The Awakening

Title: The Awakening
Author: Keira Marcos
Fandom: The Sentinel
Series: The Alpha Chronicles
Pairing: Blair Sandberg/Jim Ellison
Betas: Ladyholder
Status: Complete
Word Count: 69,152
Rating: NC-17 (for sex, violence, and very adult themes)
Warnings: Foul language, explicit sex, violence, murder, blood, discussion of sexual abuse and violence against minor characters, and various other things you might suspect in a story about a Sentinel Cop and his Guide. Mean!Carolyn. Selfish!Naomi.

Summary: Detective Jim Ellison doesn’t want a Guide. What he wants is peace and quiet and maybe for his ex-wife to disappear. Dr. Blair Sandburg, a successful profiler with the FBI, has nearly given up on finding his Sentinel. Then the night came where one’s pain drew the other across the country – neither will ever be the same.

Disclaimer: I don’t own them. I don’t pretend to. I won’t make money off of them. I rarely spend my time doing things that actually make money—much to my husband’s utter dismay.

Banner Art by Jilly James




Jim Ellison

Alpha Sentinel Jim Ellison
(Actor: Richard Burgi)

Blair Sandburg

Alpha Guide Blair Sandburg
(Actor: Garett Maggart)


Simon Banks
(Actor: Bruce A. Young)


Megan Connor
(Actress: Anna Galvin)

Sentinel Markus Jergens
(Actor: Taye Diggs)


Guide Thomas Howard
(Actor: Brian Austin Green)


Sentinel Daniel Jamieson
(Actor: Josh Duhamel)


Guide Chad Moore
(Actor: Brian Buckley)


Alpha Sentinel Heath Edwards
(Actor: Michael T. Weiss)


Alpha Guide Marie Edwards
(Actress: Andrea Parker)


Sentinel Jacob Summers
(Actor: Channing Tatum)


Guide Elizabeth Arnold
(Actress: Natalie Portman)


  1. On my way out the door, but this sounds like an outstanding read. I will start it as soon as I return… hugs. to you.

  2. I enjoyed this as much as I did Sentinels of Atlantis it has some similar points as the SofA but it seems to be an entire separate universe as while it might concevabley work time wise as SGA starts 2004 while Sentinel was in the second half of the nineties so discovering a empathic sentinel would work timewise but I would say a different uni as the bonding is differnet but more importantly in this uni a Sentinel who is online seems to be more sensitve as they do not usually survive more than a year unbonded and as for the Guides the sexual thing is differnt as well.

    I would actually love to see a Sentinel Atlantis version of this Universe as well imagine ROdney coping with what a Guide in this universe has to or the Story of how John came on line in this universe did it happen in Afganistan or in the sloitude of the Antartic or posibly it happened in Afganistan and Antartica with the limited senorary input of the endless ice let him keep control or something After all Rodney wouldn’t be in the American database as he is Candian or possibly Rodney was Latent and came online in Russia when John did in reaction.

    Looking forward to all your stories
    including the new Sentinel of Atlantis you mentionioned you are working on


  3. Loved it!! Great characterisations and an excellent story that is just begging for many, many sequels to be written (am willing to beg!)

  4. i am confused. i belong to your yahoo group. i got the email that you had updated (!!!), and followed the email link here. this page says i can download in pdf format, but when i click on that, it takes me back to the yahoo group. and when i click on the link for this story in the last message, it brings me back to here. what am i missing?

  5. Wow, this was a great read. I would love to see another case in this AU. I am off to read some more of your fanfiction. Thanks for your hard work om making this such a well worked story.

  6. You know with the NID out there and Carson’s groundbreaking Gene therapy techniques that were all done before they left for Altantis only not used due to the FDA so had to wait until Altlanis and out of their control to test on a human

    How long do you think it would take the NID to steal the techniques and start expeimenting with the Sentinel and Guide genes possibly combining them and then it they hit a ATA without knowing with one of the unknowing test subjects

    That would be an interesting plot


  7. PS In re hashbrown casserole; are you Southern or just really like Cracker Barrel?

    :>9 I just had to ask! *g*

  8. I was just wondering if you could recommend any sentinel stories. You have me addicted. I actually loved this story more than any of your Stargate Atlantis stories and I love your Stargate Atlantis stories.

  9. Woah.

    I’ve just spent the last 3 or so hours, on Good Friday (an Easter public holiday in England) reading this.

    As a long time Sentinel fanfic reader – now moved on to Stargate Atlantis and Criminal Minds- I thought I’d pretty much read all there was to read in this fandom.

    Fabulous story and a great spin on the characters of Jim and Blair. Love fics where Blair is strong in his own right, and I like that you don’t feminize any of the male characters in slash pairings you write.

    Great, great story, plot, pacing. Just wish the little girl could have been rescued in time.The death scene and aftermath were… incredibly powerful.

    Awesome. More Jim and Blair fics, please! 😀

    Now, if only I could persuade you to get into writing Criminal Minds, with Hotch/Reid as the pairing, my joy would be complete.

    Happy Easter,(if you celebrate it)


    • I have to say that if I wrote Criminal minds it would be Morgan/Reid — I just don’t think Hotch is sexy. I mean I like his character but I wouldn’t pair him with Reid.

      • Oh, do you think you might ever write that? I would love to read it!

        Also, I’ve seen mention that you’ve ben writing for a number of years. Do you happen to have any older fiction in other fandoms that we can find elsewhere or even some published works we can hunt down? I love you’re writing style. And I absolutely love this Sentinel fic. I just reread it for the third time…. Have you ever had an interest in Due South?

        • No– all the finished fan fic I’ve written is up on the website. Fan Fic became a hobby for me a couple of years ago but I never posted anything until the last year.

          I’ve never watched Due South but I’m very tempted to write Reid/Morgan for Criminal Minds. It might end up as part of my new SGA/Criminal Minds/Sentinel Fusion. I think Morgan would make a great Sentinel — as you can see I’ve cast the actor that plays him in my Awakenings story.

          • *Is ecstatic with the possibility of such a crossover* 🙂 I think that would be wonderful. Morgan certainly fits the bill and I would love to see him paired with Reid. Their personalities are complimentary. Plus Reid reminds me a bit of Blair.

            If you’d like to watch Due South I can see about posting some of the series on If I can figure out how. ^_^ I’d offer to send you the DVDs, but sometimes I’ve found that people consider the offer offensive, so I thought megavid was a good compromise.

            It’s a wonderful series and a wonderful fandom. I thought you might like it because its style reminds me of your writing. Plus one of the main characters, Benton Fraser is very Sentinel like even though in this universe they don’t technically exist. He has a deaf half-wolf named Diefenbaker that reads lips in English and French and his byline is: “I came to Chicago on the trail of the killers of my Father and for reasons that don’t need exploring at this juncture, I remained attached as liason with the Chicago Police dept.” I think I messed it up some, but that’s the gist. My favorite seasons are those involving the second Ray(Season 3&4 in Canada and Season 3 in the US version). He has a more engaging dynamic with Fraser. It’s a universe where anything is plausible for th simple fact that Fraser’s involved with it, point in case, Ray K(Second Ray) and Fraser used fire extinguishers as jet packs in order to escape a sinking ship. Because it was them, it worked. There was also buddy breathing involved (a kiss/exchange of air). Paul Gross, the actor for Benton Fraser (And producer for some seasons) encouraged the fanfic, even slash writing and found people’s interest in such intriguing. Oh, dear. I seem to have run on for a bit. Sorry. Hope you don’t mind.

          • Yes Please Keira

            I absolutely love your stories and i can so see the pairing of Morgan and Reid working. I cant wait to see what you come up with next .. i practically camp on your site waiting for updates.

          • Cool! That sounds very interesting. It’s always nice to see new fic from you since your stories are so well developed and thought out. Are you going to include any other Criminal Minds characters beside Morgan and Reid? I’m very fond of Hotch and Rossi (as a pairing or friends) but Garcia’s my utmost favorite character as far as personality goes ^.^

            Is Morgan your favorite character onscreen or do you just like his actor’s appearance? You’ve used him in a few stories so I was curious.

          • I worship Shemar Moore. WORSHIP.

  10. OMG! You added pictures!!!

    Much love!

  11. HOMG Pictures. Damn Blair looks HOT. Ow. -fans self- Absolutely love Heath as well. *Hee* One final squee for Daniel Jamieson/Josh Duhamel and then the absolutely *cute* pairing of Jacob Summers and Elizabeth Arnold and I’ll shut up now. *squees quietly*

  12. I had finished reading a fic at 1 o’clock in the morning and was planning to go to sleep when I decided to read The Awakening a little while. Needless to say, it is now 4:15 in the morning. I could not stop reading this fic.

    This is actually the first Sentinel only fic that I’ve read, although I have read numerous crossover fics with the Sentinel. I gotta admit, it was totally worth it.

    Do you have any recommendations for Sentinel Jim/Blair fics? Or even a link to your favorite Sentinel fanfic group? If so, would you mind sending a few of those links my way? I’m very interested in reading more Sentinel fics.

    Oh, by the way, I really loved all your fics, — at least I hope I’ve read every fic you’ve written–, I’ve read Sentinels of Atlantis twice, and the What Might Have Been series twice as well. I look forward to further updates.

  13. Ooh, pictures! Thank you!

    I’m about to start reading this for what I think is the third or fourth time. I just finished reading your SGA “What Might Have Been” series for the sixth time. Yeah, I love your stories that much. I’ve been exhausted from going back to school and having to get up at 4:30 every day to commute there, and even though I haven’t felt like reading much fanfiction, your stories just make me feel so wonderful in the afternoons once I get home. It’s like I said in a comment to another post: your stories are like the written version of comfort food for me. They have a great combination of angst, drama, and humor, so they feel more plausible and realistic, which helps me connect to the characters and the stories even more.

    Thank you for everything that you do, and please don’t ever stop writing. I’m very much looking forward to more of all of your series.

  14. ya know, ive never actually seen an ep of The Sentinel….but i was curious…a lot of authors who write in the SGA fandom write for TS also….so i went to Wikipedia to get the basic gist….and i found a few website archives….and im pretty much in love with this Fandom now……Jim/Blair only though….im picky about my ships.

    i read the SGA Sentinel fic before i did any of that though…..and IN LOVE!!!

    also: The Awakening…is like your best work todate. yay you!

  15. I’ve just re-read this story for the 4th or 5th time, and just thought I should let you know how much I love it! I can’t remember how I found your fic, but it’s all fantastically written and so easy to immerse myself into. I can’t wait for any new stuff you produce. Love you. Booffra

  16. I downloaded The Awakening from your Yahoo site when you posted it and just stumbled across the fact that you posted PICTURES OF THE CHARACTERS! They are great, it helps me visualize the story even better when I’m reading it. 😀

    This story was so great that you got me hooked reading other TS fanfics and now I’m taping the episodes as they play on the Sci-Fi channel, which only seems to be one day a month :(, just so I can see for myself what some of the stories are refering to. *sigh*

    I’ve never watched Criminal Minds, but if you start writing in that universe I’ll probably get sucked into that too! 😉

    Thanks I love your writing style, you always make my day when I read and re-read your work. 🙂 You are truly amazing.

  17. First of, I really like how you portray the workings and the social structures of the Sentinel/Guide society and the integration in “normal” society complete with the reactions of the “mundanes”. And I also find it very well written how you keep the partnership between Sentinel and Guide equal, I’ve read enough stories, where it wasn’t so…

    PS: I just noticed that there is an error in part eight of “The Awakening”: first the PR-person of the PD is called Ms. Holmes and later on she is called Ms. Dennison, maybe you should fix that. I even checked the pdf-File on Y!groups, and the error was transfered to that to…
    Sorry if I’m nitpicking, but that part threw me and ich re-read it a couple of times to see if I missed something…

  18. Oh Keira, i’ve only see than you’ve make faces on names like as I had asked !
    Great choices of actors, thanks a lot.

  19. Please, please, please another sequel. Heath should be tortured more by Jacks universe! I loved that line among many others. Though I know that you have alot on your plate but anything on the backburner?

  20. *sighs happily*

    I just read this (again) tonight, after seeing a rec on one of the LJ coms.

    It’s just as good on the umpty-umpth reading as it is in the first.

    Damn, you’re good.

    *waves my Official Geriatric Fangirl pom poms for you*

  21. I just finished reading the entire story and I have to say that I loved it! I really liked the way that you wrote Blair and Jim and how their relationship progressed. Thanks for sharing and writing.

  22. So good… I liked the way you portrayed the prides and the relationship between the Sentinels-Guides… another great story!!

  23. I actually read this a while back, close to when you first posted it. I’m now addicted to Sentinel fanfiction, and you are one of three fanfic authors who can take credit for this. I bow to you in thanks – and my body cries from lost sleep, as I find staying up and re-reading your tremendously awesome work more entertaining.

  24. Shoot. I’m not sure how I found this story, but I’m sure glad I did. I’ll be rec’ing this on delicious.
    Regarding grammar/spelling errors; I often don’t see ’em, but my friend can’t avoid them. (It’s a superpower and a fatal weakness, both at the same time.) I was recently in the ER, and he glared at the sign behind my head and growled “I can’t believe they misspelled ‘hospital!'”

    • LMAO. I worked for Wal-Mart in my sordid youth. The month of December the store put all of these signs wishing the customers a happy holiday season– except the they mispelled “happy”.

  25. While I am definitely enjoying your Atlantis stories, I LOVED this one. I have read it at least 3 times in the 2 weeks since I found it. You are a better writer of The Sentinel world than the show’s writers were! Please, please, please write more!! (Beg, grovel – I’ll even send chocolate if you tell me where!)

    Just, Awesome!

    Oh, and I live in Alaska, too, alaska2 — the part closest to British Columbia, Southeast Alaska (Juneau, the capital, to be precise). So, does Alaska have their own pride? Are they not connected to the rest of the Pacific Northwest? Just cause the maps leave us off doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have Sentinels – especially since we are a great place to live in quiet solitude and come online! 🙂

    • Oh. I definitely think that Alaska would have it’s own pride and probably it’s own Alpha Sentinel Prime just because geography would make any other circumstance problematic. They’d need their own confined heirachy to help keep the peace among prides. I imagine there would be urban and rural prides– stretched out over the entire state. That’s really exciting to think about actually all of that beautiful wilderness and a Sentinel with his Guide. I think you’ve given me a plot bunny.

  26. Wow! This is a wonderful story. You have a fresh take on Jim and Blair and captured their essence in your new world. I hope you write more in the TS fandom. When Elizabeth and her Sentinel actually got together I was actually tearing up. Lovely.

    Thanks for writing and sharing.

  27. ok let me just throw this out there… CRIMINAL MINDS/ SENTINEL CROSSOVER!!! yeah? think you wanna write it? no? oh well i had to ask. 😉 i love all your work. (ALL OF IT)but is there any chance you will ever continue the” awakening”?


  28. I have a qestion about awakenings in the story blair said his father was a sentinel but later jack kelso the senior guide prime of north amarica said he had known blair since he was born. Is he the father or his sentinel rick hunter?

  29. allwhowander121

    I really need to watch this show, because I don’t wnat to read this before I see it bc I’m OCD this way.

    Though i think I will be disappointed in it after your brilliant SGA sentinel series… 😉

    But I really want to read this so I need to watch it.

  30. I have something I’m making for you regarding this story, but I need to know who you’ve been imagining Rick Hunter to be. He’s the N.A. Prime Guide, yes? I have the perfect image of who Jack Kelso is… just unsure about his Guide.
    Oh, wait. Timothy Hutton…… ???
    *scampers off*

  31. I am in a nostalgic mood and I had read this last year- I had forgotten how gripping, intense and well written this epic is. I have been an assiduous reader of most of your fic, and I mostly lurk, so I haven’t given you the praise you deserve. I’ve read many TS stories, and your AU here is in the top echelon in my view. Thank you, as well, for offering this as a PDF.

  32. Your stuff is wonderful, as always (I never bothered to read this before because I’ve never seen The Sentinel, but then I saw you had an ebook of it and went for it) and I thought it was very lovely. I’m glad that Jim found his guide and Blair found his sentinel, they are very lovely together (and now if I ever watch this show I’m not going to be able to see them as anything other than a pair, the same way I can’t not see Rodney and John together from reading sga fic long before I saw the show). Your murder mystery was very awesome, and I love the pride’s in both of your Sentinel fics (both this one and the Atlantis cross over). Excellent job, great read, you’re fantastic!

  33. *doing the geriatric fangirl chairdance of glee*

    I’m so excited!

    *throws my pom poms in the air*

    Everyone must pause to admire my helacious new geek skills. I’m a Luddite, hear me roar!

    I downloaded the Epub thingy to my computer, and then transferred it to my shiny new Sony Reader and have been off snuggled up in bed, reading the Awakening and feeling very proud of myself.

    *takes a bow*

    And who said you can’t teach an old bitch new tricks.


    Thanks for the remedial tech tutoring, Keira! I’m like a dog with two tails.

  34. I loved the story. Was my first “real” Sentinel story (only read Sentinels of Atlantis before) and it got me to watching the serie (already in the middle of the 2nd season).
    Was a good read at my vacation although I have to admit I only read this one, because I got seasick on the sailboat and couldn´t read without the world swimming around me 🙁
    But I soooo had to read the end, so I went on reading when we were anchoring and I wasn´t in the water.

  35. Your sense of whimsy makes me laugh. I was rereading Awakening again and happened to look for the first time at the cast pictures. Michael T. Weiss as Edwards was cool but Andrea Parker as Marie Edwards was hilarious. I had to look 3 times before it hit me that with Black hair she was Miss Parker from Weiss’ show “The Pretender”

  36. I keep re-re-re-reading all your SGA and Sentinel works because it’s been so long since you updated. *not a HP fan, at ALL* And I love them just as much every time as I did the first time around. I know you said recently that you had a bad fandom experience with this story, but I _LOVE_ it and really do wish you would write a sequel. *grins* Or any of those other works in progress you have, really. I mean, you are known as being something of a bitch, so don’t let the other *coughcough*indenial/lessintelligent*cough* bitches make you leave a fandom you obviously like.

    • You should try Keira’s HP story. I always tended to avoid HP fics as well, but trusting this author had me try it. I wasn’t disappointed. I thoroughly enjoy a stronger, pro-active Harry that Keira writes.

  37. I had great time with this read and have to say thank you for writing it. And thank you for making it available in ePub. The portability was wonderful.

  38. I’ve read this twice in the last… 48 hours I think. This is incredibly well done (could use a bit of a beta for typos or such but I’m not being picky – no way, no how!). I love it from beginning to end. The smart, tough Blair… the open and responsive Jim… everything about this is just wonderful.

    Very well done!

  39. I was just rereading this (eight 0r ninth time) and it occurred to me that if you wanted to writhe more in this universe and time but not use the stander charterers .Jacob and Elisabeth could be a great pair to write about .you have a young Sentinel/Guide pair facing the problems of collage ,bonding, his fathers political ambitions ,her parents worrying about her.not to mention the problems that a new couple ,Etc
    Also i got the impression that Elisabeth`s father and his family had some kind of problem between them having to do with either sentinels or Guides or they react to the news that Elisabeth is a Guide could also be a plot thread

    I`m not trying to tell you how to write ,your doing a great job of it on your own.This is just an idea for you to think about.

    Thank you

  40. I’ve read this fic 6 or 7 times now and I’m still hoping for a sequal. What is Blair’s connection with the Alpha Sentinal Prime of the North America? Inquiring minds want to know. **smirk** I really like the way you write, sistah!

  41. Thanks for a wonderful, albeit tearful, afternoon.

    I’m not that familiar with the Sentinel, might have seen the occasional episode with the kids in the nineties. Started to read this out of curiosity, recently re-reading the Sentinels of Atlantis and felt like diving into the fandom where it started.

    I like the way you write bonded pairs, each with their own strenghts and weaknesses, complementing and supporting eachother. Your Jim is a strong alpha, and reminds me of John Sheppard in “Ties that bind”. As much as I would like to see a sequel, maybe with more of Elizabeth and Jacob, a Sentinel in the BDSM-verse would also be a treat.

  42. I’ve only just got around to reading The Awakening and thought I should because of the upcoming July Rough Trade. I’ve never watched the tv show and my only knowledge about sentinels is from various sag/sentinel fics. This was great, I loved it.

    very much
    Daisy x

  43. I have to admit to have read your stories more than 10 times each, and I can’t help coming back for more. I noticed that you changed the picture of Marcus. Don’t You like Shemar Moore anymore?. He’s such a great eye candy…

    I come back to your stories more than any other author. Your HP is outstanding, and TS and SGA are the ones I only read in your site, no one else writes like you do, you are amazing.

    Thank you for the most entertaning and exciting fan fic I have ever read.

  44. Just finished reading this for the 7th or 8th time. Still love it! Thank you!

  45. So I finally decided to read this story after reading your Sentinel/Harry Potter story. And then I went to your Evil Author Day page and read all your Sentinel stories there. And now I’m back to tell you I LOVE IT ALL!!! I never heard of the Sentinel before I started reading your fics but now I’m hooked on it. I hope to see more soon!!!

  46. I am properly horrified by how long I waited before reading this story. It is such a work of art, seriously, the best Sentinel fanfiction that I have ever read.

    I love how strong and confident your Blair is… so many writers portray him as weak and I hate that. I know that the show, which I finally managed to purchase from Amazon and am devouring with glee, often has Blair in terrible situations, but he always manages to keep himself together until he either gets away on his own or Jim reaches him. I watched Cypher last night and the way that Blair taunted Lash was amazing.

    Beautiful work, Keira, thank you!

  47. I found your works through HP recs by Shayalonnie, and I’ve read them all multiple times. I’ve now started on some of your other famdoms, and at this point, I don’t think there is a fandom or a pairing you write that I could dislike. I really enjoy your Sentinel universe.

  48. I love this story–your universes are amazing.

    Did you happen to write a sequel or overlapping story (maybe with SGA) that had a Sentinel whose Guide was one of the ones murdered in the Awakening? I can picture that in my head, but can’t find the story, so I really don’t know if I’m imagining it or not.

  49. Do you think you will every do a sequels to the awakening

    • Honestly, I’m just not sure I’m willing to open myself up to the kind of ugly response I got from the Sentinel fandom in the wake of publishing The Awakening. I did have a sequel plotted and I’d started writing it but…eh.

  50. Like all your stories, this is always a fun one to come back and reread! I really like how Blair in this world has turned his focus and determination into being a match for his sentinel instead of proving their existence.

  51. I love your work and have re-read some of your stories many times. Is there anyway to get a PDF? Yahoo deleted it’s groups so the original link no longer works?

  52. I recently found this story and have already re-read it four times. I love how strong Blair is in this story. Too many stories have him rather meek, especially the ones where he’s supposed to be the Alpha Guide. I really hope you continue to write this universe even if it’s been awhile.

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