Love in the Afternoon

Title: Love in the Afternoon
Author: Keira Marcos
Fandom: NCIS
Challenge: Fluff Bingo (Lazy Mornings)
Relationship: Tony DiNozzo/OMC
Genre: Romance, Established Relationship
Warnings: Explicit Sex, no beta
Word Count: 2,155 (complete)
Author’s Note: Bonus Fluff Bingo is a go! I’m gonna finish my 2019 card! Sequel to Dance With Me.
Summary: Tony sleeps in on his first day of vacation then gets exactly what he wants when he wakes up.

* * * *

Tony rolled over and snagged his cell from the bedside table. He cleared his throat and swallowed back a yawn as he glanced toward the clock. It was nearly noon. “DiNozzo.”

Gibbs wants to know where you are.”

Tony sat up and rubbed the back of his head. “Minnesota—remind him I’m on vacation for the next two weeks.”

Tim huffed dramatically in his ear. “You didn’t tell us you were going on vacation on Friday.”

“How I spend my personal time remains none of your business, McGee. Get Gibbs more coffee and remind him that Carter Larsen is his TDY SFA but that he couldn’t start until Tuesday.”

I can do it—we don’t need a TDY.”

“You don’t know a third of what it takes to be SFA and aren’t qualified to even do it temporarily,” Tony said. “Get used to Larsen, McGee, because if all goes as planned with Gibbs, he’ll be my permanent replacement.”

You’re leaving NCIS?” McGee asked in confusion.

Tony yawned and glanced up as the bedroom door opened. Randolph entered with two cups of coffee. He passed one to Tony and walked across the room to sit down in a chair near a pair of French doors that led to a large balcony overlooking a lake. He’d joked when they’d arrived that his lover had brought him to the shooting location of Lake Placid.

“My career plans aren’t your concern.”

If you’re leaving, then you should help me train to be SFA.”

“I’ve already wasted all the time I will trying to train you,” Tony said wearily and took a sip of coffee. “And Gibbs isn’t interested in training anyone ever again. He told the director that he’s done with probationary officers, and he wants an experienced SFA to replace me.” He yawned again. “Don’t call me again unless someone I personally know gets grievously injured or murdered.” He ended the call with a push of a button and put his cell aside.

“Have a good sleep?”

“Better than I have in months,” Tony admitted as he put his coffee on the bedside table. “Sorry, we had breakfast plans.”

“There are no concrete plans on vacation,” Randolph said. “And you clearly needed a lazy morning.”

Tony leaned back on his hands and smiled. “Anything after 4 a.m. is a lazy morning for you.”

“I’ve never needed more than seven hours of sleep,” Rand said and shrugged when Tony made a face. “A bed has two purposes, and you weren’t awake for the other, so I got up.”

Tony stretched a little and considered that before quirking an eyebrow.  “What’s on your agenda, General?”

Rampart grinned. “I’m easy.”

“The hell you are,” Tony said with a sharp laugh. He rolled from the bed. “I need my toothbrush now more than I ever have in my life.”

“That’s what you get for having half a bottle of wine with your dinner,” Randolph called after him.

Tony had no regrets at all about that. Great food, better wine, and no chance of getting called out for a case had meant he could finally unwind and relax for the first time in nearly a year. He’d been busting his ass at work and in his off-hours as he’d been writing his master’s thesis. He was going to graduate in the top five percent of his class at Howard with a master’s degree in criminal justice in just a month.

Half-way through brushing his teeth, a ball of socks hit his ankle. He glanced down at the wool projectile and leaned back far enough from the sink to check out the bed. His lover, of just six months, was sitting up against the headboard. Naked. He hadn’t gotten laid the night before because sex was never on the table if one of them was drinking, which Tony was fine with. He appreciated Randolph’s care, and the other man’s boundaries were never about being a controlling asshole. He just had a very exacting standard by which he lived and loved.

Tony finished up quickly and left the bathroom, pulling his T-shirt over his head. “This is going to be the best vacation ever.”

He shimmied out of his boxers at the edge of the bed and crawled onto the mattress then directly onto his lover’s lap. Tony hummed as Randolph cupped his hips and pulled him in close. He pressed a soft kiss to the older man’s mouth. “Rand.”

“I’ve missed you lately,” Randolph murmured against his cheek. “Thank you for coming here with me.”

Tony relaxed on his lover’s thighs and met his gaze. “I haven’t had a real vacation in years.”

“Gibbs demands a lot of you. More than he does anyone else, and it’s it not all professional.”

Tony considered how to respond to that. “As I told you, there was a personal relationship once, but I set it aside because it wasn’t a healthy dynamic. For him, that rejection was all mixed up in his head injury, and he was unreasonably hostile for a while, but we worked through it.”

“Don’t you know he overworks you as much as possible so you don’t have time for anyone else?” Randolph questioned.

Tony laughed. “Well, that’s like a by-product of his own obsession with the job that he definitely considers a feature rather than a bug. He’s also self-aware enough to realize it, which is why he encouraged me to take the job at Homeland. Gibbs lost the love of his life a long time ago, and he never considered me a viable replacement for her.” He rubbed the back of Randolph’s neck idly as he considered what else to say. “The job change won’t mean that he’s gone entirely from my life, you know?”

“I’d never suggest that,” Rampart said and picked up the bottle of lube from the mattress. “I don’t need or want to control who you’re friends with. That kind of insecurity is foreign to me.” He paused. “No matter how much Gibbs resents me.”

Tony wanted to deny it, but Gibbs resented the pure damn fuck out of Randolph Rampart, and it wasn’t all to do with their relationship. “He respects you.”

“He respects the uniform and the rank,” Rampart corrected. “I learned to see and understand the difference a long time ago, Tony. Gibbs would follow my lead because he belives himself to be a Marine to the bone, but he’s morally flexible in a way that I find genuinely appalling, and he knows it.”

Tony took the lube from Rampart’s hand and flicked it open. “Let’s stop talking about him.”

“I could be distracted temporarily from this conversation,” Randolph said and smiled when Tony laughed. He opened up a condom and rolled it on with practiced ease.

Tony slicked up Randolph’s cock with an eager hand. “I want it on my knees.”

“You can have me any way you want.” Randolph rubbed Tony’s thighs and took a deep breath as Tony left his lap.

Tony pushed the pillows out of his way as he got comfortable and assumed the position that he wanted. The first time he’d gone to bed with Randolph, he’d let the older man call all the shots as he’d figured that’s what he’d prefer. He’d learned, however, that when it came to sex, his lover really got off on giving his partners exactly what they wanted. Tony found that empowering and profoundly satisfying as he got to be demanding and greedy in bed with no criticism.

“Did you want some lube?”

“No.” Tony arched his back a little. “Just your cock.”

He rocked back slowly as Randolph pressed into his ass with one long, slow stroke. The pressure of penetration was briefly overwhelming, but Tony relaxed into with a relieved groan. Thanks to his schedule, it had been several weeks since they’d had time for anything more than rushed handjobs in the shower. Randolph ran one hand up his back and curled his fingers around Tony’s shoulder then started to thrust slow and deep.

“Good?” he questioned.

“Yeah,” Tony said and lowered his head as he rocked back into it. “God, Rand, just like that.”

He adored being fucked, and with Randolph, he didn’t have to hide it at all. Tony especially loved the way Randolph fucked him—as if he had nothing else in the world he’d rather do. The attention and care was addictive, and Tony had tried so hard not to read too much into it early on their relationship.

“I’m not going to last long,” Tony confessed and shuddered as Randolph started to grind into him. “Fuck, Rand.”

“Come then,” Randolph encouraged and released his shoulder. He rubbed Tony’s back gently as he continued to slide into him with one measured stroke after another. “You’re perfect like this.”

He felt needy and desperate. “Rand.”

Randolph gripped his hips and pulled him back into his lap. Tony shuddered when the angle of penetration changed as they settled into a different position. He relaxed against Randolph’s chest. He let his head fall to the older man’s shoulder. Tony shivered as Randolph wrapped a big calloused hand around his cock.

“Come for me.”

Tony trembled through orgasm despite his intention to make the older man work for it. “I…”

Randolph held him tight for a moment longer as he groaned low and hard against his neck. “Yeah.”

“Yeah,” Tony agreed and took a deep breath. “I love having you inside me.”

Randolph pressed a kiss to the side of his neck and inhaled against Tony’s skin. They separated after a few silent moments, and Tony snagged the sheet to cover himself while Randolph left the bed. He was considered taking a sip of his cold coffee but just rearranged the pillows instead. Randolph slipped back into the bed and pulled Tony into the little spoon position.

“This is a nice place.”

“I’ve been a few times,” Randolph said. “Cole doesn’t spend much time here these days, so he lets friends use it for vacations.”

Tony made a face. He really didn’t much care for Admiral Scott Cole, and the man was a frequent guest in Randolph’s house as they’d been friends for decades. He relaxed in his lover’s arms. “Plans for the day?”

“Food. More sex,” Randolph decided.

“Great plan.” Tony turned into his back and focused on Randolph’s face. “Maybe it’s too soon to say this, but I love you.” He put careful fingers against his lover’s lips when the older man started to speak. “Don’t you dare give me that speech about our age difference again. You started this.”

“I don’t regret it,” Randolph murmured. “I’ve never been happier on a personal level. I don’t even mind living in DC because you’re there. Dana put a picture of the two of us on Instagram, and both my ex-wives told me I should be ashamed of myself.”

Tony laughed. He’d met all three of Randolph’s children, and Dana, the oldest, was entertaining as hell. “I helped her pick out that picture. We looked great in it.”

“She tagged it ‘my dad’s hot boyfriend’,” Randolph said dryly. “And now a bunch of her friends ‘ship it’ whatever that means.”

Tony grinned. “I ship it, too.”

“My feelings for you are complicated,” Rampart said roughly and grimaced. “That sounded like a cop-out.”

“It’s not,” Tony assured. “You went through a second divorce and came out of the closet at 55. I think you get a break on big emotional confessions for a least another year.” He pushed the other man onto his back and slid astride Randolph’s hips. “But that means you’ll have to be extra attentive to my needs in the meantime, which some people have considered to be a bit of work in the past.

Rampart raised an eyebrow. “I’m a Marine—I’m not afraid of a little work.” He lifted his hips a little and smirked. “Or a lot of work as the case may be.”

Tony grinned and slid off his lover then the bed. “I’m starving. What’s for lunch?”

“Whatever you cook,” Randolph called after him as he entered the bedroom. “That was the agreement!”

Tony started the shower with a laugh and checked his reflection in the mirror as he considered when and if he was going to shave at all while on vacation.

“What are you thinking?”

Tony turned to find Randolph leaning on the door frame. He took a deep breath and smiled. “I’m really glad you asked me to dance.”

Randolph smiled. “Best decision I ever made.”

The End



Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


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