From time to time people ask me if they can play with my ideas or whatever. The thing is that you can’t actually claim copyright on an idea or a theme. If you could — well TV would be SPARSE on the programming front and they would’ve stopped making movies shortly after my birth. Harry Potter isn’t the first kid to go to magical school. Ariel wasn’t the first (or the last) mermaid to fall in love with a human. Eragon wasn’t the first dude to live with his uncle (who was then murdered by a bad guy) only to find he had a secret sibling… (yeah, but Luke wasn’t the first one to do that either)… and later ride a dragon… Well, maybe in that particular order Eragon might be slightly unique but I wouldn’t bet my ass on it. He certainly isn’t the first or the last person to ride a dragon in fictional history. But then, you can’t even copyright a PLOT. Seriously, you can’t. Fern Gully = Avatar. Cinderella = Pretty Woman = practically every contemporary romance novel written in the 1980’s. CSI=NCIS=Bones=Hill Street Blues. Ya get what I mean, right?

So that’s it in a nutshell. While my words belong to me — my ideas really don’t from a legal perspective. With all that in mind here goes:

1. You can take my ideas and play with them at your leisure but don’t ever claim to have written a sequel or prequel to my work and I will never authorize an official OR  condone unofficial continuation of any of my actual work. In fact, it would irritate me a great deal. In offering credit to me– you can say that my work inspired yours but do not claim that your work takes place within the confines of my work.

2. Some people write in my Ties That Bind Universe. They do this with permission and I often beta for them. Don’t trip out if you see it and that is done on an invitation-only basis.

3. If you want to “remix” my work– please don’t. This is practically plagiarism. I don’t dig it. In fact, I hate it. The one time I tried to read a remix of my own work–I was left sick to my stomach because the person in question had no respect for me, my work, or the world-building I created.

4. You cannot repost my work elsewhere or put it on an archive.

5. You cannot put my work in a ‘fanzine’ to sell for whatever reason.

6. The art on my site are gifts to me from my readers — please respect that and do not take their work to use for your own purposes and post it publicly!

7. Contact me directly about podfics as there are several authorized projects in progress and there would be no need for someone to duplicate.

8. If you use my original characters in your work, I expect full acknowledgment (with a link) in your author notes.

9. I no longer offer ebooks and no one has permission to create and distribute them on my behalf. If you see someone doing this, be assured that they are a stealing piece of shit with no respect for me and my work. This sort of intellectual property theft says a lot about them and none of it is good. These people are the reasons we can’t have nice things. I’d rather not hear about it because I can’t do jackshit about their disgusting behavior.

10. Some people have permission to translate my work into foreign languages. They post on Ao3 with me as a contributing author so I see when this happens. If you see someone posting a translation anywhere but ao3 that is not with my permission or on Ao3 without me as a contributor and I’d like to know.

11. Since it’s been asked a couple of times, in regards to academic work you have permission to use my work in academic papers and in classroom discussions. Fanfiction has gone so mainstream so it’s easy to see how it’s creeping into classrooms. I’ve done a couple of interviews for essays, papers, and two dissertations so I’m available for that as well.

NOTE: The BDSM Universe concept that I used in Ties That Bind was created by Xanthe. Check out her page for information.

* * * *

If you use my ideas — a link back to my site AND a comment here would be very appreciated but it isn’t necessary. I’m not going to cry about it. My Give A Fuck’s been broken since I was 24. (Don’t you dare speculate on how long that’s fucking been!)


  1. Forgive the silly question, but can someone tell me what a “remix”is? Thanks!

  2. Hello Keira… i’ve come to ask permission to write a Sentinel story inspired by your work for the Star Trek Big Bang. It wont be related to The Awakening or The Sentinels of Atlantis in anyway, but it is inspired enough by those two ‘Verses that i feel i need to ask permission to play in your playgroup.
    There isn’t anyway mine will be anywhere near your level of perfection, but i would like to try.

    • I look forward to reading it šŸ™‚

      I have a Star Trek/Sentinel fusion in my WIPs based on the new movie so I’m very interested in seeing what you do with the concept.

      Make sure to come back and give us a link.

  3. Keira, how do you feel about people making podfics of your stories? I’ve been wanting to try my hand at this for a while now, but didn’t want to start without having asked you first.

  4. Totally.


  5. Keira …

    Start of my series … only a short start but I promise not to bug you to read it lol

  6. Hi I think you probably know about my post in the Different Roads LJ com about Criminal Minds story? I honestly meant no harm by the post and guess I should have thought about it more before I posted it.

    Really want stress the point that I was never going to just write the fic then ask your permission I was just asking for peoples thoughts but I was told I should have asked your permission before I even did that so I am sorry.

    I completely understand if you would preferred that I not write in your verse or use your characters like de Sade.

    The story can easily be changed just to a BDSM fic that I would say was inspired by yours and Xanthes worlds.


    • I actually can’t give you permission to use the BDSM ‘verse because it’s not mine. It belongs to Xanthe. No one has permission to write IN my ‘verse because I don’t want anyone to get confused by what they should consider “series canon” for Ties That Bind. If you gain permission from Xanthe then you’ve my permission to use my concepts as long as it is a distinct Alternate Universe.

      As for my OCs — it would be hypocritical of me to say no since I myself play with other people’s characters but I’m not fond of the idea in general. I wouldn’t want to see Gerard turned into a bad guy or alternately Kevin Jordan turned into an angel. Still, I wouldn’t fuss about the use of my original characters in a fic as long as credit and a link to my website is provided.

      Just be careful how you label your fic so people won’t get confused when you post it.

  7. I sure wish podfics were as easy to put together as ebooks–which aren’t easy to put together at all. My substitute is to have my computer read me your stories while I play WoW or whatever. The Mac text reader is pretty good, though I get the giggles every time it comes to “lube” which it pronounces “lubee”.

    Anyway, just want to suggest to those waiting for podfics that if you have reread these stories as often as I have, having the computer read it to you is an alternative.

    And by the way, that whole “read these stories over and over” is a little embarrassing to admit for a 60 year old woman. Maybe it’s because these days the only sex I have is in my head and the sex I have in my head as a result of your stories is GOOD sex (the image of 2 beautiful men making love makes this thoroughly straight old woman happy and nobody inspires better such images than you do, sweetheart (well except TTB–love the story, it’s romantic as hell, but that kind of sex just ain’t for me–others may enjoy as they wish, of course)).

  8. Keira, with your permission, I would like to use the schools and characters of ties that bind for a nano story crossing SGA (Sheppard and the gang, with the same out look except McKay will be a switch) and BtVS. Xander will be paired with Sheppard and McKay as a shifter triad, with both McKay and Xander as switches, and Sheppard his bad ass Dommie Self. No bad general, but panting grunts on the front lines, bigotry because of them being shifters, and bad attitude BtVS girls in regard to Xander, and his two.

    I promise to send you a copy of all of the story before I post it anywhere for your approval to make sure I meet all guidelines.

    I do have a question that was never covered in your Universe…….. how are switches marked? Do they get both arm bands and the neck marks? or is there special marks just for them?


    • Switches (if they are trained or marked) can chose to be marked as a Dom or a submissive. It’s a personal choice.

      This page grants permission so asking is unnecessary. I’ll see your story as you post on Rough Trade — I never watched Buffy so I don’t have much to add on that front. Your set up is different enough from mine that a look before hand isn’t required. You couldn’t claim it to be part of my work with the threesome pairing at any rate ;-).

      • not your work, but your foundation with the schools, characters, and out look on some of them. Example, Gerald’s cousin, Thomas I think, will be Xander courtesan’s Pleasure Master. Plus Daniel and Jack will be together, and it will be both of them who got Xander into De Sade for saving Daniel on a dig from a demon who they thought was a gouald.

        Thank you for the permission.

  9. I’ve got an idea for a Sentinel/Sherlock/Lewis/Blitz crossover fic that was inspired by your Sentinels of Atlantis, at this point I’ve got a scene in mind that has David and Andy Sheppard, Sean Taylor and Carson Beckett attacked by Trust while in the UK during the “Awakening.” I might also mention other characters but only in passing.

    I’m debating signing up at Rough Trade.

    So can I play with some of your characters?


    • The rules are above. I sort of put it up there so I wouldn’t have to answer questions.

      In SOA — David and his son are actually on a plane when the Lemura activates. I don’t care what you do with it but don’t claim it’s attached to my series in any way as a sequel or whatever.

      • Yeah, I’m not you so I can’t write your stories for you.

        Will abide by the above rules.

        Thanks for the reply.

  10. Hi Keira. I am writing a Stargate Atlantis Fic that is based off the idea that the Leviathans were the real power behind the Ancients. I got the idea for the Leviathans from your Lantean Legacy story so I am following your wishes of posting here to tell you.

    The link for my story is below.

  11. Hi Keira,
    I played in your sandbox.
    I wrote a pretty big disclaimer saying it was inspired by yours and Xanthe’s work but not a continuation of it and so on.
    It’s Stargate Atlantis fiction. Here is the link. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns or if I violated your permissions in any way and you feel like smacking me upside the head. šŸ™‚

  12. I did a one-shot/drabble using elements of your BDSM universe within Teen Wolf. I included a link back to your main story page, and to Xanthe’s.

  13. Hey Keira, Just wanted to clarify something about the BDSM AU… I know Xanthe has a blanket permission with some conditions, but what’s your stance on the use of your pleasure house system?

  14. Hello. Do you have podfics of your amazing works? Am I blind? This is quite possible!

  15. Um. Is it okay for me to recommend people to sign up for your site to read your works? I’ve done this once before, and I did warn them to read and adhere to your rules first, because they were using my computer and clicked on the ebook I’d downloaded.

  16. greywolfthewanderer

    o keira-san, was wondering if you ever got the ebooks working — would love to have copies to read offsite, but am not suffering for the lack in the meantime. *grin* just checking!

    it’s just about time to reread anyway, so onward thru the fog!

  17. Hi, Keira!! A.k.a. brilliant one!! I was wondering if I could use your Matthew Sheppard and your ideas for the Sheppard family for a story I’m writing? The story is a sentinel/guide story that mainly focuses on femToni DiNozzo, FemMerideth McKay and FemVin Tanner but has a lot of John and his family. There would be no weird stuff and I wouldn’t use Matthew or Patrick and David in any weird way. I can send you a copy of the story once it’s done so you can see for yourself what I did with your OC and your idea of the Sheppard Family. I also have several other stories I would like to use them for but again I don’t plan anything strange and it’s mostly in sentinel/guide stories or mutant stories or regular SGA/SG-1 stories.

  18. Hi
    I love your stories their amazing but i wanted to clarify a point i love your stargate atlantis fanfic they are personally my fav but to the point am i able to use the concept of john having more then one sibling or his dad being alive do you consider that plagarism.

  19. I was looking at some of your gifts on archive and found a section of your work translated. It includes several of your stories and I’m pretty sure you don’t like that? The stories are listed as by Keira Marcos, slyly. Hopefully he or she has your permission, but I’m pretty sure you said no one has permission for this so wanted to let you know. As much as I love and miss some of your stories, no one has the right to publish your stuff without your permission.

    • When I’m listed as an author on AO3 then it’s with my permission. AO3 notifies you when you’re added to a work as an author.

      Slyly and some others have asked permission to do foreign language translations for my work, so it’s fine.

      Thanks for looking out! šŸ˜‰

      • Oh good! I was having this whole tattletale thing where I felt like I was in grade school vs. possible plagiarism which is a super hot button for me. I’m so glad to hear you knew and it was ok. Thanks for letting me know.

  20. Your magic/worldbuilding for HP always inspires me, so I feel like I’m writing fanfiction for your worldbuilding as much as JKR’s, and credit appropriately. I wrote a quick Narcissa/Lily oneshot for a time travel prompt (only 1.5k, nothing crazy or special) where Lily dies on Halloween and goes back in time realizing she was supposed to be an Archmagus but… Someone… put a core bind on her, and she goes directly to her other half.

    There’s a link directly to all your concepts in the top author note and a link back to your site. I debated a lot before writing it and re-read this page thrice to make sure it was okay to use the concepts with credit, but if you’re uncomfortable of course just let me know. Just a daily sprint for wordcount reasons exploring some of my favorite bits of worldbuilding and magic.

  21. Yikes! I just realised this page existed from the comments section in Small Magics on dreamwidth. To my credit, I did credit you with inspiring the work I’d begun to write (which is NOT a re-write/reproduction/reinvention/re-imagining of any of your works, nor does it occur in any of your universes or use any of your characters). You really mainly inspired me to actually try my hand at putting down all the thoughts that pop up to me randomly and see if I could connect them to make worlds like I’ve seen you do.

    It’s a Harry Potter fic that I posted on both AO3 and FFN, though only AO3 let me actually post the link to this site. I vaguely thought that I’d read somewhere in one of your fics (so I binged – don’t sue me) that you didn’t like people using your characters or ‘verses or something to that effect, so I didn’t (and I really like the alternative I was forced to come up with anyway!).

    If you’re interested in seeing it for yourself (which would flatter me, but I’m really saying this so you could see for yourself that I tried to respect your work and preferences the best I could without knowing about this page), it’s Magic Intervenes by ForeverTheValentine on both sites. I’m not claiming to be on your level, but I’m enjoying myself so there’s that at least.

    Thanks for sharing your writing – I really enjoy it!

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