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1. Don’t be an asshole.

2. Don’t bash other authors on ANY part of my website. I will be furious with you if you do.

3. If gay fiction offends you– you should leave this site IMMEDIATELY.

4. Don’t waste your time leaving negative comments because they won’t be approved. This is my happy place and that means the only person who gets to show their ass here is ME. That may seem unfair and I feel for you if that upsets you– go get for your own happy place.

5. Please don’t leave me comments telling me why you WON’T be reading my work– no matter the reason. Really? Why would you waste your time with this?

6. Don’t lecture or preach at me. Apparently some people feel they should lecture me on my recent deviant writing habits. Seriously? Why do you think I care? I wrote it– so maybe I like to read it, I enjoy writing it, and maybe I let my husband spank me a little (a lot–shh).

7. If my grammar or typos drive you “BATTY” don’t read it. Seriously. Don’t torture yourself with my mistakes. I wouldn’t want you to suffer that way. Non-consensual beta is absolutely not appreciated.

8. Please don’t email me or make comments ORDERING me what to write. Seriously. If I’m not writing what you want to write — write your own damn stories.

9. Do not attempt to pick fights, insult, or otherwise abuse other readers who come to this site in my comment section or the chat room.

10. The chat room is often a free-for-all and a lot of porn is posted in it – links, images, and animated gifs a like. THAT being said, please use good common sense and if someone in the chat room asks you to stop posting something because it upsets them — be a good citizen and STOP.

11. And for fuck’s sake, DO NOT post pictures of golden showers, brown play (scat), bestiality, amputation fetishism, or rape culture.

SERIOUSLY. Don’t be a cunt.

* * * *

Aside– Every single rule on this page is a result of someone’s bad behavior.


  1. Hey, Happy New year! I haven’t seen any up-dates on the site in a long while. I know you said your foot/leg was broken and you wouldn’t have anything till the new year, but I wanted to see if you were still alive and kick’n. Anyway, hope you had a wonderful holiday, Kat!!!!

  2. .. and THAT is what the Queen Fox says


  3. As I was driving home in the blinding snow tonight, squinting through the 3 square inches of clear windshield my frozen wipers allowed me, I was reminded that there really are a lot of asshats in the world when I was nearly run off the road by a jerk passing me in the breakdown lane in his ginormous 4WD SUV. This post just confirms that fact. Ungrateful selfish jackasses don’t deserve all the awesomeness you offer us on a regular basis. And #11…. really? Bleh!

    Thank you for all the wonderful entertainment you give us and I hope you have an enjoyable and asshat-free holiday season.

  4. Seconded tula! May the season be asshat free!

    I’ve often wondered why people continue to read when they obviously don’t appreciate what is being written????

    I adore your wonderful work πŸ™‚ and I feel very lucky that you share. So thank you! I enjoy coming to your site and reading very very much.

    Enjoy your holidays.

  5. I’m sorry you are being abused by ungrateful wretches with no common sense, no sense of decorum and a distinct lack of civility. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in the world that need lessons in common courtesy. Just keep reminding yourself that you don’t want to go to prison for murder. I find that works well for me.

    • i usualy do not get to read fanfiction often (time is always running away from me -I’m not that scarry)
      therfore i enjoy reading the fics and the comments very much cause they manage to make me smile at least a little
      that being said ur last 2 sentences made my day today
      they ‘ll help me go through the stupidly busy holyday workdays where everyone of my coworkers seems to have it out for me this Year
      thanks for giving me a reason to snicker every time someone is a jackass to me this week

  6. Thank you Keira. Honestly everything listed falls under the “Don’t be a Asshole” rule but I guess some people need it spelled out for them.

    I know I speak for the majority of the chat regulars here: we totally appreciate you providing a safe and fun place for us to chat, share ideas and story recs (and lovely, lovely porn).

    The chat and my fellow Minions are very important to me. Most have become like family and I am truly grateful for you making those friendships possible.

  7. Hi Keira,


    Your site, your fic that you generously share with us. It is well written and I for one find it **makes my day** to see something new posted.

    (For those with issues, if you don’t like something you read – ok – as an adult, tantrums are unseemly. Move the hell on!!)

    I work in the Arts so deal with assortments of asshats on a regular basis. Some people truly appear to suffer from a Napoleon complex.

    Then again, recently, I have taken to joking aloud lately with friendly sorts that,
    “…it would be nice to send some people to the Moon. Just one problem presents, however. That being the general lack of oxygen would mean that they would die. The Intergalactic Council DOES take a dim view of littering after all, and I would really not want to receive a citation from them for it.”

    Cheers for now,
    a loyal and happy Minion. πŸ™‚

  8. 11.. Seriously? Well, now they know your limits.SERIOUSLY?!!!

  9. Hi, I rarely leave feedback to authors because everything I want to say has already been voiced. However, I just want you to know that you are the absolute FAVORITE author I have ever read, and since I have been reading fanfic since ’96 that is saying something! I have reread many of your stories multiple times because you are so good at capturing the characters perfectly and you have amazing story lines! I am truly sorry you are being plagued by people to cause these rules, I applaude #4 and #6 and I will have to bleach my brain after reading #11! πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for letting us share your happy place, I look forward to all of your future adventures!

  10. Lady Kiera,
    I’m so sorry that you had to post rules. I love all that you share!!! I hope the asshats take a flying leap, & leave the rest of us in peace!!! Again, thank you for sharing your happy place!!!!!

  11. Your site , your rules!!!!! All I care about is your writing.

  12. I suppose it is bad of me to find humor in which rules you have to add. Kind of like putting the tag on a hair dryer that tells you not to use it in the shower. πŸ˜‰

  13. People are asshats. I’m constantly amazed at the level of asshattery that exists everywhere. Sigh. Sorry people were cunts in your space.

  14. i think, perhaps, you should contract yourself out to write the rules for other social media sites…just imagine a world where your rule 1 is everyone’s rule one!

  15. Amen to all the rules. Unfortunately, there are going to be some arses that, even after reading these rules, will think that they do not relate to them and break them. Personally, I love your fics and hate that you have to play the schoolmarm to the few deviants who just do not read or listen.

    P.S. I still cannot stop singing “Do you take it in the ass” by the Wetspots and my babies (cats and dogs) think I am nuts.

  16. Amen Sister! Who dares to sully your happy place? I dare them to a duel unto death πŸ˜‰

    Oh well, asshats are everywhere, Keira πŸ™‚ And what does it say about me and my reading habits that I even enjoyed reading your site rules? Hee hee, you rule πŸ˜€

  17. Your site, your rules.

  18. I wonder how many guilty people read those rules and said to themselves–“I’m sure she doesn’t mean me!!!” I NEVER do anything like that!!
    Happy Holidays, whatever you celebrate.

  19. Duly read, and I promise to (within my natural inclination for bitchiness, rudeness, and bluntness) follow the rules. It isn’t much of a problem because–I LOVE YOUR STUFF–I try and keep quiet about my one complaint, which is you don’t give up everything else and write this stuff 24/7–But I keep hoping. Love you. Have a great holiday and I love your Christmas present to all us minions.

    Billie :-/

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