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The podcast is Rated R due to my dirty mouth. Please don’t listen to it without headphones around children or in public. I talk about cock and butt-fucking a lot. The podcasts are not hosted on my site so they aren’t a burden on my bandwidth. The old podcasts have ads in them but that is from a previous hosting service. I’ll be editing and reloading them as I have time to remove the ads which no longer serve to pay for the podcast as I’m now hosted for free on Castbox.

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  1. fanarts_series

    Cool that you updated your radioblog here, i was sad to miss a few because of the timezone.

    Merci ma chérie plein de badasserie !

  2. Getting caught up. I missed some of the earlier ones because you usually air on homework and study nights.


  3. I really enjoyed the Sentinels commentary. You are a lot of fun to listen too. I enjoy hearing about your thoughts and ideas. The teases of future happenings is lots of fun too. I try to listen to them all. ^_^

    I want to say thanks to both you and Ladyholder for the last few minutes of the blog. The part about not giving a sh*t abt the ones who are bringing you down. RL is difficult job wise right now and that part helped. Thanks. I needed that.


  4. Was listening to your commentary on the HP fandom because I somehow missed it! So i’m very happy that you include the archive of older posts 🙂

    Btw, you mentioned a Mary Poppins/HP Crossover during the Goblet of Fire that you didn’t have on hand, is this it?


    Btw, on the rare pairing front, I agree, Bill/Harry, what few stories are written for them, is very nice 🙂 I also have a fondness for Charlie/Draco, but that might be a whole dragon tamer/dragon person oddball-me-ness lol. I seem to have a much higher tolerance for the older Weasley siblings than the younger ones. I more or less want to bash Ginny, Ron and Percy, though I hate Ron the most and wished he died in GoF………..and Molly Weasley ….. there is something wrong with her and because of her, my feelings for her husband go back and forth …..

    And I so agree on the whole Harry Shopping Spree 🙂 Especially when he has ALL THAT MONEY at Gringotts, seriously, Harry needs needs needs clothes and gadgets and a home, def. need to buy his own house so he isn’t dependant on anyone else for a living situation and he will WARD the FUCK out of that house so NO ONE, not dumbles, not voldie, not the Daily Prophet, not the ministry can bother him if he doesn’t want it.

    Though on a personal HP confession front, I’ve never been able to bring myself to read HP and the Deathly Hollows………

    By the way, thanks for all the HP Recs during the PodCast! I know what I’ll be reading next 🙂 And thank you for doing these podcasts!

  5. In the podcast centered around John Sheppard , you mentioned a fic where Keller was a spy for the Trust. That fic is the following:

    “Ultimate Mission” by Enola Jones aka jennytork
    Atlantis’ ultimate mission on earth — mutiny.

    It’s the second fic in the Colony Atlantis series.

  6. Finally got a good chunk of time to listen to the HP Steampunk Radio Show and I just wanna say that you had me bursting out in laugher with thoughts of Air Pirates and Air Police! XD Awesome.

  7. Here are some other great Hobbit fics that you might be interested in:

    http://archiveofourown.org/works/1136263 (‘Flowers Among the Fallen Leaves’ by garafthel)

    http://archiveofourown.org/works/710297 (‘Then and Now’ by eowynsmusings)

    http://archiveofourown.org/series/44514 (‘The Changed Future’ series by authoressjean)

    Also two really awesome time travel fix-its:

    http://archiveofourown.org/works/972440 (‘Epic’ by bubbysbub)

    http://archiveofourown.org/works/634290 (‘A Shot in the Dark’ by Silver_pup)

  8. For some reason i can’t seem to locate them…where are the links mentioned in the podcasts posted by the link wranglers after the podcast? I work when the show is on mostly so i listen when i can. I’m especially interested in the links for the fics mentioned in the time travel and fix it podcast.

    Thank you.

  9. Any way of getting hold of the links for the shows prior to 18 May 2014? Failing that, does anyone remember the approximate date of the show Keira did on the HP Fandom? Thanks everyone!

  10. So I’m stuck at home with the worst case of pharyngitis, seriously, it sucks. I’m feverish and miserable and your podcasts are the only thing that’s making this day bearable. Thank you for making them.

  11. Regarding the 3/11/14 show ( I know I am late to the radio party) but thanks for articulating my Supernatural, Thor/Loki, Numb3rs squick.  Thanks for the porn and I look forward to catching up on these this summer.

  12. I listened to your latest podcast (Let me entertain you) and just wanted to give a comment. I unfortunately never get to listen to the podcasts live, since for me it’s usually 5 or 6 am when they air.

    Anyway. I wanted to thank you for how well you’ve depicted the safe, sane and consensual principle in TTB. Just, you know, you rock!

    I’ve read quite a bit of BDSM fic over the years, and it always freaks me out when safewords aren’t used. Unless the characters have telepathy going on between them, I just can’t see how it could ever be safe without safewords. I admit doing some cooing when I was reading TTB for the first time, and when Rodney claimed he didn’t need a safeword when he was collared, John was basically like hell no, you play with me you have a safeword, period.

    And about A/B/O fics – A/B/O is a thing I both love and hate. It’s also intriguing enough that I’ve put more thought to it than is healthy – hell, I have fucking pie charts and line graphs about its popularity growth and how it’s divided between different fandoms, and I did those just for fun. I kid you not. Me? A nerd? Nooo…

    But, as you said you don’t know who the original author was, I can give a brief(ish) answer for that (If one wants a long answer, there are at least tho super long essays online about the origins of A/B/O). The birth allegedly happened between a couple of independent fics that were written in Supernatural RPS fandom for a prompt in LJ kink meme. (Pretty damn dirty prompts, by the way, but that’s the SPN fandom in a nutshell – even if they can’t hold a candle to the fucked-upness of Teen Wolf fandom. Don’t know what it tells about me that I’ve been in both. Nothing good, most likely). The prompt defined alphas, betas and knotting (and a lot of jizz). The ideas from these fics were merged with tropes from werewolf fics and whatnot, and from that eventually evolved the weird genre of A/B/O. I was nowhere near to witness this myself, as at the time I was on a break from fandom and slash, busy playing the happy homemaker with my new bundle of joy (or bundle of headaches, depending on the time of the day).

    Back to the issue: my point here comes from your conversation with Jilly about the difficulties caused by consent issues in this genre. As far as I have understood, really the only thing that generally defines a fic as A/B/O is that it has at minimum either alphas and omegas or alphas and betas, and that it has one or more of the weird tropes included in this genre – like knotting or the all-time favorite of self-lubricating asshole. There is (fortunately) no rulebook anywhere saying the characters need to go bonkers and and basically fuck everything up to and including inanimate objects when they have their heat (optional trope), or for any other reason. I’ve read at least a couple (but too few!) of A/B/O fics with no consent or equality issues in them.

    While it’s totally up to the writer if they want to include elements like consent issues, most unfortunately do, which I find problematic, since I think it subconsciously supports many rape culture ideas. The consent issues are often paired with the Alpha’s cock having magic healing abilities (insert facepalm here), as in it erases all emotional traumas from the Omega, so the author doesn’t need to inconvenience themselves by psychological issues of the sexually abused.

    What I myself find inherently problematic with the A/B/O genre, however, is that it enables the total sidelining of women from fics, and thus it has this ominous shadow of extreme internal misogyny following it. I actually had to stop reading one fic, because I was so disturbed by the fact that in that particular world, women did not exist at all. It felt kind of like I was being personally erased from existence, weird as it may sound.

    Um, so, that was my two cents thrown in. Sorry about the length, I didn’t originally mean to write here a fucking essay about A/B/O. 😛

  13. I was listening to the radio show about DiNozzo leaving NCIS and came up with a great job for him that won’t leave me alone:  Consultant for the movie industry!  He has experience with large and small police departments and, as an agent of NCIS, with the Navy, the Marines, foreign agencies, the FBI etc.   He could get meet all kinds of interesting people while on location and lend a hand.

  14. wow, I have to admit I was a late listener coming in. But bored one day and needing background noise and started to listen you to your podcasts and got hooked. I don’t know the name of the one I first listened too, it might have been a mix that I’m thinking of; but it had been about you don’t owe anyone your story and you can pick and chose your canon. It was suddenly this liberating feeling, I can write whatever I want. It’s a strange to have been writing for, well over a fifteen years and writing fanfiction all this and suddenly realize that instead of trying to avoid the picky audience and appease my readers and have to twist my ideas into the plot, unless it was completely firmly au. And then you and I like Ladyholder pointed out all fanfiction is AU. And so thank you so much, I got timid about posting online, to be shame, because I just didn’t want to invite assholes to ruin my enjoyment. But now I am realizing that if I want to post my stories online, I can. That, I mean you are awesome and amazing and have your own site and still unfortunety deal with assholes. So thank you.


    Also i find myself really using your advice on bitchraft (that’s the right name right)?

  15. Normally I lurk but today I was listening to your pet peeves in reading fanfic and just wanted to say that your comment about expecting certain standards of behaviour from both readers and writers was pretty dead on. I quite like your own ‘assholery’ it’s up front, honest, and pretty clear about actions and consequences, just like dealing with little kids, which the Internet seems to bring out in folks.

    My biggest pet peeves is spelling, and I don’t mean the occasional misspelled word because that happens, no I mean epic unbelievably terrible spelling, as in my 7 year old nice spells better, that and using ampersand (&) symbol in text.

  16. Hi Keira,

    I just listened to roughly the first half of your podcast “You will find no validation here” (the 2nd half has to wait for another occasion) and I would like to share a couple of impressions with you, namely
    a) that I fell a little bit more in love with you with every incident of righteous indignation/anger followed (or sometimes preceded) by all the explicit cussing my black little heart could ask for and that
    b)I was inspired to educate myself about the horror that is a menstrual cup, which I had so far been totally ignorant of and O.M.F.G. Why.

    So, I very much appreciate your podcasts and you (and Jilly) sharing your experiences and oppinions and just generally being helpfull, funny and life-affirming. Thank you!

  17. Dear Keira:

    I’ve found your podcasts about writing very helpful (and entertaining), so thank you for doing them.

    You’ve discussed character motivations and consequences quite a bit, particularly how external motivations can forward your plot. I’m wondering how you structure the internal motivations of your characters and how that moves within the overall plot. What do you think of the internal narrative of a character and how that helps shape your story? I find the external plot is often very clear for me, while the internal plot, and growth of a character is often elusive until I sit down to write.

    Best, The Nut.

      • Dear Keira, thanks so much for going over my question in the podcast. I found your and Jilly’s discussion extremely insightful and clarifying. Your advice on how you structure a character’s internal motivations during plot building was wonderful in clearing out the cobwebs of my own plotting struggles.

        To some extent I have been applying GMC in my plotting, and have been working through my character’s internal motivations. Though my process has been more opaque, to the point that I have been somewhat unaware of it before now. So the tools you’ve given will definitely be incorporated into my plotting process.

        I think as far as internal narrative is concerned, you did cover some of it, but perhaps I didn’t frame my initial question clearly. I guess I’m wondering about internal narrative in regards to the prose that comes to depict a character’s internal thoughts and feelings. I have found some authors seem to have too much of it and others too little rather than a balance between exposition, dialog, internal narrative and descriptive action.

        I do find that when a writer depicts the internal narrative to the point the character is waffling on and on with continued paragraph walls of text (an no action) it is not something I think (at least me personally as a reader) is a good thing. I also find that oodles of dialog with nothing to depict the main character’s internal struggle or take on the situation is less than satisfying (at least for me). I do try to use dialog, including depicting a character’s feelings and internal struggle to forward my plot and the relationships between characters. But not everything in a character’s head can come out through dialog or even action.

        So long story short (and I hope my long-windedness hasn’t made your eyes cross), do you struggle with depicting a character’s internal thoughts and feelings? Do you have most of it mapped out as part of the goals portion of your plot or is that something that just happens organically as you write?

        Best, The Nut.

  18. Dear Keira, I’m listening to last night’s episode (bloody fantastic btw), Jilly was talking about how her development of the character arcs for all four brothers. I know her story will have multiple POVs. My question is, if you are doing a story in a Single POV or Multiple POV with only two characters and part of the plot will be the love story, do you create a character arch for the love interest?

    I suppose to make sense of my question, I’ll elaborate. I’m planning for July’s RT a SGA story with an OMC/Ronon and John/Rodney character romance arc. The POVs will be from my OMC and John only, so Ronon and Rodney’s internal narrative will not be seen by the reader. Would you still create a character arc for Ronon and Rodney?

    Best, The Nut.

  19. Hi Keira! I just finished listening to the plot drift and episode drift you did with Jilly about John being rescued by the Daedalus and getting surprised by David and Matt. Your plot drift episodes are usually my favorite episodes anyway, but I really did enjoy the breakdown you two gave of how you’d plan out the season. I’ve never really been sure how to approach a large story like that, but listening to your/Jilly’s process helped. So, thank you.

    Also, I just have to say that while I adore the plot drifts, I know there is going to be a day in the future where I drive myself bananas because of them. I can already see it now, “Oh, what was that fic with…” and I’m going to spend days searching for something I never actually read. lol

  20. Hi Keira, I’m re-listening to your podcast about the BNF and you’re talking about an overall Arc for the story and then breaking it down into manageable pieces by event.

    I was wondering if you can define the concept of the Story Arch? So for the first season of Sentinel’s of Atlantis, what do you define as the overall story arc for the first season? The emergence of sentinel’s and guides, based upon Ancient experimentation? The love story between Rodney and John?

    I’m trying to think of an example for myself based on SGA. So, in the final season of SGA in canon, the Story Arc is the expedition dealing with Michael, and the consequences of the retrovirus. Am I on target? Perhaps, for me the story arc is a bit elusive.

    Best, The Nut.

    • Oops, I meant the BFP (Big Fucking Plot) and I read that comment over three times before hitting post! Sorry about that.

  21. So, on your 4/5/15 podcast, you mentioned that you were doing a YA story for your Padawan and that you would let everyone know when it published. Did this ever happen?

  22. In the “Fandom & Junk: Mpreg, Rule 63, & Changing Perspectives” (7/27/2018) podcast, you mentioned a fic where John was changed into a woman and did not want to be changed back. I think that this fic is called “Shout it out loud” by melonbutterfly.

    I am leaving the link in case you want to add it the podcast description area. (This is assuming that this is in fact the fic you were referring to.)

  23. I listened to ‘Fandom & Junk: The Fic Factory Paradigm’ and I have to apologize as I am sure that at some point I have been one of the greedy bastards that have begged for the hated ‘MORE’ and I am sorry. I try to remember that authors do have RL and are not just there for my entertainment, that each story is a privilege and not a right.

    I have to say that I love ‘Revenant’ and reread it regularly also I thought from the beginning that you came up with a wonderful idea and I never doubted that you thought of it yourself.

    I also have to say that I do adore Lady Ra as well as both of you and Ladyholder as writers. While I have never yet come across an author that I have loved every single thing they wrote that has never made me like their good stuff less.

    Thank you both for all of you time and effort that you have already put into your craft and any future work you might do whenever you get around to it. Thank you!! WW.

  24. What if Atlantis runs better with more gene carriers so they are trying to get as many as possible out there. WW.


    Your work is Awesome I listen to you podcast mostly during work to save me from boredom. It is always entertaining.

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