly Loyal)

  11. Listened to your podcast Fuck If I Know… heard you have Thoughts about a Harry/Draco/Hermione rework of Unspeakable Plot. That certainly fires my imagination! I recall bits and pieces of the original parts you posted, and working Draco in has amazing potential to be very exciting. I don’t even care how long until it’s at a point we can see it… just that you are thinking it through is great. Thank you so much for the *years* of entertainment!!! (I admit some of your ebooks are my go to stories to read at the gym… little do they know as I walk-jog-run on the treadmill or pedal on a bike exactly WHAT I am reading! So thanks for that, too.)

  12. Just want to say that I have been a fan for quite a few years now and that I can easily re-read all of these over and over again. I am looking forward to starting your newest post and I guess I just want to thank you for continuing to share!

  13. Hey Keira! As always, I adore you. But I had a question. I was looking for a story of yours. Well, I’m pretty positive it was. It was a Harry/ Draco/hermione story where they go back in time after hermione is murdered in their house in Rome I think. Something about them being a trinity and the human form of the deathly hallows. Is that your story or am I going crazy.  Or does it sound familiar? I’ve been searching for 2 days and it’s driving me crazy.


    Thank you so much!


    P.s. I love love love your story on rough trade.

  14. Can I ask if you would consider doing a dragon/drake fic?

  15. Yes, not identical but maybe a little bit similar. If you are interested in that kind of thing.


  16. Ok thanks

  17. I know that you are working on SGA but I wanted to know if you are going to update one chapter at a time or if it will be one big update of the whole story?

  18. Hi. I am currently off sick with a kindney stone and complecations. So bored however I have spent several hours reading your stories and wanted to say thank you for sharing. I always enjoy them

  19. Hi!
    I am giddy, and a little high on Belgian chocolate and really good coffee!
    Have read all of the tBs stories, and I loved every story!
    A new story from you and Jilly, always makes my day!
    Had a few shitty months, in and out of the hospital, they thought I had cancer, thankfully not, still scary while waiting for the testing of the crap they cut out of me…
    Now… going to re-read Iterum…

  20. Hi Keira,

    I’m rereading all your Atlantis stories again but I can’t seem to find the series where the Atlantis members were abandoned by Earth and ended up declaring their independence. I clicked the Atlantis link but that story doesn’t seem to be there. Hate to bother you about it.

  21. Hi there,

    I love your stories and have gotten into the radio shows (from the beginning!).

    You mentioned and put a link to “The Knowing” from your livejournal site in the Author Commentary : The Awakening. I would love to read it. I tried to search but access is denied! Is it just me or have your removed it? If it’s the latter, I hope that you post it again one day, ’cause I loved “The Awakening”.

    Keep up the good work.

  22. I just want to tell you that I love your ideas for Stargate Atlantis.
    I started with “Ties that bind”, then I made my way through “What might have been” and the “Lantean Legacy”.
    Now I can’t wait to begin the “Sentinels of Atlantis”

    Thank you for your stories.

  23. CubsAndDoodles

    I just want to thank you for all the stories you share, I have been reading in the HP fandom for a decade and yours are my favourites by far.
    I have also discovered new fandoms like the sentinel due to your works and I keep falling in love with your writing style.
    I felt nostalgic the other day and I tried to find Child of Magic that you posted last year in livejournal but the site is not there anymore. I wondered if it’s still available to read? Sorry but I have had to move to another country and my laptop died 8 months ago so I have missed a lot.
    Thank you again for sharing your hobby and not letting people push you, I was a writter in and I ended up closing my account and stopped posting online because there were no limits in the comments section.

  24. I love your Harry Potter Fanfiction. I don’t like Draco, but you made him likable. Thank you and please continue spreading your happiness around.

  25. Love your stories so much rereading them again. but i’m curious, didn’t you used to have ebooks of some of your fanfic? maybe i’m remembering wrong. oh well if you did I’d love to have a link to them so I can read them on my tablet. you are such a fantastic writer. please tell me if any of this is out of line. I don’t want to sound greedy or anything, i’m just confused and not sure if i’m remembering right.

    • There were ebooks, yes, but they proved to be very hard on my bandwidth and expensive to host. Then some asshole pirated them to a site full of actual published works. It was disgusting to see all of those authors being ripped off. I took the ebooks down and I doubt I’ll ever off them again.

  26. Just finished one of my periodic read throughs of my favourites from your site, alpha chronicles, sentinels of Atlantis, serpent king, war mages and my first and deepest love tangled destinies. I have been so excited to read your newer stuff like legacy and revenant. I struggle to find the words to tell you how much I adore your work. Thank you. I hope 2018 has been treating you well so far. Take care and thank you again.

  27. I was just wondering if there would be anymore chapters for HP and the Soul Mate Bond?

  28. Well stayed up last night to read the EAD offerings to the muses from Jilly and you spawning a reread of most of the previous EAD works and a desperate craving for darkly loyal. *Sigh* to be a Keira or Jilly fan is to be patient and thus be rewarded with greatness.
    Looking forwards to all future postings, excuse me while I continue to binge reread.

  29. I love all these stories. I randomly come back to read them all again. Sooooooo many kudos for you. Thank you for sharing all this work.

  30. Nooooo!! Can’t find the ebooks, lost my copies when my laptop died. Oh well, really good excuse to keep coming back to the website. Every time I come back I fall in love with your writing a world building all over again. Thank you for sharing your stories.

    • The ebooks are no longer available.

      • I’m so sorry you had issues with your ebooks (I’ve just seen the earlier post about them) I know they took a lot of work to get sorted and it horrible that people can be such assholes!! Looking forward to your next works and can’t wait for the new publication to be available here.

  31. Thank you for all of your awesome srories!!! Your worlds and characters are fantastic!! Your stories are a fantastic way that I am able to unwind and de stress. As summer is beginning, this worn out teacher just wants to say thank you!!!!!!

  32. Thank you so much for your writing. I just finished Ties That Bind and enjoyed it so much – I realise it’s been a few years but please write more from that universe. Your writing and style are just beautiful

  33. Suddenly, my brain has cast Alex O’Loughlin as David Sheppard. I must be getting senile.

  34. Thanks for all of this, all of the sites and all of the works, I adore all of it. You’ve made worlds to get lost in and made the shitty days better. Looking forward to what ever comes next, thank you

  35. Have you given any thought to writing a Harry Potter/NCIS crossover. I think your considerable talents could lend well to that crossover.

    • I personally don’t see the necessary connections to make such a crossover viable. The most common theme is to give Harry Potter a different guardian in these crossovers and I don’t see why he’d end up in another Muggle household when he deserves (and certainly needs) to be raised in a magical household where he has the most comprehensive education possible.

      I’d never write a story where the end goal is making Harry Potter more ignorant of his circumstances than he was in canon and moving him to the US and having raised with DiNozzo or Gibbs (the most common choices) would be just that.

  36. Omg, I’ve been agonizing about whether or not to say anything because you turned off comments due to assholes so please delete if you dont want this out there.

    I just wanted you to know that I started reading Revenant for the first time and it’s one of the most unique, fantastic ideas I’ve ever read. I really love it and your creativity is brilliant. Thank you for sharing it and I hate everyone that was an asshole to you about it.

    Your versions of these characters are like family at this point and I love the variations each of your ‘verses gives them without losing that core of identity, both from the original content and your content.

    I’ll try to stop fangirling all over you.

    You’re awesome. Thanks for sharing and thanks for creating a community of writers.

  37. I love your stories and since it is no longer possible to copy paste them for easier access offline reading I wonder if make e-books of the longer once that can be purchased on your site.

  38. Hi love your work, always difficult to put down once I start reading. I’ve also purchased one of your original fictions. I was wondering as I can’t see them ….works you had for future stories I believe one was Harry travelling the dimensions looking for his soul mate (Draco) are they still available to see or have they been removed?

  39. Hello, I love all your work and wanted to thank you for sharing it with us. I actually started to watch Criminal Minds just so I could read your stories from this fandom. I have a question regarding fandom 9-1-1. Are you familiar with it and if yes do you plan to write in this fandom or are you even currently working on a story? Once more thanks so so much, you are very talented writer. Happy Holidays.

    • I’m familiar in that I know there are two shows but that’s it. I’ve had 911-Lone Star recommended to me but I haven’t had time to watch it at all. I’ve not read in the fandom either so currently, I have no plans to write in it. Modern police dramas don’t appeal to me all right now due to social politics in the US. Seeing a cop in person is honestly really fucking stressful.

  40. Just discovered you today (im pretty new to reading from anywhere but AO3) and I’m in love!! I love your fanfiction and will definitely be re-reading a whole bunch of your work!

  41. I just finished rereading most everything on your site and I just wanted to say thank you for the hours of enjoyment.

    I also thank you for the dream I had where all your Johns and Rodneys met each other…..I don’t remember it other then it happened and it made me laugh!

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